What’s Your Cycle?

What’s your cycle?

On my washer, I have several cycles: delicate, cottons, permanent press.If I don’t choose one, the washer will pick automatic. What’s your automatic? For some, it’s the cycle of surviving.


The Cycle of Surviving


Isn’t that how we feel some days?


We worry. “What about that child? Will she ever get into a college? What if she doesn’t get in? How will she take care of herself?”


We feel helpless. I have to find a way to get her in. SAT prep? Build her resume? I’ve got to get some help!


We feel defeated. Can’t afford the prep course. She’s unmotivated; doesn’t care.


We feel abandoned. “Why aren’t you helping me God? This life is so hard!”


We worry.


Oh how the Father wants to break that cycle and put us in His own.

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and

he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.” Psalm 28:7 NIV


The Cycle of Trust


I choose to trust God. “Lord, she is your’s. You are her father and you will take care of my girl! Help me and give me Your wisdom.”


I am helped. When I trust Him, I allow God to work in my situation to bring Him glory!


I experience joy. Seeing God move on my behalf brings joy in my life!


I am thankful! I can’t help but be grateful!


I choose to trust. I saw His faithfulness and trust again!


God isn’t going to break us out of the cycle; we have to take the first step. We have to first choose to see that He is our strength; asking and trusting for help. We choose to leave worry behind as we move into trusting our Jesus.


Here is the list from my journal this morning of where I need to trust:

* A loved one’s salvation

* Decision on college

* Healing of anxiety for one

* Wisdom for my husband’s work

* Help for a ministry step

All things completely outside of my control and all within reach of His help!


Where do you need to take a step of trust and ask for help today? Take the step; hop off the surviving cycle and onto the cycle of trust.





  1. Thank you! As I enter a new phase in my life and I look out, I see the possiblilities are endless; IF and only IF I can stop looking at the circumstances and look into Christ- fully knowing He has already paved the way and all I have to do is follow.

    Thank you so much for sharing this bit of wisdom. I really needed it today.

    God Bless 🙂

  2. So interesting to see your worries are much like mine, just substitute he for she. I am going to turn them over to the trust cycle. It is good to know others have the same worrors and thankfully we have God to turn them over to!

    1. Hey Marcia, This week I have been working to consciously trust. Most of the time it is working!

  3. Thank you. I needed this.God bless you.

  4. Michelle T. says:

    I have many areas that I need to trust in. My biggest one is money, the next is a bigger house of us. We have outgrown the one we live in. I want to trust so bad, but trust doesn’t come easy. I try to give my concerns to the only one that can control them, yet I find myself questioning how He can take care of it. I know He can. But it’s hard to let go and let Him. Still need to pray and work on this. 🙂

    1. Michelle T. says:

      *a bigger house FOR us. LOL

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