Wednesday Wisdom Tip – It’s Always Too Much


When it comes to pranks and teasing…especially with teens…when is it too much?


In a small town in Michigan, it’s homecoming this weekend. And there will be a young girl who has struggled to get there; all because of bullying.

The Today Show reports a small group of students in the sophomore class thought it would be funny to choose for a candidate one girl who was not so popular. A girl who expressed herself differently in the way she dressed and clothes she wore. Funny, right?

Cruel is the correct word.

When it comes to bullying and making others feel “less than” it is always too much.

When this precious girl put together the details behind her nomination, initially she was shocked and hurt. Then she responded on Facebook, “”Going to homecoming to show them that I’m not a joke,” she wrote. “I’m a beautiful person and you shouldn’t mess with me!”


This 16 year old girl dug down deep and with the support of her mom, spoke truth. Yes…she is a beautiful person!

If this prank was pulled on your girl, how would she respond? Have you built into your girl’s heart a confidence that is not based on her popularity at school, her newest outfit or the date she has on Saturday night?

Whether it is in middle school, high school or on the job one day, our children will encounter hard times that will buffet them; attack their self-worth. It is our responsibility to give them the foundation of building their worth on the one thing that can NEVER be taken from them: Jesus’ unconditional love. Even if they stand alone, they will never be alone. We can pour this truth into their hearts so on that day, whatever it looks like, they stand tall and say like Whitney, “I am a beautiful person!”

We begin by speaking positive words that are not based on the things that can be taken from them. Yes, it is good to compliment them on their grades or success in sports, but these are things that are not permanent. Some day no one will care that they made the honor roll or that they had a home run in the softball game. When we build them up on their character and who they are in the eyes of their Creator, these things are eternal!

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Did you experience bullying and pranks as a young woman? Did you have the self-worth to overcome?



  1. Wendy Weido says:

    I absolutely experienced bullying and pranks as a young person – and even in the workplace. The latter far less than the former, but either way – the fact remains that bullying is inexcusable. For me, I struggled with self-worth — meaning I had none. I contemplated ending my life several times. I didn’t know Jesus then on a personal level, but I know now that it was by His grace and intercession that I am still here. Now, with my daughter, I do try to build her confidence in Christ up (never in self) so she knows just how PRECIOUS she is to the High Priest, our Savior. She has amazed me by standing up for those who she sees being bullied and for herself. The other tool she has that I was not able to use (out of fear) is reporting the bullying to administration at school or to an adult who can do something. Just the fact that a report of incident is documented is a step in right direction.

    1. What a brave girl you have, Wendy!

      1. Wendy Weido says:

        Oh I don’t know if you would call it brave as much as it is what she feels must be done – especially for those who can’t do for themselves. She has a real heart for the mentally challenged, physically challenged and otherwise handicapped individuals. One statement she made to me some time ago was, “Mom, they have feelings too”. Now we have your book that I won on Moms Together and it has become a morning habit while she is getting ready for me to read that devotional for day to her and then the scripture referenced. Thanks for that gift of encouragement…we both benefit from it!

        1. Love that you are reading it together, Wendy!

  2. Let’s be sure to pray today for Whitney and this entire community. It is great that the town is getting behind this sweet girl to support her, but even positive attention can be difficult to handle…especially when it is from the national media!

  3. I was in 8th grade and the only thing I was popular for was being picked on by kids. I don’t even know what it was about me…I just had a bull’s eye on my back. For the year book I was voted, “Most …” I don’t remember, but I had to stand with the Geekiest Guy in school and have my picture taken and see it over and over in that year book the past 40 years.
    I haven’t thought about it for years, but I guess I did stand up to it and put a smile on my face. It was different for me after that day. In high school I wasn’t bullied anymore. I was really happy when I saw this story today. I would be so proud to be that girls mom, as I am proud to be the mom of the 4 kids I have for standing up to their adversities.

    1. Deena, I think middle school is the absolute hardest time. I am so sorry you had such an awful experience, but I have enjoyed getting to know you and the beautiful woman God has made you to be!

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