Wednesday Wisdom Tip: No Matter What

No Matter What


“Mommy, would you still love if …”

At only 8 years old, my littlest one had begun to learn that some actions come with consequences and she wanted to know. If she messed up, would I not love her any more?

All those years ago, I didn’t think much of the question of my girl. My heart is to love my children through anything they might experience, whether they chose those wrong decisions or not. As her mom, I was simply reassuring her of my continual love.

It was not until this weekend, when my now 18 year old daughter made this comment that I realized how important that reassurance was to her: I knew then that I could trust you forever. 

Her words caught me off guard and at the same time, reinforced a truth our kids need to know: they can trust our love. We can’t assume that they know that; think they understand our hearts as their mothers. Our Father doesn’t assume we know, so He tells us of His great love toward us over and over and over again in His Word.

Just like the love of our Perfect Heavenly Father, our love for our children is not based on how they behave or perform. On the days when they mess up and on the days when they get it all right, our love keeps overflowing to them. Overflowing because our hearts have already been filled up by our Father.

This doesn’t mean I’ll always approve of their choices and it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll be there to enable them, but with the power of unconditional love given to me, I’ll do my very best to keep that love flowing in me and through me to others.




  1. Good words! I so agree that our kids (and grandkids) do not necessarily just know we love them, and will always love them, no matter what. I don’t think they will fully understand how we feel about them, unless we tell them.
    About a month ago my 12 year old grandson was being quite a ‘pill’ for a couple of days, and I asked him why he was being naughty. 😉 He replied something back to me, and the Lord let me know I needed to tell him that no matter how much of little ‘pill’ he was being, I would never stop loving him. I could see his whole countenance change. He is quite a deep thinker and I know he will be replaying what I said over and over in his mind… that his grandma will always love him, no matter what! 😉
    Thanks for the great reminder Lynn!

  2. Love it! Glad I found your site:)

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