You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

—Psalm 32:7

Trouble. When I say the word trouble, what comes to your mind? Here are just a few of my answers: food issues, impatience, lack of compassion, scatterbrained, clumsy, overcommitted, nervous, uptight . . . OK, I think that is enough for now. These “troubles” cause me trouble—just about every day. Sometimes, they even like to work together against me!

When I am overcommitted, I become scatterbrained. Since I am scatterbrained, it makes me nervous and uptight. When I feel nervous and uptight, I am very impatient and I lack compassion for others. When I am impatient and lack compassion, I move too fast and get mean. Trouble!

On days when all of these weaknesses work together against me, I can really feel rotten about myself. I can begin to think that I am a loser. How can God really use a women like me? I can become frustrated with my lack of growth and say to myself, “I can’t believe you did that—again!”

Thankfully, the more I pour God’s truth from the Bible into my heart, the less this happens. Jesus has an answer for those areas I need to grow. He wants every area of my life to point to him. He offers me a safe place to get back on my feet through his forgiveness.

He offers his constant help—unconditional and without limit.

He makes the same offers to you: forgiveness, strength, and help. As he extends his helping hand to you, grab hold of it in prayer and receive his help that’s always there.


Jesus, I want to grow. Forgive me for where I fail and give me grace to keep going. Amen.


Who do you go to first when you feel trouble coming on? Make a choice to take your troubles to God first. Remember he is ever-present.

(This post is taken from Devotions for a Revolutionary Year.)



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