Wednesday Wisdom Tip: All You Need is Love

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom Tip doesn’t actually come from me, but from a passage I read in a daily resource I use: The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children by Stormie Omartian:

“The best way to help them learn to love God is to show them how much God loves them. And you do that by showing them how much you love them. Tell them of the good things you see in them and the great future you anticipate for them. Tell them what God’s Word says about them. When your adult children see the love in you for them, they will open up and let you into their lives, and they will share their deepest concerns and needs. When they hear about God’s love for them, they will open up to Him in a new and deeper way as well.”

I know you want those you love to know that you love them, but even more importantly, that God loves them. God amazing is it that God allows us to be a conduit for His love to flow through it.

Sounds easy, right? We both know it is anything but! Especially when our kids choose to go in a direction we would not or make decisions we wouldn’t make.

That is when it is more important than ever to show them God’s deep and unconditional love. The expected reaction could be anger, loosing our temper or giving them the silent treatment. When we rely on the Holy Spirit and live out the fruit of the Spirit of love and self-control, our actions hit a place in their hearts that our words cannot.

Yes, let’s tell our kids today that we love them. They need to hear it and hear it often. But even more importantly, let’s show our kids today just how much we love them, pushing aside expectations, disappointments or worry to give our children what they need most of all.

Just in case you want to pick up this powerful book, I’ve included the link below:


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  1. Thank you for the reminder. I do so much of that with my eldest who has my 1st grandbaby. I remember how challenging being a 1st time Mom, without family around was for me. She is doing a great job and she tells me if she didn’t have my support . . . Thats is God’s grace. Which, Grace is my grandbaby’s middle name : )

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