What is aTrue Soul Mate?

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Ephesians 5: 31 – 32 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.” (NIV)

Two become one; a phrase that was spoken a couple of weeks ago at my niece Christen’s wedding. This passage from Ephesians 5 is typically used when referring to marriage yet see what Paul says after “the two become one flesh”: “This is a profound mystery…but I am talking about Christ and the church!”

Who is the church? If you have accepted Christ and his forgiveness, the church is you. Christ left his father and was united to you so that the two of you become one.

This is a profound mystery.

It is great, loud, large, intense, violent; all meanings of profound.

This mystery of how we become one with Christ is deep! It is difficult to fathom or understand! It extends FAR BELOW the surface! This truth comes from a deep place that you can’t get or understand by observing on the side lines. If you are going to understand what it means to be completed by Jesus, you have to be all in; holding nothing back.

This word profound means complete; all encompassing. This mystery of how we become one with Christ completes us!

Friend, you want to talk about soul mate! You want to talk about the one! Jesus is the One who completes us!

Yet…it is a mystery. It is hidden. This profound truth still needs to be made known in our lives. Why did Paul say that our becoming one with Christ is a mystery; a secret? Maybe it is because many of us overlook or miss what His ultimate desire is; for us to become one with Him.

Paul uses the picture of one flesh. When you look at me, you see one flesh. I have arms, legs, a torso. I don’t have a beginning and an end. My arm doesn’t stop and then I have a torso. I am one; there is no separation. My body parts together are what make up the whole of me. One continuous body.

The same should be true between Jesus and I. One continuous body. No separation between I and He; we are one. In fact, when others look at me, they can’t see where He ends and I begin; we are one!

This word mystery in the Greek is not like the word mystery we use today. When we use this word we are saying it is a secret for which no answer can be found. Mystery is Greek means a secret which is being revealed! The secret that our lives hidden in His love for us is being revealed! The depth of His love is being made know by God to us through His Spirit which is the only way we can understand it. Mystery here is very close to the word “revelation”. Once mysterion (Greek) is revealed, it is a secret no longer!

If you want to talk about a “soul mate”, He is the perfect soul mate! It is only in knowing Him to be that completer that we will experience what relationship, what love, was truly meant to be.

Friend, when we turn to find unconditional, perfect love in the only person who can deliver it we will become complete. But when we don’t, when we turn to other people and other things, we will just keep coming up disappointed and empty. It is so very important for us to understand this profound truth. Not just for fulfillment in our lives, but so that we can pass this truth on to our children as well!


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