Unqualified? Says Who?

Being the frugal, money-saving girl that I am, rebates often catch my eye. In fact, there is a form and receipt sitting on my desk right now, just waiting to be filled out. But often I lose my receipt or miss one of the details they require. The money I had a right to never shows up in my mailbox.

Zelophedad’s daughters had a right, but they were missing an important criteria in Numbers 26: 52 – 56. God allotted each family a portion of land to be handed down from generation to generation. There was a glitch for these God girls: land was passed from father to son. They had no brother; no son in their family line to keep their father’s land. They were missing criteria. Believing God would want them to have what was rightfully theirs, they boldly approached Moses and the leaders. With courage, they asked the powers-that-be to allow them to inherit their father’s land.

Not only did their boldness cause them to win their case, but it set precedence for those coming after them.

When I felt called to speak and write, I hit a roadblock. Without a college education, I was unqualified; didn’t meet the criteria. My own fears and lack of confidence blocked my path. I had to believe that God had given me everything I needed to receive his blessing and in turn, share it with others.

Just like Zelophehad’s daughters, we must boldly act upon God’s callings and not on what man says is the criteria. God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called. He has given an inheritance of a calling to you; a cause for you to please people through. Though you may feel unqualified, be bold and take a step forward, trusting God to give you everything you need.




  1. Amy S Domenech says:

    Powerful Powerful message! I needed this today and pray I remember it in the times ahead when I doubt my qualifications to teach my children at home. Thank you.

    1. I remember feeling that way when I homeschooled as well, Amy! Jesus will supply us with what we need to fulfill His calling in us!

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