Watch Out!

I walked in the kitchen a few minutes ago, just in time to watch a large Heron take flight…exiting our fountain! So that is why our fish are disappearing; that crane has been having a “golden” breakfast each day. Last week I put some ingredients in the pond to kill off the algae, so now the water runs clear as it spills over the slate shelf. I never thought that cleaning the water would make the fish more susceptible to predators.

As I watched the long legs flying off into the sky, I thought about our spiritual lives. Often, it seems, that as our lives become “clearer” – free from sin and more effective for the Lord, we become more susceptible. The attitudes of our heart and the thoughts of our mind become “algae free” as we draw closer to the Lord; the “gold” in our lives is then easier to see and the enemy comes to try to snatch all he can. The Bible says he is like a roaring lion seeking whoever he can devour.

I called Greg at work and gave him the news as to where his birthday gifts from last year now were…in the belly of a heron. If only our dog had not been in her kennel. Surely, she would have scared the bird off. I believe the Holy Spirit can be that type of “watch dog” in our lives; sounding off the alarm to look out, be aware the enemy is trying to rob from us again. Let’s ask Him today to help us to spot the predator in our life and shoo him off before he gets the gold!


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