It’s Not Dead

Have a prayer, promise or petition with God that you think isn’t heard? In fact, it feels dead?

Abraham did. “Your reward will be great.” God had said (Genesis 15:1). But there was nothing to show that would be true; in fact, quite the opposite. Abraham was getting older and older; Sarah too!

God gave Abraham instructions to sacrifice; to worship him in the middle of this unanswered, unchangeable situation.

Abraham obeyed.

Right in the middle of the praying and the worshiping, who shows up?

Vultures. Can you picture those hump shouldered, black as night birds swooping down to grab the animals right off the altar?

“but Abram chased them away.” Genesis 17:11

Abram didn’t freak or flee. He chased them away.

Friend, are you, like Abram, praying and worshiping God and right in the middle of your impossible you feel like you’re being attack?

Don’t freak and don’t flee. Chase away your enemy. Keep right on singing out those praises. Don’t quit speaking out thanksgiving. Because like Abram, if you continue to believe God, you’ll see His name glorified in your situation. That’s His purpose – that others will one day look at your impossible and say, “It had to be God”.

That’s what I’m praying, believing and thanking God in advance for in mine; I hope you’ll do it in your’s!



  1. Debra Weiss says:

    Loving this today, Ms. Lynn. I went through a time a couple of years ago where the more I prayed, the more the enemy showed up. But God was so faithful! God answered my prayers but not quite in the way I expected! 😀

    1. I had this happen this spring; he should did blow me away once he did answer!

  2. Thank you for the reminder Lynn. I know people have prayed for their kids longer than my kids have been alive. Last night was one of those nights with my teens (17 & 19 year old girls). I continue to pray for God’s will in their lives. Today I am writing down all the verses from Renee’s confident heart study. Romans 8:28
    ” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” I just pray for God to work in their hearts, that they will learn some of the hard stuff at a younger age than I did, so that they will know the grace of God more fully.

    1. Our children are our #1 prayer, aren’t they Deena!

  3. Yes…I have several seemingly “unanswered” requests. Promises not (yet) fulfilled. Today my heart was just hurting so badly I wanted to give up. Thanks for posting this…I will turn my eyes back to my Savior and wait for Him. LORD, help me to be like Job who said…though He slay me, yet will I praise Him….

    1. Yes CJ! And like Job, may we see the fruit of praise in our lives!

  4. I am in a situation that seems so hopeless and praying and listening for God’s voice. I really needed to see this this morning. With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart I say thank you for reminding me that God is still in control regardless of the situation. Bless You.

    1. Dear friend, I, too, am in a situation that looks very hopeless…but God! Today He reminded me in Genesis 17:1 ‘I am El-Shaddai – God Almighty”.

  5. Thanks for this post I have been going through a hard time. And wondering if God is even there. But, He promises He is and hears and knows what is going on. And yes the “enemy” is attacking. I will continue to make myself praise Him.

    1. Audrey, When I praise Him, I see such a difference in me and my own heart. It takes me from despair to faith. I hope you will see your heart do the same!

  6. Oh my goodness! How I certainly did need to read this today! Thank you for allowing God to speak through you!

  7. Lynn,I thank God so much for you.For using you to speak or say the correct message when I need to hear it.Through my trying times I look up to him.Your words are really encouraging me to press on and not look back.”Onward Christian Soldiers…our Jesus is Alive,he is there with us through any situation.

    1. Thank you friend! I am glad that the things Jesus is teaching me are encouraging to you too!

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