Slow Down for Happy



Get ‘r done! That used to be my motto! My cupboards were organized. My house was cleaned. Me…I was fairly miserable most of the time. I would have told you I loved Jesus, but my face sure didn’t show it! What it did show was stress! My days were all about how much I could get done in as little time as possible. My biggest joy…crossing things off my list.

That is…before my car crash! If you haven’t had a chance to read this story, please pop over to Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today to catch up. Since this episode in my life, my new mantra is “slower is better”. What have I gained? More time for the truly important things.

Here are some of the things I’ve gained by slowing down:


* I’ve gainedย making my kids a healthy breakfast and lunch before they wake up. As they eat their breakfast, I read God’s word to them. In the past, I was busy cleaning up the kitchen so I could move on to the next thing. Now, the dishes wait so I can invest in my kids.

* I’ve gained an afterschool small group for my daughter and four of her girlfriends. Currently, we’re going through “His Revolutionary Love” together. (There is a free leadership and additional free resources here on my website if you want to do that too!). In the past, I was too busy getting supper ready. Now, supper can wait so I canย share with my girl and her friendsย how Jesus is crazy about them.

* I say “yes” to sitting down for afterschool snacks at the table, even if they are in high school!

* I say “yes” to praying with my girls before they go to bed, even when I’m exhausted.

* I say “yes” to smoothies, coffees and walks with my girls, trying to find new ways to engage them in conversation.

These are the things I’ve gained by slowing down. Are there things I miss? Yes. I miss the prestine toliet and floors I can eat off of . But time is going fast; there will be plenty of time for that later. In four short years, I will have all the time I want as my last child heads off to college. For now, I’m going to slow down for happy.

Today, I’m giving away a copy of Glynnis Whitwer’s new book, “I Used to Be So Organized: Help for Regaining Order and Peace”ย to one blessed person! Glynnis’s book has helped me again to take a look at my schedule and reevaluate the current things in my life. She walked me through my schedule; helping me to once again know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to so that I can slow down for happy!

For a chance to win this amazing book, just click on “comments” below and share with us why you need this book. (And if you are too busy investing in your kids right now, just say “I’m in”!) Be sure to stop back by on Monday; I’ll announce the winner then!



  1. I’m right where Lynn has been — trying to squeeze everything into my day that I could do before having kids, yet still having time to be present with my young daughters (2.5 yrs and 7 mos) in the most important, small moments. I’m learning and have made great headway in the last month, but at times I feel that I’m ignoring God’s call to give up more so I can give them more. But my selfish pride makes that so hard to do — after all, who would I be without my job, my Facebook presence, my projects and errands? I know I could be a more intentional, patient mother and wife. A better daughter, sister, and friend. A better steward of what God has blessed me with. I’m ignoring a very important call, and I know that I will regret it, but I just don’t know how to fully change and let go. I use the excuse that it’s all about balance, even when I don’t feel balanced. I prayed for a sign, and the next day I broke my foot. That was over two months ago and took away my ability to run, which was my greatest stabilizing force. I’m still not sure what that sign meant, but as I’m working to figure it all out, I greatly appreciate your contributions to Proverbs 31 and your honesty and encouragement. Thank you!

    1. Hey Paulette,

      I used to think that the balanced life was the key…until I heard my pastor preach a couple of weeks ago. He shared how the Bible talks about the balanced life in the body of Christ. We on the other hand, should be obsessed. Obsessed with Him and our calling within the body. I love that! If you’re interested, it was the “Prodigy in Me” series from Elevation Church.

  2. Thank you for this devotion. God has been speaking to my husband and me about the need to reevaluate our schedule and priorities. While my husband has made numerous cuts to his committments, it has been much harder for me. My “get ‘r done” at any cost attitude added in with a little “I can do more” personality isn’t letting things off my plate very easy. I have been wanting to read this book (it’s on my to-buy when there’s extra money list). I am desperatly in need of some God inspired instruction / direction on how to organize my life so that I don’t waste the precious time He has given me on things that wont last.

    1. I.m past my child rearing days but still need to learn to be a better time manager and help with prioritizing my time. As a pastor I.m often too busy doing ministry to take time for my own spiritual nourishment.

  3. I have felt like this for the past two weeks and go through this cycle more often than I care to admit. The really sad thing is that those who matter most to me often get my nasty alter ego as leftovers instead of what God has asked and allowed me to be. I really do want what God wants for me! I’m in.

  4. Amy Miller says:

    I love your list of things you’ve gained by slowing down! Oh how I wish I was enjoying those blessings with our children! My life is filled with failure, regret, and stress, and anger. Thanks for your words of Godly wisdom today!

    1. Amy, Some days I, too, am filled with stress and anger…like last night when I wanted to be sleeping at 11:00 and instead was discussing a messy bedroom with a 17 year old. Tomorrow is a new day; a new 24! Jesus call to us how we are to fill our day and help us obey!

  5. I SO want to be different ! I am a natural administrator, I am organised, planned, and can run a church office and a home with 4 children and a husband reasonably efficiently, yet I always get to the end of the day disappointed and frustrated that I haven’t checked off eveything on my (unrealistically long) list. But today’s Encouragement for Today was a real challenge ! Is my time my own to do ‘my things’, or is it my Father’s – to do with as he chooses ? How can I have quality time with my kids (and my husband !)’ if my mind is fretting about all the things I ‘need’ to do ? I SO need to change the way I look at my day. First – this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in in it, then I will ask the Lord what his plans are for me, then I will remind myself that people are more important than ticking things off a list, and finally I will try to put into practice what my head knows and understands but my heart and spirit struggle with,and not beat myself up when I do it wrong, again !!

  6. When I clicked on the Encouragement this morning and say the first line I literally smiled. It was aimed right at me. Then I came over here and saw this blog entry. It was very clear that God had led me to your words…. Why do I need this book? Let me count the ways! 2 teenage children who are involved in everything at school +1 spouse who is an administrator at the county Board of Education +1 full time job as a middle school teacher= 1 very frazzled woman! I find myself constantly running from place to place, getting one thing done at a time, and deciding which things to leave undone. My sweet hubby is constantly saying, “Slow down, it can wait.” I just notice the piles of things in the floor and the stacks of dirty dishes by the sink.

    1. Stella, the girls have just walked out the door and yes the kitchen is a mess, but I feel peaceful. One thing that has really helped me is giving more away to the kids so I can spend time with them. From the time they were 10, my kids have done their own laundry. (that has been good as my son doesn’t bring his laundry from college!) They clean their own rooms and bedrooms as well as help with the other house cleaning as well.

  7. I seem to be all about the DONE rather than the LOVE that should be behind why I do anything at all. Duty vs blessing. I too enjoy crossing things off my to do list. Thank you for reminding me I need to pray over my day and those “to do’s.”

  8. I have a 2 and 3 year old, that I have already managed to over commit myself and them to things. I still haven’t even figured out how to be organized with children and our schedule is overloaded. I am constantly saying, “I used to be so organized!”. I need this book! Thank you a deco/post that ire ally needed to hear today! Many blessings!

  9. God has really been speaking to me this week to put more time in my schedule for undivided attention to my kids. I teach and have been working too late and then bring more work home. I need to say “yes” to my family more and not my job. Thanks for your willingness to share this message with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I learned a while back how to say “no” to things in my own personal life, to a certain degree. However, I have never really been able to instill this idea in my children, so they well, let’s just say they keep me hopping!! The truth is, I probably only say “no” now to leave more time for their activities. Yesterday was a perfect example. . . I worked my full-time day, ran home to prepare dinner for my husband who was getting ready to head out of town for the weekend. Then it was off to pick my son up at football practice, just in time for a haircut (which I rescheduled 3 times today to get the time right with a changing football schedule)– had to have it done today. . .tomorrow is pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now it is on to a Boy Scout board of review for a promotion to Life Scout — Next is Eagle!! Girl’s volleyball next. . . no not for my daughter (that’s a whole ‘nother schedule!). . . gotta support the girls volleyball team ya know?!?
    Now that he is settled in for a few hours, I stop by the grocery store to prepare for an evening of baking for weekend activites. . . home (I live 8 miles from all of these other events) . . . preheated the oven at @7:00. . . . baked 6 dozen cookies for tomorrow night’s football game plus 3 dozen gobs for a fall festival in our neighborhood on Saturday. . . in the meantime, the girl’s played so well, that they only played 3 games . . . so much for my couple hours to work on baking. . . . 8 miles back to town to pick up my son then 8 miles back to finish baking. . . 10:00 pm I have finally turned off the oven for the night and look around my kitchen . . . ugghhhh!! Clean it up, text my daughter a good night message, quick shower, then head to bed. . . . oh but first, part of the football uniform is still in the dryer. . . or did it never make it past the washer? . . . . . . . .

    1. Wow Lori… I couldn’t do that! I used to, but it just made me mean! If that is what Jesus is calling you to, He will provide the strength. If He’s not, I’m afraid you might burn out. I know it is hard when you have more than one child…I have 3. I had to make them each decide on one activity per season, other wise our family life just wouldn’t exist.

  11. Lisa Cullen says:

    I’m in! I’ve been working on this since becoming a single mother and have struggled!

    1. Lisa, my heart goes out to you as you learn a new way! Jesus, please provide your wisdom to my friend!

    2. ah – this is just what I was going to say also, Lisa. I am also now a single mom, and sometimes, it is all I can do to just keep a roof over our heads .. we pray on the drive to school and we read about God at night and I pray all day long. My family lives far away and so it’s just me and the boys – and God. I just want my boys to have a thirst for Jesus and grow up knowing how special and loved they are – and how my love can’t even compare to the love that their Heavenly father has for them. They want to do sports and other activities – and I have a yearning to keep it simple and ‘balanced’ – and have our priorities on things not of this world. And yes, Lynn, I pray daily for Jesus to give me His wisdom, to order my days, to redeem my mistakes and use them and to have me trust that no matter what our life looks like down here, and how different it is than what I’d thought it would be, that if we just keep our eyes and hearts, minds, souls – in the right place, that we are ok. I love that new song by Stephen Curtis Chapman … about doing everything we do for the glory of the one who made us … I try to keep that in my head.

  12. I can totally relate to the constant unhappy feeling when you are trying to run around and get things done! I have a wonderful husband and four beautiful children (ages 6, 5, 3, and 9 months!!!!). I am also a kindergarten teacher and help my husband as youth directors at our church. Our lives are very full and so is our schedule. I have to say no to almost everything just to make it from day to day because the daily things take up most of my time!! I am praying for God to show me how to enjoy life in the midst of this busyness! I struggle with being able to experience peace and patience in my days. I can get so overwhelmed by all there is to do and all that I am not getting done that I get crippled at times. The devotions I have read the last few days have spoke straight to my heart! I am praying and practicing gratitude and intentionally slowing down! Thank you for this reminder!

  13. I am rereading Ann Voncamp’s book, One thousand gifts. I felt convicted when she talks about hurrying through life. I have been thinking and praying about this, as this is something I struggle with. I have even found myself yelling at my kids to hurry and get soooo irritated when they are not on board with my insanity. It’s no accident that this devotional came across my email this morning.

  14. Thanjs so much for sharing your struggles. The world makes feel like with HAVE to get it all done to be successful. I constantly struggle with why things take me so much longer to complete leaving so much left on my to-do list.

  15. I can so relate. I am consciously slowing my pace down. I have been so focused on working to get out of debt, that my life has been a whirlwind the last three years. Racing by at the speed of light, but I woke up and realized I am tired. My family needed me to slow down and be present both mentally and physically in their lives. With the Lord’s help, he reminds me when I am trying to do too much and to just rest and be still. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  16. Becky Walters says:

    I’m adjusting to a new schedule for this school year. Because all my kids are in school at least part time I want to take on volunteer responsibilities, I think it’s actually so people don’t think I do nothing all day. I’m starting to realize I’m neglecting my first job as mom and wife. I definitely need to pray and ask the Lord how he woul like me to use my extra time.

    1. Becky, I did that too! When I stopped homeschooling I filled my day full, especially at school. My husband finally asked me why I quit homeschooling because I was at the school all the time. Remember that our approval comes from Him; we don’t have to stay busy for others.

  17. Thank you so much for your blog post today. God is really showing me lately how I am missing out on his blessings because of business. I have four beautiful children that need more time from me. Like you said, the cleaning can wait but our children can’t. Yesterday I purchased Ann Voscamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. I pray it will be a great reminder to slow down and enjoy my children and to count all my blessings.

  18. I am where you were! Oh my! But unfortunatly my body is making me slow down. I am having signs and symptoms of MS and going through tests for a diagnosis. I have three wonderful boys Jonah 12 Elijah9 and Malachi 2. A husband of 13 years. I was go go go from the time my feet hit the floor till my head hit the pillow. But now am struggling with the fact that I can not do it all physically, therefore it has changes my whole world. I think this book could help me understand better that its okay. And possibly help me organise my life a little more household wise, So I can take a step back and breathe. And enjoy Gods blessings in my life.

    1. Toni, I am so very sorry for the reason for your slowing down. I pray that the Lord will give you strength to choose what are the things He is calling you to each day and may He heal your body!

  19. I can hardly believe it! I just sat down for my time with Jesus and check out what “Jesus Calling” says today, September 30:

    “I am perpetually with you, taking care of you….I want you to live this day abundantly, seeing all there is to see, doing all there is to do. Don’t be distracted by future concerns. Leave them to Me! Each day of life is a glorious gift, but so few people know how to live within the confines of today. Much of their energy for abundant living spills over the time line into tomorrow’s worries or past regrets. Their remaining energy is sufficient only for limping through the day, not for living it to the full. I am training you to keep your focus on My Presence in the present. This is how to receive abundant Life, which flows freely from My throne of grace.”

    “Jesus Calling”, p. 285, Sarah Young

    Thank you Jesus!

  20. I believe there are more Marthas in this world than Marys this sounds like a good book thanks for the chance to win and for sharing your thoughts with us today.

  21. Ernema Boettner says:

    Thanks, Lynn!

    I am a teacher and a lay pastor’s wife. Some days, I just want to crawl under th covers and say, “enough!” I need to slow down and know happy. I will try to remember your illustration of a lampstand. And also be more organized. I need help in that area, too. Would love to have a copy of Glynnis’ book.

  22. Count me in! I am a music therapist and piano teacher, and also accompany my husband’s high school choir and our church choir. I am constantly feeling guilty about giving so much of myself to other people’s children and then feeling completely drained when I finally spend a few moments with my own. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I try to commit my day to the Lord upon waking, but love the idea of continuing to recommit throughout the day. I long for the peace that you feel and know I will only experience it if I stay in His presence. I also long for my 10 year-old daughter to know that peace as well. She is a perfectionist, just like her parents, and carries so many worries in her little body. Praying that we can all rest in Jesus!

  23. Teresa Green says:

    I’m in! I’m a reader, not a writer, so this will definitely not be the best written comment. I just checked my email quickly before starting my day. My oldest daughter’s 16th birthday party is tomorrow, so I have LOTS of things on my list to do today. Why do I always feel like the Proverbs 31 devotions are written just for me?? Anyway, one of the things on my to do list that I would most like to complete is to have all of my closets/cabinets in order and organized. However, I never spend any time working on them because I am always doing things for others – my husband, my children, my church, organizations that my children are involved in, etc… I was surprised to read that your cupboards were all organized, and that you were still miserable. I keep thinking that if I could just get organized, then I would be able to keep my head above water, and have more quality time to spend with my family. My oldest daughter will be off to college in just 2 short years, and I want/need to find the best way to spend this time with her. I believe I have been striving for order, when really what I want is peace. I do take a few minutes of time for myself to read after everyone goes to bed at night, and would love a copy of Glynnisโ€™ book to gain a new perspective. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Lynn’s devotion today hit home! All week I’ve been frustrated and spinning out of control with ever growing to do list. I’ve been trying to get myself to slow down to do the really important things like spending more time to talk to my kids but lately that has even left me feeling more frantic and with more things to do. I’m going to start praying over my schedule like Lynn has suggested and prayerfully let go of some things. I’ve had this book on my ‘to read’ list for a while and would love a copy!

  25. I would really enjoy reading this book. The overwhelming feelings continue to come…thanks for today’s devotional!

  26. I am just at the point that I don’t know where to begin my day or end my day I try to do my bible study first thing in the morning and then head in to cleaning the house. I wouls just love to spend the day with my son without feeling guilty because my work is not done.I realy needed to her this from you today I was just last night writing everything I needed to do and that really got me fustrated it seems there is never any free time for fun. Thanks for sharing you have really encuraged me today

  27. Your devo hit home for me. I’ve been trying to cut unnecessary things from my days, but I don’t always remember to ask God for His input on what I should be keeping on the “to-do” list. Nor do I always fill the free time with important things like spending quality time with my kids. Thanks for the reminder. I’d love to read the book as well.

  28. nancy johns says:

    I’m in!! Pastor’s wife with 3 children….12,9,and almost 4:-) Definitely feel God has been guiding me to reconsider my commitments,even in the chuch body, for the sake of more peace at home,more time to disciple my children and just investing in their lives….not to mention being more of an encouragement to my husband who really does carry a big load!I definitley have the struggle with always wanting house clean,laundry done,etc…..I know I’m to be the keeper at home but do I place to much emphasis there?? Trying to learn the balance and most importantly God’s plan!

  29. I’m in! I just began homeschooling this year for the very reason of investing in my children more intentionally before time gets away from me. But, because I’ve had many years of being busy with “great things” outside of my home, it’s been a challenge to find that balance of what the Lord REALLY wants me to say yes to and no to. Your devotion was a real encouragement to me. I need to slow down more and pray for God’s wisdom instead of relying on my own strength.

  30. I’m in. The book is on my wants list (I keep trying to say it’s a need but it truly isn’t). Like so many others my face shows my attitude and my husband wants to see me smile more; so do I.

  31. I am so glad I read your message today. I have been feeling stressed and overloaded with our back to school and schedule. I also started back to work. I am a preschool teacher, mother of 2 girls- 9yr and 6 yr and a 7 month old son. I’m not looking for the pristine house, but want things to be somewhat orderly and picked up. My fear is things will be laying around that will be dangerous for our little guy as he is starting to be on the move! I have been trying to listen to God about “picking my battles” with our oldest daughter. I can so relate to your post about the “computer in the brain” with list after list of things that need to get done. I feel the need to “make the most of time” and try to squeeze in thing everywhere. There are so many things filling my head and I could go on and on! Praying blessings on this day for all!

  32. Elaine Segstro says:

    I go, go, go, but feel frustrated – not only am I NOT keeping up with housework, and my job, but also time with my Jesus and my family. I NEED to do what God wants me to do – “This is Your day, and not mine.” Thank you for your devotional – very timely, as is God’s word everyday.

  33. Lynn, I also laughed out loud when I read the title of your devotional today:) I am soooo…working on this, but need the reminder every day. In my women’s bible study yesterday morning I had the ladies stand up and spin around 5 times and then see if they could stand perfectly still. We were talking about how difficult it is to take time to be still before God in the middle of our head spinning days. We looked at a 24 hr day in the life of Jesus (Mark 1:21-35) and how much we need to linger in God’s presence so we have clear direction for our day.

    I actually tripped over a curb the other day when leaving the church after rushing to set up for a women’s ministry event. As I was lying on my side laughing at myself and hoping no one else saw it, I said,” Ok, God, I know, I know, I have got to slow down!”
    I am now going to get up and attempt to walk slowly and calmly to my car, but I am supposed to be somewhere at 8, so it is going to be hard:)
    Thanks again! Have a great day!

  34. I would love to win this book Lynn! I’m trying to slow down and enjoy my teen boys more but I wish I had realized this when they were smaller. I could also use some help with organization as well.

    [email protected]

  35. This is EXACTLY what I’m struggling with right now! It was good to read other ladies’ comments too. I need to rewrite your prayer and GLUE it to the ceiling above my bed and possibly rig it so lights flash around it as soon as I wake up! I NEED to slow down and enjoy my family! It’s going to take a DAILY and minute-by minute committment to turn each detail of my life over to Jesus. And I KNOW He can handle it all, I guess I’m a control freak! But the sad thing is, my life is out-of-control!

  36. Lisa Feldsien says:

    I am packed to go to a meeting. Did my homework for my college class last night. My husband is on his way home this evening after working out of state. I stayed up until 1 making sure I had completed my tasks yesterday because I had been out of state for a family funeral. I had to clean the house you know before I leave this morning! My husband called and woke me with another item
    Before I leave town. I did take my 17 yr old son to get coffee and breakfast before taking him to school! Then I sat down to read this devotional. I know that God has his hand on you all because these devotionals are so in tune with my needs!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Lisa!

  37. Linda Matney says:

    When I read the part of your devotion today that mentioned asking God what He wants you to do each day, I thought I’d share my morning prayer with you:
    “Lord, today please put in my path that which you would have me accomplish;
    make smooth the path you’d have me travel, bumpy the road you’d have me avoid, and
    please don’t let me trip figuring out which one you’d like me to take.”
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us ~
    Peace, Blessings & Joy (also known as PB&J ~ sustaining food for everyday living!) ~

  38. I sure have lived the life you described…even in my retirement years! I was trying to “stuff” another “good deed” into my life yesterday when it dawned on me that I hadn’t dealt with my priorities at home. It was a “tug-a-war” in my mind, but I decided that my husband would appreciate a clean home instead of another “good deed” on my list. The Holy Spirit was responsible for the nudge in reminding me of what I had at home to do!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, being so real & how you allowed God to take the driver’s seat!


  39. I know it has to be God that sent me here today. I said the exact same words yesterday, “I used to be so organized,” and I’m wondering what happened to me. I struggle not only with wanting to get EVERYTHING done but with wanting it to be “right, perfect.” I know God loves me, yet something in me still causes me to behave as if something that I do will cause Him to love me. I want to be the woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. that He created me to be yet so often I feel like I’m failing on every hand. Those feelings can get us into trouble. They are not always based in truth, yet I am an emotional being filled with feelings so what do I do with them? I’m trying to reevaluate and I am praying that God will teach me what to do and how to do it. Thank you for this blog today. Be Blessed because you are a blessing to me!

    [email protected]

    1. Tiffany, I have learned that God wants to be more than the God I serve, He wants to be the God I love. I too thought that when God looked at me He must be disappointed in me. It was all a huge trap of Satan to keep me from spilling over with joy. He just doesn’t want us to know the depth of Jesus’ love and grace because then we will influcence others, especially our family. Recognize these as lies my friend! He loves you…is absolutely crazy about you just the way you are! Psalm 45:11

  40. Oh my – through tears of exhaustion, I am reading this devotional. I am caught in the “sandwich generation.” I have sole care of my 84 year old dementia father and raising two teenagers. Somedays I wonder if I am sane enough to dress myself and get through the day. I work full time handling responsibilities for an entire public school system (47 schools). Of course, there is still meal planning, house cleaning, and laundry – in my spare time. Then, I can’t forget serving in three different ministries at church. If I didn’t have my “to do list” and calendar to keep me focused on what day/responsibilities then nothing would get accomplished. I would love to read the book and see how to bring peace back into my life. I beg God daily for peace and still ache inside for relief.

    1. Jesus, my friend’s “sandwich” is too big for her plate. Please show her what she can remove…if even just for this season…so she can find your peace. Help her to say “yes” to whatever you say, Lord.

  41. Ever since my fifth child was born, I have felt like I spend so much time doing things for my family that I never have time to be with my family. I am saddened by this and feel like I have missed so many opportunities because I was just too busy. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Amy, I like how you showed the difference…for instead of with. I can do that too! So often, I am alone in the kitchen making supper while my girls are doing homework, on the computer, etc. It is so much better when I ask them to come INTO the kitchen, come clean beside me, help me weed the garden. It is also much funnier when we can shop together, hike together, etc. Together and not for…love it!

  42. I’m in! I really needed this today. Thanks

  43. I really need to slow down and give this over to God. It’s so hard being a full-time working wife, mom to two very busy kids and trying to keep up at home. It’s become impossible and like this morning I end up with bad Mommy mornings where things don’t go well and I blow it as a Mom:( Thanks for this chance.

    1. Julie, we all have mama drama at one point or another…(that’s my P31 devotion in October). Don’t beat yourself up! Apologize to your kids if you need to, ask Jesus for one thing to help relieve the stress and just do that one thing. Growth will come…one small step at a time!

  44. My kids are grown and gone so it’s just my husband and me at home. And guess what?? I find that it is HE that needs the time and attention I always gave to our 4 children! And unfortunately, I am also guilty of giving importance to my “to do” list instead of to him. Thanks for the timely message!!

  45. By racing round in our busyness we are just stealing time from being with Him really aren’t we? I too get caught up in the “to do” list and let’s face it – it is endless! I may cross one thing off, but I add 3 more. I long to see the bottom of the laundry basket, and have a kitchen that doesn’t permanently have something living beside or in the sink. I run a home daycare and am raising 2 young children so there is always something that needs sweeping, mopping, cleaning, tidying, but I’m slowly realizing that this is not the Lord’s way. The Lord wants me to do something far more important and that’s invest and sow in to my children. I must remember to stop and play! My new mantra – Jesus wants my praise and peace, not my perfection! Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder – loving your suggestion to right the 3 column list – this should really help me streamline “scraping my plate” a bit!

  46. Life is so difficult to figure out how to slow down. I personally don’t even feel like to get to decided what I want to do. My schudule decides what and where I need to be like take the kids to school run this one to practice this one to church this one to piano and I always want to be there for my husband on top of just trying to maintain the normal house duties and I feel every day that I am failing miserably. I have been praying lately for an older Godly woman to come along side of me and teach me how to do this right. I know some of my friends say don’t worry but that doesn’t help when you have to have soccer uniform wash in time and food in the house to make lunches and kids that have to be at certain places at certain times. I even feel we have tried to not over commit to things but with 5 kids and a couple of them play ONE extra thing a season and doing YG and kids club at church with school it is just overwhelming and I on many days want to move to a place where you do nothing at all. I often wonder what it was like in the OT time was Moses overwhelm with life or His relationship with God. I feel so out of control.

    1. Oh Ruth…I am so sorry! You do have a lot of children. Jesus, please send a woman who will invest in Ruth and teach her your ways. Help her not to be afraid to say “no”…even to her kids. You came to give her abundant life. Help her to find it, Jesus!

  47. As I was reading your devo I was trying to figure how I was going to get everything I had to get done today by noon!!!! It was already going to be a very busy day but then I found out my company was coming at noon today rather than 5 tommorrow!!!! Thank -you so much. I know I needed to hear this and just take a breath. Today is the Lord’s day not mine!!Thanx again my kids will thank you too as hopefully I will not be as stressed as I would have been had I not taken the time to read this. Nicole

    1. Nicole, There is a not too funny joke in my family that I get mean when company is coming. Three weeks ago I had my family (about 40 of them) over for dinner following a wedding reception. I kept praying and telling myself, “I will not be mean! It just doesn’t matter!”. Praise the Lord…for the first time, I wasn’t mean! Did I stress when the frozen macaroni and cheese wouldn’t get warmed all the way through? Yes…but I didn’t take it out on any one this time. For me, that’s growth!

  48. Your devotional really hit home with me today.. What a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the blessings God has given me. I really do need to become more organized and I would love to win this book….

  49. I needed these truths today! I have been struggling with having too much to get done and have spent nights awake concerned about how I would get everything done. Even though I often “give” my activities to God, I’m afraid I often act as though He needs my help in accomplishing them. I really want to present my day to God and then “Let Go and Let God.” My work environment is very organized but my home is a disaster. As I read how detailed God was with His instructions in the Bible, I know He must be detailed about my life and what He wants me to accomplish today. Thanks for speaking to me today!

  50. I’m definitely in. I can’t say that I need it more than some of these other ladies, but God is getting me attention. Where does my time go? I try to control it, but I KNOW who should!! It is hard. thanks. BE BLESSED!

  51. Jennifer Klemple says:

    I need this book because I used to be so organized but now that our girls are teens I am running all over the place and can’t keep things like I used to. I would love this book!! I know it would help tremendously!!

  52. I was refered by a friend almost a year ago to the Proverbs 31 daily e-mail after a discussion about getting it all done. She said she once was that person and finally came to realize (after an illness) that it was because of her perfectionist qualities. The title of the e-mail that day was “The Real Meaning of Perfection” I subscribed to the newsletter after reading. I was hooked. Only trouble is I started deleteting them before reading because I was too busy and wanted to get thru my e-mail so that I could get on to my to do list and finally get it ALL DONE!! Until today when I say the title, “Why am I am Such a Hurry?” I deleted it originally and then recovered it and read it. I saw myself in what you wrote and what I see on your blog. I can’t rest or play or have fun until my lists are all marked off as done. I enjoy life, I think, but I know there is more to life than to do lists. I just can’t make myself live what I know. I can’t move past the list. It is almost if I don’t have it on a list, I don’t know what to do with myself. I truly need help and your give-away book looks perfect for what I charged with at the moment. Thank you so much for bloging your times and trials with these issues so that others may learn from you and grow as you have. I know in my mind that the lists are NEVER going to be done, but in my heart, I can’t stop trying. My boys are 6 and 9 and I don’t want to be so busy that I miss them growing up and all of a sudden they are in college. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  53. This is a great devotion for any woman. I am no different from the many woman who have commented before me. I am overwhelmed with all the “to do’s” in my life. Wife, mother, church secretary, baby sitter for friends, etc. the list goes on. One comment stands out to me, It was the lady who said she just wanted “peace” in her life. That’s me! I feel like I wake up each day, go to bed each night frustrated. I don’t get everything done in my day, lay awake thinking about how much there is to do tomorrow. My relationship with my husband has suffered. We talked this morning and for the past 2 weeks, and the next 3 weeks we have something going on every weekend with the kids activities. We need to take time and make time for each other. It seems like the impossible. I want to simplfy and organize my life. Get my priorities right, with God’s help I hope to do this. I think it would be a great benefit to get your book and the help and inspiration it would provide. God bless you and the woman who are seeking your help and the Lord’s guidance in their lives.

  54. Friends, I just want to cry I feel God’s mercy so much right now!

    Today, I am feeling stressed myself! I have a mother/daughter camp next weekend and really need to write a couple of the messages. Today’s list seemed big to me: my pool is green – I have to fix it! I was going to take my friend with breast cancer a meal. I need to exercise; trying on pants last night convinced me of that! My shower needs to be sealed while my husband is out of town….I should go to a concert tonight for my brother.

    But…I spent time with Jesus first. My calendar has cleared! My friend said no meal; she’s set. My brother doesn’t have a concert. My sister is coming over after dinner to walk our dogs and I have the afternoon free to write my talk. (Just got to get the shower done, but it can wait).

    As my calendar made way for writing my talks, I just felt the Holy Spirit whisper, “See, with ME, you will get done what I say needs to be done.” OHHHHHHH…..Jesus is SO good to me!!!

    Love to all of you, my bloggy friends! We have a VERY VERY good Savior!

  55. I used to be organized…….. I am so in!!!

  56. I am so often in such a hurry that I often skip some of the Proverbs 31 devotions, but this one caught my attention, and I am glad I took the time to read it. Thank you!!

  57. Sometimes I feel like I hit the pole with my car when it is just the feeling of “banging my forehead against the wall”. I know I am “full time” for God, but my full time job and wordly obligations often feel like road blocks. The house is a wreck. I need to learn to better focus my time on the most important things, but want to have a house and car that reflect God’s glory also. They don’t have to be new or pristine, but I don’t want to be ashamed of the condition of what God has so obviously blessed me with. “smiles”.

  58. Lynn,

    I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that I found your blog. I have been going through a very painful medical mystery for two years. It has drastically affected my quality of life and I feel guilt every single day about not having a spotless house, cooking healthy meals for my six kids every day, and being too tired to go out on “dates” with my husband. I have felt like ending my life often lately as the pain and fatigue are relentless.

    But today…I decided to seek relief and answers not on the medical websites and blogs, but in God’s word. I searched for devotionals for women…..and found myself here.

    Thank you for taking the time to share the word of God and for your positive attitude and spirit. You truly don’t know how much it helped me today. I’m sure you have redirected many people to focus on God as I have done this morning.

    God Bless You.
    Your newest subscriber,

    P.S. And um, yeah, that book would be AH-MAZING!

  59. I so want this attitude, Lynn! “ruthlessly eliminate hurry!”. Some days are better than others but I long for complete freedom from the “shoulds.”. Thank you for sharing, Lynn. You always inspire me!

  60. Lynn,
    Wow- your Proverbs 31 entry and your blog really spoke to me this morning! I think that I can do all the things that I did prior to having children. I work full-time as a School Social Worker, take care of my ailing mother, am wife, mother, and on several local community boards and church groups. I get so frustrated with the lack of ability to keep up anymore. I feel that I do everything half-way without much thought, much to my dismay. I love to mark off my lists but continue to have this nagging feeling that I need to stop worrying about the house being clean, the closets organized, the yard manicured and on and on but rather spend the time with my children. As I read your blog with ideas of things you have changed, I was so convicted because just yesterday, I chose to rake leaves instead of sitting down with my 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son while they had an afternoon snack. I know that they are growing up so quickly and I cannot ever get that time back…yet, it as if I cannot help myself- I am driven by my lists!
    Thank you so much for sharing from your heart as I think the first step in change is to be conscious of the decisions we are making. It was so good to be reminded and to know that a sister in Christ struggles with the same things!
    I recently went to the movies with some girlfriends, we saw “I Don’t Know How She Does It”- while it was suppose to be a very funny movie- and it was- I found myself crying in the scene where the husband confronts his wife and exclaims that he wants the fun, laughter, relaxed family time back in their lives instead of everything being a “logistics” conversation of who is picking up, when, where, and what the hectic schedule entails. While it was not a Christian- based movie, it was rather convicting. Seems to me that between the movie and your blog, God is really trying to speak to me. Thank you for being his messenger.

  61. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story with us today. As my kids grow up, I realize how short my time with them is, yet I struggle with all that “has” to be done. I want to invest good into my kids as God leads, but find myself struggling daily. I am short with them during school time and find myself running from them at times. I know this is a journey and God is with me all the way. I look forward to our days ahead and want to enjoy today as well. Thank you again for sharing the blessings you have found in slowing down and asking Jesus for his “jobs” for the day.

  62. Friends, As I was preparing for my mother/daughter camp next weeking I am preparing a message titled, “I Am Treasured”. I found a quote from my book “His Revolutionary Love” that I think describes how many of us feel, “Here’s what used to hange me up: I knew that he loved me unconditionally, but I thought he would like me more, approve of me more when I did everything right.”

    I am afraid that God’s approval sometimes is what drives us. We already have His approval and it has nothing to do with us! It is all Jesus!

  63. What a timely message. I was awake for over an hour during the night with lists and thoughts running through my head. I’m going to use your idea from the devotion to start the day with a prayer for God to lead me to His important things of the day. Thanks you!

  64. I read Lynn’s devotional today and wept. I so needed to read her words. We are a foster family with 3 young children…6 (bio child), 3 (adopted) and 10 month old (fostering but soon to be adopting). My world is full of appointments for our two youngest, visitors (CPS, CASA, tutors, attorneys, agency case workers) in and out of our home each month. I do feel pressure tonget it all done and do it with a cheerful heart. I appreciated the prayer Lynn shared when she begins her day. I am going to be more mindful of my to do list and make sure we are following Gods plan for our day. I want to model the right things for my children…not a hurried life. Thank you Lynn. If they could my kids would also say thank you.

  65. I started working full-tme 9 months ago due to some financial changes in our family. I had not worked outside the home since my children were born. So, the adjustment to full-time work, mothering 2 very active boys (10 & 13) & being a loving wife to my husban of 18 yrs has been a challenge! I am continually feeling inadequate to accomplish all that I feel that needs to be done. I LOVED the blog today & the reminder to allow the Lord to have control of my schedule! I have had this book on my mind for a few weeks & know it would be a great encouragement and guide to continue to learn how to adjust my priorities & line them up with the Lord’s. Thanks for your ministry!!

  66. I’m very excited about the book it sounds great. Just what this homeschool, soccer mom, baseball mom of four needs. As we struggle as first generation Christians to live holy lives and keep up with the bills working many part time jobs between my husband and myself reminders to slow down and enjoy the small moments and it doesn’t have to cost money to spend time with our children. This year will be especially challenging for us as we are preparing for our first little bird to leave the nest and fly off to college I am burdened that we only have a few more months to teach and guide him.

  67. Carol Murphy says:

    Wow. I really used to be organized. All the kids clothes clean, and mine, going to bible studies, fixing nice meals for the kids vs. mac and cheese from a box. My brain became to cluttered with all the responsibilites of a single, working parent. The clothes are piled up, has been, shuffeling thru the basket of socks every morning, and my brain is cluttered more now on how to simplify and organize to make life easier. God has had me pull back alot in the past few months from things, so i can spend more time with Him, but i also hear Him saying, Get rid of all the Junk that is getting in the way of My Purpose for you. So, that’s were i am at, Letting God help me Organize to Simplify, after i get all the nonsense out of my head!!

  68. I begun to slow down in the past year by taking on less projects. I still have a hard time balancing just daily tasks, time to read the Word, spend time with my husband, spend time with my 6 and 4 year old, take care of my mom, work, school. Like other people have said in comments, I am embarrased that I have chosen cleaning chores over spending time with my children so many times. Thank you for your post and helping me see that.

  69. I’m trying to slow down and savor every moment with my kids ~ the key word is TRYING!! I have already missed out on so much of their lives by being too busy or worried making sure the house looks ‘presentable’. I hope to learn how to conquer this ‘art’ before it is too late ~ admitting there is a problem is the 1st step to recovery – right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. I am so in need of this book! This year, my life seems to be spiraling out of control and I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering where I went wrong, and what changed? I am trying so hard to get things back in order. I would LOVE this book.

  71. In all honesty, there are probably many other women who are better suited for this book or “need” it more than I do. I’m not an incredibly organized person. I have three children. My oldest turned 3 in June, my son will turn 2 next weekend and my baby is 3 1/2 months. I have three dogs and while I live on the east coast, my husband’s job is in Wisconsin. I live 10 hours away from any family. Because I constantly have my hands so full, I rarely have time to organize. I feel the chaos creeping up around me more often than not. However, I have heard so many wonderful things about this book. When I do have a free moment, I have been trying to spend that time to further enrich my walk with God by reading works by strong Christians to whom God has revealed special things to and who have answered His call to write.

    I am sorry that you got in an accident. It makes me happy to hear (read) though that you were able to see God’s hand in the situation and grow closer to Him through and because of it. I hope and pray that He continues to bless you and your work.

  72. Every. Single. Day. I feel rushed. My insides are always in a knot. I have been working on it. I have been trying hard to be ‘present’ for my kids. It shouldn’t be this hard!

  73. Jessica Phillips says:

    I think this could be something I so desperately need..I am a Mom to a 4yr old daughter whom I stay home with and a 10yr old son. I am also a full time student, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and building my business as a Photographer. I am a people pleaser and I get so lost in getting everything done for everyone that I sometimes fail to realize what is most important. It would be great to have direction of how to reprioritize my list.

  74. I am a home school mom of three children who has moved three times in 12 months. I am so ready for a schedule that includes downtime and some normal. I trust that the Lord will show me what I need to include in that next schedule. This book may be just what I need.

    1. Bless your heart, Aimee! Lord, give her grace and may she be able to put down roots soon!

  75. I am so in!!! I could write a great story, but like most women, I’m sure my story would be similar. I struggle to be a proverbs 31 woman. I take things one day at a time or overwhelmed! I could use some great insight.

  76. My children are getting older and we homeschool. It seems as though every last minute is filled with activity, and each one seems necessary. I would love to slow down, but have no idea where to cut!

  77. “Slow down for happy” ~ I like that! I, too, have been one of those most “happy” when crossing things off my to-do list. However, that’s been changing over the last year or so as I’ve been learning how to slow down and rest. It’s not always easy, but it’s always beneficial. Always! My heart was a little convicted, though, as I read your how-to list. The one about sitting down to actually eat breakfast or a snack with your children instead of cleaning up and getting ready for the next thing has stopped me in my tracks this day. Do you know I very rarely sit down to eat lunch? I eat standing up at the counter in our kitchen grabbing a bit here and there as I scurry around. Why am I in such a hurry? I’m afraid I’ve missed too many precious moments in my life. You are right. All too soon the nest will be empty and I’ll have plenty of time to do the next thing. Thank you for stirring my heart again as I continue to travel this journey in learning to be in the moment. I want to really be all there.

  78. Dear Lynn, Thank you so much for your tips on slowing down. I just backed into a street lamp this week gift my first accident ever. I was hurrying to parallel park before the car approaching me got too close. My car video camera was beeping like crazy and I didn’t even glance down to see it… just assumed it was only the curb. I spend way too much time keeping the house clean and not enough time with my 5 and 7 year old children. I am definitely going to read the Gospel with them every morning and put the dishes aside. I love that tip. God must be really speaking to me about this because I heard about doing the same thing faith-sharing group this morning.

  79. Brenda Schiesser says:

    I “use” to be so organized has become my motto because I can’t seem to get back to it. I started caring for my mother when she started getting frail and along with other family members, we cared for her until she passed away last year. As she aged and her care needs increased things started getting put aside to do later……..years worth of later are still cluttering my house and I don’t know where to start. To add to this I am now caring for 4 of my grandkids at various times of the week as my daughter had to go to work last year……..she was a homeschooling Mom. So my time is rarely my own and I don’t know where to begin. I walk into a room……look at what needs to be done……….and turn around and walk out again. “One of these days” has also become a phrase that often comes to my mind. I would love the chance to win this book. Thanks.

  80. In the past I have always been an organized person. I love a clean house and love to have order in my life. Now I have reached an age in my life that I am not able physically to do all that I used to do. I dread getting up sometimes because I have a long list of things that have to be done around the house (outside and in) and I am no longer physically able to do them. I don’t have the money to hire them done and now my husband is disabled and I am the only one working and doing it all at home. Possible this book could give me some ideas of how to deal with things not being perfect any longer.

  81. I’m in!! This book would be exactly what I need right now! I have so much going on, I dont even have time to think about slowing down haha!

  82. I’m a “Yes Girl” and joke that my middle name is “sign-me up”. In an effort please the whole world, I volunteer for everything and don’t know when to say no. I run myself ragged. People think I’ve got it all together, they ask how I do it. But I know something or someone suffers when I spread myself too thin. I need this book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. I am a homeschooling mom to 4 kids (ages 4-8). When I look around my house I dream of seeing it organized. I dream of a day where I don’t look around and see failure. I know that I need to start my day with Him and make sure my kids start their day with Him. I would love to read this book in order to get some further insight into reclaiming organization and peace.

  84. Jessica R. says:

    I need this book right now because I am so overwhelmed with everything that I don’t know what to do…as I am sure I am not the only one. I set here, knowing I should be eating lunch or doing some work, and almost skipping this comment b/c I don’t have time for it. I have 3 weeks of grading I am behind on, some of it is even from a month ago that students turned the work in, I have presentations that I have to presented Monday, but haven’t started on yet, have to be out the rest of the week for a required conference, gotta find time to do research for a meeting next week (that I don’t even know that I can attend b/c I am out of town), I am 3 webinar sessions behind on the topic I am researching that I was suppose to have watched. Let’s not get in to all the choreography I need to learn for my 9 aerobics classes I teach each week (Mon-Thurs), the catering I am doing from my friend’s wedding in two weeks, scholarship letters to write, a small business to run on top of my full-time job. And we haven’t even got to my personal life with family and my home. I do not spend enough time with them doing the things I should. I am fitting in my bible study time at least once a week, I do read the bible each night with my husband, but we don’t discuss it, and I have a 12 year old step daughter that I want to help so bad b/c I believe God put us together for a reason. I have to battle her biological mother who tells me I have no parenting skills only b/c I didn’t give birth to a child (apparently those skills happen only after a baby comes out of you) and she is constantly telling this 12 year old that she needs lose weight b/c she is too heavy (which the doctor even confirms that she is perfectly healthy for her height). My heart breaks for her, but I don’t take the time to help her the way I should. My husband and I need to put the Lord in our family unit so much greater than He is already. He is there, but I know He is no where near as strong in our home as He should be. I need to slow down so my panic attacks will weaken and stop coming as often, and so my family doesn’t lose the time together that we should be spending. I will stop there b/c I really am out of time and I have to start on my list of things to do.

  85. Rachel Blom says:

    As a stay at home homeschooling mom of three munchkins, I really need to learn to slow down. I’m a bit OCD so have a hard time relaxing & enjoying moments w/my munchkins because I’m wanting to check the next thing off my list. I want to focus more on teaching my children to follow after God and that they are more important than a clean house.

  86. I need help getting organized again. Coming up with ideas to spend with my 3 teens is difficult. I would love all the hints I could get.

    1. Sharon, Be sure to sign up for my “Wednesday Wisdom Tips”; most of them have to do with teens!

  87. ouch…you stepped on my toes. But thank you, for I needed it. I race & race & race…and inside I HATE it! I feel like I have to be the perfect employee, the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect volunteer….my house must be perfectly cleaned and dinner must be wonderful. Homework shouldn’t be a battle & bedtime should go off without a hitch. My children are 6 & 8 and for some reason this week has hit me right square in the forehead. I have realized I have missed so much because of ME and the unreasonable demands I have placed on myself. Lord, hear the cry of my heart & help me to be who You want me to be.

  88. Jamie Starr says:

    Hi, I so need this. I am in women’s ministry and so is my husband, I am finding this truth of slowing down more and more. I have come a good ways, but still have to work at it each day. Taking it slow for my husband, so we don’t look at each other when the kids have left the nest and say, “Who are you?” I want my children to remember us praying and talking and taking the little moments that will last forever. I have been a neat freak, organizer for as long as I can remember and I am starting to understand that it’s not important to be that extreme. Yes, I want to have a clean and organized home for my family, but I can balance that by understanding that how clean the floors are will not be what grows my family spiritually. Thank you for posting and “I AM DEFINITELY IN.”

  89. Jamie Starr says:

    I’m sorry, I meant I am in women’s ministry and my husband is in ministry also, not women’s ministry…oops!

  90. Wow! His timing is amazing. I echo all the thoughts I read as I read your blog. And then just have to laugh at myself as I am shaving my legs while I use the toilet ๐Ÿ™‚ and thinking all the while, do I really HAVE to get my fall decorations up now, right this minute, just because the Christmas decorations are already up in the stores!!! Wow – the pressures the world puts on us are so intense and real but just don’t make sense when we slow down and stop to think about them through the eyes of Jesus. Thank you thank you thank you!

  91. Valeria Ramirez says:

    I am a newly divorced single mother with 3 very active kids. 13 and 11 y/o athletic boys and an 8 yr old princess. I am currently going to school and working part time. I also head an organization for moms, especially single moms. I always have a to do list that seems to grow everytime I mark one thing off. Although I do spend time with my kids, I do need a lot of help!!! I would love to read your book.

  92. Hi Lynn;
    Today’s devotion really struck a chord with me! I read it and felt as though you (and God) were speaking directly to the many questions I’ve asked over the last 9 months since my first child was born.
    I had a “plan” to clean/organize the entire house in the 4 weeks prior to my daughter’s birth; however, she came 4 weeks early and that never happened. She’s been such a joy to have around, and such an answer to prayer. Yet, I struggle daily with trying to balance keeping the house, caring for my infant daughter, working part-time, leading a weekly women’s Bible study, finding time to do my own devotions, and making time to spend with my husband. Sadly, it’s my husband and God who get the short ends of the stick. Anyway, I appreciated what you had to say about slowing down. I know these moments with my little one, with my husband, with friends and family are precious and I need to take time to savour them. Thank you for the reminder!
    Blessings to you!

  93. I have to say that life is one big roller coaster!!! I am a stay at home mom with 2 teen girls……..not having a mom growing up I make it a very important part of my day to give each girl time to shareall and anything with me. My oldest has graduated and she invites me to her room to lay on the bed and talk about things,watch tv and read. I feel very lucky!! My youngest just started High School, I pick her up daily and she shares things with me, we have snack together and I sit with her while she does her homework! I am very Blessed to have my lovely girls to share and want me to be apart of them ….more than just a mom.
    Be Blessed ALL!!1

  94. sometimes i think we put so much effort in trying to be the perfect christian woman that we miss the forest for the trees. all my kids are gone from the house now but i am so immersed in church now that things are home are taking a back seat. i have a check list to cross off things to make sure i have that done because oh wait, i have to be back at church for this or that. our church is in transition and we have had not the amount of people stepping up that we used to. so, the few of us that do, are just so overwhelmed at times that we want to quit. but, Jesus says that He can make our burden light. we can do ALL things through Christ, He will never give us more than we can handle with HIS help. i’m a little stuck as to am i looking at my responsibilities at church as there are too few so i need to do that too? am i not putting enough faith in the Lord to carry me through? oh but wait, i don’t have time to sit and really put it into perspective because i have to vacuum the house because i need to be at church tomorrow morning!

  95. Alyson Riley says:

    Thanks so much! I have 3 sons-all of whom have some type of “special need” diagnosis (although outsiders would probably not notice:). I spend a lot of time devising strategies for their structure and success. Although there is a place for that in a high maintenance household such as ours, I want to thank you for reminding me of basic ways to influence their ultimate success! Thank you!!

  96. Zohary Ross says:

    I need this book because I know I am trying to do too much and am tired of feeling guilty for always falling short of getting all my to-dos done. I need to slow down and enjoy my kids (i have 4) while they still want to hang out with me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  97. I am a list maker. I love to check things off my lists! I busy myself with cleaning, cooking, and other household activities, while taking care of my two young children and loving husband. This book would be such a blessing and I am certain change the lucky winner’s focus from schedules to God’s agenda.

  98. I’m in! My boys are 8, 6 and 1, and I’ve lost my mind. I’m so busy I never have the time to sit down and do things with them, my memory is gone most of the time and I’m never 1/2 as organized as I’d like to be…

  99. I’m in! I’d like to learn more about what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to. Thank you for the chance to win this exciting book ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Wow, your ‘previous life’ and that of others’ who posted here sound toooo much like what I am dealing with right now. It all lokks good on the calendar, but then I feel so mean & irritable & rushed all the time! I can’t figure out what to cut, or if I even need to, or if it’s just a season, or…who knows! I sure would love some perspective, though!!

  101. i rushed and hurried through my life to the point of earning a nervous breakdown. i was hospitalized for 30 days at Sierra Tucson, Arizona. I live in North Carolina. For 30 days, I could only use the phone once a day for 2 minutes. I could not see any of my friends or loved ones..including my husband. I was admitted October, 2001. I am still trying to learn how to slow down. Stress is one of my main culprits. On top of that I have limits to my physical abilities. Even if I don’t win the book, I want to thank you for your post on facebook. It has set me to thinking.

  102. Have felt the chaos around me…Thanks for the reminder to let the Holy Spirit lead. I tried it one day and did well…then the voices clamored the next day…and the chaos in my head beat me up. I used to be organized…but that was SO long ago…it makes me sad to think about it…time to turn it over to Him. I need His help…more..I need Him.

  103. Sonia Adams says:

    Lynn..thank you so much for sharing your story..I can sooooo relate…fortunately, it didn’t take an accident to slow me down; however, it did take my husband leaving me and my kids for another person to make me truly realize what is important in life. I CHERISH time with my kids now…dishes sit and rugs need vacuuming, but the moments and talks I have with my amazing boys are worth it! I used to refer to myself as OCD’ish and people would “ooh” and “ahh” over how clean my house was with children…now, I apologize for the messes and enjoy relationships and time spent with others…soooo much better…I love how God often uses situations to help us put things into their proper perspectives. Thank you again…I very much look forward to reading your book and seeing myself, I’m sure, in many of its pages. God Bless.

    1. Sonia, You are a true testimony of one who has taken the trials in life and become better for them. Thank you so much for sharing!

  104. Donna Riffel says:

    I have caught myself coming and going…trying to keep the yard and garden up, the house and all those chores…that everyone sees…only realize that I did not have the quality time for my husband and grown family members (one only lives a block away). I would be going, going, going even long after my husband would come home from work. Then I realized that I can either have a perfect garden or time with my husband that works 72 hours a week. Choose! The Holy Spirit quickened me to ‘pay attention’ to what is important…relationship!

  105. I never realized how hectic and fast paced life could become. I am in great need of a solution on how to balance everything and how to continually put God first then my husband and children. We are a military family with a 4 1/2 year old and a 10month old. This is our 5th move in 6 years. We recently moved to a new location and my husband was deployed shortly after we moved into our home. I am trying to unpack while juggle household responsibilities and work a few hours a week. It’s challenging especially when our 4 1/2 year old is in full need of constant love and attention. She is getting used to her Daddy being gone but the tears and behavior issues are still present while she adjusts. Fortunately he is not gone for an extensive period of time and will only deploy 2 more times during the next 2 years.

    I know God’s grace is sufficient for each day. I just need to figure out how to manage the blessings he has given me. Especially the blessing if our children. It is discouraging when I feel I need to say no to having time to play with her to do th dishes, laundry or grocery shop. Thanks for your devotional today on P31, it was encouraging.

    1. Andrea, Thank you. Thank you for sharing your husband with all of us in America and for your sacrifice as he is part of those who protect us.

      Lord, Pour an extra dose of energy, strength and wisdom on Andrea today. Help her to lay aside what can wait and to know what can’t. Jesus, be her man in a way she can feel and see when her man is away. Amen

  106. I’m a homeschool mom of four, a new minister’s wife, and try to grow my own food and cook from scratch. Do I need to say more? I need this book!

  107. Thank you so much for your words today! I have been so stressed and completely overwhelmed lately and I feel like I will never catch up. I often times deal with feelings of guilt for having put my own agenda before that of my children which then creates the snowball effect and only seems to add more stress. It seems to be a never-ending battle. I have on my to-do list today several other lists I need to make in order to try to become more organized and hopefully sail a little more smoothly through our days. I love the prayer that you mentioned saying each morning before your feet hit the floor. Tomorrow is a new day and it all belongs to God!

  108. Beth Satterfield says:

    Great post – I needed to hear that. I’ve taken on PTA volunteer work and I know that I’m neglecting my own family in the process. I need to read this book! b

  109. I am so there with you! As a woman, wife, and mother we make it our jobs to run our households. We tend to forget to be present with the people that live in our households. I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while now. The last thing I want my kids to remember me by is “Mom always kept a clean house, or Mom always had our laundry done.” I want my kids to remember how I was always there to listen, play and spend time with them. I started doing chores late at night or after bed time to free myself up and be with my kids. My husband and I work alternating schedules, so for now it is helping. I would love to get my hands on this book. I think it would definitely help me on my journey.

  110. I really need this book. I have a wonderful husband that has to put in many hours at work. I also have three great kids. Next year I will have each of them in three different schools. I have been trying to figure out how to slow our schedule down before we are pulled in all sorts of different directions. Thanks for post and the giveaway.

  111. I’m 41 years older than my youngest child and trying to enjoy her 6th grade experience with her. I have grown children, grandchildren, and a mother with Alzheimer’s. And I’m a work at home mom. I need “I Used to Be So Organized” because I think I may have actually left my house wearing a pair of shoes that look very similar to the ones on the cover.

  112. Thanks for this reminder! I have 3 children & keep little kids in my home. Sometimes, it seems life is all about cleaning up–but I need reminders like this one to remind me that sometimes it’s more about the moments that we create with the people in our lives that count!

  113. Thanks so much for both your inspiring devotional and blog message today, Lynn. It is SO important for us women and moms to slow down and truly LIVE for the day God gives us, not just get through it!

  114. Would love to read it!

  115. I’m in because the book describes me perfectly…I USED to be so organized.

  116. I used to work more than one full time job and go to school at the same time while raising two well behaved smart boys. I squeezed in cooking all foods for the family and ensure things are in order at home up to the smallest details. Been a year I lost my full time job. I still have my seasonal job, however it gave me a chance to study more of God’s words and connect more in depth with family and friends just like how you relate. Now my boys are 22 and 26yo, I barely talk with them because they are so busy with their chosen career. I wished I did slow down a bit before specially when they are younger, I feel like I missed a lot of treasures as I passed by and rushed in my life’s journey. thank for sharing your story and thank in advance for the book that you will give away to me. God bless you.

  117. I hadn’t heard of this book before, but it came up on my FB. I was here reading here, with Lynn about this book. And I felt like it was me. Always going, doing, and the list I have. – the car crash it sounds just like me! I have been trying to slow down, but not so good yet. maybe list book would start me down the right path. Thank you for listening.

  118. Anna Walker says:

    I really would love to have this book. I recently gave notice to quit my job. I have worked there for over 4 yrs. Became a manager a little over a year ago. Work was consuming my life. A few series of events changed my perspective.
    I went with my daughter to a youth group event at some old church friends church and saw an up and coming Christian band. I then went with the same daughter and 2 of her friends to Heavenfest, a large Christian outdoor concert. We hung out with the band we met, had the opportunity to hear many more bands. Later, we went to Rock the Range put on by Billy Graham ministries. Starting going to a local church.
    God showed me that WORK had become my focus. It was no longer God and my faith, my marriage, my kids or even myself. I had lost all priority. I heard him call me to be at home again. So, I took a leap of faith and leap back to family and will be a stay at home mom again.
    I think the book could help me with one of my biggest struggles–ORGANIZATION!!

    God bless ๐Ÿ˜€

  119. I’m in! I completely understand this frustration! I would love to learn to slow down and enjoy each and every minute I have with my kids. My oldest will be off to college in three years.

  120. I needed to read this today! I am so hearing “slow down! or “Be still!” You would think I’d have got it by now! However, I have been caring for a special needs son for 38 yrs. as a single parent. I am so greatful for God’s grace. I need this book to keep in the race & finish strong!

  121. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for such a blessed entry. I wanted to share with you one account in my life recently that showed the blessings of slowing down. My father is currently ill and is in an assisted living facility. Every time I visit, I am thinking of how long I will “have” to stay before I can leave. God has been working with me to have courage to face the reality of my father’s situation and to see the beauty in such a place of (usually) sadness. One day, it was just me and my father and the day was lovely. I asked if he wanted to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight. Now, I had LOTS to do on my “to do” list, but some small voice was whispering that the most important “to do” task for me was to spend time with my father. He said yes and I wheeled him out into the brilliant sunshine. We sat there for a nice long while, letting the sun warm our upturned faces, the breeze gently caressing us as we sat and watched the swallows dance through the air. It was such a special moment and I thanked God for whispering into my spirit, allowing me to share such a treasured space of time with my beloved father.

    God bless you!

  122. Jane Rice says:

    Thanks for the the thoughts. I want to try to work in sharing this with our ladies at church. Would love to win the book.

  123. Your Proverbs 31 encouragement for today spoke to me…I was that person, too. I was the queen of multi-tasking. I thought I could do it all until I personally crashed a few years ago. At that time, I couldn’t even care for myself. Through it all, I’ve learned that I first have to care for me, both physically and spiritually, before I’m able to do anything. That was and still is a hard lesson to learn coming from the queen of constant “go.” 1st Kings 19 reminds me to listen for that whisper from the Lord but in order to hear it I must be still.

  124. I’m all in. Everywhere. Grabbing all the good things I can for my little girl in the face of the tragic breakdown of our relationship with her father – but most days, as a FT single mom and FT emolyee and a FT truama shield, it feels like I’m just getting the low haning fruit, or the stuff that’s already fallen to the ground… barely remembering someone has to prune the tree and tend the earth for new growth but knowing it matters little because someone will always be me.
    If I: Slow down. Breathe. Be still. Know that He is Lord. I can do this…

  125. 4 daughters, 1 husband, 2 businesses = I’m in!

  126. Things I have been called in my life – perfectionist, obssessive compulsive, multi-tasker. While I had never considered these things to necessarily be negatives, God has really been showing me in the past few weeks the root of my desire and need to feel accomplished. At the end of the day, if I don’t feel like I have accomplished something that day then I felt worthless, a failure. I am a mom of two children, 8 and 6. Both are homeschooled. I teach them during the day and I work a fulltime job in the evenings and on Saturdays. I am the worship leader at my church. I am a full time wife. I keep an organized, clean home and I feel distressed whenever that order begins to turn into chaos. My schedule is jam packed and I have a hard time saying no to anyone who enlists my help on a project. I run, run, run until I simply can’t do it anymore and I collapse from exhaustion and then the thoughts start to take over telling me what a failure I am and how I should be doing a better job. God in His infinite grace and mercy allowed me to reach a breaking point and I began to realize that my need for perfection was a cover up for all the areas in my life where I was not seeking Him. I was still trying to do everything on my own and not allowing Him to be the center. I was still trying to seek approval of people rather than His approval. I was talking about trust but I was still trying to make things happen. I was seeking my feelings of worth and value in what I could get done in a day rather than in Him. WHO AM I???? This is the question I had to start asking myself. In order to determine this, I had to start rediscovering who HE is. So I stopped. Slowed down. I started getting up earlier in the morning and spending an hour in the Word and in prayer before beginning my day. I make my children breakfast, wake them up, and we eat together (rather than that being “extra” time for me to get more done) and we study the word together. I stop when they come to me with questions rather than telling them “In a minute, later, can you just wait a second” I stop and listen and they know I’m listening. It has totally changed my perspective. I’m still His work in progress, but I’m learning to slow down and realize Who and what I am working for.

    1. Love it Charity! Keep going!

  127. NANCY TURNER says:

    Much needed reality check. Thanks.

  128. I SO need to slow down and enjoy my children and get to know them better as they grow. I miss being a stay-at-home mom and being home when they are home, so I would love tips on how to leave the cleaning for tomorrow and enjoy my children today!!

  129. Laura Davis says:

    I am in!
    Looking forward to happy time with kids this weekend!

  130. I desperately need this book! As a mom of 4 busy kids (3 teens and a tween) working full-time outside the home, I can’t count how many times I have uttered the very phrase “I used to be so organized…”

  131. Yes, Yes, Yes! I don’t want my kids to remember a clean house and a grumpy mommy. I want them to see the fruit of the Spirit in me… to live out for them Love, Joy, Peace, Patience…. I can’t do that and be stressed about my to do list at the same time.

  132. Kathleen Negley says:

    Thanks, I needed to read that.
    I need to learn to slow down enough to find God’s schedule for my day and my life.

  133. Oh dear Lynn, Ohhhh I soooo Neeed this book!!! I am quite a mess!!! Help!!! Many blessings, Barb

  134. Jessica Melton says:

    I can not tell you how much your blog was in my face today. I just feel like the world is spinning out of control around me and I am running trying to keep up! I have a 4 year old all boy and then some and then 4 month old twins! I am so blessed and love them dearly, however, I find that after I have given my all to everything on my plate my family suffers by only having what is left of me at the end. Thank you for reminding me that I MUST slow down.

  135. Heather Bowling says:

    Well I was going to tell you why I would love this book but…… 11 month old just started crying I need to wake up my 3 year old and my 5 yr old is starving oh that probably means I should start supper ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Busy days, busy mothers, and busy lives are from God. To Him be the glory. I, too have children. Our son who is the father of three is 46 and our daughter who is the mother of two boys is 39. I loved it when they were young; I was young, too. Everything I did had purpose–laundry, cooking, car-pooling, everything. Thus far it was the happiest time of my life.

    Now I am caring for our children’s father 24/7. He is suffering from the insults of a brain injury six uears agp. He is confused and cannot remember things that happened a long time ago or a few mins. ago. I am alone in our memories. We were such good partners. ( We still are.) Even at home we shared duies and chores before it was fashionable and necessary. When I went back to teaching, we shared cooking, cleaning–he mainly did outside duties, but he was not above scrubbing the kitchen floor every Sat. morning. Yes, he did change dirty diapers even if his contempories did not. He stopped at the “store” on the way home from work after he called to see if I needed something or wanted something. He always had time to help me.

    I thought I was busy when the children were small, . Now I pay bills I never even read, I find a fix-it man to make all the repairs my husband accomplished after work.. I have young men to do our yard, cooking is much too dangerous for my beloved; he has started three fires.,,, My organization was a source of pride and people often remarked about it.. My principal called on me if something–a date, a meeting, a new proceedure–could not be found in the office. Now, everything is scattered to the wind. And, yet daily God sends me answers to my questions, and love and strength to endure the days, It isn’t all that different than raising the children, but my youth, organizational skills, and drive are depleted. In their place I struggle, like so many others, to adjust to finding and learning our new normal. There is so much to do, and I fear there is so little time.

  137. Wow! What a great devotion! This really speaks to me right where I’m at…1 husband, 3 kids…8, 5, and 8 mos., and two part-time jobs. Thanks!

  138. Help! I am 53, almost 54…my kids are all grown and out of the house. You would think I would have it all together by now, but nope! I am still on the do-it-all merry-go-round! I am currently teaching part-time, (a 19 hour job, that really evolves to a 40 hour job). I just started working on my masters so eventually I could qualify for a full-time job. I am a wife, and a mom to three sons. I am involved in an evening Bible Study, and an online Bible Study. (I felt that the evening Bible Study wasn’t “deep” enough.) Gee…after writing all this, I am wondering what must I be thinking??? It is no wonder that I fall asleep on the couch every evening!

  139. I love reading how you were able to slow down to be with your children. I am currently on my maternity leave and it sickens me knowing how much I spent that time cleaning and scrubbing while I could have been spending time with my children. I’m really looking forward to reading this book!

  140. I am so glad you posted this today. I have been “troubled by many things today” and have just felt out of sorts. I was talking with a friend the other day about how life has just become a check list for me and I rarely enjoy any of it. Even Christmas has just been something to just have a big check mark beside. I so don’t want to be like that. I want to stop and enjoy what I am doing and really savor the moment. I am hopeful that I can slow down and really enjoy where I am today. Thanks!

  141. Kim Haley says:

    My house is beyond disorganized. I am the queen of making piles. I feel so overwhelmed by the mess’. I hope this book is the answer to my prayers!

  142. I’m not sure the title of the book fits me – I’m not sure I’ve ever been really organized. Others seem to think I am and ask me how I do all that I do. Whatever my outward reaction I’m always thinking – “Yeah, well you haven’t seen the piles of mail and other junk on my dining table.” or “Yeah, well, you sure haven’t opened the door to my laundry room.” or “Oh, no! Is today the day I have to pick up the cookie dough orders at the band hall?”

    I recently received a promotion at work and things have only gotten busier. I’ve been exploring tools and looking for advice on how to keep it all in proper proportions. I’m grateful that God has directed to me to others like me who are figuring it out. I’m most excited about the resources offered on the Proverbs 31 and partner sites.

    May God bless your ministry.

  143. I sooo need this book! I have 5 kids, a teen, a preschooler and 3 in between. Somedays just trying to get the basics done leaves me so exhasted that even I don’t want to be around myself. I so desire to have a happy heart and do what will benefit God’s Kingdom but the feeling of accomplishment I get when I have completed a project or checked off my last TODO draws me away every time.

  144. What is this thing you call HAPPY?!? I’M IN!!!!!

  145. I woukld like this book to give to my mom. She tends to be very stressed, as she is a pastor of a church and a full-time teacher at the same time. Both of those jobs can be extremely stressful. She’s also one of those perfectionist, “type-A” people, so it can be even more difficult to rest. I really think she c ould benefit from this book, and be the best pastor, teacher, mother and grandmother she can be.

  146. Last month, I spent 12 glorious and relaxing days in the beautiful state of Montana. I traveled to Montana to partake of God’s creation – Glacier National Park. I fell in love witht the slow pace there, and the fact that people were so friendly and accommodating. Every time I needed help loading my daughter’s wheelchair into the SUV, I found someone willing to help me. This would never happen in So. California. If I could be guaranteed that my 20 yr old disabled daughter could receive the exact therapies and services (in Montana), as we do in Los Angeles, i would move us in a heart beat. Sadly, I found myself trapped in my fast-paced life style, just a day after getting home from vacation. After reading today’s devotional, I am surrendering ownership of my agenda and entrusting it to the Lord. Sin is sin no matter how I try to twist it. I can’t wait to partake of the treasures the Lord has for me (and my daughter) as I start afresh in my “slow down” mode.

    Thank you Lynn for your commitment to slow down and for encouraging your readers to do the same.

  147. Teresa C. says:


    Maybe I need the “Wednesday WIsdom Tips” too?!? I have two boys, ages 14 & 12. I have always been involved, but feel I am struggling to get them to talk to me. They seem to be quiet a lot and the only way I get info is when they’re around friends who talk. I know there’s a part of getting independence from Mom, but I can’t disconnect from them at such a crucial age. I feel like girls would be more talkative but what do I do to get the boys to talk???

    The other issue I am fighting horribly is the technology…for the whole family. We can sit and all be on the computers, iPod or tv but not really connecting. Sometimes it’s easier for all of us to just chill out and “plug in” but I don’t think it’s helpful for family bonding or growth.

    About the organization, I think we’ve gotten into a routine as much as possible with being on the run a lot. My husband does a TON, the boys do a lot too, and we’ve been trying to get meals ready on the weekend for the week. It helps but our house is never spotless, but we do have clean clothes and food for lunches. ; )

    1. Give the Wednesday Wisdom Tips a try…I hope they will help!

  148. I’d love a copy of this book to help me with a godly perspective on keeping my house in order and pouring Jesus on my family and others God brings. I need more Biblical teaching in these principals to be able to STAND FIRM against the enemy who wants me so frazzled, stressed, and frustrated that I can’t love (*or play!) with my 5 kiddos or take care of my pastor-husband. Not to mention find the time and energy to reach out to others as we begin a church plant in a new state. Thank you for your consideration! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved your God-breathed words today….

  149. Reading this story reminded me soo much of my life. I have four small children and for the past few years my focus has been on trying to keep my house organized and clean. Talking to my kids while I try to accomplish task, which means that I’m not really listening to them to the full extent that I should be. They are such precious gifts from God and I feel that I am missing out on these precious years. They all yearn for my attention and I feel it’s only right to take time now to give them all I can. Like in the story above, the dishes, meal prep and laundry can wait. I would love to read this book.

  150. Linda Myers says:

    Count me in too! Isn’t it sad that we’re all so rushed these days and are missing out on so much ‘Jesus time’!!! I pray that I will be more organized and can slow things down a bit in my life! I’ve got a couple of these books on my ‘wish list’! Looking forward to sitting down and catching up with God! Thanks for the chance to win your book! It’s much needed around my house and my single-parenting daughter’s as well!

  151. I need this book because I am a recovering overachiever. I say “recovering” because having two little boys 18 months apart (currently 13 months and two-and-a-half) means that I was forced to slice my daily to-do list in half, and I struggle with resentment at the fact that my time is no longer mine. I need to strike a balance between organizing my home so that things run smoothly and knowing when enough is enough.

  152. I’m SO in!! Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate my priorities!! We have 2 daughters that are grown and on their own, with 1 daughter and 1 son still at home. Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on how I could have spent more time with our older girls while we had the chance. You’d think those thoughts would have empowered me to slow down and savor the journey, however, I continue to find myself always pressing onto the next thing. We are now beginning a Ministry designed to meet the needs of Teen Mothers in Foster Care, and I am SO committed to modeling an attentiveness to them that they value and carry on with their children. I am WAY open to input and perspective shifts so that I may impact our home in a powerful, course altering way.

  153. Amanda Bergen says:

    I’m in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. I have a toddler and a preschooler. I could almost stop there! ๐Ÿ™‚ More specifically, however, I often feel the strain of trying to walk the line between keeping just things in order versus keeping the right things in order! Thanks for sharing your heart and for the giveaway!

  155. I’m in. Need to “grease my piggy” (lotion my daughter after her bath).

  156. Andrea Brown says:

    I sit here exhausted after each long day wondering and praying how I can enjoy my kids and just not thinking of “getting through the day” without going crazy. I am a mom to 3 1/2 year old and 1 year old triplets and when night comes I feel like I could fall over. As it’s bedtime now, I am trying to bring my blood pressure down so I can finish cleaning up the kitchen so I can go to bed. Each day I am challenged and not sure how to make it better at this point. I have tried letting the kitchen or house go and the more I let it go the nuttier I become because I am that organized or was so I would love to hear your advice. Your story sounds so familiar where I try to go go go and no time to enjoy anyone or anything. I want to slow down, but how can you with triplets and a energized 3 1/2 year old boy? Four boys under the age of 4 is such a blessing and also a challenge. I need your book:)

  157. I can SO relate to crossing things off the list… I have to work very hard at being organized but mostly this just means getting some handle of the piles that accumulate! I have two sons (one just went to college and one is a sophomore in High School). I discovered in the last couple of years that they have just as much need for me to be available WHEN they feel like talking. Last semester, my younger son was going through some tough times at school and we developed the habit of having iced tea on the porch most days after school and ‘debriefing’ or ‘decompressing’.

    This semester is going much better but soccer practice has crowded out such times. The other day, on one of the few days he did not have practice, I invited him to have tea on the porch once again. Nearly 1 1/2 hours later, he had unloaded some things he had been carrying around.

    I have lots left to learn but God is slowly teaching me that time spent listening is time well spent and much more important than any chore that has to be put off or set aside. He blesses me with a sense of being blessed to have been able to ‘be there’.

    Thank you for reminding us of this truth! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure this book would help me in this ‘process’ of letting go of what a perhaps the wrong standards in favor of eternal things.

  158. After reading through the comments of others, I would rather not win the book- there are too many other wonderful ladies balancing quite a bit- if for some reason I’m chosen randomly, please pick someone else instead! ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. So many good reasons and just reading all the comments above has helped. Thank you so much. And I am so not sure where my courage is right now at the moment for writing but here we go. Today was the day my cup over flowed and i had a meltdown. My nature is to do everything and to do everything with out complaint. I also have the need to pay attention to the smallest of details be it someone smiling or not, tone of voice, or if things are done in the proper way. To also add being late to me is being there 10 minutes early. (A little bit of an over achiever) But when you fill your cup with so much busy it is only a matter of time before the smallest thing will over flow it. So juggling 5 hour driving trips every other week to care for one parent in skilled nursing who is part of a large elder abuse case, another parent living at home, my husband has epilepsy, a child with dietary needs, work, volunteering and so much more. I need to slow down and not do everything so I can listen God.

  160. Jeannie S says:

    I need this book because I am a stay at home mom who is never home! I was more organized when I worked it seems. Blessings to you !

  161. Thanks for your P31 devotion! Some days I feel my head is spinning around with all of the things I need / want to accomplish. I can’t decide which ones are the most important to do! It makes me feel so disorganized and that makes me feel defeated. I call it “mommy brain”, as I didn’t seem so ‘bad’ before having kids ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love it that you are intentionally spending more time with your daughters!
    Lesson for me to learn – focus on what (WHO) is really important!

  162. I’m in! Gotta go invest in my husband and father of my beautiful girls:)

  163. Ilka W. J. says:

    I wish I could say that I, at least, was organized once. I never were. I’m trying to NOW… but with two little children, it’s uphill work. I need all the help I can get! *sigh*

  164. Stacy Latus says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I realize it’s God’s gentle reminder that I “happened” to stumble upon your website and this particular post about slowing down. I’ve been praying about this, but I rarely take the time to ask Him how to do it. I have a 5 year old and 2 year old and I’m constantly trying to catch up. I’m starting to realize, it’s not worth it. Sure, I can check off laundry, yet two minutes later, I’ve got a 3T t-shirt with ketchup down the front, a pair of stinky Star Wars socks and a pair of 5T athletic pants with grassy stains on the knees in the hamper. Was it worth it? All while I missed a sweet call to read Dr. Suess’s Go Dog Go for the 78th time that day. I’m ready to slow down. I’m in!

  165. Kathy Bills says:

    I feel I need this book because all the time I was working, (I’m now retired) I believed that when I retired I would have more time to spend in God’s Word…more time for slowing down & centering myself. Now, I find I am more demanding of myself and have less time for the really important things in life. Go figure! Proverbs 31 spoke to me today, as it does everyday! I’m in.

  166. Kelly Lake says:

    I would love to read this book, I feel like a gerbil in a wheel most days!

  167. I too try to do too many things at once…and not being in the moment. I need to take more time for the important things in my life… Thanks so much for the reminder!!

  168. I’m in! Boy do I need help!

  169. Anna Harvey says:

    My girls are still really young, 2 and 1 years old. I don’t want to be at their 18th birthdays and realize that I was too busy to enjoy their childhood, to invest in them and get to know them. I want to always be aware of and have my priorities in order.

  170. I’m in! I have found myself feeling resentful of my kids and husband for all that I do around the house for them. More often than not, they are chores that could wait. But a clean house calms me down, too! I need guidance on finding a better balance!

  171. sushi_noem says:

    I need this book because I spend so much of my time working on my to-do list instead of spending time with my precious little ones. My 2nd one will be in school next year, and I really want to learn to slow down and spend more quality time with her…and to just feel at peace and be able to rest and let some things go. I so often feel like I’m working hard to create a comfortable and inviting home for my family (and myself) but not allowing myself any time to actually enjoy it.

  172. I’m still in . . . and still up!. . . Trying to wind down after another busy day. Thank you so much for this mornings devotions. Things have actually slowed down quite a bit this past year for me, although that might not seem like the case if you read my first blog today! ๐Ÿ™‚ Last year at this time, things came to a screeching stand still in my life when my daughter called from college and said “mom, I am being admitted to the hospital with anorexia” . . . this admission was necessary for her survival — very dangerously low heart rate (17 at night). . . . although my world turned upside down, it also slowed down because nothing mattered more at that moment or for the next 2 1/2 weeks, as she was in the hospital. I stayed at a wonderful place called The Ronald McDonald House. Since I was only able to see my daughter for an hour or two a day at first, I had a lot of time to sit and think about how busy life had been — I was also given a wonderful opportunity to visit and pray with families who were going through similar situations (some much worse off than us). The problem is, once she was on the road to recovery (yes, we are still traveling that road, but are doing much better) and we went back to “life as we knew it”, I just slipped right back into those days of constant busyness. I don’t want another tragedy to be the thing that slows me down again. I am praying that God will help me to be able to know in my heart the things that need to go and those that He would like to keep in my world. Thank you again for the reminder!

  173. Anchanel Harrison Wilkes says:

    The Lord actually made me stop what I was doing today, which I believe, was homework, to direct me to James 5: 7-11. I hadn’t yet stopped to really seek the face and will of God for this day. He told me to slow down and to stop stressing out. He revealed to me that I was making myself sick and fatigued and taking my frustration due to impatience out on everyone…my kids, other drivers, neighbors, church, etc. I have a history of “OCD” Obssesive Compulsive Disorder that up until today was proud of. I was such the structured and organizational nut-absolutely everything was orderly and structured…nothing out of place. Then all of a sudden I was the mom to a second set of young children after seeing the older two move off into adulthood; the church/pastor secretary; minister; director of youth, evangelism, public relations & the young women’s ministry; community advocate, wife, part-time worker, and college student. My structured and orderly OCD life seemed to go up in flames and I can’t seem to recover it. My home is disorderly, the car’s a mess, homework assignments are past due, the laundry is overdue, my kids are completing their homework on the way to school-there’s no order and it’s driving me nuts. Lately, I’ve found myself with chest pains, anxiety attacks, fatigue, body aches, and mental frustration. I want to slow down-Lord help me- I just don’t know how. How do I have order and God’s peace and blessings on my days/schedule? I’m 41 years old with a 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son plus two college kids. I would love to be around to enjoy them all as adults and still have clean floors, organized bathrooms and kitchen counters, and be able to put the kids to bed on time!!!!!!! So, here I am answering YES to the Lord to slow down-be patient…just praying for help.

  174. Your words are like music to this weary mother’s soul! You describe me perfectly! I laughed and cried when I read your devotion because this is MY montra! I can ALWAYS squeeze another errand in before school pick up or in between sports, activities etc. I NEVER feel like my list gets finished and even when it does I realize I just start another one or add to the one I have. I heard my sweet little boy ask me the other day if I would come play with him. I am sad to say I “just a minuted” him for over an hour not realizing how long it had been then it was dinner and bath and bedtime…..and I missed the opportunity to just be present wtih him…..but yes my dishes were done, school permission slips signed….I don’t need to go on because its not a bragging right. Infact I feel sad and ashamed when I think of all I have missed out on just for the sake of getting “it” all done. I LOVED your list of what you have gained since slowing down. It spoke volumes to me today and inspired me. I’m usually too busy to go to a blog let alone leave a comment. But I know this was for me today and I wanted to thank you for sharing your lesson and helping those of us struggling. The Lord had this planned today because after reading this, I took my son to a doctor appointment and my battery died! Usually I would have been stressed and upset by the inconvenience but I enjoyed an hour with my sweet sons in the most unlikey of places. Blessings to you and your ministry. May you be blessed as you bless others.

  175. Beverly Toney says:

    I am a mother of five kids. I have been married and divorced and remarried because God is good and forgiving. I have tried for years to make sure my kids got saved and had a personal relationship with Christ and have failed miserably. I have had to try harder and more often to get to time with God. In the past we (my new husband and I) to sit and have Bible study with the kids and we did it for about three months and then it went to the wayside. I have tried to be the June Cleaver in my home where everything revolved around the house and the chores. Raising five kids to be responsible and christians and to get through school with passing grades has become my work as a mother. I have tried to get to church and join a couple of study groups and by and large found out that I didnt beleive that they were teaching the truth according to the Bible. I left the church when the pastor was starting to preach blasphemous things. I then dedicated my life to making sure I was always one step ahead of the work in my home and hoping that by doing this my life would be easeir to handle and THEN I could finish the work in my children that God provided us. I failed at that too. I am a struggling christian and I only wish that by some magical means I could keep up with the house work and that I could be the perfect hostest and have parties here at home for my kids instead of going to my parents house cause its always in order and I dont have to be stressed when I have them over there. I want to have the parties here so my kids could enjoy and be proud of thier space. Not happening. I have joined six to seven groups now that deal with house cleaning and the women who struggle daily to get thier homes in balance with their families lives. I fail at that too. I have become the counselor for these women and the cheerleader for their efforts. I still struggle to get anything done. When I read about this book that you are giving away I had to stop and realize that no matter what I do to make my house a home it will never be as important as the work I do for my children in the heart and soul. I have a sixteen year old daughter who hates the local youth group becuase they only wanna talk about sex and drugs and outreach for the neighborhood kids with very worldy problems. My little girl is not on that level. So I am stuck trying to relate to this child of God in ways that are very unique for her age. She was harmed as an eleven year old girl and has grown up too fast for her age. She doesnt have the same ideals as the girls around her here in our neighborhood. I dont know how to make sure she gets what she needs from God where she is at in life cause shes just a little different. I dont know how to show her what to do next in her walk with christ cause I am struggling while juggling my home and my own heart. The other four are hungry for God but I am and have been neglecting them spiritually because I have been more worried about making sure that people could come over and not see the mess we live in and I fail miserably at it. I dont have the perfect home nor the perfect order to my home, I have an empty christian life and no way to show my girls how to grow from here. I am so wrapped up in trying to get through one day at a time in my home that I forget the most important part of nurturing is spending the time wisely as a christian mom not a house wife. I dont even make a decent home maker. My heart is breaking because I have made such a mess of my home that I cant seem to make it farther then where I am. My kids are wonderful and they are christians but they are stagnating from lack of spiritual growth from the inside out. You seem to have found a way to set aside the things in your life that keep you too busy to notice the suffering the kids are going through from lack of nurturing attention in the soul and you have made it priority. I need that guidence. I need the key to having unlock what it takes to make that balance worth more then the way it currently is in my life. I need more then a happy clean home for the outsiders around us to enjoy for an hour or two when we are having a party here. I need the example to follow to help me go from a struggling christian mom who suffers daily knowing I am failing miserably with Gods precious gifts to me. I feel this book will give me a way to change what I am thinking and the way I am living to get the most out of ife with my kids then what I have failed at so far. I dont have the June Cleaver house, in fact its quite the opposite, I have a suffering home that my kids and I are embarraced to show to company, but the parts that count are equally suffering and I need a mentor to help me get past this blockage in my life and show me how to give the gift of time and effort and love that my kids are missing out on daily. I thank God daily for the blessings in my life and I know in my heart that I try my best to do right, but that doesnt mean I am good at it. These are all reasons for me wanting your book give away to come to me. I cant ask for more then that but it is that important to me and the future of my childrens lives that I am asking you to consider giving me this book. Thank you for your time. Love Beverly Toney

    1. Sweet Beverly, This thing called parenting is so hard! My heart breaks as I read your comments. Friend, let’s do this thing of raising our girls together! I wish I could stop by and pick you up for a Starbuck’s but since we can’t do that, please join our community here of moms whose desire it is to pour into our children, leaving the results to our faithful Jesus! I’m cleaning today and as I do, I am praying for you friend!

  176. I would like to learn “to be” and not just always focus on the “to do’s”. Time flies so fast, and I don’t want to miss out on “being” with my children. When I’m old, I would like to be able to say that I have loved, laughed, and lived my life with them. I need more insight on how to fulfill this dream. Thank you for sharing.

  177. I really liked how you took the verse from Numbers and compared it to real life- I had honestly never thought of it in that way but it made sense. Thanks for a new way of looking at a Scripture verse. Also, I needed your perspective on the clean house and just spending time with my children. May God bless you as you endeavor to live for Him!

  178. Wow! Thank you for sharing this…if only I had time to read all these comments, I bet I could relate to every one! This book is on my list to buy…i’m IN!

  179. Julie Sam says:

    I work full-time outside of the home. During the week we are so busy that I can’t stop to breath. When I have a day off or the weekend comes I spend more time worrying how am I going to get all the household chores done and have time to enjoy life that my time is gone and it seems that all i did was worry!

  180. Peggy Clement says:

    My mind seens to be going all the time, seems I can’t focus and never really seem to complete one task before starting another one.

  181. What a shot to my heart today! Thank you, Lord, once again for bringing me the words I so needed to hear. I’M IN!!!!!!!!

  182. I’m in!!! I have recently been making changes in my schedule to be more present with my kids. This book would be a great way to continue. Thanks for this giveaway

  183. Time management and balance have been and continue to be a huge struggle for me. With a full-time teaching job, my youngest daughter living at home w/ her little one, an aging mother to care for, & serving on my church eldership team, I’m always seeking God’s wisdom in how to manage it all. I particularly like how you now start out your day by letting God be your day-planner. I don’t always remember to do that & those days almost always seem to get away from me! Thank you for the reminder & Blessings in your ministry!

  184. Lori Cohen says:

    I am really struggling with this area as a full-time professional and full-time Mom of three. It never feels like anything gets done well. I feel like a failure at time-management. I want with all my heart to serve Him in every moment. All the compromises I make to try to keep my head above water leave me feeling lost and inadequate most of the time. I’m NOT giving up – I know He will enable me to do what He calls me to…

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  185. Lynn, Sounds like my story!! Thank you for your encouraging words and challenge! I am giving today and my To Do list to God today! Now for some much longed for quality time with my precious family!
    I REALLY need this book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. I think I am the Get’r done version and I desperately want to be the slowed down version! I am trying to fit it all in and know that I can, if I let the little unimportant things go!

  187. Shannon Bezo says:

    I need this book as I have been struggling for most of my life with trying to be enough…and this past year, I feel like I am drowning in my life and being only half a wife, half a mom, half a teacher, half a daughter, a quarter friend, and so on. Right now I am spending 18-20 hours working (at work and home) everyday just to be able to function that well. I need to find peace with myself and God and find the right priorities to live the life that God called me to and to be able to connect with my family, friends, and coworkers in a healthy manner.

  188. Paige Kullman says:

    I am a single parent to 2 teenage daughters. I am learning a new definition of organized. I need to make space for the real chaos in my life that need my time and energy…raising 2 active girls to be women of god. It is a battle. After years of being told my efforts were not good enough, I feel defeated with the skill of organization…but as I heal, I am learning to listen to God instead of what my ex says about me. I want our home and life to be God ordered and beautiful…. I could use both practical help and spiritual encouragement. Quality time is precious in a single parent home…I don’t want to miss it!

  189. Thank you so much for your knowledge & wisdom that you share. I think I need to read this book, I seem to have forgotten how to do this. Be blessed!

  190. I loved what you said about loving Jesus, but looking miserable… that is me! I need to slow down to be happy… I so often catch myself being impatient with my 9 year old… he’s not going to be little long. Thanks for the assurance that everyone else has these issues, too! =_

  191. I love the way God speaks to us! I stumbled across the Proverbs 31 devotional yesterday. For the past few days I was thinking exactly this – why am I in such a hurry? I find myself rushing through the important times with my children so I can get what seems URGENT done. Yet, I still have a huge list of things to do in my mind, causing me to rush through the next day. What I’m beginning to realize is that each day my to do list should consist of these three things: 1. Devote time to God. Thank Him for His blessings and be in His word. 2. Devote time to my husband. Serve him. Make sure he knows how much I cherish him. 3. Spend one on one time with my children. Listen to them. Hold them. Make sure they go to bed each night and wake up each morning knowing they are LOVED tremendously.

    All of the other things will get done eventually. The dust on the tv stand and fingerprints on the window will still be there tomorrow. Thanking God for reinforcing this message this morning!

  192. This is so me! Thank you.

  193. As much as I would love to have no clutter, I want to learn to slow down and enjoy our youngster. Such wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you for your website.

  194. I know you have not asked us to vote, but I am putting in a good word for “Paulette” (I prayed for a sign, and the next day I broke my foot…) If THAT wasn’t a clear answer to slow down, and she is (still not sure what that sign meant, but as Iโ€™m working to figure it all out) Poor woman, she deserves that book! I mean, she broke her foot! (Admittedly I literally LOL when I read that- God is so funny- how He knows what measure He has to use to get us to where we need to be – for OUR sake. I learned that lesson a year ago, don’t ask God for ANYTHING unless you mean it- He is faithful!)
    Awesome blog, I’m pumped. The Holy Spirit is working! And God you are so rich, so personal, so into the small details of our lives! I am a 27yr old mom to 3 under 4. My mentality is the EXACT same as all the others but I am habitually, thou un-perfectly throwing it all to Him. Oh, what a joy when I get it right! So enthused to see others who struggle, but who are hearing the real answers! Now… let’s all yoke up with Jesus- Again, and again and again!

  195. Pat Schaeffer says:

    Hi! I am a 62 year old wife, mother, Grandma of 4 and mentors women & girls of different ages. I am active with my church with a major interest in missions. I may be 62 but i still need help in balancing my life out because my husband is, also, active at church & with our little granddaughters. I have a Bible Study in my home which God has put together.

    I have health problems which demand that I not overdo or my body will tell me i’ve stretched myself too far. I have Fibromyalgia, possible Chronic Fatigue & am subject to low periods of grief in the death of my last parent. I want to reach out to those around me & God brings new people into my life-even at Wal Mart! I don’t know how to handle my home and my time because I am so people oriented. I believe God made me this way so I could extend His love and grace and make it real in this difficult world. I like to share what He teaches me and that is why I would appreciate this book, but if that isn’t God’s will, I just want direction and guidance in finishing the course God has chosen for me. I want to leave a faithful legacy for my family and those around me! After God, my 1st priority is caring for my husband’s needs and just loving him as God would want me to. He is a precious man. thank you for caring! Phil. 1:6

  196. Thank you for your wonderful devotions! And for reminding me, I need to slow down and enjoy my moments with the my children, because it won’t be long, and they will be off to college and beginning a new season in their lives that will take them away from our home.

  197. I am always doing so many “good” things like homeschooling, leading a Bible study, trying to cook healthy, encouraging friends on the phone, teaching a class, housework, working two part-time jobs, etc., but my joy is usually the first thing to go because I work to the point of total exhaustion. I know God wants joy in my life more than He wants all the things that I accomplish. It’s so hard to know what can go.

  198. I am a wife, teacher, and mother. I am burdened and struggling with this very issue right now. Last night I was so frustrated when I laid my head down that I could hardly fall asleep. My “to do” lists kept running through my head… the things that did get done vs. the things that didn’t. I am driven by the need to get things accomplished and have everything done, and organized. I realize that this is not healthy behavior, because everything will never be done! There will always be more to do. I feel like my own kids get “short-changed” in the end. I am so grateful that I found this book and this site as a resource I can use to learn how to balance LIFE and make my first calling, which I know is being a wife and mother, my top priority. I am thankful that God led me to this site today.

  199. Lynn,

    Can you share what you read to your children at breakfast. A specific book or deviations or just a verse? I have an almost 7 year old son who goes to a Christian school but I want to be a primary spiritual influence. I really need to be more present an leave the dishes and cherish this time. Thank you for sharing and encouraging us.

    1. Sure! Right now I read a deco from the book “God Girl” by Hayley DiMarco. In the past I have read One Year Devos for Teens by Susie Shellenburger. I stick with those that give a verse and then a story or explanation. Hope that helps!

  200. I am so grateful for your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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