Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Hang Up the Gloves!


Wednesday Wisdom Tip:

Hang Up the Boxing Gloves! 

Sometimes, even the best siblings, need space.

My daughters are close; best friends. Most of the time they really like each other…most of the time.

But sometimes…it isn’t pretty. It doesn’t take something important to sparks the firecrackers. A flippant comment about an outfit, borrowed earrings, or being late for school.

Sometimes, their arguments are simply from spending too much time together, like on vacation…which reminds me, spring break is just around the corner!

Abram in the Old Testament had this happen too. His family was spending too much time together in cramped spaces and it wasn’t working. Fights broke out everywhere and he knew it wasn’t good. He came up with a good plan: let’s plan some space apart. Check out Genesis 13:8.

 In order to keep relationships healthy, often, we just need some time alone; time apart. When we are together 24/7, we begin to lose our appreciation for each other; taking each other for granted.

There’s some truth to the old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

 If your kids find themselves on edge, especially during a vacation, do yourselves a favor: take some needed time apart. See it as an opportunity to save the rest of the trip and find a way to separate for a couple of hours! Split up while shopping. Have them read in different rooms. Preserve their friendship by taking them apart for a bit.

 I hope you all have great spring break plans; my daughter will be doing some more college visits. God give us wisdom!

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