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I hope you will join Erin Bishop from The Whatever Girls and I on this new Bible Study journey! If you don’t already have your copies of His Revolutionary Love, consider buying your copy from Proverbs 31 Ministries as a way to support our ministry. Those who purchase their books from Proverbs 31 Ministries will have their copies personalized!

We’ll also be having conference calls with myself, Jonny Diaz (writer of More Beautiful You) and Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith. 

I am so looking forward to connecting with you and hearing the stories of God’s love filling the love gaps in the lives of all of us!

Know a friend with a teen girl in her life? Pass this on and invite her to do it with you and your girl!

It’s going to be a great way to start the New Year!





  1. Hi Lynn…is this study appropriate for my 9 year old daughter and I to do together?
    Thank you for loving Jesus in this way!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Heather, I would say “yes” if she is a child who has a lot of exposure to “the world” which I would say is any girl in public school. I wrote it for girls in 6th – 12th grades, but many many girls need this truth so much earlier!

      1. Thank you so much! This is my daughter’s first year in public school (3rd grade). Before this year, we were in a charter. Last night I had a misunderstanding with my daughter and thought that she had learned about what a “period” was…I was disappointed that she didn’t hear it from me…the funny thing was that through talking with her I realized that she just meant “period” when it is used to describe classes…ex: period one, period two etc…..l laughed about it with my husband, but now I definitely feel the need to be “on it” for the things that she will be exposed to so much earlier than I was.

        Thank you again for your ministry. May the Lord bless you and use you to help equip moms everywhere!

        Heather Newman

        1. Lynn Cowell says:

          I totally get you Heather! In fact, I took both of my girls on their weekend away in 3rd grade because I was determined to be the first one to tell them all about periods, sex, the whole nine yards. I didn’t make it with my middle girl – she already knew it all! Keep answering the questions she has and being that safe place…no matter what comes up!

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