When Big Emotions Try to Take Over and Overwhelm Us, What Do We Do?

Did you know research has found that the number one worry among parents is that their children will struggle with depression or anxiety? When big emotions seem to take over and overwhelm us, what do we do?

My co-author Michelle Nietert and I are releasing a brand new tool on June 6th! Managing Your Emojis: 100 Devotions for Navigating Your Feelings helps kids manage their emotions, turning to God as they struggle.

Help for When Big Emotions Seem to Take Over and Overwhelm Us

God calls us to live lives of joy, but sometimes we feel mad, sad, or scared. Managing Your Emojis, a 100-day devotional for girls and boys teaches kids God loves them no matter what they’re feeling. Scripture can empower them to manage their emotions.

Learning to manage our emotions is a critical life skill. Often we miss equipping kids with these valuable skills before situations intensify into mental health issues. Managing Your Emojis helps kids discover that emotional control and happiness can come from God’s presence with them. Through short, accessible devotions kids will be encouraged to observe, name, and release their emotions. Turning to God for strength, love, and support helps as they begin the fast-moving process of growing up can help!

Would You Help Us Help Kids?

Many of you have been waiting since Loved & Cherished for this book to release. It’s finally here and Michelle Nietert and I would love for you to join our Managing Your Emojis launch team! If you’ve never been a part of one before, it’s not complicated. We just ask you to pre-order a copy of the book and you will be granted access to a copy electronically so that you will be ready to share what you love most about it with your friends, family, church leaders, and on social media as well as be able to write a review that helps us continue to share about this book with more kids and their families. You don’t have to be a parent with a kid in this age group to share this message. Often grandparents and other caregivers can help get these faith-based mental health resources into kids’ hands.

Being part of a launch team also doesn’t take a lot of time, but it is the greatest gift you can give an author.

We are looking forward to virtually meeting our team soon, so click here and join us! We will also have some fun giveaways, and you will get to know others who are passionate about this topic.


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