Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Crown Your Daughter

Today I have a guest; my friend Judi James. Judi is with Crowned by the King, a ministry changing lives of women and girls across the country through a simple necklace.
Here’s Judi:
Being a mom is the hardest & most rewarding job I’ve ever held. There are a lot of days I find myself feeling completely defeated in this area, but God so gently reminds me that “I can do ANYTHING through Christ who gives me strength” (Phil 4:13). Even raising kids! Since God gave me three kiddos (each one a miracle after struggling with infertility for years) I feel so blessed to take on this challenge!Regardless of the ups and downs, nothing warms my heart more than to see my baby girl (who is now 10) curl up in her daddy’s lap to watch a movie. I find myself reminiscing back to my own childhood when I would pop a big bowl of popcorn & join my daddy in his recliner to watch my favorite movie ” Cinderella.”  So many of us grew up watching Disney Princess movies & even dreamed of being one when we grew up. Our daughters are no different!There’s only one problem! The media is going after our girls like never before via teen magazines, tv shows, and books which continually  bombard them with what they should wear, look like, and even say to feel loved & accepted.  Now, I’m not saying all media is bad, I just think we have to be very careful as moms what we are allowing to define our daughter’s identity! I don’t know about you, but I want to teach my little princess what true love & beauty look like, using the word of God as my source, not the media.

One way God encouraged me to do this was to create a ministry for women & young ladies to remind them of their true identity in Christ- a Princess! Psalms 45:11 says “the King is captivated by your beauty, honor Him for He is your Lord.”

“Crowned By The King” is a ministry that uses a “crown” necklace to remind ladies of their love, beauty, and purpose in Christ. The necklace is a reminder that we are valuable and have GREAT worth in the eyes of God.

I “crowned” my daughter with this necklace when she was 7 years old and reminded her of how much God loves her and how beautiful He thinks she is. I found scriptures and read them to her describing exactly how her Heavenly Father feels about her, praying she will remember these as she treads the rough waters of the tween & teen years.

I have had the privilege and honor of watching her give these necklaces away to her friends at school & church to remind them of how much God loves them. She is now taking what God is revealing to her & sharing it with others.

Crowned By The King has opened many doors for my daughter and myself to share the love of God with friends, family members and even complete strangers. Ladies from all over the world are using this necklace as a tool to participate in a ministry that is “crowning the world, with God’s love, one necklace at a time.”

It is my hope that we as moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, walk boldly as daughters of the King sharing  His love with others (especially our own little princesses). You never know the influence they will have in their own little kingdoms one day!

Looking for a fun and creative way to remind your princess of God’s love and help her memorize scripture?  Write a scripture on your daughters mirror with a dry erase marker.  That way each and every day, as she gets ready, she is reading God’s word and getting it into her heart. This weeks scripture is Psalms 45:11 “The King is captivated by your beauty.” For next week’s scripture join our FB page at




Today, we’re choosing one comment and giving away a crown necklace! Just click on “comments” below (or go to and share one person you would like to crown! We’ll be announcing our winner on Friday’s post. See you then

Judi James is a devoted wife of 18 years and a mother of three beautiful children.  She has humbly stepped out in faith to start this necklace ministry and is excited about what God is doing through it. She loves scrap booking, chocolate, and the beach!

You can connect with Judi on Facebook at and too!

To learn more about the ministry visit:



  1. What a precious idea! I would definitely give the necklace to my 8 year old daughter, my sweet girl in the middle of 3 brothers.

  2. I would crown my daughter. I so want her to remember everyday that she is loved by an almighty God. She is valued by the most high king.

    1. It’s an every day thing, isn’t it Dot! Lord, help us to not get so wrapped up in the every day things that we forget EVERY DAY whose we are! We need to remember so we can remind our girls!

  3. Sherry Allen says:

    I would crown my daughter. Her birthday is this month and she will be 11. I want her to find her identity and beauty in God not the world.

    1. Sherry…it would make a great gift wouldn’t it? A good conversation starter too to share Jesus with her friends!

  4. I would love to crown my daughter as a reminder to her of how much God loves her and how special she is in His eyes!

  5. Kristi Davis says:

    I would crown my daughter! I want her look to God for her beauty!

  6. I would like to crown my 9 year old daughter. She is a blessing my life and I want her to know how beautiful she is inside and outside. I want her to know that she has great worth in God’s world and how important she is to Him. May He bless and keep her always!

    1. I love that Dawn…and know how important she is to Him!

  7. Christina says:

    I would like to crown my 14 year old daughter Stephanie. She is getting ready to turn 15 this month and will be a Freshman in Highschool. She is an awesome girl and I am praying for her to understand God’s love for her and not be caught up in the world’s ideas of love and beauty. Also, a small group of my friends and our daughters are planning to do a study on Lynn’s book! Can’t wait to share his love with these girls!

    1. Christina…how excited that she and her friends are getting ready to do “His Revolutionary Love” together! If they haven’t already gotten their books, let me know and I will personalize them for them!

  8. I would crown my daughter. She will be thirteen in just a few weeks! Truly, where has the time gone. I am excited to walk with her through her teen years and to show her how to live a life pleasing to God as a teen girl. The job will be difficult, but I know I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength….praise the Lord!

    1. Yes you can Rebecca! Just today, I was reading “Hot Buttons – Sexuality edition” by Nicole O’Dell. I was so reminded how we have to be prepared so we can prepare them!

  9. I would crown my 7 year old granddaughter. She is a middle child and my daughter has a hard time dealing with her at times. All she wants is attention and some times tries to get it in the wrong ways. I am very close to her and I know God wants me to be there to guide and direct her to him…

    1. Janice…what a gift you are to her! Keep investing friend! She needs you!

  10. I would crown my 12 yr old daughter. I am always telling her how beautiful she is on the inside and out. This would be a great reminder whenever she may begin to doubt.

  11. I would crown my 12 yr old daughter. I am always telling her how beautiful she is on the inside and out. This would be a great reminder whenever she may begin to doubt. I didn’t know that as a young girl and I am always praying that all 4 of my children will always remember how much they are valued and loved; especially both of my daughters. Thank you for this chance.

  12. Jennifer Hornback says:

    I would crown my daughter she is 15. This message that you are sharing here is one that is very dear to my heart. I have recently gone through a divorce and through it God has shown me exactly what you are telling others that I am a princess because my daddy is the king!! And just how much he loves and adores me. I am trying to show my daughter this at an early age so that maybe she can avoid some of the hurt I have faced in life. I also work in single parent ministry and there are so many broken ladies moms and daughters that feel so worthless for what they have been through. I feel that God has laid on my heart to change the way they see themselves and the message of just how valuable we are to our daddy is one that I want them all to know.

    1. Jenni…love your heart and ministry; using how you have been comforted to comfort others!

  13. Hello,
    I absolutely love your idea! What a fantastic way to share God’s love, give a beautiful gift and also build up a young lady in the process! I really want to crown my precious 10 year old daughter Morgan. She is beginning her last year of Elementary school. Her body is experiencing lots of changes (thanks to puberty, lol) and she struggles with what the “media” portrays what she “should” look like. She is so sweet and timid and suddenly very self-contious so I want to give her a Godly reminder of how beautiful she really is to me and her King! I think your idea of crowning her for the King would be such a beautiful and memorable way to do it. Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

  14. Just looked over the Crowned by the King website. This seems like an exciting ministry idea and, as soon as I can gather some funds, I’m making plans for crowning some special women in my life. As a mom of a precious 3 year old little girl and with another little girl due in September, I am always looking for ways to train up my girls with the knowledge of who they are in Christ. To answer the question of who I would is very hard to choose just one person! Since my little girl is still tiny, I would probably choose to crown my youngest sister first. She is 21 years old and is just now going out on her own into the world. It is my hope that she constantly remembers who she is- a special daughter of the King!

  15. I would crown my daughter Hannah. She will be 12 in a few weeks. She loves Jesus and recently re-dedicated her life to Him at summer camp. Hannah attends public school and is often left out because kids know she makes different choices than they do. She does her best to steer them in a different direction but we as moms know how difficult that can be. What a wonderful message this is for girls of all ages!

  16. It would be a great honor to “crown” my 16 year old daughter! She is a child of the Almighty King, and this would be a great reminder for her, and know that she has unconditional love through Jesus – no matter what she has done.
    Young girls are pressured into so much by peers, boys and things of this world. This is an awesome symbol for them to know that above all they are “loved” and honored by God. Young girls need to realize daily that they are a child of the KING and God loves them unconditionally – no matter what they have done.

    You are a blessing Lynn! Thank you for helping young girls realize who they are in Christ! I as a mom appreciate your inspiration.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Trudy! I have so enjoyed reading all of the comments today! It is a blessing to know we can encourage each other so!

  17. Jane Andrew says:

    I would crown our granddaughter, Riana, age 22. Riana has always seemed to have a very strong will and stubbornness about her which lead to some difficult and trying times in her life even though she was raised in a very supportive, nurturing, Christian family. Through these times I believe her trust and faith in God was growing not only because of the example put forth by her parents and church friends but also because she could see how not having that trust and faith could not only affect lives(of her non-Christian friends) but not bring as much joy to her life. I am not saying she is perfect but in some ways she is way more mature than her years. Her willingness (her own decision) to not go to a 4 yr. university this coming semester and stay instead at a local community college in order to be of moral support to her younger brother is a wonderful example of her maturity and only one of many ways she has grown. We had always called her ‘princess’ because in many ways she was that princess portrayed in the movies and cartoons; not real. But it now gives us great pride to see how she has become a true Princess in His Kingdom.

  18. I want to give one to my mom and one to my daughter, one to all my freinds and their daughters 🙂 This is just wonderful, I love the idea of the crown.

  19. Stephanie says:

    I have 2 daughters so I guess I would give it to the oldest and get one for the youngest.

    Thank you for your blog and message. I am so thankful for women like you as I raise my children.

    1. Stephanie…the really neat thing I have seen with my girls is that when the first one is confident in who Christ made her to be, it helps the one looking up at her!

  20. Jennifer W. says:

    I would crown by 10 year old daughter. She has a beautiful heart and is beginning to look to the opinion of others to find her identity. I too struggled with self worth when everyone around me told me I was worthless. I want her to grow and learn that her identity is not in what others tell her, but in what her Heavenly Father tells her- that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. I want her to know that she is beautiful inside and out!

  21. Laura Davis says:

    I would love to CROWN my daughter….the necklace is beautiful reminder!

  22. I would also crown one of my two daughters….” Our all time favorite verse is” I can do ALL things through Chirst who gives me strength!! and of course i’d buy one for the other daughter as well…got to be fair!
    What a beautiful reminder of “WHO’s” we are!
    May God richly bless you for being a blessing to us all!

    Thanks for all you do! and for being you!

  23. Thank you for your ministry- its truly a blessing! I have 4 girls from the ages of of 5 to 16 and I would love to crown them all but my heart tells me to crown my 15 year old whom I see struggle with society & the media’s grip on her, telling her that she needs to be this weight or that weight or wear revealing clothes. Thank you for your commitment to our girls and leading them to know that they are in fact chosen Princesses!

  24. I have no daughters, but I mentor teen girls, trying to show them how special they are in God’s eyes, and how to walk with Him. I would like to crown each of them, but especially one teen who came to Christ this summer and has divorced parents. She will leave to stay with dad all the way across the country for the next year.
    A crown necklace would remind her of Christ’s love for her!

    1. Thank you so very much for investing in teen girls, Jean! Girls need to be surrounded ON ALL SIDES by godly women speaking truth into their lives!

  25. Thank you for sharing about this ministry! It sounds absolutely wonderful and I will be checking into it. I would love to share this with my granddaughter who is 12. The necklace is a great reminder to them of God’s love!

  26. Tammy McKinney says:

    My sweet 8 year old little girl! I love this!

  27. My daughters name is Rebekah. Rebekah is a sweet little girl who just turned 3. I have always wanted a little girl. After having three boys, I thought that my chances were very slim of ever having a girl. In 2008 my husband and I had separated. But by the grace of God we got back together and I accepted the Lord Jesus. Then I got pregnant with my daughter. It was a miracle! I still look at her in amazement! Life has been tough for us and we struggle financially. But we continue to find blessings in this fallen world. I would be very blessed to receive a necklace for my daughter.
    Thank you for considering me,

    1. Jaelyn….how beautiful! Isn’t God so amazing?

  28. I asked my 6 year old last night if she knew how beautiful she was. She just rolled her eyes and said, “I’m just fine.” This necklace is perfect for her…I want her to know she is so much more than fine!

  29. Staci Dunn Silva says:

    I would crown my daughter, Hannah Isabel. She is an absolute girly girl and loves princess-y types of things. She also loves jewelery and would be so blessed to receive the crown necklace. On Sunday I was wearing a cool chunky type of necklace and she wanted to wear it when church was out (of course i gave in but told her to be careful). I really loved the suggestion to write a scripture verse on her mirror with a dry erase marker. I never would have thought of that. I had thought of buying a white board to put up scripture verses for both of my kids (i have a son too) but never thought of the mirror. Definitely an idea I want to put into practice for her. Many blessings –Staci

  30. jessica scott says:

    WOW! i would love to crown my daughter-she is truly a Princess! her heavenly father is the King of Kings(and she has a Prince for an earthly father-mom really thinks so!). she has been a princess through and through for almost 9 years now.she is all about some BLING.she loves being different and this crown would be a great conversation piece for her to share how special Jesus is to her. she even has bling on her memory board- we have a fun painted picture frame and i write a verse on the glass (i have a soccer son going to kindergarten- we write verse on his soccer ball!) we love having having mom/daughter time and sharing how AWESOME our GOD is!!!!!!! i cant think of a better memory from a” mom and me” day than crowning my princess with a necklace that is always going to be close to her heart as a reminder that is where jesus is and how much i love her………..and she has a new sister that would be an awesome experience if one day big sis crowned little sis in GOD’s Love! thanks for sharing God’s love with us MOMs. have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!! jessica

  31. If I were to win this I believe that I would ‘Crown’ my only daughter which will be 7 in a few short weeks. What a great way to remind her WHO she belongs to when the world comes knocking at her door.

  32. I would like to “Crown” my daughter who is 9 and starting 4th grade next week. She is worried if she will make new friends and if the people, including her teacher, will like her. This necklace would be a constant reminder that God loves her if no one else does.

  33. This is such a great idea. I will crown all 3 of my daughters and find a way to crown my son as well.
    Deena, Mom of 4
    Mary-21, Abbie 19, Johanna 17 1/2 and Ian 16

    1. I love that Deena! Finding a way to crown your son as well…a king for the King!

  34. I would crown my daughter, Allison She needs to be confronted with God’s love for her. Her dad, my ex, left me 12 years ago. He also left his daughter. He was too busy with “getting on with his life” that he had no time for her. She has no clue how a true father should treat his daughter and is therefore a very angry and bitter young person. But deep down, I believe in her ability to love and be loved.

    1. Yes she does Peggy! If you haven’t already, “His Revolutionary Love” would be a great book to read with her. It would bring her closer to her heavenly Father and to you too!

  35. Michelle T. says:

    If I could crown just one of my daughters ( I have 5) I would crown my 16 year old. She’s been going through such a struggle lately. I want her to know the King thinks shes just as special as I do.

  36. Nicole Gupton says:

    I have been looking for a verse to put above my 14 year old daughters door. This is perfect:) I have two girls, I would crown them both. I think the verse is great for my oldest and the necklace for my 12 year old. She is a beautiful blue eyed red head. It is not always an easy combination at this age. I think having a reminder with her at all times would be a wonderful gift.

  37. Loan Nguyen says:

    There are two people I would like to crown, my teacher friend Carol and my teacher friend June – both struggle with feeling loved and accepted while giving all of themselves to help students feel loved and accepted. This is a wonderful idea, and I could definitely see this getting “paid forward”. Thank you for the inspiration!

  38. Makema Davis says:

    I have to first off say I thank God for what you awesome women of God have been sharing with ne on the blogs, wisdom tips, and even the daily devotions, without it my children wouldn’t have the better mom that I am becoming and I wouldn’t understand sonebof the things that you all have shared with me! I love you all!
    I have two children who both will know in the morning how The King feels about them according to the word of God but one of them gas had to endure so much for her young age. My daughter Shicobi is 8 years old with a heart of Gold. She has been showing me the kingdom that she belongs too even before I gave my own life over to Christ. She has shown me strength like no other and endurance of all things and her life is a living testimony that God lives. I know he lives in us all but ohhhh thank you Lord I get to see him in her at all times. She is so important to the kingdom of God and I know that it would bless her humongous heart for her to be given something so huge as a crown to represent who she is according to God. I know she would use this as a tool to evangelize to other people of all ages, sex, color, etc. She carries God around and chases after him in all things and it is just overwhelming to know that she knows him like she does! She is still a kid but she is no ordinary kid, she’s a Kingdom Kid and she and I am proud of it, it’s all the God in her! I believe this movement of God that you are doing is awesome and that God is extremely pleased with you taking his children and telling and teaching them about him and who they really are! I could go on all night but I have a slight bedtime (that I try to make 🙂 ) God Bless you all!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, friend!

  39. I would crown my 12 year old daughter Hailee. Her nickname since she was born was princess. I have always told her she is a princess because her Father is the King of kings! Hailee is my very spirited child and she has been drifting away from our awanas program at chruch and giving her a visual reminder of Gods love for her would be awesome. I love her so much and want her to always know God is always there for her.

    1. Amy Jo…12 years old is just a pivotal age! Make sure while she is drifting that you don’t allow her to drift too far from your heart. Go out of your way to have special time…just the two of you, having fun! She needs you there and taking special time together says, “I value you and I am here for you!”

  40. From the day my Ella Cate was born, I have tried to crown her and clothe her with the truths of God’s love, desire, and plans for her. Some may have thought I was crazy reciting Scripture to an infant as I dressed her for the day, but nothing is more important than leading her to the place where God can capture her heart. This necklace is a beautiful, tangible reminder.

    1. Love it, Joanna! It is never too early to hide God’s word in their hearts!

  41. I would love to crown my 12 year old daughter. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing the idea about writing a verse on her mirror. Brilliant! !!!

  42. Even though my girl,Sydney is only 5, we have been teaching her the love of God and what the world thinks about beauty does not matter. She is vulnerable and impressionable and I desire to be an example for her and teach her where to find her examples of true beauty.

  43. What an amazing idea. I wish I had such Godly influences early one to teach me this valuable lesson. Now as an adult I am trying to undo all the negative to replace it with truth. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  44. I would love to crown my daughter, who just turned 11. 🙂

  45. I want to crown my daughter!

  46. I would crown my 12 year old granddaughter that we are raising. I always want her to be reminded of her worth in God.

  47. This is such a beautiful crown and it would be a wonderful gift to my sweet granddaughter Grace, who is starting her own ministry at age 14. I am so proud of her in so many ways. Jesus is in her heart and it is resonates her spirit.

    1. Congratulations Mardell! I pray your grand-daughter loves this reminder of how much she means to her heavenly Father & I pray her ministry touches many lives! Thank you for speaking into her life & supporting her God dreams!


    2. Congratulations Mardell! I pray your grand-daughter loves this reminder of how much she means to her heavenly Father & I pray her ministry touches many lives! Thank you for speaking into her life & supporting her God dreams!


  48. My daughter is 37 years old next week – she accepted Christ and then went away — how I wish she would understand this.

  49. I would love to win this crown for my 14 year daughter. Life is hard lately for us and want to show her how much she is loved!

  50. I would love to crown my oldest daughter….we’re moving to a new town in a few weeks and she’ll be starting first grade. Sweet little strong-willed first born…she’s a challenge to parent sometimes, but I love the message of presenting her with a “crown.”

  51. Kim Neubauer says:

    I love this idea but could never choose one of my girls over the other as they are twins. I would crown both Kaylee and Noelle because God blessed me to be their mother. I never thought I would have children then after much trying we had two girls and then a boy. The girls were born 6 weeks early and at 1 month of age we almost lost Nollee to meningitis. Even then little Kaylee would cry for her sister sensing something was very wrong in their world. I begged God for a miracle when all they could tell me is she may or may not make it but she is a fighter. I would have to agree with the doctors. They are both 15 now and somedays a huge challenge but I will never forget what God did in his grace. I will take the heartache and joy as it has shaped my family. I would take pride in crowing my girls for who they were, who they are and who they will be in Gods eyes!!
    God Bless!!

  52. Susan Bailey says:

    I would crown my oldest daughter who is almost 7. I want her to know her identity in Christ and to learn to embrace the fact that she is a daughter of the King!

  53. What a beautiful necklace to be reminded who we are! Love this for my first born!

  54. Sherry V. Curlin says:

    My daughter is full grown, but I do have a ten year old granddaughter who just accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and was baptized. It would be a wonderful gift for her.

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