Wednesday Wisdom Tip

Happy Wednesday Friend!

For over a year, I have been sending you tips for the teen relationship in your life, most of which comes from my daily interaction with my three kids. But today, instead of me giving you “wisdom”, I’m asking you to give me some!

What I want to know is:

What are the problems you are dealing with in your home?

What are the ways you want to improve the relationship with your child?

What are the things in society that you feel you need to know more about so you can engage your child?

What questions would you like me to address?

You can either email me at [email protected] or leave me a comment below. I’ll take these questions and work on creating some new videos and integrating them into my Wednesday Wisdom Tips.

It’s been great investing in our children together over the past year! I’m looking forward to building more community here in the year to come!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my videos on past questions, just click on “media”.

I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. This has been weighing heavy on my mind for so long. My husband and I have two children, our oldest is a boy in his second year at a university away from our home. Our daughter is sixteen. We homeschooled both, but somewhere along the line our son has fallen away. Both have been raised in the church, altho our son stopped going when he was in high school. We’ve raised them the exact same!

    Now the problem is our son, Brent, is doing things in college that we highly disapprove of. He drinks (he’s not yet 21) and smokes marijuana. He will brag about this to our daughter who is not impressed at all. Because of what he is doing, his grades are not the best, but he is in no danger of being kicked out either. My husband and I have spoken to him at length and we’ve even had our pastor speak to him. Nothing seems to work. He says he will live his life the way he wants to. What has been even worse is that he knows how to use the social media that is so popular now. He posts pictures of himself smoking pot out of some pipe and drinking beer. He also is on twitter and constantly writes a stream of profanity laced comments. How do I know? I’m not that tech savvy, but my brother (his uncle) is in IT and keeps us informed. We fear this will hurt his job chances when he graduates.

    We’re really at the end of our wits. How should parents approach technology when their children are so much better at it? How do we bring our boy back to God? I know you have probably never dealt with this with one of your children since you seem to have it so together, but it is heartbreaking. It just makes me want to cry I’m so frustrated.

    Thanks for hearing me out, Lynn.

    1. Dear Friends,

      I hope you don’t think that just because I don’t share all of them that my family does not have troubles. Since this is a public place, I don’t have the freedom to share all of the in’s and out’s of my children’s private lives. Like other people’s kids, they need to find the Savior and choose Him and they need to be able to do it without it being played out in the public media. I do hope that as they choose him, I can share more and more.

      My hope is that this place will become a place of community where as moms who want to raise wiser children, we can discuss and share ways we can invest in our kids and then trust God to bring the harvest that only He can bring. We do our part…He does the miraculous!


  2. Ibiyemi soyombo says:

    Its been nice reading wisdom tips from you. May the Lord enrich you more. My challenge is that my husband & idont have good jobs to meet the finances at home. This affects our children’s education seriously. I want the best for my children,but the money isnt there. May God help me.

  3. Thanks for the comments and emails, friends! I’ll be compiling them for future posts. If you think of new things, keep them coming! I got too many personalized situations to be able to answer them individually, but I will be writing posts based on the questions you have.

    With you in this mission to raise up a godly generation,

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