A Dirty Kind of Beauty

Dirty never looked so good. When Madi sauntered up the steps, she looked past tired. Grungy and worn out, yet I have never seen her glow like she was radiating now. Just completing 24 hours of service to the poorest of our city, love pouring in her and out of her gave her a rare radiance.

“That was so amazing.” she whispered as her backpack slid to the floor. “I’ve got to get to sleep, but just let me tell you about it.”

As Madi recanted her adventure with the least of these, her smile was brighter, her eyes twinkled brightly, her laugh so pure. Loving others created a beauty that could never come from designer clothes and Mac make-up. My girl found the joy of loving others.

I hope your child finds the opportunity this summer to give away. Our cities are full of people to love; to show they are valued. They matter. I’d love to have you share their experiences with us as we help them find what really is important in this world.



  1. Both my son and daughter are at Passport camp this week at Wingate. I hope that they will be as blessed from that experience as Madi has been from her recent experience. In my daughter’s graduation speech, she stressed the importance of looking beyond ourselves, that everyone has a story to tell and that greatness is not in our acquired wealth, but how we affect those we encounter positively. I pray that will be the life she will live!

    1. I love it! I have been reading Matthew Barnett’s “The Cause Within You”. It is so very important, as you said, to find His cause for us by looking beyond ourselves. I know that when I am giving to others I am most happy too!

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