Father’s Day. That day each year when we celebrate the influence of these special men in our lives. For some, Daddy is a cherished name. Just the mention of it brings a flood of wonderful memories. For others, it is a flood of pain. One thing that is true of all, we want our Daddy to want us; to be proud of us.

I, too, just wanted to be wanted. When I was younger, this need occupied my thoughts, filled my daydreams and entered my sleep! I wanted someone; anyone, to want me; be crazy about me.  This wanting was fueled by a fear. A fear that no one ever would. A fear that I would always be alone.

Do you love romantic movies? I do! My favorites are the ones where the guy gives up everything for the girl; which puts “Pirates of the Caribbean” near the top. Picture this scene: Elizabeth is on the gangplank; the evil captain readying himself to push her into the swirling, black water below when in swoops, Will Turner.  Handsome, strong, capable “She goes free!” he yells as he removes the enemy, rescuing Elizabeth from death. Boy does that scene get my heart pounding every time! It doesn’t matter how old I get, I still love the thrill of a guy coming after a girl.

In Pirates, Elizabeth is wanted and Will would do anything for her. I guess I love these movies because deep down inside, that is what I want too!

When I discovered that I was wanted; that Jesus would and did do everything for me, it completely changed me. I didn’t need to rely on men – whether it was my dad, a boyfriend or even a husband one day – to fill that love gap in my heart. Jesus had paid the ultimate price to have relationship with me; his death said, “I want you”.

“…with your blood you purchased men for God…” Revelation 5:9

You are wanted too! That desire you have for acceptance, attention and affirmation can be filled by the one who, with his blood, purchased you for God.  He died to make an intimate relationships between the two of you a reality – here on earth and in heaven one day too.

He’s down on one knee, asking to make you His. Will you say “yes”?


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