Wednesday Wisdom Tip: The Danger of the Classroom

“What are you passionate about?”

At a conference with nearly 800 women who feel called to speak and write, this is one question I ask at She Speaks over and over again.

Her answer: the classroom.

A professor, the gal at my breakfast table began to share how so many parents are missing the mark when they send their kids off to college. “They are so worried about the drugs, drinking and sex,” she said. “They are missing the danger in the classroom.”

Many of you, like me, have already sent your child off to college and seen the tremendous influence professors have on the hearts and minds of our children.

But what about teachers in the younger years? They also have just as much power in our children’s lives.

My kids have had some amazing teachers over the years. Teachers who have inspired them to learn. Empowered them to over difficulties in processing information. Adults who have instilled in them confidence they have carried with them.

Unfortunately, they have also had very difficult experiences. Ridiculed for their faith. Told they were foolish to believe in God, go to church or believe “that stuff”; right there in their public high school.

As our child head back-to-school, let’s do more than pick out new clothes and fill their backpacks. Have a discussion today with your child about the power of the classroom. Encourage them to discuss conversations that are confusing or cause them to doubt their faith while also celebrating the teachers helping them to reach their fullest potential!


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