Yes, Later, Never

Thank you everyone for the great stories on how waiting has been a huge part in your history with God. It is refreshing to hear of victories and good to hear you depending on the Lord while you are still waiting.

Listening to a sermon online, I heard this statement, “Sometimes God says “yes”, sometimes He says “later” and sometimes He says “never”. I would like to add, “and sometimes we just don’t know which!”

I know that for me, a huge part of waiting was the Father needing to do a work in the author, me. He would gently poke at my heart through each book rejection, asking the question, “Why do you want to be published? Is it for you? Will that make you finally feel validated? or is it for me; to draw teens to know me?” Over the course of five years, that answered changed. It started about being for Him, moved to being about me and I hope and believe it finally came back to being about Him.

As you continue in your wait, ask yourself the hard question: Is there something that the Father needs to do in you before He can say “yes”? Believe me, I know that this is a hard one to truly answer honestly. Nobody can lie to us like we lie to ourselves. But go ahead. Ask yourself that question and then ask the Father, “What do you want to do in me?”

I’d love to hear what He has to say!


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