Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Overestimate



I’ve got some great wisdom today from a 17 year old I’m so excited to share with you. (Be sure to read the whole post to find out our winner from Monday!)

Mariah’s advice today:

Don’t underestimate the spiritual capacity of your child.

We need to challenge our kids that Jesus is more than their Sunday morning friend.

Share with your child what Jesus is teaching you; ask them what they think. Challenge them to get past the “me” centered mentality and to be like Jesus.

If you are reading your Bible through in a year, ask them to join you.

If you are fasting because you are desperate for God, challenge them to join you.

Teach them that THEY are the church; it isn’t a place to go. If you were to come to church with me this Sunday you would see youth everywhere! They are there with us at 6:45 a.m. setting up the kid’s rooms…every week. They are behind the video cameras, taping the service. They are lining up on the sidewalk, greeting as people come in. They are behind the resource table, helping others find materials to help them grow. They serve and love it because it gives them purpose. It pushes them to see beyond themselves. They are everywhere…and they love it.

Get them involved in your community. Push them to show their faith. Need ideas? Check out Love Week here in Charlotte.

This generation wants SOMETHING to live for! They want to have a reason to exist. You, my friend, can teach them that reason. His name is Jesus.


Congratulations to our winner, Yvonne…the last commenter who posted last night at 10:56 p.m. Please contact me and I’ll get your books and CD out to you. Just email me at [email protected].

Do you have a question you would like me or the teens I mentor answer? Just leave a comment below and we’ll address in the weeks to come!


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  1. Lynne,

    I so agree! My 16 and 13 yr olds teach me so much and convict me too, along with our youth group teens. My husband and I have worked with teens now for over 16 years and I love hearing other adults champion our teens. Thanks, Lynne!

    Jennifer Dougan

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