Wednesday Wisdom Tip: One Thing She Needs to Know


One Thing

Think about the last time you were disappointed. Your child didn’t do what they said they would do. A friend shared your secret. Your sister forgot your birthday.

When disappointment hits me, it’s everything I can do to not let my opinion of the person change. It’s hard and I’m human.

When we’ve been disappointed, our girls have heard us talk. They have over heard our conversations with our husbands about that friend that let us down. They’ve listen as we’ve described how we felt when we were forgotten. And they have logged it in their mind, Don’t let Mom down. Don’t disappoint Dad.

But they will. As our girls grow up, there will be times when they will disappoint. They’ll let down a teacher, a coach, us. It is just impossible to get life right all the time.

We don’t; they won’t.

Your child wants to please you; she wants desperately for you to be proud of her. Not matter what her attitude says, disappointing you is one of her greatest fears.

That’s why this is so important:

Make sure your girl knows, even if her mistakes, her sins or unwise choices, cause others to look at her differently, you never will. There is nothing she could do to make you turn your back on her; nothing to make you love her less.

And even more importantly, there is nothing she can EVER do to cause Jesus to turn from her or love her less.

Jesus says He treasures her. He says in Psalm 119 that He knows everything about us. Everything! And he still loves, cares and treasures us. Your child might fear that like some of the kids at school, there is something about her that Jesus doesn’t like. It is important for her to realize that Jesus knows it all and it doesn’t change how He feels at all!

He has known her from the time she was in your womb and He has loved her since that time. He knows everything she’s done, everything she’s thought about doing and everything she will do and it doesn’t change the way God feels about her.

Have this reassuring talk today, before the hard time comes, so your girl knows the one thing she needs to know: your love & God’s love never changes!


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