You Can Make the Best Yes Decisions {Give Away Day}



Happy Monday friends! I know many of you already know my friend, Lysa TerKeurst, but did you know she is releasing a life changing book this week? I am so excited to be participating in her “The Best Yes” Blog Tour along with many other inspiring bloggers because this book has already helped me tremendously and I so want it to help others!  To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE.

I was blessed to get an advanced copy of “The Best Yes” back in June. I just couldn’t put it down. In fact, just when I was reaching the 5 Questions to Ask When Making a Decision, I was put in the position to have to make a decision with one of my kids. While I would love to think I am capable of making wise choices that are not emotionally based…I would just be delusional to say so! This fork-in-the-road was so heavy on the hearts of my husband and I. As we discussed just what we should do, I pulled out “The Best Yes” and with the help of God’s word and the practical points in the book, we made a very hard “best yes” decision together.

You can guess I am keeping this book near by for the next time my heart wants to say “yes” but when the best answer is “no”.




As I read it, I kept thinking of how powerful it would be to teach our kids how to make “best yes” decisions now, while they are in the middle of life-altering choices. So I got copies for each of my girls.

While at the beach, one of my daughters was stung by a sting ray. While laid up with a very painful foot, she posted her hammock and climbed in. I loved discovering how she was spending her time:



I am so excited to give one of you this “The Best Yes” decision making give away!






To be entered to win this drawing, share why you would like to win “The Best Yes” and who you want to win it for. If today is a busy day, just say in the comments below “I’m in!”. If you get my posts by email, be sure to head back to my website at to enter!

If you’re ready to get your copy now, you can grab a copy at!

I’ll announce the winner Monday!


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