Wednesday Wisdom Tip ~ Time to Talk

“We are witnessing a time when a generation’s perspective on sexual behavior is actively changing.” So says Dr. Joe McIlhaney, Jr. and Dr. Freda Bush in Girls Uncovered: New Research on What America’s Sexual Culture Does to Young Women. I couldn’t agree more and I am afraid as moms we’re not changing fast enough.

“Statistics are startling when it comes to “normal” behavior in our teen girls and even more disturbing is their lack of knowledge when it comes to how they can be effected.”

McIlhaney and Bush state “one of the biggest misconceptions with young women is that oral sex is risk-free. One study of college students revealed that fewer than 5 percent were concerned about STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) after being involved in oral sex.”

You may think, “Why should I be concerned about this, Lynn? My girl wouldn’t be involved in this sort of behavior!” I am sorry to say too many of our girls are. Statistics state that an amazing 40% or more of fifteen-to seventeen-year-olds have participated in oral sex. Among eighteen year-olds, it is 70% percent. During my “Revolutionary Love” conferences I often offer a Q&A session. “Am I still a virgin?” and similar questions reflect that fact that girls don’t believe that this behavior is sex.

As moms, it is our responsibility to bring up the topic of sexual behavior, not once, but often! In my home, it would be an understatement to say that we talk about it weekly. It is something that they are facing daily in their world! We cannot bypass this responsibility simply because it is uncomfortable.

Your girl needs you to give her God’s perspective on her body and the opportunity she has to protect it and enjoy the gift of sex He created her to enjoy one day with one husband. Be bold today, my friend. Ask her what she believes about this topic and then listen. Really listen, all the while asking the Lord to give you the words to deliver His message.


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