When Life Gets Worse Before it Gets Better


*Welcome to those of you joining me from Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Encouragement for Today devotion When Life Gets Worse Before It Gets Better? (If you haven’t read or listened to the devotion (our brand new feature) click here. Be sure to stop by my Instagram today for the GIVEAWAY!)

Had I entirely missed what God said, or was it just not turning out the way I thought it would or should? Either way, the situation was an utter mess.

Defeated and embarrassed, I tried to clean up the aftermath. Keyword: I.

Maybe you wondered what were the details behind my mess I spoke of in today’s devotion. Last summer I made a financial decision that at the time seemed so promising. It wasn’t and when it was all said and done, I felt like a failure. But in order to get out of the situation, things had to get worse before they got better. I had to humble myself to my husband, admitting I should have heeded his words of concern. I had to go to another and back out of a commit I had made. It was just not a good situation.

It did, however, get better after I began to trust God with my mess.

When writing my Bible study, Make Your MoveI found it very encouraging when I discovered so many in God’s word, who also experienced failure and the Lord helped them to find His confidence after it was all said and done.

When our confidence is based on ourselves, our performance and our ability to get it right every time, we set ourselves up to lose that confidence. But when we choose to base our confidence, our trust, faith, and hope, on the only One who gets it right each and every time, we can keep right on going, trusting He will repair for His glory any damage we have created.

This is what He did in the life of Moses, as we talked about in today’s devotion. Moses had messed up; murdering a man in his anger. Yet God used him in miraculous ways as Moses learned one step at a time, to be dependent on God, and not dependent on Himself.

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