When the Waiting is Over

If you are joining me here today from Encouragement for Today with Proverbs 31, welcome!

Today we want to share with each other our stories of when we have waited and seen God’s perfect and good gifts. I’ll go first by starting at the end of my story! Just a few short days ago, I signed my first book contract with Standard Publishing! Friends, this has been a LONG time coming; five years of book proposals and nineteen book rejections to be exact.

Eight years ago, I was on a long plane ride when I began to reflect on my life; just how good God had been and how blessed I was. It was during this trip that I really saw that so much of the good that was there had to do with making right choices young. I began to feel a pull to invest in the lives of young girls. The thought was somewhat scary; but what new work for the Lord isn’t scary when we start?

After I returned home, I began writing. It is such a good thing that the Lord doesn’t reveal to us HIS time table, isn’t it? I don’t know if I would have been so excited to get started if I had known it was going to be nine years before I had the book in my hands.

Shortly after I started writing this book, I was worshipping in church and as my eyes were shut a picture came into my mind. Surrounded by pizza and brownies, I was sitting with a group of girls on my patio, sharing with them my story of choosing to follow hard after Jesus as a teen. After church, I shared with Greg this picture I had seen. He said it sounded like God and I better do it!

Where was I to start? I invited over a couple of sisters of my son’s friends, a niece and a neighbor girl. The night was horrible! There were crazy interruptions; cell phone calls about neighborhood shootings and loved pets flying away. I really wanted to quit mid-way through, but instead tried to wrap it up as fast as I could. I just wanted it to get over with! As they all began to gather their things to go home I said to the Lord, “I did it. It turned out terrible; but at least I obeyed!” It was then that I noticed one of the girls lingered and as she helped me clean up she asked, “Would you be willing to mentor me?”. Her question ended in the beginning of a mentoring group that has lasted for eight years and now next year at this time, I will have my very own book for teens to be able to go through with them!

Part of the wait in this story, was not getting ahead of God. The whole time that I was waiting, He was working on the author – me. Honing my writing skills, teaching me how teens think and what they want to know, working on my priorities on why I wanted a published work. There were those who encouraged me to self-publish, but I never sensed God’s peace in that; I just heard, “Keep waiting”. There were others who said I should set it aside; it just wasn’t what I was suppose to be doing at this time.

Timing is everything with God; we can never forget that. The day that I was offered the contract, my son had just graduated from high school and I was surrounded by those who could celebrate with me. The timing could not have been more perfect!

Do any of you have a story of seeing God’s best as you waited? Are some of you waiting even now and need the encouragement of others to keep on waiting? Let’s share together today and encourage one another that God’s purposes and plans are in the waiting.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Lynn thank you for ministering to me today. I have been waiting on God for a husband for a very long time, not so long ago I was in a relationship that went wrong. God is telling me it's not over yet. Its been hard because the other person has shut me out. Today was the final straw for me as I feel so tired and drained by all this.People seem to think I am crazy to wait. Just before I read today's devotional I said to God I am not waiting anymore and He said 'wait'. And so this is confirmation for me. Thank you.

  2. Two and one-half years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. As a Mom of young children, my first thought was, who would care for them? Whoa, slow down, my mind was assuming the worst. What did I really know? That I was sick, and was going to receive treatment. That God was with me and knew how everything would play out. I could worry or I could trust. My actions wouldn’t change the results or the timing.

    During my life, God has shown me that He is with me and cares for me. When I was laid off from a job while single and living alone, God provided a part-time job that paid the bills. His timing allowed me to finish my degree early. Yes, I had to eat into my savings, but hadn’t God provided that too? I had been saving money for my future without knowing what my future held. But God did.

    Praise God, I now am cancer-free and living life as I was before my diagnosis. No, that’s not true. God has grown me spiritually during these past two years. I am much more bold in my faith and have another concrete example of how God has carried me through a challenging time and given me His “peace that passes all understanding”.(Phil 4:7) I had always thought that I “fully relied on God” (Prov 3:5), but my illness taught me that my trust in God has to be stronger than my circumstances, stronger than my pride and control, stronger than my love for my husband and children – and this is a good thing. Because knowing this, God confirms to me that He cares for the same things – my faith in Him, my family, and my circumstances – and that He is in control, and can do a much better job.

    The waiting part. Well, we’re waiting again. We currently are a zero-income family. My husband was laid off from work last November. During that time I was leading a bible study and felt God directing me to continue. My husband looked for the right job. He applied, had interviews, was encouraged, and waited. In May my bible study was over. I had been confident that God would have provided the perfect job by then, but He didn’t. We are waiting.

    We both are looking for jobs. My husband was able to get a part-time job through a friend. We are trying to balance our work availability around our children and trying to keep them busy during the summer. We continue to pray for the right job – for him or for me.

    God is proving that “His grace is sufficient” (2 Cor 12:9). Now, we are much more aware of God’s daily blessings. We are living with thankful hearts and counting our every blessing: unemployment benefits, subsidized COBRA for our health insurance, no costly damage from winter storms, our tax return, our savings, the kindness of our church family and friends….the blessings flow from God’s abundant providence.

    I still don’t know what my future holds, but as the saying goes, I know Who holds my future. And that is enough – it’s still hard not to know, but I can live in God’s peace and promises.

  3. Anonymous says:

    About a year and a half ago, I realized that my husband was unfaithful and a child was conceived through his sin. My heart was broken and my “all American picket fence dream life vanished right before my eyes. I was devastated! I have two beautiful boys and my heart went tout to them immediately, I did not want to raise them with out a father. I did not know what to do; should I get a divorce, should I forgive, should I kick him out the house…, my thoughts went on and on. So what did I do? I did nothing. I just prayed, and prayed, (and cleaned and cleaned J) I told my big God, “ God my flesh does not want to forgive, my flesh is very angry, but want YOU to show me what to do, I want to wait on YOU!” LAfter I informed my husband that he can stay down stairs, until we figure something out, because I did not want to make this super weird for my kids. Not long after that, my husband started going to counseling, every time I would wake up, he was on his knees praying with tears streaming down his face, he cut out certain TV shows, he engaged in men’s bible studies, we even hosted a few couple’s get-togethers, to confess what happened and maybe avoid the same thing happening to them. TThrough this entire time we became great friends, there was no sexual activity involved, he listened to my needs and I listened to his. God healed me in his timing and at the same time, I realized that God had to deal with my husband in a huge way. You see my husband is a very prideful man, and God had to really break him down in order for him to really buckle down and surrender his all to Jesus. In addition, since I waited, God showed my how to love, how to forgive, and how to show mercy, and grace. I look back and think, wow God you extended this mercy and grace to us every single day, over, and over, thank you for allowing me to feel just a touch of your amazing love and forgiveness. Now my marriage is stronger than ever, are their still thoughts, yes, but Gods grace is sufficient and he sees me through every thought. Thank you Jesus!!!!
    Now I’m waiting again… I found a house that is 115yrs old, we had the inspection done, and of course, some things need to be done to it, but I absolutely love this home, I can live in it forever and pass it on to my children, I have so many thoughts for it, even foster kids!! However, my husband is very hesitant and not so convinced about purchasing it, so I will wait on God again, and see what the outcome is; besides I know He has my best interest in mind!!!

  4. I am so enjoying reading each one of your stories.
    From the time I was in 6th grade, I had a crush on Greg. Probably was; he always had one on someone else! After high school, I met a guy who loved God and wanted to go into the ministry just like me. The relationship became very serious. Then, God said "no". I didn't understand why, but I obeyed. During this time, I made a commitment to the Lord that I would go a season without dating and completely focus on falling in love with Him. Guess who called during that time? GREG I was excited and bummed out all rolled into one. I did obey the Lord and told him that I wasn't free to be in a relationship at that time.
    Months later, I went home to visit my parents and Greg was at church. He asked me out and I knew it was ok. We were engaged 6 weeks later.

    It is having a history with God that carries us through the times when we don't understand and we can't see. We know from our past, He is faithful and He can be trusted!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Your devotional today and your blog story was just perfect for me. I have also felt God's hand on me to mentor, teach and write a book. My area is with Biblically-based personal finances. I sensed this probably 4 to 5 years ago and it has been slow going, but it is His timing, as you say. I have been tecahing small groups, mentoring one-on one, beginning a blog and other small steps along the way. My prayer right now is for the Holy Spirit to guide me on a daily basis, and not get too far ahead of Him. Thanks for then encouragement of your devotional and blog.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your devotion today. I also just had a birthday, I turned 50 on July 12. Two years ago my dad passed away on that day and the last 2 years I have been fighting ulcerative colitis. So, my birthday wasn't important.

    This year I am healthy and was actually excited about my birthday. God and friends got me through a tough couple of years.

    I wanted to have a party, but scheduling didn't work out. God had better plans. Instead, my husband took me to an outdoor theater production of The Sound of Music (not normal for him), and we made homemade strawberry icecream together. Homemade icecream is a tradition in my family that I'm trying to revive. Sunday some family members were in town and replaced my kitchen faucet and front door knob/lock mechanism with upgraded ones. (Both had problems I'd been complaining about for months.)

    My weekend of celebrating was better than I could have planned, and more to come.

    I also thank God for girlfriends who I am learning to appreciate more and more. I didn't have a close friend growing up, but I now have many I can share with and learn from both through the church and a business organization.

  7. I was really struck by your illustration of the 6 year old getting the car keys! I have never heard waiting on God explained that way. Thank you so much.

    I have been waiting and praying for years for my husband to be the spiritual leader of our family. I am still waiting for the way I think he should be (haha) but God is working in his life, and I can see the changes.

  8. Lynn- Thank you so much for your message today. God knew that I needed to hear this word. My husband and I have been struggling with unexplained secondary infertility going on two years now after our second son was born still.

    The specialists all said that our last chance to conceive again was through In-vitro fertilization (IVF), so we paid and were prepared to begin our cycle when God clearly confirmed that we were not to go forward with IVF. Out of obedience to what the Lord wants to do, we cancelled the cycle and went on to sacrificially give the IVF money refund to ministry.

    We continue to patiently wait for Him and what He wants for our family. We also know that whatever it is, there will be no denying that it is God and God alone. Thank you for allowing God to use you in continuing to confirm what the spirit has placed on my heart.

  9. Thank you Lynn for your devotional today and your post.

    Our son just got his first teaching job starting this fall. I believe it was God's plan for him to get this particular job and relocate to VA. So our son's waiting is over and his career can begin.

    I have been looking for a job for quite a while and nothing has been happening. I also believe that this is God's plan since I was able to take a road trip with our son and be supportive when he left to interview. I'll also be able to help our son set-up his first home and then my time of employment will come. So I'm a "waiting work in progress."

    Our God is awesome and I know He has a plan for all us!

  10. Lynn, I appreciate your words today. I am speaking tonight at my daughter's Bible study and the focus is on looking back on our life and see where God has showed up in our lives and changed everything. I am 70 years old and have many times God has changed things with me, but the first one was incredible. My husband and I were high school sweetheards. We married at 20, and had 3 daughters. He changed through the years and became an alcohlic and drug addict. I prayed and prayed for him, asking the Lord to help.
    Fifteen years passed…and one night as I was praying, I just said "Lord, I can't take one more step without your help." He gave me His wonderful peace, and put hope in my heart. In a couple of months my husband attended a revival, and the Lord changed him completely. It was the first miracle I'd seen up close and personal. Everything about him changed. Four years later he went back to college at age 39, finished seminary and began preaching. We are all so grateful for what the Lord did in our home, and it definitely changed our lives. I'm so glad for God's timing…it is perfect!

  11. Anonymous says:

    WOW! How timely was your devotional today! We have been praying on such much for a long time and have been learning alot thru all this but still having to remember God's timing is perfect! I will be praying for everyone on here! Thank you Lynn for allowing God to use you to help other women!


  12. Lynn, I too am waiting on God to show me what direction in ministry he wants for me. I write blogs, I have begun to do presentations at work which has given me a lot more experience in public speaking and have been told I was a natural at it……now, I beleive God is showing me to use my talents in the direction of Compassion International. I can't get enough, reading everything I can find, looking at available jobs, even applying for one! I sponsor a litle girl, Kris Ann and she has returned more pleasure to me in appreciation by her letters than I have ever received! Could this be my path? Am I dreaming this is my calling? Only time will tell! His time! I'm attending "She Speaks' after an amazing number of cookbooks I sold to friends to help me raise the money. I know soon, very soon, this will all make sense. Prayer, patience and time. That is all I need! Thank you for all you Do! God is Good!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lynn, your devotion came at a great time. I have really been confused over where & what I am supposed to be doing. For the last 2.5 years my husband & I have been tryin to buy a house. We were approved for loans with great rates & even downpayment/closing assistance through my employer (I am a teacher). We were turned down for everything! How I still dont know- it just happened. They pushed areas we didnt want to live in & houses that were way too expensive for us. Banks preferred we buy new, but we didnt want to carry that debt for so long. The last house broke me. The bank kept taking down the approval amount each time we met. Finally I just gave up & got very bitter in the process.

    About 6 weeks ago my family & I did vision boards (family night activity) & things I have carried in my heart for so long didnt seem to be as significant anymore. These things had been my dream for the longest. I couldnt tell if I lost interest or if God just removed them. Some things that I have been putting off came to mind as I read your devotional today. Perhaps, as a 6 year old, I am not ready to handle what God has instore for me. So I will wait. Wait until God wants me to move & in the meantime, I will take care of the things he wants me too. Thank you for your wonderful words today.


  14. Thanks for the "Waiting" post on the Encouragement Today email. Its exactly what I NEEDED to read TODAY. I praise the Lord for your ministry and for the perfect timely-ness of the post!

  15. Thank you for ministering in this way today. I have been thinking about ways to earn more money lately. Somehow, no matter how hard I try, the money does not go far enough and I get angry and frustrated by all the things I have indefinitely had to put off. I went to bed last night wondering if I was actually stepping out to do things by faith, or if I was stepping out in lack of patience. I have a history of being afraid to do new things and to change, so I sometimes tell myself that my hesitation is rooted in fear and that the only way to overcome it is to just go out and try to find those extra jobs. However, deep inside, I wonder what would happen if I waited, just waited… I still can't say I know what to do, I'm frustrated and uncertain, but I'm going to try to stop long enough clear my mind, exhale and listen for God to speak to me. Please pray that I would hear Him and obey. Thanks again for the timely word.

  16. What a blessing your words were today!!!! I am waiting… waiting on many of the things you mentioned in your Proverbs31 post… Waiting on my husband to get a job he loves, waiting for us to have the marriage I know God wants for us, and waiting on my womb to open up. It is so hard to wait – especially for these things I want so badly. But you are so right, in God's timing he makes all things perfect.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  17. (I am so grateful to the Lord for Him leading me to this blog site today.
    It ministered volumes to me. It reminds me of a book I read, "patiently waiting in the waiting room" It really helped me years ago as was being a mom to 3 wonderful daughters and wanting to be the perfect Proverb 31 wife(ha) and homeschooling these kids, leading a coop with other moms. We were to focus on the character and academics would come.All these things made me press Him to Him for Help. I couldn't do it in my strength. After a season of rest has come, due to various challenges,God has given me time to reflect His goodness, showing me how He has carried me. He uses so many small things to teach us His faithfulness. I am a visionary and I struggle waiting on the puzzle pieces to fit or waiting on the next piece to come. Thanks for praying for me and my family as we grow and wait and watch Him move us into His presence. God wants us all to walk in His glory.OUr choices determine our journey. May we all remember we only have TODAY to make a difference in someone's life and to show the world the love of God. May we each not get tripped up in our head thinking ourselves to death." May we walk in the Spirit so we won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh".
    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Trusting Him to make All things new in His time.

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