When You’ve Lost Your Purpose



With tear pouring down her cheeks, she cried “I just don’t have a purpose any more.”

My heart has broken over the past few weeks as I have heard this statement from more than one precious mom. For those of us whose children are growing up, we can feel a lit lost during this time. Maybe the New Year, resolutions and kids returning to college brings us to the place where we analyze our lives and how we are spending them.

Encouraging women while they process this new season is my good friend and assistant, Bonnie Wallace. Last week she shared on My Journey of Faith the hope and direction God has empowered Bonnie’s heart with. Would you take a few short minutes and fill your heart with encouragement by listening to this interview?

You can connect with Bonnie, a mother of five and breast cancer survivor, more on her site, Live Like You Know Where You Are Going at www.BonnieJWallace.org.



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