Who Am I Becoming?

Who Am I Becoming?


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Who Am I Becoming?

Such a great question for us to ponder and ask ourselves often.

When I reflect on the most beautiful women I know, the ones whose lives reflect love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, they all have one thing in common. They are continually growing; every day becoming more like Christ.

Whether it is a young teen who has just begun pursuing Jesus or an elderly woman who has walked with Him her whole life, those who never stop growing are simply gorgeous. They see their need to keep pursuing Jesus and becoming more like Him. They recognize there is no such thing as being stagnate. We are either becoming more like Him or less like Him.

I believe this is why Jesus brings times of change in our lives; to keep us moving. Our part is making the decision to move toward becoming a greater reflection of Him.





Today I am giving away a Summer Study Kit along with 2 copies of Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants to help young women move toward Jesus; becoming more like Him.

The kit includes:

* 2 cardstock copies of the Magnetic Manifesto to frame

* Journaling pages of each of the fruit of the Spirit to accompany Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants

* 2 magnets which say: Gorgeous is More Than a Face in the Mirror


To enter, share in the comments section below which trait you most would like to work on becoming more like Jesus in your life. If you are in a hurry, simply say, “I’m in!” I will announce the winner here on Monday with Monday with Madi. [This give away has now ended.]

If you would like the Summer Study Kit, simply purchase two or more copies of Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants and forward the receipt, along with your address to [email protected] and I’ll get it right out to you!






    1. I would like to work on gentleness with my daughter. I feel like I am gentle with most other people, but struggle in showing gentleness to her. She requested last week that she would enjoy studying the Bible together, and when I read this devotional today and saw the title of the book Magnetic, it seemed like the perfect way to get started. Thank you for this chance to win this summer study kit.

    2. Peace is what I need to build up in my life. All the fruits of the spirit are needed in my life as I find if God doesn’t occupy my life I search elsewhere for things that do not bring any satisfaction. I don’t have any children and I am nearing completion of childbearing age and I struggled with being childless and single for a while but I realize I have a purpose and my life is still fulfilling.

    3. I just drove over 2000 miles in a uhaul truck with my son and 4 kitties. I lost my beloved Bearded Dragon whom I dearly loved, and after arriving discovered the place we are in has no cell phone service whatsoever. In less than 4 days I discovered I am to be transferred yet again, and here I sit wondering WHO I AM, WHERE I AM, and WHAT THE HECK I’m doing here!! My friend sent me a link to this site and I have gained so much encouragement. I’m trying to be brave and trust all to the Lord, but right now I’m on shaky ground. I would love to have the book “Becoming the girl He wants” or “Life unstuck” I could use all the help I can get right now. Many Blessings to Lynn for providing this website. Thank you! 🙂

  1. I would most definitely like to work on the fruit of gentleness. While I find myself being more gentle with my patients, it is my patience with my 3 young boys I have less of. I am a single mom to 3 boys. One is on the Spectrum and my set of twins. I work part-time and go to school full time. I pray each and every night for God’s grace and wisdom, gentleness and unserstanding. I pray for the strength to continue to live the example I want my boys to grow up to be. Gentleness is such a key component to be success of this.

  2. The trait(s) I long for most are peacefulness, and faithfulness.

    Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement.

  3. Miranda Miller says:

    I definitely need to work on patience. God is working on my patience through a very difficult trial in my life right now.

    1. This set is perfect for any of my 4 nieces. After 2 yrs, they have all survived their mothers untimlely passing. Struggling to move on has been unbearable for them, but they now see a glimpse of light at the end of very long tunnel. It is unbelivable that in 2 years they experienced death, divorces, betrayal, suicide attempt, pregnancy, oh my. When you write it down, God is their only hope for peace ! Their challenge is to rebuild a positive, peaceful, kind, patient, forgiving, Godly life as women.

  4. Stacey Misso says:

    I am working on all of those traits, but specifically self control. I want to get my house in order and bring peace to my children. We have suffered through my divorce and I want to show my children love and peace in place of hurt and bitterness. I need to control my words and my actions that so hurt my children. They have paid a large enough price without me adding to the hurt because I can’t control my words. I love them so much and they deserve so much more.

  5. Erika Ziesmann says:

    Joy – my life is changing in so many ways – unwanted changes that I would never have invited into my life. Although I know God will never leave me or forsake me unlike people that were very dear to me – sadness, despair, hopelessness make their appearances too often. I want to become joyful, able to find joy under unlikely circumstances because of the Lord Jesus.

  6. Grace……and contentment….

  7. Rebecca Hicks says:

    I want to become more patient and more gracious.

  8. Lorelie Castil says:

    LOVE. Everyday I have to ask God for the strength to love, because I am not capable of doing it on my own. Because for me, to live like Christ is to love like Christ. Everything else just follows.

    I’m from Philippines and thank you for giving us a chance to win your beautiful book. I’m so hungry for growth in my walk and I believe it would speak volumes to me but God willing. God bless you! 🙂

  9. I need to work on joy. My joy is lost right now. The weight of hard times have me in a place where its hard to be joyful. I’m afraid of the impact it could have on my children.

  10. Amy Smith says:

    I definitely need to work on the patience thing. I have an adopted 13 yr old girl that has alot of special need issues. So my job as a mom is a hard one. I do believe that God has put me on this path for a reason, but boy there are days when i could use a little extra help.

  11. Sonia Goins says:

    I’m seeking God for strength of faith in every area ofmy life. I really need Him to teach me how to love and how to let go of anger and bitterness. Yesterday on my birthday I got baptized, so I’m really in process for change… Please pray for me… God bless

  12. Jodee Roeker says:

    I’m in! I need to work on joy & self-control. I’m going thru the biggest change/transition. Need to find new direction & a purpose in my day to day life. Love seeing how you relate this scripture to what we might be going thru in daily life!

  13. Natasha Brown says:

    The one trait about me that I need to work on in my life to become more like Jesus is to be more confident in my beliefs. I want to not fall short and give in when I am having a moment of weakness.

  14. I need to work on peace.

  15. Shari Wethington says:


  16. Jenna Meyn Ross says:

    I’m in! I pray for wisdom in how to live a moderate life that allows space for the fruits to thrive and to be a joy cultivator. Thank you.

  17. I need work on everything at this point in my life and all that I am going through I am starting to blame God. When I pray I just want to blame him and I can’t even enjoy reading my bible …I have gotten so far I don’t want to give up but I am losing hope. I want to get back to that place where I enjoyed My walk with God

  18. I just had a conversation similar to this with a dear friend, who led me to Proverbs 31 ministry years ago. I am in this waiting period …. trying to figure out what happens next. I have been all mommy for a few years now. I’ve actually lost myself in the process of caring for these little angels. I had no idea I would feel such doubt and isolation while on the joyous journey of motherhood. I am searching for joy, patience, purpose, inner peace and of course strengthening my faith. My life has been on pause it seems, and now with littles headed to school, and exerting their growing independence, I now see how I have been hiding behind them and their every need. Feeling very vulnerable and anxious right now. The daily inspirations y’all send aid in my reflections, growth, and true encouragement. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you all to reach out to us.

  19. I have to work on patience,and understanding. I can become frustrated with others so quickly when things aren’t done the way I would like. I need to remember my husband has his own way of thinking and God created him.

  20. Stephanie Paige says:

    I need more patience wirh my husband and children.

  21. Gentleness. Though this comes easy for me in times of caring for sickness and lowliness, it’s certainly not my strength in the thick of day to day “hustle and bustle.”
    In being a single parent, the “hustle” seems to be a way of life that won’t let up. So–I need more gentleness amidst the hurry up in my world. For if the hustle and hurry are a constant, then equally so, do I need an increase and surplus of gentleness to accompany all the while…

  22. The Spirit is always at work! Self Control and Joy are on the top of my “Work in progress” list right now.

  23. Anxiety and worry. I tend to over-think, and I recently realized this was a spiritual problem. I am trying to work on it. 🙂

  24. Laura Shifflett says:

    I can only pick 1?! I have been battling what appears to be insurmountable spiritual warfare by way of several trials that God revealed to me is not Him. He has allowed these circumstances to enter my life to develop what appears to be every fruit of the spirit. To become more like Jesus, I need to work on maintaining my joy & peace despite my circumstances & the self-control to walk in love & be kind even when I don’t feel like it.

  25. Carmen Cruz says:

    I used to be known for how very patient I was. Was is the magic word now. I used to pride myself to exude all of the fruits. As I got older, these start to fade. This I do not like. And how am I to model the fruits to my children (especially my daughters) if I don’t have them. I would so like to win your summer study pack. As I will use this for myself, my daughters, help with my son, and pass it on to a friend for their daughter.

    Thank you for your consideration. And good luck to all. God bless.

  26. LISA MILLER says:

    It hit me like a ton of bricks… No such thing as stagnate. You are either growing and becoming more like Him or you aren’t and you are becoming less. Sigh. Since my daughter was hit while riding her bike in Oct 2013; you name it and I’ve struggled with it. But I do want to practice every one of these attributes day after day…I pray and strive to be more like Him in ALL I do

  27. Toni Oglesby says:

    I need to work on all the above! I am ready to get busy! I am all in! Please
    Lord, I hope I win! Amen.

  28. April Hayes says:

    I need to work on patience and faithfulness. I have a daughter who is turning 18, last year of high school and then off to college. It has been a difficult time for me and for her and I need to learn to have patience with her through her challenges and changes. The fruit of the Spirits (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) are all things that I want in my life as I watch it change before my eyes. From the little girl who would cuddle up on the couch, to the middle school age when we would have “mother/daughter weekends” to now the end of the high school years when she needs guidance and faith. I want to be able to be an example to her that she just needs to have patience and faith in God and to follow wherever He may lead her to go. I pray everyday for her to have patience and faith to carry her into this next huge leap of change. It is also scary for me for her to be gone and not be able to comfort her when she needs it the most.

  29. im in and I need to work on everything right now- going through some rough times and this would be great for me and my daughter to get through some tough times.

  30. Joy. I seem to be lacking right now.

  31. Kim Jolly says:

    I need to find more joy in all the moments of my life. Worry causes me to lose the joy I should have.

  32. Patience, most definitely, and lately He’s been teaching me a lesson on it. 😉

  33. I would like to gain more self control.

  34. Jane Baker says:

    Patience! Learning to accept that God doesn’t work according to my time line but according to his can be difficult at times. I’m in

  35. Brenda Pouncey says:

    Self-control..in area of healthier food choices and resisting junk food!! Also, controlling my emotions.

  36. Self-control! It has been a slow process to re-train the brain to react in a loving, positive way instead of reacting negatively, but God is there every step of the way encouraging me instead of letting me give up.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Love and faithfulness is what is so needed in my life. This message was right on time. I thank God for speaking through you.

  38. Trish Alvis says:

    I’ve been working on becoming more peaceful. I have 2 daughters, ages 14 and 18, that I want to set the best example possible for and I want them to always know peace in any circumstances.

  39. God is working on all parts of me, like a child learning everything over again but as a grown woman. . I grew up as a Christian but got lost on the way and I’ve found God again. Praise God for bringing us people like yourselves to help on our journey with him. This give away would be GREAT!!! God Bless.

  40. Samantha Sage says:

    I would like to work in not being so bitter over the huge changes in my life. I need prayers! I need to accept the new life Gos has given me even though it is full of things I just hate!
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Samantha Sage says:

      Sorry that should say God not Gos!

  41. This morning’s P31 email was what I needed to hear….dealing with difficult people is always a challenge. This time I’m praying that God will show me what He wants me to learn from a current work situation in dealing with someone who seems to continually stir up friction, especially when we are adding new team members. Thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂

  42. Staci Thomas says:

    Faithfulness and gentleness

  43. Jane bryson says:

    Struggling to find joy in my circumstances right now. I do know God’s promises are true and He has a plan for me. Oh to use this as a growing time in Him.

  44. Michelle Bridge says:

    I need to work on peace! As I am now going through a divorce with 4 children involved, peace is hard to find in my heart right now. And with 3 of those children being girls, I pray that I can show them how to get through incredibly difficult situations but still remain devoted to the Lord to carry me through!

  45. Peace. I need to continually live in God’s peace that he gives when making decisions. It is there; I just have to continually accept it.

  46. I need to work on poor in spirit- humble. I want to be more God centered not self centered. I want to surrender to material gratification… Shopping addiction …. And discover more about my true self in God.

  47. Jessica McAnnally says:

    No doubt about it, the issue I need to work on the most is self control. I think victory in this area would have a huge impact on the other things I need improvement in. I’m not there yet, but Praise to God, I’m on my way!

  48. Self-control is it for me. Thank you for your inspiration!

  49. Joy. That inner stability of knowing God is good and in control no matter what is going around me. And gentleness.

  50. Donna Bixler says:

    I am going through a lot of changes right now. The trait that I want to work on is love. Many of these changes are totally out of my control and I just want to still have a relationship with the ones involved when everything is finished. So I want to be able to love like God loves us. Love is the first fruit listed in Galatians so I know it’s pretty important. Thanks for this article it was just what I needed for this morning. God bless.

  51. Joy. Although I look forward to the day when all His gifts are expressed through me, Joy is what He is teaching me now. No matter my circumstances and how difficult things may become, I can still experience Joy by keeping my eyes on Him, holding onto Him and just keep breathing and moving forward.

  52. I want to have greater love so I can become less bitter about people whose actions hurt me.
    If my love was greater, I would be able to pray for them rather than accepting the hurt and letting it have power over me. Jesus- please give me greater love for people that are hard to love. Give me your eyes. Amen

  53. Jennifer Ervin says:

    Wow, lately God has been truly stirring inside me about love, patience, and self control. As we all know it’s not easy to love others in spite of how they have hurt us. This may be intentional or they may not have meant it all, but we all are called to love regardless. My current situation of a promise God has made to me is requiring me to love someone beyond measure and unconditionally, to be patient as God works in their life, as well as mine to turn it around for His good and His glory, and to maintain self control and not try to take matters into my own hands. He requiring me sit back and let Him be who He say He is. As much if challenge it, it will definitely build character.

  54. Jennifer Ratcliff says:

    Joy. I get caught up in my “to-do-list” each day that I sometimes forget the joy in my tasks. Thank you for your devotionals! They seem to always hit right on target with things in my life!

  55. I need to work on the Joy in the mist of all the changes that I am going through. My story is similar to the one you shared in the Proverbs 31 Ministries. My daughter is soon graduating from high school, in addition I am going through so many changesand a lot of things that needs to be done and my health has been compromised. Therefore, I am waiting for a healing miracle from God.

  56. Peace. Live can be so stressful!

  57. I am feeling and finding more and more peace with every day that passes.. surrendering to God’s will has been a gift to me. But the one thing that has been challenging is self control. The shedding of thy old and one self is sometimes painful. I have felt myself and have especially felt others, wanting me to be and stay as I was. It is imposible.
    I am taking great comfort during my transformation, with the knowing that I am being embraced by the Lord my God. He saves me..

  58. Aliya Matthews says:

    I need to work on my faithfulness in God. I need to stop carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, and trust that my faith in God is enough to get me through each day without stressing and worrying about everything. He knows my needs and will provide.

  59. Amy Puccillo says:

    God is working in my heart to become more patient with myself and others. Thank you so much for sharing this today Lynn! I most definitelyn needed it!

  60. Janet axelson says:

    I want to work on self control. My weight is out of control
    And I gluttony is rampant. Thanks for this

  61. I believe patience is my struggle. Being a single Mom of 4 young children I am continually challenged with patience. I am however learning to use my faithfulness to simply step back, breath and let God get me through each struggle in his timing and not mine.

  62. Cassidi Durant says:

    Self control. I still give in to my desires, knowing everything I need is in Jesus. However I’m staying prayerful that one day my desire to do “me” is but a memory. 🙂

  63. Patience. I have been struggling with infertility and several other trials in this transitioning period of my life. The Lord is teaching me to trust in Him and other people.

    1. And thank you for sharing these encouraging words today-greatly appreciated. 🙂

  64. I too need more in the patience category. It’s the one place I fear to ask for God’s help in because I don’t want to be challenged to earn it! Sounds silly I know. My family would appreciate some of that in me.I have 2 teen daughters and one teen son alond with a 9 yr old daughter. Two of my teens head to college this yearand I don’t want them to remember me this way!

  65. Patricia Silver says:

    Joy and peace

  66. Lindsey McKinley says:

    Steadfast faithfulness would be mine. When problems arise my mindset changes from leaning and trusting God and his timing to “I’ve got to fix it now” mentality. I have to remind myself to calm down, slow down, and pray about it. To have faith in God that I’m where HE wants me and and He’ll work everything out.

  67. I’m learning to be longsuffering . My family and I have been through so much this past year. I believe the Lord is strengthening me to endure. Isaiah 41:10-14

  68. Gail Dillon says:

    I need more patience and self control. Going through a difficult time with a family member.

  69. The total me, that just about sums it up.

  70. Gentleness is a trait In which I need the Holy Spirit’s help. Unintentionally the words I use come out wrong. It seems quite regularly I put my foot in my mouth or hurt someone’s feelings by using the wrong words.

  71. Gentleness. I just want to have a calmness about me that reflects that of the Savior we know from the Bible. Thanks for making me reflect on what area in my life I need to grow in!

  72. Elizabeth Leal Martinez says:

    Patience, I desire to be more patient with everything in my life, especially my children.

  73. Vonne allen says:

    I need to become more of an encourager to my young adult daughter. She is struggling and I am in a position to help bring her forward into a better way of thinking about herself and her life purpose. Praying for the ability go encourage and persevere.

  74. I’m in. This would be a great study for my daughter and I to do together.

  75. I’m in!

    Going through a LOT of changes right now. Why do kids have to grow so fast? I need more than one fruit and sometimes feel like I am losing it and my children are not seeing or feeling God’s love through me. Thank you for following God’s call for your life and helping so many others along the way.

  76. Jenelle Keller says:

    Ok, so my son a month ago learns about this exact Bible verse, the fruit if the spirit, at church. He brings it home and we kinds forget about it for a bit, until one night I ask him what he wants to ask God for in prayer that night. He is 7 so I don’t expect a profound answer. Then he tells me he wants to ask God for all the things included in Galations5:22. I’m blown away that out of all the things he wants to ask for, he wants all the fruits of the spirit. So after that I start thinking, maybe I should be asking God for the same things, so I started praying for the fruits of the spirit to evolve in my life too, especially self control!!!

  77. Katy Sherry says:

    I need to work on patience. With 4 children a full time job and going back to school for my Masters my free time can be limited. I would love to do a book club with my 9 yr old to read this together. She is growing up fast and I want to ensure that she has God as the center of her life!

  78. Peace for me. I so often let myself get overwhelmed with worry and insecurity.

  79. Gentleness and patience are the two traits I most need to work on. Really enjoyed reading your message this morning!

  80. Angella Lewis says:

    I would say love, gentleness and self-control….and probably everything in between! I know I’m not where I started, but I’m growing and work definitely needs to be done in each area! Thanks for the Word today! God Bless!

  81. Thank you for a great message that I needed to read today. As I enter a new stage of soon becoming an empty nester after being home and raising 3 children for 25 years I find myself scared, sad, happy for my kids’ new adventures and a bit nervous now that all have grown and moving on. What is my role now? I need to work on patience and acceptance in this new stage. Thank you Lynn for starting my day off with a personal and touching message!!

  82. Self-control is my current focus. I want to support my daughters as they become the women God created them to be, but I feel like my lack of self-control keeps me from being the best me that Godcreated me to be. As the saying goes Ibelieve that actions often speak louder than words. If they can see me change and see me working to be more like Christ, I believe that. can and will be powerful. This gift would help me do just this!

  83. Kristi Cillo says:

    Self control for me.

  84. Self control! Thank you!

  85. Patience…especially with my oldest daughter.

  86. Tippi Ellis says:

    I’m ALL in! 🙂

  87. Tonya Steele says:

    I’m in! Just in time, I’ve been looking for a study to do with a small group of younger women. Self control.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Awesome! Jesus, thank you for connecting Tonya and I. We are thankful!

  88. Thelma Woolridge says:

    I started receiving the emails from Proverbs 31 ministries but don’t normally make time to read them until today. As I read what you said about the mother’s feelings about her daughter graduating HS, it spoke directly to me, as my daughter will be leaving for college after this last year of HS. I’m already starting to feel sad about it while trying to be happy for her at the same time. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone in this “change” in MY life, as I watch the change in HER life. The trait that I am struggling with the most at this time is Joy. In a prayer a couple of weeks ago I repeated the psalm “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. I asked God when does the joy come, because many nights have passed. I do understand that my concept of a day is different than God’s concept of a day. Tears come to me as I write this because I am still waiting for the joy, but I know that God is faithful, and I am waiting patiently. Thank you for listening.

  89. God has been working hard shaping me into the woman I’m meant to be. I need to work more on trust and contentment.

  90. Kathleen Jones says:

    Self control is my weakest area. Learning to go to God over food and spending is a constant battle of my mind. Thank you for your inspirational words! <3

  91. Vickie Pettyjohn says:

    Joy and Self Control for me. Can’t wait to share with our youth group girls. Excited to have found your site. Looks like a great resource for my daughter and I, and my youth group girls. Thank you!!

  92. letting God prune me so the fruit is borne and my daughter can reflect on the changes that happen when we let God direct – what are you known for ?

  93. Amber Lowe says:

    Patience – I continually struggle with it! Whether it be driving down the road all the way up to waiting for the man God has created for me! I really want to work on all the fruits but I know patience is one I struggle with above all the others. Thanks for sharing these words today!!!!!!

  94. Joy. Because God provides joy even when I am not happy with my circumstances.

  95. Kimberly Williams says:

    Peace…for change in my life!

  96. Forgiveness. It is so easy to hold grudges and distance myself. Instead I want to learn how to be more forgiving.

  97. Four wonderful children, my dear husband, and the needy world around me certainly cry for a more Spirit-filled woman….a more Spirit-filled me! I cannot choose just one; I desperately long to see all His fruit come to full blossom in me! Thank you, Lynn.

  98. Trisha Kemp says:

    Faithfulness…….as I have grown in Christ He has pruned me and shaped me to overcome such hardships in my past that have left me bruised and broken. I’ve worked hard to allow the Holy Spirt to transform my negative insecure thoughts about myself into a woman who strives to believe I am more than the enemy says I am. My latest challenge is a life changing promotion that I prayed about and was fully lead by God to accept, however, this season of stepping out in faith and being obedient has left me weak, afraid, insecure and questioning Gods call. Everywhere I turned in this new role as Manager I felt the heaviness of chaos and wondered is this really where You want me Father? I have struggled with Faith in this journey and it breaks my heart to share that because I love my Jesus so much and deep within my soul I want to do anything He asks of me even when I’m scared, insecure and deathly afraid of failure. Your devotion today pierced my heart and has given me hope to press forward and Trust in the one Who is ultimately in control and would never set me up to fail. Thank You and God Bless.

  99. Annette Spears says:

    Forgiveness is the one God is showing me right now. We recently were hurt by people we thought were friends and then as icing on the cake my 18 yr old granddaughter decided to leave her home into what I feel is a very unsafe environment. She could greatly benefit from reading this book. I thank God every day for working on my heart and the heart of people like you who share His grace and love with others.

  100. To be more like Jesus, I need a fruit salad! I think at the heart of my needs is self-control because my lack of that is what leads me to be impatient, less kind, harsh not gentle, less loving and joyful, the list goes on and on. Thank you for your words – they encourage me!

  101. Beth Carr says:

    I’m in, experiencing a tough season now. This post I know was for me! Be blessed.

  102. Peyton Burch says:

    I would like to work more on self control to be more like Christ. Self control can be such an issue in more areas than one would like! I want to gain better self control that gives me a peace and calming where I can not be moved! In gaining better self control I do not wish to pick up control my life belongs to Christ he alone controls it. Have a very blessed day!

  103. I need and crave all of the fruits of Holy Spirit in my life. I cannot pick one over all of them that I need the most. I want more of the Holy Ghost in my life. I want His peace and help so my life around others makes them aware there is something special that they want it too. We all have known people before we were honestly saved through the blood of Jesus thst had that “something different and special” in them. That something different and special is nothing in the world can give. It almost made us feel uncomfortable because deep down inside us we knew we din’t have it. This is the fruit of the Holy Ghost present in our life. That is what I want more and more if so others around me will crave it as well.

    Praise God for sending us His helper the Holy Spirit.
    “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!” Galatians 5:22-23

  104. Natalie B says:

    Patience and Self Control I can’t really pick one over a the other as I am being refined in both of those at the moment.

  105. Lisa Anger says:

    Working full time, raising two teenagers, being a wife, and involved in church keeps me busy…I would most want to work on self-control and depending on God moment by moment for patience and wisdom to reflect His light to the people around me.

  106. Delores Robinson says:

    I am working with several teen girls this summer. I am sharing how important Peace is in their lives, no matter what happens. As a mentor, I must be what I want them to become. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  107. I’m one of the visitors from Proverbs 31 ministries. I’m continually looking to grow and become more like Christ. The two fruits that I need to work on are patience and self-control. Thank you for offering such a great resource!

  108. Kindness and patience with a move this summer and three children!

  109. I need to really work on patience. But to me I need to develop them all as they are all 1 fruit. A well developed fruit will help me be more Christ like.

    1. Today it’s kindness….with everyone….in both my words and actions. Thanks, Lynn for pointing out that God often does His greatest transformations in times of transition.

      1. I want to work on peace and patience. I want to remember God is in control and stop worrying, also with life so busy sonetimes want things now Lord teach me patience.

  110. I so easily get overwhelmed with life…working full time, 4 active kids, etc. I can’t seem to keep up and lose joy in life.

  111. For me, it all depends on the day. Most consistantly, self-control, but I fall short everywhere. With another baby on the way, God has some change in store for me and I hope to model to my young girls the woman Christ wants us all to be. Thank you for all you do!

  112. Elizabeth says:

    Gentleness continues to be brought to the forefront of everything I do with my children. I wish it came more naturally for me.

  113. Ivette Drumgool says:

    Peace!!! I homeschool and have been praying for a study for my two high school girls !! Thank you

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yahoo! Jesus is awesome! 🙂

  114. Kate Greene says:

    I think right now, being gentle to myself is a big one. I can be sweet and loving to everyone around me, but one tiny slip and I’m all over myself, self hating. Taking the time to love myself – the good, the bad and the parts that need a lot of work- is very difficult in my mind since I am always trying to be perfect. I’m praying that this change will come for me and for you guys!

  115. Joy…. I feel like I allow so many things to busy up our schedules that I don’t allow a moment to experience the joy of being a mom to my 3 children and being a wife to my husband. We can’t get this time back so I pray that I can say “no” to outside things, slow down and find that moment where we can stop and see the joy in everyday moments.

  116. I want to experience more peace in my life. It seems like my life has always been like a roller coaster. I am not necessarily asking for it to change, I just want to be able to feel peace in every situation.

  117. I ha ha sick/disabled husband, 2 teenage girls,and an eight year old. I’m the only one working, and it’s not enough. I think I mostly need to have more patients, but I also need to work on the rest of the traits as well. That is why I get up early every morning to see what Proverbs 31has sent to my in box. I get disappointed a little on Saturday and Sunday when there is no email.Thank you for being an inspiration.

  118. Lynn, I need help with joy and peace….He died to give me both and I no longer want to waste His gifts!!

  119. Definitely gentleness. But I think if I can achieve more peace and patience, the gentleness will be easier. Thank you for this.

  120. I am really struggling with self control right now. I make excuses for why I should eat to forget the pain or why I deserve to eat so I don’t think. I know what’s right, I just cant seem to get under control.

  121. Susan Ribeiro says:

    Gentleness. God has been working on them all through different circumstances in my life, but gentleness sticks out right now. I “bark” orders out to my family through my frustrations and it would be nice to be effective with a gentle and quiet spirit.

  122. Spirit help me be God’s women each day

  123. I am learning all these things…daily. I have 2 very young boys…2 and 4…and my husband works 6 days a week…sometimes till late….God challenges me daily with my children….and since I am alone here, some days are really difficult without anyone to even talk too…I love the Proverbs 31 devotions. Ever since I was a teenager, that whole page on Character Of A Nobel Wife is highlighted in 6 different colors… I strive…and it is hard.. I know God is with me. I know He has a plan…just wish I could have a cup of coffee with Him sometimes… 🙂

  124. So hard to pick just one. Joy is the one I probably need to work on the most. Finding joy in every situation. Life has knocked me around some. I know God is good all the time but it has been hard for me to keep my joy.

  125. Maria Rolison says:

    All of the above is my answer but if I had to choose just one. Self-control… I pray daily to be filled with the holy spirit.

  126. Self-control , however really need to improve all of them to be more like Him.

  127. Casey Hart says:

    I am naturally a friendly and upbeat person, however, work and struggles in life have added a hard edge to my personality that weren’t there before-especially with my family when I get home from work. I would like to work on gentleness. I eeminded my boys about how they were treating each other, and asked if it were any fruits of the spirit.Thank you for reminding me to looked back at my own life and look for the Fruit of the spirit with them!

  128. There isn’t just one, but I desire all of His Spiritual Fruits to increase in my soul; my children, husband, extended family and I need them. The battle is often overwhelming when it consumes me in the natural. I musty be fortified in He who is greater than the world who resides within me. As a mother, wife, woman, child, sister, and friend I need more of Him.

  129. Any and all of the above! I just want more of God – to love Him, be used by Him, to rest in Him, and to be a reflection of Him to everyone, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

  130. Patience! I have 2 girls and a third on the way. I have been waking up earlier each day to read a devotion to better focus my mornings. My girls need a better example of Jesus in their home and starting off my morning right sets the mood for our home. Thank you for your encouraging post.

  131. Jessica Robinson says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Would love to have the Magnetic study to do with me teenage daughters! Thank you!

  132. Patty Rodriguez says:

    This was perfect for me to read today as I’ve been facing the uncertainty of losing my job and hopefully interviewing for another one next week which requires me to speak a lot more Spanish than the usual. I know I need to let go and let God but it’s the unknown that is scary and once I am settled and happy in something things just change.
    This was God using you today to let me know he’s got it and maybe he needs me somewhere else. So I’m on for the raffle and thank you for sharing.

  133. I would like to work on patience. I have 4 young children and patience can feel quite difficult to master at times!

  134. I know the Lord is calling me into greater levels of peace and rest in Him. As a Pastor
    I can face various challenges each day, but the Lord desires to pour out His awesome
    grace and wisdom as I wait on Him.

  135. I’m a middle aged woman who’s life has been nothing but change for the last 2 years, but the best change came a year ago, when I FINALLY found my way to Him. My life hasn’t been the same since. I can see and feel His presence most of the time, and then I question, am I worthy, could He really love me this much. So I’d say I need to work on peace and faithfulness.

  136. Elizabeth W. says:

    Patience is something the Lord is really growing in me in this season. I am learning the art of waiting upon Him and not focusing on the destination alone, as much as that is the goal, but to enjoy the journey along the way, good AND bad times. God bless you!

  137. In my current season, I need to strive to recognize Joy around me. I have plenty to be grateful for, as we are ennumerably blessed. But this season has been ripe with hurt and disappointment and I’ve let my current circumstances dictate my attitude. Back to prioritizing time in The Word and prayer!

  138. I am going through some transition right now and not dealing with it very well and really need Gods touch in all ways. Feeling very low. I do love God with all my heart and reaching out to him is what I seem to be doing a lot this days. I am in an emotional roller coaster need to get something under control. Looking for more of Gods Spirit to come out of me and be who He wants me to be Christ like.

  139. Shawna Frazier says:

    During this time n my walk, I find myself battling with self-control, again. But this time it is specifically controlling my tongue! James was right when he said no man could tame it. But it also goes with opening it also, sometimes I don’t speak when I need to. As the Ladies leader at my church this would be a wonderful tool for us!

  140. A woman full of faithfulness – leaning on Jesus instead of myself

  141. Who am I becoming? I am working through PEACE in my spirit as God leads me through big transitions in my life.

  142. Gentleness. I need to work on loving those around me with Christ’s love.

  143. Hi Lynn, God knows I consistently seek him to grow, stretch & allow my fruits to blossom in all areas. To choose one would be self- control. I have a daughter going to college next year, I’d love to engage in this series with her. #fruitul

  144. It’s my hearts desire to have all these character traits in my life! I want people to see Jesus when they look at me and I want to pass His love and these traits down to my husband, children and others.

  145. Elizabeth P. says:

    My heart’s desire is to be more like Christ in all of the fruits of the Spirit. During this season of waiting and the frequent changes in my life, I crave to remain pliable and to be teachable. I’ve seen so many people change and become hard hearted towards people who only need compassion..or who just need to see the hands, feet, and even the light of Jesus.

  146. susan backhaus says:

    I like the concept that change means God is working in me. It just dawned on me that I should to go with it, instead of fight it. So, I am working on patience…trust and waiting on God is my daily prayer.

  147. Carol Joiner says:

    Love: I believe if I truly encompassed Christ’s love as He loves, the other traits would automatically manifest themselves in my life.

  148. I need self control. I want to set a better example for my kids on how to live a disciplined life, in all aspects, but exhaustion too often takes over.

  149. Patience and Joy. Caring for my disabled spouse that was always active and my rock. Learning “Who” the “Rock” truly is. Thanks for Proverbs 31!

  150. Thanks for the reminders of the fruit of the spirit. It’s easy to forget to focus on the positive and allow ourselves to be lead elsewhere.

  151. Like others…. I can’t seem to just pick one! All the fruits of the spirit seem balled up into one for me. But today especially I needed this devotional. I have a particularly difficult relationship which always seems to bring the worst out of me. Today I have to interact with this relationship and last night I was crying out to God that I just can’t do it! Correct… I can’t. But with the Holy Spirit in me….. He can! And His fruits will shine through! Thank you!

  152. As a new mother I constantly pray for patience!

  153. Linda Wilson says:

    Goodness- I am at a definitive change point, 53, single, moved to a new state(gratefully) I might add but have to leave my 20 year old son back in the old one. While he finds his way. What feels like my Whole life devoted to raising him and I know I need to let go and let God. I feel like I’m being nudged to reach out to others and spend my energy elsewhere. It’s so hard to what feels like letting go a peace of me and my heart. Looking forward to your study.

  154. Michele Lane says:

    Love is the one. My heart is like stone from protecting it all by myself. My daughter also just graduated college- I desperately want God to heal my heart.

  155. I want to love with more joy. The joy that only comes from truly testing in Him. I enjoyed your devotional.

  156. I’m in! 🙂 PEACE…I need to trust God in EVERYTHING and not be anxious about even the small things. I need to turn over control in all areas of my life.

  157. I need to work on all of them. God is teaching me through the storm I am in and I nee patience to be still and listen.

  158. Patience….As a move to a new school, new job, and new administration in a few weeks I need patience to allow God to make me the teacher I need to be. Many other issues life has thrown at me need me to be patient. I want to just FIX them, but can’t. God is already teaching me to trust His hand and His timing in these issues.

  159. Patience & kindness. Taking care of my Mom who’s 82 with dementia is rough sometimes.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Bless you, Brenda! You are the hands of feet of Jesus to your precious Mother!

  160. Patience, while raising a young and very busy boy! I desire to grow in all of the fruits of the spirit, to become the woman God wants me to be 🙂

    1. Patience… and self contol

  161. Good Morning 🙂 Wow is this lesson on point for me today! I just heard a lesson on Wednesday night service about the Fruit of the Spirit and it caused me to reflect on myself for a change. As a wife and mother of three, the last three months have definitely been about change & transformation from major surgery & my position at work being eliminated and then getting a call yesterday about an abnormal test result that requires follow up. I believe that God is pruning me in the area of patience & joy. I can’t just fix things like I am so used to doing but I am determined to stay positive in the midst of it all, God is not through with me yet.

  162. I’m so discouraged! Thank you for the reminder to be aware of how this
    changes who I am

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Don’t give up, Kelli! This sounds so dorky, but it just came to me so I’m going for it…

      Don’t give up, but give in! Give in to being dependent on the Holy Spirit. We don’t have it in us, but we do have HIM in us!

  163. Cindy Shugart says:

    Faithfulness & so much more! Thank you for your ministry. What a blessing it has been to me & my daughter!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much, Cindy!

  164. Depending on the day and the situation, I need to work on all of the fruits of the Spirit. 🙂

  165. Self-control:). Would love to do this study with my daughter, Madi, who is getting ready to start her senior year of high school.
    In His Love,

  166. Self control among the top

  167. Michelle D. says:

    I need work on all the traits.

  168. I’m working towards more gentleness & self-control.

  169. Trusting! Right now really dealing with trusting GOD’s timing.

  170. Kassie pierson says:

    Gentleness. That is where I need work. When problems arise I tend to overheat and of course it doesn’t help the situation. It’s gotten better over the years but it’s still an area I feel God calling me to work on.
    Thank you for your time spent and work to help us out!
    God Bless,

  171. Patience, self control and peace…are really needed in this transition of my life. You are so right, we can never stop growing! I have a beautiful daughter who just graduated High School, and a son who’s in the Army and just got married. I’ve been a bundle of all kinds of emotions and finding myself being stagnant, frustrated, heavy feeling, happy one minute crazy the next! I’m letting my emotions take control and taking the joy out of these beautiful moments God has given me! Thanks for your great devotional today…much needed!

  172. I’m sorry but I can’t pick just one! 🙂

  173. Elizabeth says:

    For me I am working on Joy…Peace has been coming more and more to my life but I’m realizing that the peace both inwardly and outwardly is tied closely to my Joy. I’ve let others try to “steal” my Joy and I am working hard at not letting that happen…not only working on them not stealing my Joy but then giving them a dose of my Joy. Satan is working overtime in trying to steal it. He will NOT be victorious! My momma use to sing to me “I have Joy Joy Joy down in my heart”…I’m holding my momma and my Joy in my heart! Prayers for a wonderful day all 🙂

  174. Self-control. I feel like I have to be on guard against myself sometimes.

  175. Good Morning Lynn,

    Thank you for the awesome message today, as I continue to grow and strive to be more like Christ, I pray each and every day to have all the wonderful fruits of the spirit strengthen within myself and others. I truly believe if we all take that step of becoming more like Christ this world will be a better place and we can accomplish God’s vision of Unity. 🙂

  176. With how much change is going on in my life right now, I wish it was just one trait God was working on inside of me! I am working on Kindness, Peace, Patience, and Faithfulness. Lord help me grow!

  177. Bobbi Coleman says:

    Patience , kindness, peace…everytime i open my mouth, need Holy Spirit inspired words !

  178. Kimberly Shaw says:

    Joy and gentleness. I forget to have joy despite my circumstances. And in my rush to take care of everyone, sometimes I forget to use gentleness in my speak and actions.

  179. I’m working on patience. I have 2 young kids with minds of their own. Every morning I wake up determined to have a limitless supply, but patience is usually out the window by lunchtime.

  180. I am working on trusting God. This year has been so different from any other in my life. I am learning to trust Him for a job, for finances, for Him revealing His plan for the next stage of my life. I am learning to wait and live out Proverbs 3:5,6, especially not leaning on my own understanding. I am choosing to believe God loves me and is totally aware of what I need. I am learning to let go totally and trust like a new born baby.

  181. I have 4 young daughters, and I have been searching for a good study to use with them. We recently moved to a farm, and added a new baby,(and my husband had a brief bout of unemployment) so this last year has been full of wonderful challenges and change. I don’t think I could choose one trait! Thank you for this opportunity!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I hope you find Magnetic to be what you are looking for, Brianne. I also have written another study called “His Revolutionary Love”. You can find sample chapters under my tab “books” so you can test drive them first 🙂

  182. Definitely peace! Too often I let anxious thoughts take on a life of their own before I realize these are things I need to be giving over to the Lord. “Cast your cares upon Him.” I try to remind myself of that daily…He doesn’t want me to carry the burden on my own!

  183. Gentleness…timely post to read, as I am feeling like I’m in a transition phase right now. I was wondering yesterday what path God wants me to take & who am I becoming ;). Love when He confirms he’s with me & hearing me.

  184. I want to be more patient!!!

  185. Crystal Cripps says:

    Where do I begin?! I strive to Seek Him First daily. I’m a hot mess who needs Jesus to tweak every character trait I have. but I’m like most who’ve already commented. Self Control please and hold the Anger.

  186. I would love to work on kindness

  187. Candace Schofield says:

    I need help in all, but especially patience and self-control. I find myself getting angry more easily; my oldest graduates this year and I don’t want him leaving home feeling as if there is a rift between us.

  188. Lindsey Parker says:

    Great reminder that God works on us during times of change to make us more like Him!

  189. The trait i would like to work on is a mix I guess. My youngest son moved out for college and well, its just me now. Im waiting for God to show whats next in my season: of life. So i guess Faith that is one and patience that it will all come in his time not mine!!!!

  190. Jennifer Bombardier says:

    Gentleness for me

  191. Peace – as we go through a “storm” with our son and his wife.

  192. Joy & peace! In spite of circumstances in my life, I want to feel God’s supernatural joy & His peace that passes understanding!!!

  193. I commit to working on Faithfulness. I too am sending my baby girl to college next month. I felt an IMMEDIATE connection to you, Lynn, with your post today on Proverbs 31. Thank you!,, I have been praying for connection to a Mom like you and I sending our babies to college! No one connects with their heart like a Mom who is in the same situation. God is FAITHFUL and I must be FAITHFUl trusting his word that he will never leave us ( including our college-bound young people) or forsake us!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yeah Jesus! Keep coming back, Janne! We’ll get through this together, friend!

  194. patti mally says:

    Patience. I think if I become more patient them I will listen better. Then even more of the fruits of the spirit will grow in me. Thank you for your wonderful devotionals!

  195. I am currently working on self control, faithfulness, and joy. It seems like the harder I try the harder it gets.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yep, it’s true, Amy! Me too! I’m pretty sure that is why God calls it the fruit of the Spirit. We don’t have it in us. When we rely on Him, though, He brings the power. That’s what we need. Holy Spirit power to bring in our lives Holy Spirit fruit!

      1. That is very true. Our 3-5 graders at church are about to begin this study once school starts back and everyone has been moved up to the appropriate classes. I am looking forward to what they have to say and learning more myself.

  196. I have been in a summer Bible study called True Woman 201 for 6 weeks. Having befriended the 8th grade daughter of our instructor, your devotion this morning made me think how great it would be to study your book with her! She is making a quilt of the fruit of the Spirit this summer. I agree that the fruit of the Spirit is like a fruit smoothie… all of these combine to reflect the beautiful, radiant, flawless character of Christ. I am particularly working on patience and self control and with His help, all of the fruit of the Spirit will grow to make more like Christ. Thank you, Lynn!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Crazy how God puts all the puzzle pieces together, Kathy!

  197. S. Sawicki says:

    Self control and patience!

  198. Peace & gentleness. Finding peace of where I am in my life & gentleness towards other people.

  199. I’ve been working on self control lately through reading the book “Made to Crave” and now I feel like I’m being pummeled with things out of my control and how to handle them graciously! I have five children three at home and two grown girls! We’ve raised them in a Christian home and we’ve tried to love them and guide them but they are determined to make their own choices and lead their own lives in a way that isn’t any way they’ve been taught! They continue to break our hearts and make destructive choices! It’s so hard to draw the line between Grace and mercy and feeling like you are accepting and condoning their choices! I have two younger daughters that I’m trying really hard to raise to live for God, while constantly second guessing myself about everything I did with the first two! I need “joy ” because I know that I’m to be joyful no matter the circumstances but I’m finding the hard right now!

  200. I want to be more joy filled!

  201. For me it is love and patience. With my first child away at college this summer and now transitioning into moving my mother in with us, I am finding that I am being tested frequently and I pray daily that my daughter will still feel my love from so far away and that I have the patience and love to live peacefully with my mom.

  202. Compassion for others, loving all as Jesus loves.
    Seeing people with Jesus sunglasses, I need a pair or 2, or 3!!!!
    I was also looking for a book to give a young woman, 20, to help her be less of the world, and more of Him, this just may be hit! Thanks so much! Any other suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated!

  203. Joy would be the one for me. This season of my life is not turning out to be would I had thought or would have liked. With one young girl at home still I don’t want to be that mom that looks as if she never has joy in her life.

  204. Tanisha Miller says:

    Thank you for your words is wisdom and inspiration today!!! The fruit that I truly need to develop more is faithfulness! My oldest daughter is also preparing for her senior year in high school and she and I are both struggling with being faithful to God’s word and trusting that everything will be go as he has planned it. I have found it challenging at times to minister to her. She is starting to question her relationship with God and it pains me. I believe that having your book will allow my daughter and I the opportunity to grow closer to Christ together so that we both can become the girl He wants!!!!

  205. Brittany H says:

    I would want to work on patience but more importantly knowing who I am in Christ and loving myself during hard times.

  206. Connie Lynn says:

    Would love to win this sweet prize to do with my 2 daughters! Talk about transition this year…husband graduates from school, one daughter moving away and getting married and my youngest daughter graduating, moving out on her own and working her dream job. It has been so hard for this mommy but I’m so glad Jesus has been my constant! Thank you for the reminder that He is still growing us to be women of God. Blessings to you and your family in your own transition time, Lynn.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Connie Lynn! If I can just keep the tears from flowing too often, it will all be good! I know God has good ahead, it’s just sometimes hard getting there!

  207. I have a 12 year old daughter and I’m really struggling with gentleness. She is often moody and can be disrespectful. I tend to get angry at times, when I know God wants me to be gentle.

  208. Patience! I have 4 children ages 5,4,2 and 6 mos 🙂

  209. I definitely need to work on self-control. I find myself unable to control the things that I say and my words can come out hurtful or unkind. Thanks so much for your reflective words!

  210. I pray for more patience. I work with children and then have 2 of my own. Sometimes it is not easy to stay calm and collected as I would hope to be.

  211. Kelley Brown says:

    I am all in. I could use help in all of them.

  212. Peace as a new season begins.

  213. Patience and faithfulness. I get so wrapped up in the everyday hustle and bustle I don’t take the time I need study study His word and meditate.

  214. I would like to become more like Jesus in so many ways. I think more recently I have noticed myself being impatient with my 11.5 year old daughter and 9.5 year old son. I definitely need help in this area. I’m in and hoping I win the copies of Magnetic!

  215. Self-control is the trait I need God’s help with the most in my life. By focusing on this one I can see how the other traits will increase in my life as a natural outcome. Lynn, thank you for sharing today.

  216. The email today was timely for me. I’ve started asking “Who am I Becoming,” and reflecting on it more deeply. It is encouraging to see other Christian women who say they need more Joy! I don’t know where I lost mine, but I will work to get it back.

  217. Shelly Chandler says:

    I need more patience, but would really like this book for my almost 20 year old daughter.

  218. Jamie Monday says:

    It is so hard to just pick one trait!!! Right now I want to grow in my self-control and JOY!!! I want only things that are of the spirit to come out of my mouth and I want to radiant joy so that my daughter sees and feels Gods love and others see HIS light through me.

  219. Faithfulness……I want to be more faithful in letting my light shine; faithful to all that Jesus has asked me to do, and to do it boldly. Yes, faithfulness….

  220. Trust, patience and joy! Thank you!!!

  221. Self control … Definitely!

  222. Laurie Lett says:

    Peace….I am such a worrywart! I need to have peace of mind putting trust in God to control my life.

  223. Patience! 3 teenagers! 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Enough said 🙂

  224. Love for the unlovely.

  225. Letting go, patience, slowing down, etc! So many things that I need help with. My daughter will be leaving for college soon so I totally enjoyed your writing on Proverbs today.

  226. Gentleness and patience with my children. I want them to see Jesus in me!

  227. Donna Gunn says:

    As it states in Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit…well, let me put it this way, in my hurried rush everyday, who knows which fruits of God’s make it out the door with me if any. Therefore I need to work on all of them in my life. Boy, the truth hurts when it hits you, especially in your heart where the Lord is reaching out to you! I want to carry all the fruits with me and improve on all of these fruits to be a full pledged producing woman, not a halfway or non-productive woman. I want to reach out to others with the Lord’s help and be the kind of woman pleasing in His sight and be more open to His will in my life.

  228. I fail more than I succeed. I’m no where near where I should be in my relationship with my heavenly Father. But, I won’t give up. I will run the race toward God, until my life on earth is done.

  229. Christine D. says:

    A soft heart! Patience! Kindness! All these things that are so easily stolen by Mom’s busy-ness……….

  230. Peace in all the transitions of life!

  231. All of the above…I want to improve daily on all of these traits in my life. Thank you for this devotion. I really needed it. My 17 year old daughter has been visiting for part of the summer and is leaving tomorrow to go back to her father’s home – 2200 miles away. She begins her senior year of high school this year. She chose to go live with him last summer. To say this change/transition was hard is putting it lightly. I am also struggling with a job change at the moment and am praying for clarity and guidance. Thank you again for the wonderful words of wisdom today!!!

  232. I want this for my daughter to build her faith.

  233. Gentleness and self-control—for both my young teen daughter and me. Many changes since my husband passed away last summer. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Tracy – there are no appropriate words. My heart cannot process the pain you are experiencing nor the immense amount of change. All I know, is what would we do and what do others do without Jesus?

  234. I am IN! My Daughter, already has this book….she is so enjoying the Madi posts….she says……………….”Mom, she is amazing!”
    Thank you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so very, very much for sharing this Angel! I’ll tell Madi. She is working on a new post for this Monday. It’s really good (of course I am biased) 🙂

  235. I just want to grow in my relationship with Jesus. I want my desire for God to be stronger than all my desires for empty worldly things. I guess my prayer is to be so full of God and His spirit so that all of the fruit of the spirit will pour out of me and into the lives of those around me.

  236. 10 months ago I became a widow after my husband’s 100 day battle with cancer. He was 42 and in perfect health. My life was clear then. I was a wife and mother to our 3 kids. Now I’m searching for what God wants me to be.

  237. Patience with my family….the transitions we are experiencing in our life has caused me stress & worry…and I am taking it out on my kids & husband. Desperate to learn how to turn to God in time of weakness & worry!

  238. Bambi griffis says:

    I need to work on all!

    I’ve been looking for a study that is positive and that helps build character. One that will help me grow and helps me be a light that shines. This study sounds like what I’ve been looking for:) I want to be an example to others as I learn to transform and live by the fruits of the spirit and by learning how and what it means to put on the Armor of God.

    Thanks and have a peace filled day!

  239. Miranda Osbourne says:

    The Lord has been so sweet in providing during my busy wedding planning summer but I need to work on patience in him to provide and with my business of life and planning. Thank you for your encouragement!

  240. Faithfulness! Continuing to surrender to Gods plan and allowing growth in all that is changing in my life. I’m all in!

  241. All of these! Change is just around the corner and I’m praying for God to helpe be the women he wants me to be. Patience and gentleness are important. I have a son and am soon to be a step mom!

  242. Patience and kindness. In my daily life with my elderly mother, it is sometimes difficult to not to grumble. Even though I would never say the mean words to her. I would like my heart and words to be pure and kind at all times and never have an unkind or inpatient thought.

  243. I’m in! But I would love this book for my youngest daughter who will be graduating college at the end of the year and has been struggling with depression and self esteem issues.
    She is just now really starting to work on her relationship with God.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I think she would like the series my daughter just wrote here called: From My Girl to Your’s. My girl is heading to college in August too!

  244. Stormy Maxwell says:

    Joy! Just growing in his love and being joyful!

  245. Tonia Raibon says:

    What a wonderful book this would be to share with my daughter. She is 10 and struggling to figure out where she fits in. I surely can’t pick one of the fruits because I need them all to flourishing my life. Good luck to everyone and congratulations in advance to whoever wins this awesome package. TR

  246. Micah McDowell says:

    Well, I would like to work on all of them but peace and kindness stick out most. Peace because I worry and when I worry it shows. But I want Christ to show. Kindness because I am not very good at exhibiting that to people I do not know well. People sometimes think I am a snob or stuck up because I keep my guard up…intentionally at times and unintentionally.

  247. Patience…..just learning to trust that God will bring about His best at the perfect time.
    Thank you for your encouragement Lynn.

  248. I definitely could use more self control! I think once I experience and show more self control, the others will come of be easier to receive.

  249. Peace. Joy. Hope. The devotional today was so timely. It brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing His voice with me this morning.

  250. Stephanie says:

    Joy and Patience… my most recent motto has been “Do Less, Seek Him More”. I lost myself in trying so hard to serve God, be a good wife and mother and working that I lost sight of the fact that my relationship with Him is the most important. I’ve been doing much better at spending time in His Word and weeding out my schedule so I’m not so stressed. But, I’m still working on finding my joy and being more patient.

  251. Patience! And going through a big transition now, this devotion was an incredible reminder to use it as an opportunity, instead of viewing it with skepticism. Thank you!

  252. I definitely need to work on my patience. My twelve year old daughter, just this week, asked me why she couldn’t be more patient. Apparently we both need this book!

  253. Oh I am SO IN! I want to really work on ALL of them – I know it sounds like quite the mountain to climb, but my heart is so ready to tackle them all 🙂

  254. peace and self control. In a season of big decisions and big change. I find myself falling back into having a fearful heart and trying to control things. But I can’t. Only God is in control. May he help me to trust in him and grow the fruit of peace knowing he is in loving, perfect control and there is nothing to fear. Been praying for the lord to show me which study to do next with my almost 13 year old daughter. This is it! Thank you, Lord!

  255. I would definitely have to say self control and patience. Thanks for the encouragement!

  256. Wendi Martin says:

    Patience, kindness, self-control…you name it i need to work on it!!!

  257. I’m in and I need all of it! Growing daughters to love Jesus is tough work when I’m not sure I even get it right! I want them to see their need of Him in their lives and I need to be at His feet daily!

  258. Faithfulness. ..God has been so faithful to me. I would love to demonstrate that trait more to my 13 yr old daughter by sharing time with her doing this study. Thank you for your words today…just what I needed to hear. Blessings!

  259. Stephanie Maust says:

    I have had a low self esteem of myself growing up because of things that happened to me as a child along with never feeling I belonged in the hearing world nor Deaf world. I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful lady whom I would love to become more Gorgeous as she is. She is retired now and I will greatly miss her. I would love to win this book to helpe and guide me in right direction in becoming more like a woman of God that shows. Please let me win. Thanks bento God!

  260. All of them really but currently Joy and Peace.

  261. I can not choose just one fruit. I see my clear need for more of each one a meditate on.

  262. I would love to feel more peace, and stop second guessing everything! In my head I know the Lord has me in His hands. Sometimes I just can’t embrace it and be sure I’m making a decision that is pleasing in His sight. Am I doing the right thing? Can I do what’s expected of me at work/home/church well?

  263. My family just moved to a new state for my husband’s job. While we decide where to live, find a job for me, where to attend worship, and where to send the kids to school, I am struggling with many characteristics! I know God has a plan, I am struggling with patience as we wait on the things He is preparing for us. I struggle with fear, not knowing what the future holds, not having enough finances to support our family. And self-control, especially in dealing with my children-whose lives have been turned upside down.

  264. Donna Boyk says:

    Ummm…all of them??? =D While there are times that I can model each one of these behaviors, I want it to be more the rule than the exception in my mind and deeds and most of all, my heart!

  265. Peace. My marriage (and as a result my family) has been through a very difficult year. Learning to have peace in all circumstances seems essential to becoming more Christ-like and being able to reflect the other fruits of the spirit.

  266. Joy and Patience–would love to share that more with my girls who are changing so fast in the preteen/teen world!

  267. Aleks Bennett says:

    Joy. No matter what I want to be joyful in all circumstances no matter the season I’m in in my life, or what’s going on around me.

  268. Faithfulness. I’m working on it!! ☺️

  269. I’d like to work on being more encouraging and thoughtful of others.

  270. Love…If I have love, real love, for others, the other traits will come. I have found that I can be nice to others without truly loving them. That makes my niceness empty. I want to have a true love for others, the same love that our Father has for us.

  271. Nicole Young says:

    Ooh, can I mention 3!! =) I’d like to work on love, gentleness and self control. Can you tell I have kids? 😉 lol!! Jesus has surely blessed me/us though. Would LOVE to be more like Him!!

  272. Gentleness! How I respond to the ones I love most definitely needs His guidance.

  273. I’m working on being content.

  274. Joy….when it feels like ALL the incredibly hard changes will not settle into blessing, but knowing God IS in them and has far greater things ahead.

  275. Joy and peace. Seems like I lost both in my house. My joy has disappeared.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      He can restore it, Camille! The joy of the Lord is our strength. Key words: “of the Lord”. We so need Him to find it and fight for it each and every day!

  276. I want to work on gentleness. Sometimes I struggle with unforgiveness when someone hurts me or I sin. I think if I grow in gentleness it will become a habit to let things go easily and then grow in joy and even patience.

  277. LORD give me heart to receive your amazing grace AND to provide grace to all those around me… Free of judgement and strings…. Your grace is what I need

  278. Self-control is an area I wrestle with. Whether it’s food, time, or my attitude, I need to exercise more self-control.

  279. Humility ~

    Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

    in everything.. a tough one ~ But I know with God all things are possible. God bless you ~ thank you

  280. I would like to publicly praise God for the ways I have seen him work self-control into my life recently. He is miraculous in ways I would have never imagined. I pray that God would continually work on me in every way, specifically in the ways of patience and kindness, especially towards the ones I love most! Why does it seem that my sinful nature feels I can be rude, short, unkind, and impatient with those who are closest to me?? They are my treasured ones. Lord, help me!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Beautiful!!! VICTORY!

  281. Michelle N says:

    With God’s help, I am loved learning to walk with self control.

  282. How to choose just one? 🙂 Today, self-control is my conviction ~ the self-control to let go and let God, particularly when it comes to my children. As the Mom of a 21 year old and 17 year old, I resonate with your post today. I can totally see myself “accidently” procrastinating against my daughter’s high school graduation announcements in a couple of months; and the thought of my son graduating from college and potentially moving states away next year hurts my heart. But, they both know the Lord and are seeking to live life for Him, so I must let go me control. God has a plan for both of them and I trust Him. Thanks!

  283. Stephanie Smith says:

    Patience…with others especially my family, extra patience with my 14 year old twin boys.
    Joy…I want to live more in the moment and enjoy where my life is now instead of olaning for tomorrow.
    Forgiveness…I need to be less bitter stop holding grudges and FORGIVE.

  284. Being a homeschooling mom of 8 and leaving in the house with 4 adults and 2 teenagers, I need everyday God help to have the fruits of the spirit.May the Lord Jesus fill me evrey day with Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus.

  285. Patience…patience to ensure the race set before me. I am not yet 40, but my husband is dying and my life is swirling. I deeply desire to handle this journey with patience…

  286. Peace and self control.

  287. Patience – want to display to others how patient God has been with me – especially my third daughter.

  288. All of it really struggling in my walk lately. I haven’t opened my bible in months or any of these emails and today I open this one thank you. I’ve really been struggling with being that woman of faith.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Nancy, thank you! Thank you for your honesty. He meets us there. When we throw up our arms and say, “We DON’T have this Jesus. HELP!”

      1. Thank you, I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff and getting to know this “new” me. We lost our 3yo two years ago and we’ve since had another child and I’m struggling with finding who I am now. Everyone tells you you’re never the same after losing a child but I’m a bit scared at how lost I feel as a person much less mom, wife, sister, daughter…thanks again for listening to His words and sharing them with us.

  289. I need to work on all of them but specifically patience and joy.

  290. Stella Satterlee says:

    Love. I want to reflect God’s love.

  291. Patience and joy are the 2 I am striving toward. I find without the patience for life’s challenges, 1 of which is raising a teenage granddaughter, I struggle to find the joy.

  292. I’m really working on inviting all of the Spirit in my and so I can feel it. I love all 8 traits and am working on them all!

  293. Self control is at the top of my list. Thank you!

  294. I need to work on patience & joy. I am in a transition stage right now after just finishing pharmacy school and I feel myself becoming impatient with my family due to the stress in my life. I don’t like the person I have become & I would love to win a copy to help me get back on the path that God has laid out for me.

  295. Italia Erlangga says:

    I definitely need to work on patience and self-control.. as well as speaking the truth in LOVE.. I tend to speak it in anger 🙁 I desire so much to have the fruits of the holy spirit so alive abd flourishing in my life 🙂

  296. Most definitely self-control. And it is HARD. But I want to become the woman He has created me to be. This spoke to me so powerfully today, the scriptures exactly where I have been studying.

  297. My downfall is faithfulness. I have found that if I remain faithful, the other fruits “fall into place”. If I am not faithful, it is hard to exhibit the other fruits. Faithfulness…that is what I long for. It is what I need. : )

  298. Peace…..in the midst of change and life moving so fast….peace in God’s word.

  299. Kay Williams says:

    I so desperately could use this book for myself and my kids. We are going through a season of change. New jobs, new home, new state, new schools, new friends etc….also my best friend in the world just found out she has breast cancer. I have had emotions I didn’t know existed and the “fruit of the spirit” seems lost on my world. The trait I NEED most is KINDNESS and patience. I’M IN!!!

  300. I am working on many things, but most of all patience and trust. Fully trusting in God, His timing, and His love for me. I think some peace of mind will come with great trust.

  301. Laura Brown says:

    All of them, but I think the gentleness is the biggest one at the moment. A huge change where feelings can easily get hurt has just happened, and being gentle isn’t always my strong suit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  302. Gentleness. I want to be a beautiful woman whose life exhibits the fruit of the Spirit.

  303. Michelle Belle says:

    I have been trying to win this book for some time. I would just buy it, as well as the mended heart, but my boss hasn’t paid me in 11 weeks, and I can’t seem to find another job. For now I am trusting and waiting on the Lord.
    I wan’t to say thank you to you and all the proverbs 31 ladies. I didn’t think I needed to read the mended hear because I “am fine, there are so many people with worse lives than mine” But every e-mail sent to me was frankly a direct challenge from God telling me I needed to read that book. I would argue, and the next day receive an e-mail using the EXACT SAME WORDS, and challenging me to read the book anyway. So I joined the study in order to read the first few chapters. (thank you ladies so much for doing that, it makes a world of difference)And I truly hadn’t realized how NOT fine I was. I read Jesus mission statemnt/foreward three times and bawled every time the whole time. The first chapter was even harder. The second I only had to read twice, but I bawled the whole time, and the third was hard in a completely different way than the first two. I hadn’t realized how much hurt I had buried, but still carried. I hadn’t realized how much disdain I had for myself, all the things I BELIEVED about myself that were so unfounded. My personality screams rejected, dejected, hurt, carpet, worthless, useless. I wan’t to change that, I am changing that, I wan’t a mended heart, and magnetic personality. I would love to win, if I don’t I will wait until the Lord blesses me with a paying job and buy the books myself.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Michele, you bless me! I am so glad God is using The Mended Heart to heal your heart! I am doing the study too. So, so good!

      God, You are Michelle’s provider. Release the funds she needs to live, Lord. Thank you that you are continuing the good work you have started! Amen

  304. Self control on so many levels as I muddle through rearing two middle schoolers and walking through career changes.

  305. Kate Carman says:

    Patience in my parenting!!

  306. April Mooney says:

    Patience with myself and with God would be at the top of my list. We don’t sit very well in today’s world as busy as we are and I need understand that there is always a reason God takes as long as He does to work things out sometimes. Things like weight loss, exercise habits, better eating habits, finances, children, all of these things take time and I forget sometimes that I am on His time frame and not mine. So patience would be a must for me right now.

  307. Cindy Riggs says:

    Of course I have all the attributes to attain… I just want to be so filled with the Spirit that people see Jesus not me. I struggle with being a personal perfectionist trying to attain these lofty attributes of Jesus and when I fail I have a hard time showing myself grace. I often pray the fruit of the spirit over myself and family. I know I can only do this with Jesus ; I just forget.

  308. Jessica VanMersbergen says:

    Trust! In Jesus..my husband….Trust!

  309. I desire more faith. I want to be the same woman in my home with my husband as I appear to be at church, grocery store, work etc. No duplicity.

  310. Would love to do this study with my senior daughter before she heads back to America to attend college and I remain in Guatemala. It’s been a challenging year losing my mother to a short cancer battle but God is so faithful to provide all we need!! That being said, I desire to be more like HIM, and it seems that I fail so many days. Peace and Joy are what I’m trying to understand more of now and God is faithfully teaching me and (SLOWLY) molding me into HIs image. God bless you for your ministry.

  311. Kindness and patience is at the top of my list with self-control coming in at a close second!!

  312. Alana Morgan says:

    I need all of these attributes at different times. ..most of all joy, to find or see it in all things. Thanks for this opportunity.

  313. Self-control and patience.

  314. Well there’s a lot God needs to work on in me! But I guess the two that really come to mind for this season of my life are joy and patience—finding joy no matter the circumstances and being patient to wait on the Lord instead trying to do things on my time and my strength. I would add that because God is God and is the ultimate multitasker I have also found that during this time He has made me humble, compassionate and loving to others and their struggles. And those are lessons that I might never have learned otherwise…I’m just at awe of how He works!

  315. LAUREN POTTER says:

    Faith. I need to trust our great God is in control of my life. I want to fully rely on Him in every aspect of my life no matter what I may be going through. It’s hard to do, but I know there is such beautiful peace when I do.

  316. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. . . . I need to work on all of them. Thank you for your post!

  317. Naomi Prater says:

    I wrote the fruit of the spirit on my mirror about a week ago so I would see them daily and repeat them to myself. It isn’t just one thing I’m asking God to transform in my life. I think all these qualities need refreshing and a brighter perspective in my current season. That is what I am praying for and am eager to see how God works in me.

  318. I need to work on my patience and self control.

  319. I am working on faithfulness.
    Having gone through several unplanned changes I have lost that connection with God. This summer I plan to change that.

  320. Patience ..for waiting on God and for those in my life. Thanks for your encouragement today!

  321. Hard to choose just one. I guess peace would be number one y though. I’m really struggling. Just journaled last night and said what have I become? This devotion really hit home. I used to be so responsible, kind, composed, but not lately. Praying God will continue to change me. More of HIM, less of me!

  322. Jacquie Ryan says:

    I’d most like to adopt the character traits of patience, and peacefulness in my life! My oldest children (boy/girl twins) are heading off to college, with my daughter being 3 hours away) and I’d love to do this study with her right now!

  323. Valerie Blaha says:

    Patience……I need to learn to wait for God’s time, not mine.

  324. I want/need to work on Self Control. Self control in so many areas of my life:
    1. Time management – learning to say “no” and not being over-committed.
    2. Eating habits – I’m a “stress snacker”
    3. People “fixer” – I want everyone to be happy and I want to “fix” their problems. Only Jesus is the true “fixer”.

  325. It’s hard choosing just one…I would have to say kindness though. I have four daughter’s and love them with all that I am but I need to learn to not be so emotional when they react in a way that is hurtful. I tend to disconnect to protect my feelings. I am going to do this study with them.

  326. I want to work on peace. I worry and am anxious over everything! I need Gods peace to flow through me.

  327. Patience. I feel like I can tell people about patience all day long but when it comes to me I prefer instant gratification. I tend to rush, and with two small kids that feed off my energy patience is a very important trait to have and be able to pass on. I wish I had more patience when I’m waiting on God speak to me.

  328. Amy Jo Hush says:

    For me, it’s patience. I always need to know the why of things right now instead of waiting on God to reveal it to me.

  329. I need to work on all of them but today, Peace might be the one who wins today! Lots of things going on and I have to accept that NOTHING is in my control. I have to give it over to God and let him fix it. Thank you for the inspiration and devotion today. Came at a really good time for me.

  330. I feel like I need to work on all of them. 🙁 With so many transitions/trials taking place in my life, I need to work on faithfulness because there have been times I wanted to give up, run and hide. Thank you for the encouragement to keep persevering. 🙂

  331. Christine says:

    I need to work on patience and joy right now. Finding those through the hard times that we face and in the every day-ness of life. Thank you for this giveaway.

  332. I need to word on gentleness, patience, and peace.

  333. In this ever changing world , I would love to find peace and be able to share more joy with my daughters.

  334. I can’t work on any by myself, tried & failed. I need God to navigate me through the points of change He sees that need it, not what I see…though I would like to become less judgmental/critical (loving) of others & teach my daughter how to rely on God to transform her.

  335. Meline St Pierre says:

    It’s funny I was just telling my daughter that we are going to start a bible study on the fruit of the spirit .I want them to work on all of the them. Thank you God bless…

  336. Patience….which would strengthen my self control. Have the tools in my tool box, plenty of life adversity experience, tons of blueprint lessons, and the passion to pass on experiences as a motivator for women and young girls.

    “If the Queen had balls, she’d be King”, my dad always preached. Thanks in heaven dad! (2013)

  337. Patience and strengthening my faith, these are areas of which I need to focus.

  338. Faithfulness, self-control..

  339. Joy. I need to be more intentional

  340. Mandy Eley says:

    Peace…trusting God beyond what my eyes can see & my mind can imagine.

    Mandy Eley

  341. Oh, to have self control and patience!!!

  342. Belinda Hopson says:

    I need to work on walking by faith and becoming a better woman each day. I am working on growing as a spiritual woman to become the best person/woman I can be in Christ. I am working towards a soul that radiates peace, harmony, love, and being zenful. After going through a horrific divorce I am learning who I am as a woman, which the journal has been rough but well worth it.

  343. Connie McDonough says:

    I need to work on gentleness and self-control in the midst of my circumstance.. And though I may lose everything love surpasses all understanding..

  344. Paige Old says:

    I need more of God. Want the keep my fire burning bright all the time. Want the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    He is so Mighty! And he deserves every moment and every ounce of energy we have! I’m working on that.

  345. The past few weeks, God has been leading me to dig deeply into defining love. I have been studying and meditating on 1 Corinthians 13, pick it apart phrase by phrase. While I consider myself a nice and kind person who says, “I love you” more regularly than some others do, I’ve been convicted with the question, “But what does it mean to really love someone?” Fortunately God devoted an entire chapter to answering that question for me. In reading today’s devotional, I was struck by the strong parallels between the traits of love in 1 Corinthians 13, and the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5. They answer each other, each reinforcing and strengthening the other. “…but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing… the greatest of these is love.”

  346. Samantha Baldwin says:

    Peace, joy, self control

  347. Joy is the one for me. There are so many changes going on in my life. I want to honor God and share Him with others while going through life! May my joy in Him be reflected to those I come in contact with!

  348. I definitely need to work on patience.

  349. Peace: my youngest is a senior this year. I got upset because we have to order her senior pictures and I’m just not ready. I keep reminding myself that I need to “let go and let God”. Lol, I need to stick it on my forehead! She’s a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord, I know He’s got this!
    I would love to win this to share it with my daughter.

  350. Expressing JOY is definitely my weak link. Thank you for all you do!

  351. Wow, sounds like a great book. My daughter and i would get a lot out of it!

  352. Tricia Roberts says:

    Patience is what I need to work on !

  353. I’m working on remaining peaceful in the midst of the storm in my life. After 20 years of marriage, my husband walked out on my three teenagers and I almost 6 months ago. Financial strain is wearing on me, but we have peace in our home and no more fear of making him mad. I find that when I get totally overwhelmed to the point that my heart is racing and feeling like the pressure is too much, the only thing that brings peace is opening the Bible and reading! Instant calm and peace. Now if I could remember to open the Bible first, before becoming unglued, instead of after, life would go more smoothly!

  354. Robin Couey says:

    Appreciating the many blessings in my life

  355. Trustworthiness in all areas. I’m in!

  356. Glenda Greene says:

    The most dominant part of the fruit of the spirit I need now is patience, with joy following close behind. Transitions are HARD for me and I have several now and on the horizon. I love your devotions and books. God bless you.

  357. I want to trust Him more to turn my fear into faith and boldness!

  358. Jennifer Coca says:

    Being kind… I get caught rushing and stressing and I will get grouchy and be sarcastic too often.

  359. I certainly can use help growing in all the traits of the Holy Spirit but I believe God is calling me to
    To really grow to have more JOY in all I do as his little girl. Life as a mom, wife, daughter and woman in general can be taxing & uninviting yet God wants us to experience His JOY in all we do not just those things that potentially make us happy. I’m learning what that means and enjoying my journey! Thx for what seems like a great study!!!

  360. Patience and faithfulness.

  361. Charity Ketchum says:

    Patience.. Lately I have not had any patients with my family. I have been ill and very tired. Doctors are still trying to figure it out. I have been unkind and abrupt with my family. I need to learn to rely on God and trust his plan. Patience and reliance on God in this trying time when life isn’t what I thought it would be.

  362. I choose self control, although I need to work on all of them.

  363. I need to work on seeing people and things as opportunities not inconveniences/interruptions by remaining more flexible in my daily activities/schedule.

    Would love to win your book to pass on to a mom and daughter that I know would love to read and share it together and would truly benefit from doing so.

  364. Rhonda Hottle says:

    My friend in Washington State and I have been looking for a study to do together across the miles. We both need work in those areas and this sounds like a good start! However, in this season of life I am in, I need to work on Joy. even though we may seem “happy” we do not always have joy. Thanks so much for being part of Proverbs 31. The daily devotionals help me to get a good start on my day along with spiritual food to chew on all day!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you, Rhonda!

  365. I pray for more of His love and peace

  366. I have a 16 yr old girl, we need help together in all areas.
    As we are learning to adapt daily.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  367. Jennifer Carter says:

    Self control in certain areas of my life! Thanks for all of the wonderful devotions from Proverbs31!

  368. I’ve worked on patience for the last five years or so. I wish I’d hurry up and learn it. Self control, though is honestly the core root of what I am working on now. They all impact each other. Self control, for me majorly affects how kind I respond to people.

  369. Faithfulness! I want to always have faith that he has a plan for me & my family. We are going through some hard times right now & the devil is trying to keep us down. I want to know that through my faith, it will all work out according to his plan.

  370. Ajeenah Gayhardt says:

    I need patience in every aspect of my life… With my kids, my husband, life, God… Everything. And love…I need to know truly how to love and let myself be loved without the thought of being hurt.

  371. Self control and patience! I turn 43 this month and still can’t seem to get the hang of it!

  372. oh thank you for sharing this. i used to be that organized mom and now i just feel like a mess most days! patient i am not.. and truly there are areas i could work on with all the fruits of the spirit!

    thank you and God bless

  373. I need to learn how to be still. I want to listen to the Holy Spirit. Just when I hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit nudging me , the voice in my head shouts out and jumps impatiently. I just wish I could wait and listen more carefully to what God wants me to say and or do.

  374. I’m in 🙂
    I need to work on meekness, so very much! Along with about a dozen others but that’s the biggie! I really enjoy this post, it’s my first time visiting your blog but it will not be the last. May God bless your work!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yeah Teresa! I’ll look forward to hearing from you on future posts. Welcome!

  375. I’m in!! Our bible study group is looking to do a fruits of the spirit study 😉

  376. Mary-Ann Kurucz says:

    Peace. Being able to feel peace from God, no matter what obstacle is in the way. I could use help in all of them but this one is a huge struggle for me.

  377. I can’t think of a single fruit of the spirit that I would like to become more like! Patience and self control would be at the top…thanks for the giveaway

    1. Supposed to say that I wouldn’t want to become more like lol

  378. I want to work on faithfulness. I feel like I’m always in a rut and I can’t seem to climb out. My youngest is heading off to college and I need something to create new passion in me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Me too, Pam! Since the beginning of this year, I have been anticipating this transition and have been praying for Jesus to show me my next step. I feel it coming on! Keep praying, with heart and eyes open. He will reveal!

  379. Self control! That is hardest!

  380. Love…for God is love! I desire to make myself available in the lives of other women. The useful encouragement gleaned in your book would be resourceful for sharing! As a reminder to them, in varying walks of life, the beautiful possibilities God provides for us to be driven to pursue, all out of our love for Him. And yes, the way can certainly make us weary, yet we rest at night in peace with being witness of His accomplishments through us daily.

  381. I need to work on self-control. I am trying to lose weight and find that I have no self-control! I pray for God’s hand and love in this area in my life

  382. Janel Hildebrand says:

    Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. . . . I need to work on all of them.

  383. Peace and Patience are things I pray about practically daily. I want the Lord’s peace in my home. To have that, I feel I need to work on my patience level with my little ones, my husband, and myself 🙂

  384. Lisa Jackson says:

    I want JOY to show more! I have been blessed beyond what I could ever imagine and most times I focus on what is wrong, instead of what is so right!
    Thank you,

  385. This made me think a little bit… There isn’t just one trait I need to work on, I need to work on all of them!! I have three children, two of which are under 2 years old. I am always running thin on patience. This week God has shown me so many things to work on. My ex husbands wife passed away in a horrible car accident on her way to our daughter’s baptism. For the past 5 days, I have been taking on the role to care not only for my husband and children but also for my ex. At first I was apprehensive about it, but I felt God telling me it was my job to help in any way I could. So this week I have been reminded that no matter what the situation, we should always practice love, joy, peace, patience,kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus in you, Lauren! Jesus IN you!

  386. I want to be more faithful. Times I feel like I have all my trust in Jesus and then I start to show how little faith I have thinking I am in control of every situation. I want faithfulness to show in all my thoughts and actions!

  387. Kimberley McDaniel says:

    I am experiencing change with two teenagers and two pretend. I need God’s guidance and wisdom to help us all through this change! I need prayers to help me become more of the mom that God wants me to be. I need the guidance to teach my children and instill in them that “Gorgeous is more than a face in the mirror!”

    1. Kimberley McDaniel says:

      Two pre-teens not pretend

    2. Lynn Cowell says:

      Amen! You can do it with the power of the Holy Spirit, Kimberley! Jesus, empower Kimberley to believe Your truth and ooze that truth all over her kids! Amen

  388. Joy and trust with God I’m learning to let it go and just take a leap of faith . Many times I stand there I guess I’m looking for a safety net seriously knowing it’s already there God loves me and I know this yet I pause sometimes when I just need to jump and trust and be happy . Lord thank you for continually help me in my walk with you . Teach me to trust jump and laugh more I love you Lord and just sing let it go let it go . Amen

  389. Gentleness. I’m very direct, being real is how I speak my love language. I’m a single, working mother of 4 children whose ages range from 17 to 8. I’ve been blessed with two girls and two boys, each with very unique talents and personalities. I feel I have failed by not being faithful in putting God first. This creates a domino effect on my joy, my strength, my peace and patience. Aside from being afraid as changes occur, my oldest driving, going to college next fall, then I’ll have another one driving. I’m struggling with holding on to worry instead of trusting Jesus. I’m basically a basket case

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Kami – sounds like we’re in a similar season of change. Oh how we need Jesus to remind us, these kids are His kids even before they are our’s! It is His job to draw them, protect them. Our place is on our face, praying for them each and every day. Lord, remind us all day long to bring our kids before You in prayer and leave our worry behind. Amen

  390. I’d like to work on my compassion and to be more like Jesus in that area.

  391. Lucy Chaves says:

    I’m in! I would like the summer study guide to help me with patience, and just learning more about the fruits of the spirit. Thank you for this opportunity. Sincerely Lucy.

  392. Shannon Westerman says:

    Love, trust and joy!

  393. Thanks so much for sharing this. Joy…. Would be my choice as I seem to have lost my inner joy over the past year having lost my sister and being my husband’s caregiver through a stroke, heart attack and bypass surgery.
    Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Deniese, what pain you have and are experiencing. Jesus, being the giver of joy, you know how to empower Deniese to find it even in the middle of her circumstances. Shower her with Your love, peace and joy today! Amen

  394. I want to find the person that God sees me as.

  395. Melisa Rabbitt says:

    I’m sure that I need help with all the fruits of the Spirit at one time or another but patience is probably the hardest one when dealing with two teenage daughters! My daughter just came home from Confirmation Camp and this book would be right up her alley! Thanks!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yep, Melisa, I agree on patience! Yesterday, my normally respectful girl was not so respectful. All kinds of stuff flew through my head before I turned my back and walked away. Not always the right action, but it seemed like it at the time. I really saw that verse in Proverbs that says something like a kind answer turns away wrath (or something along those lines). Within minutes she came and apologized. Whew! So glad that one turned out good!

  396. Traci Baker says:

    I totally need more patience…and quickly!
    Yikes! I really could use some tools to help me learn this virtue. Thanks for entering me in the contest!

  397. I want to become the “beautiful” that God wants me to be….The one others long to be like on the inside Thanks for such a great encouraging website having four daughters makes me so excited to start this series…

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Welcome to Wise Women; Wiser Daughters, Julie! I am so glad you are joining those of us trying to make an investment in the next generation!

  398. I definitely need to work on self-control. This fruit bares all meaning in my life. From eating habits, how I handle my children and their behavior, to the way I respond to strangers in public. I prayed many times for boldness to speak to people about God. However, God has recently shown me that the enemy has tried to take that and turn it against me. Now I have to pray that I’m slow to anger, or self-control led and that I have wisdom in all matters of speaking.

  399. Amanda Shantel says:

    It was hard for me to pick just one so I didn’t. I picked three. I need self control to withstand temptations and stand strong. I need joy because I have lost mine. I see people around me and they seem to be so happy. My sister for instance she is a youth pastor and I inspire to be more like God because of her witness to me. She is always happy among other things. It is just so hard. I also need patience. Lately i get frustrated really easy.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Amanda, I hear in your voice the one you want to become. Don’t give up, friend! Yesterday, I read a quote by my friend @MandyYoung. She said, “It’s not that happy people are thankful; its that thankful people are happy.” Wow, did that one nail me!

      Lord, help me to start with being thankful! Help me to choose being thankful, even when life is beyond hard, so I can find your joy! Amen

  400. I’m working on so many things but growing slowly. I need more work on anger,trust and forgiveness. God is the only one who can help me.

    Thank you and praise God

  401. Contentment in all situations

  402. Christine Crosby says:

    I really need to work on all of the fruits of the Sprit, but the two I need most right now are patience and self-control. Thanks for your encouragement today and God bless you.


  403. The top right now is discipline (self control) and patience. However I definitely see Him working in others areas as well. I certainly desire and need more of all His fruits for His power and light to shine. Thank you so much!

  404. Your devotion today resonated deeply in my heart and soul today. I am an elementary school teacher who is nearing retirement and thinking about what God’s purpose for me will be when I leave the classroom. I seek faithfulness as I believe that in deepening my faith, God will speak to me about His plans for me. I believe that all of these other traits will be revealed and instilled within me as I increase my faith in God.

  405. I feel I need to share this information with my teenage cousin who is like my little sister, she could benefit from this now in her life and help me heal wounds from that same time in my own life. In that way I would be patient, kind and shepherding like Jesus, by bringing another one of Gods children closer to him.

  406. I need peace in this crazy world!!!! It’s so hard not to lose it but trying to memorize Gods promises so I can have more peace. And self control, one I have always needed the spirit to just pour out in me. Love this and saying a prayer for everyone who just longs for more of the Spirit!!!! Thanks Lynnn!!!

  407. Angie Smith says:

    I need to work on peace. I am constantly running around and live in a constant state of chaos. I want to make sure that my daughter, who just graduated from high school has a good foundation and I believe this study would be the perfect thing for the both of us!

  408. I need to work on all of these..I’m a mother of 3, my husband is a youth pastor (new position that we are transitioning into), we have just made a move to a new state, and to say I’ve struggled with all the changes is an understatement. God is definitely working on developing these fruits in my life!

  409. I would like to attain the right portion that is pleasing to God, a balanced and complete whole fruited spirit. If true love abounds, then all should be the balanced and my walk would be so peaceful. Sadly, daily, I fall so short. Thank you for the reminder that we ALL go thru transitions and changes.

  410. I’m working on patience! Summer helps me to slow down but I still need more patience with my tween and 4 year old.

  411. My daughter and I are going over the fruit of the Spirit this summer and we are finding as we define each one that there are parts of each fruit that we need to allow the Lord to work on through us. This week we are looking at kindness.

  412. Patience, gentleness, self control

  413. I need to work on faithfulness. Too many times I try to solve problems on my own but need to instead pray about it and trust that God will direct me towards the right path!.

  414. Debbie Brown says:

    Faithfulness and kindness.

  415. I’m in, but I need to Work on being quiet , pausing and patience as well as independence.


  416. Patience and gentleness are two that I definitely need to work on!

  417. Connie Cochran says:

    Self Control
    This is a “pivot point” for me…. It is reflected by not just the outward manifestation of words & actions, but the heart with thoughts & attitudes. Self disciine to choose love will bring choices of peace ~ more love ~ kindness ~ gentleness.
    Self Control = Self Choices
    easier said than done….

  418. Shelley Levitt says:

    It’s hard to pinpoint just one. My youngest daughter graduated and moved. Soon after that my husband walked out, telling me he no longer loves me. I find myself alone and forced to movetowns, losing my house and friends. My oldest says I have devoted my life to others maybe now it’s time to find myself. Where do I start?

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Shelley, all kinds of pat answers come to mind. Quick verses and quotes that can easily be thrown out. The truth is: life is hard. Beyond hard and at times too difficult to understand.

      I do know this truth for sure: Jesus says that he who lays down his life will find it. You may not have chosen to lay down your life, but it is definitely laid down. He promises we will find life in Him. Take Him up on that promise, friend. He can do what no other can.

  419. I think self control (think before I speak, actions/consequences) is what I need to work on most

  420. Ka'Lon Dewey says:

    In my life I would like to exhibit more patience, peace, and kindness.

  421. Patience is definitely an area I need to work on! With my stressful job it can be hard to practice patience. I’m in!!

  422. Thank God, even in times of uncertainty He is always just a prayer and a Walk in the Word away. I love that He will never leave me nor forsake me even though I need His hand to constantly work on my life. I am always needing a little more patience and self-control. Thank you for your honest heart. #lovingmyLord

  423. Patience and faithfulness in His timing!

  424. Joy. It is too easy to let the cares of life choke out the joy.

  425. I’m in! I need to work on all of them!

  426. Self control for sure and seeing the joy in my life!!!

  427. God has placed 8 beautiful young teenage young ladies in my care and I want to show and set the example of Christ likeness to them. At times I need this whole fruit basket as the world has given them false security. May you be blessed for your outreach for Christ.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so very, very much for being a next generation investor! You are an answer to my prayers, Diane! For God to raise up those who see the potential He has poured into His precious young people!

  428. I’ve been realizing the harder ” I ” work to display the fruits of the Spirit, the more exhausted I become with falling short. Rather, I’ve learned to confess and repent when I fall short of being patient, joyful etc,. I acknowledge God’s amazing grace and feel His love for me. Then I ” rest” in the truth that the Spirit in me WILL develop those beautiful traits instead of me trying harder. It’s not up to me! I’m just cooperating.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      PREACH Nicole! Amen a billion times over!

  429. Faithfulness…I try each day to spend time with my Jesus and most days I feel very stuck and in a rut. I am so grateful for all he has done for me – I am so undeserving! I struggle to give him my time 🙁 I feel lost and it breaks my heart!

  430. StephanieKirby says:

    Wow, Where to begin!!! I need help with patience,self control, gentleness,,joy, and peace.i am going through the worst season in life that no person ever wants to go through. I found out on June 14,2015 my suspicions were right my husband of almost 15 years and the father of our 7 children was having an affair. The sick thing about it was he worked with this girl, he invited her and her children to our church and tried to have us become friends. When I asked him how long they had been doing this and why did he try to have us become friends he told me they had been together since our youngest child was born 8 months ago and that he wanted us to become friends to fulfill his typical male fantasy. After that I told him no way because I believe what God says about marriage and the intimacy is only supposed to be between husband and wife. Well it is 3 weeks later and he has abandoned me and our 7 children to live with her and her children. He has left us with no money. We barely are making it alive!!! I am trying to find work after 5 years of being a stay at home mommy. I keep getting told that he wants to work on our marriage but he makes no effort. He wants to take our children for a few days to stay at her house. When I told him no and that he can see the children any time he wants here at our home or at a park or something he started threatening me that if I won’t let him take the kids to her house that he won’t give me any money for the kids. He has only given me 100 dollars since he left. If weren’t for my Awsome church family and my family the kids and i would be without food right now. I am so grateful for my loving and gracious heavenly father for taking care of us durning this time. As for the rest I am so lost and heartbroken and know I have to pick up the shattered pieces and put some kind of life together for us and I need patience for the waiting, gentleness for dealing with him, self control for dealing with him, peace to rest and joy to find some joy again for my children. Sorry for the really long post, I guess there really is no way to shorten all of this. Thank you letting me share with you it helps getting it off my chest.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Stephanie, as I read your comment, my heart brews with hatred for the enemy! He HATES the family and attacks us at our greatest point of love. I do know that the Father sees you, sees your kids and has a plan already in place to care for you. I believe you will see Him meet your every need, I just wish this season would not be so heartbreaking.

      Jesus, MOVE! Stephanie needs You to do what only you can do, Jesus. Thank you for her church family. You are good, Jesus, even when we are so betrayed by others. Make Your name famous, Lord. Amen

      1. Stephaniekirby says:

        Thank you so much!!! I am so grateful I have Jesus in this time I could not make it without him!!!

  431. Sam Meunier says:

    Joy. I desperately want my children to witness a mom who chooses joy despite challenging situations.

  432. Romy Ingels says:

    I’m in! All of them is a daily battle.

  433. Josephine Wampler says:

    This is a great resource for my Sunday School Class of 6th & 7th grade girls as well as myself. Thank you for your devotion to the Savior.

  434. What a great message today! I think we can’t focus enough on the fruits of the spirit. What a great guide God has given us. I have three girls, 15, 13, & 11. I feel like my life is ever changing because my girls’ moods are ever changing. These words provide comfort.

  435. Elizabeth says:

    Patience and faithfulness. My husband and I are trying to start a family. I am trying to be more patience with God’s timing. God has told me we will have a child and trying to have faith in his timing and delivery.

  436. Patience!! I have 3 children 3yrs and under!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh my! Fill her up, Lord!

  437. Lynne Immeker says:

    I would like to work with Him on better self control. As I watch our 19-year-old struggle with his idea of whom God has for him and walking that out, he shared last night “is it silly that the more time I spend with her, I appreciate the way mom is for dad”…only by His Grace and hard knocks does our sons see this a smidge of His design walked out. All this to say, my heart goes out to his girl friend whom I love and her family and desire to give whatever of myself and resources to share His design, desires,…if that makes sense. I would love to see and pray if this would be right for our youth girls to study together.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      That would really bless me, Lynne, if Magnetic would be a good fit for your youth girls. Also check out my first study, “His Revolutionary Love” teaching girls no man can fill the love gap in their hearts; only the One Jesus. Find free chapters under my tab “books” 🙂

      1. Lynne Immeker says:

        Thank you, I wil also check out l“His Revolutionary Love” .

  438. Marcia Valera says:

    Faithfulness…the other fruits will surely follow!

  439. I am in! I have a 14 year old that is search to define who God is to her! I am greatful He loves her more than I could ever offer! I am in!

  440. I am in!! I need help in all but right now I seem to be focusing on joy, gentleness and self control!

  441. I’d like to grow in all of them, but I think faithfulness is something I’ve been working on lately. Active faithfulness and actively growing deeper in relationship with God. I have a seemingly endless ‘to do’ list, a lot of which is for God, yet so often I failed to actually spend time WITH God. I’ve been waking up extra early to spend the beginning of my day in quiet prayer, bible reading and other reading to help me focus each day.

  442. I want to be more giving to others. In this season, I’m embarrassed to admit, but I’ve had a jealousy issue that I want to change. And I don’t want to feel so ‘alone’.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Don’t be embarrassed, friend. Don’t let Satan shame you either. You confess to Jesus that you know it is sin and cry out to the Holy Spirit to empower you to walk away from it. Each time it creeps up, cry out, JESUS HELP! Together, it will become a thing of your past! Amen!

  443. All of them need to me sharpened in my life, however, at this time the “PEACE” is what I need to work on the most. I need to have PEACE about where I am in my life and know that God has HIS plans for me.

    Thank you for this devotion.

  444. Christine Miller says:

    I have been reading and plan to do a study for my group of girls in August!! I am so excited for them to learn more about modeling their image and perspective on how God views them rather than the world!! Thank you so much for reaching out to this very important group of future moms, leaders, woman of Christ!!! I’M ALL IN!!!❤️❤️

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Christine, can I just tell you what an encouragement you are to me? Sometimes, it is just important to know your work makes a difference. Of course I do it because I love Jesus, but knowing it is truly helping others, well, it really helps!

  445. Pat Parker says:

    Kindness. Sometimes I am in such a hurry to accomplish my to do list that I get behind with things, I forget to think, I forget to STOP and take time with my daughter to just enjoy her and to just “be” and I end up not being a very kind person. Then, at the end of the day, I am finding myself having to apologize for one more thing, and I feel like I’ve “blown it” again. I just want to get my identity and worth from knowing He loves me regardless of what I get done in a day. I want to be an example of kindness to her and I want that Jesus joy to spill over into her life. I’d love to read this book!

  446. Joanne Lim says:

    Gentleness…especially with my daughter. I pray for that specifically these days in quiet time. She’s only eight, but time is moving so fast. Want her to know the fruits God is growing in me. Also would love to use Magnetic for the young ladies at my church. Thanks!

  447. Christine Cromley says:

    I’m in!!!

  448. I have always struggled with self-control. Lately I feel God pushing me towards gentleness. I’m not very good at it, and my family really needs it right now.

  449. Good morning. Thank you for your message today. I do not have children, but do have many family members and friends that have daughters. I want to be the “aunt” that these ladies can relate to, go to, be a role model for. When I was younger, I would have loved having someone like this. I know it will help me also to become that better person and friend.

  450. Thank you for such and inspirational post. I am all in!

  451. Shari Felten says:

    I need more of all of these, but the one that I most need help with is self-control. I tend to speak without thinking & often interrupt people in my eagerness to say what I am thinking. I don’t like this trait & am asking God to help me, but it isn’t easy. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  452. Donna Sturdevant says:

    Gentleness. I think that specific fruit goes hand in hand with patience – ‘longsuffering’ in some translations. I feel I need these most when dealing with my family.

  453. I’m in! I am IN and I AM IN!

  454. I need more self control. Thanks!

  455. Faithfulness! My two daughters need to see how wonderful God is and I need to increase my faith so I can lean more on God to help me with the other traits. Thank you!

  456. The trait I most need to work on is self-control. I don’t need to give voice to every thought that comes into my head. I think that progress in this area will filter into progress in all the other traits as well. Here’s to embracing the journey!

  457. Roberta Grisett says:

    Help with patience and self control.

  458. I would like to work on patience. It is something I struggle with a lot. When I saw that a church up the street from me changed their sign to read “Patience is a virtue that carries a lot of wait”, I couldn’t help but see it as a sign in my own life.

  459. I’M IN!!! GOD BLESS YOU!

  460. Most important is love but also need peace. Need to work on all of them to be honest.

  461. I would like to work on patience and faithfulness.

  462. Nicole Huskey says:

    I definitely need to work on the spirit gentleness. Sometimes I can come across too brash, and it puts people off. I don’t mean to but don’t know how to stop.

  463. Silviana Cairo says:

    I would like to work on treasuring the moments with my children. Sometimes I am not “in the moment” with them and I miss so much because as we are together I am thinking about tomorrow, the Church, work, my husband. Thank you for today’s article on Who am I becoming.

  464. To start….I need to work on Peace, Gentleness & Self control! Your devo hit home today. Thank you! I truly needed it. You would think as a grandmother, empty nester and entering the senior citizen time of my life I would have more answers and more peace! I find myself struggling in a new phase of my life as a caretaker for my elderly mom and her brother….wow…who am I becoming!?!?

  465. I desperately need to work on and experience all 9 of the fruits of the Spirit. Currently I am witnessing my 3 month old great granddaughter living in a small one room motel room with her mother and a just turned 4 year old half brother. My 23 year old grandson is the father of the 3 month old baby. My daughter has taken the young mother to visit a program that offers job training, childcare, counseling, housing, help with food, and numerous other benefits until she can ” get on her feet”. The young mother decided she did not want to accept the help from this program because the lady she talked with was rude, in her opinion. The 4 year old cried when he had to leave the playground at the program and return to the one room motel. My daughter and I have done everything that we can think of to help this young mother. We have bought food, clothes for the baby, the 4 year old, and the mother. We have carried her to the doctor, the grocery store, and other places she needed to go, since she has no car. The financial resources are running out. My prayer today is that God will show us what he wants us to do in this situation. I can’t imagine why someone would want to live in this situation and especially bring her children up in this situation. As I have been praying about all of this, I have wondered if she is afraid of failure or something. Every week she is asking someone to help her to pay the weekly rent. I am wondering if the book – MAGNETIC might be a good approach to help this young mother. Please pray for us and this situation.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, only you can reveal what needs to happen to move this situation in a good direction. Open eyes. Bring wisdom and discernment only You can bring. Amen!

  466. I am all in!! I too am struggling with this season of life called the empty nest. My youngest daughter recently graduated from high school and will be leaving in exactly one month for college. Life hasn’t always been easy but by the love and grace of God, we have all been able to endure the tougher times. After my divorce to my daughters father almost 4 years ago, I have seen how divorce has changed me and my daughters and I so desperately want to see them both become strong, Godly young women. They are both struggling in different areas of life and I would love to be able to give them each a copy of your book to lead them back to the Christian foundation that they were raised on. In this new season, I would love to be able to grow and flourish in serving other women who have a broken past and help them find the healing and restoration that God has so abundantly blessed me with! I guess I also need to grow in the area of trust as I am learning who I am becoming!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words this morning!

  467. Self-control is my main downfall. I would love to see refinement in that area!

  468. I’d like to work on self control and model it for my daughter. But as a pastor’s wife I’d also love to share the fruits of the spirit with the girls in our congregation!

  469. Sandra Watson says:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and uplifting words. I definitely would say that quite a few or rather all of these virtues are what I long for to have more in my life. I never like to change my way or routines, but I am always thankful in the end that I have experienced many changes in my life. Being a mother of three wonderful children, a wife to an awesome husband, and a middle school teacher all beckon me to really strive to clothe myself daily with tremendous doses of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. I want so much to drench myself with more and more of these Godly character traits so others will see Christ in me. A verse that stands out is from Romans 15:13. “May the God of hope fill you with all JOY and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

  470. I would love to do this study with my whole family. I need help in.self control.it seems that I am asking for forgiveness when it comes to my mouth. The tongue is the most hurtful weapon. I grew up with abuse of all kinds and had no one to teach me. I am spending time with God, going to classes, reading books. I feel this is the one that my family needs. We can all learn more.

  471. At this time in my season, I want to work on finding peace, continue to be faithful, and having self-control. But I always need God guiding hand in showing my how to be joyful, patience, kind, good, and gentle. Thank you for your devotion. It was what I needed in my season.

  472. Amber Taft says:

    I would have to say I could definitely work on each area but in this time and place that I’m in now I would like to rest in God’s peace and joy and just trust him more. I tend to try to figure things out on my own or take offense when things don’t go perfectly and in the midst of that I find myself losing out on the joy and peace he has promised me. I sometimes get so frustrated with circumstances that I don’t see all the good and how God has orchestrated all the events in my life for his will and purpose.

  473. Cheryl Harmon says:

    Get more people to the Lord. Also pray for people in the public. Get lots of praise reports from people.

  474. I need to work on finding joy in all situations and I have a friend who has talked with me about needing patience. I would love to work with her on this!

  475. Kelly Bronnenberg says:

    I want to grow in the Holy Spirit! I want my daughter, my son’s, and the world to look at me and not only see the Spirit but also feel His love that pours out for each and everyone of us. I want to be used by Him! He has given me the courage to follow His word and my heart to become a foster parent and it’s the best thing I have EVER done, I can only imagine what else He has in store for me as I grow to becoming the girl He wants me to be. His Plan!

  476. I am working on having peace. My mind runs constantly and not always great thoughts. I am anxious all the time because of finances, friends, work, kids, etc. I want to rest in Gods embrace but find it difficult sometimes to have peace of mind. I found my mind wandering again(negative thoughts) and I thought let me check out the devotion for today. I am glad I did because I feel like it was a word for me. Thank you so much!

  477. My family is broken today and my daughter and I need help. Prayers please.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, you see the hurt and pain in the lives of Gaye and her girl. Please show them the beginning steps to take toward reconciliation. Amen

  478. kathi reed says:

    My household goes from age 6 to age 102. i definitely need to work on patience and self-control. I want everyone to see Christ through my actions and words, and times, it is very hard to do.

  479. As a mom of three girls, I desperately want to model self-control. It is something all four of us could use more of. I have been looking for a Bible study to use with some teenage girls and would love to win this contest! Thank you for your devotional this morning, my husband and I were just discussing the fruits of the Spirit last night and how he feels that he needs to be praying intentionally for these fruits in our lives as the spiritual leader of our house! Total confirmation!

  480. Patience with our little ones!

  481. Christie Hill says:

    Self control –

  482. Patience. Absolutely!!!!! I Portions of your devotion today on change and the difficulty in handling the inner acceptance of my limitations (the need for grace) seem to be a thread in a couple of different women’s outreach at this time. My last child is graduating from high school and my daughter is on a missions trip in Italy. So the question of “”Who Am I Becoming” in You on the daily basis in You Jesus is an interesting question. Change.

  483. Bethany Larson says:

    The thing that I can work on the most to become more like Jesus, is my level of tolerance. I could learn to be more tolerant of my coworkers when they have a hard time understanding how Jesus works, more tolerant of my younger siblings when they’re trying to make me upset, more tolerant of my parents when they don’t understand something I’m trying to tell them, and more tolerant of people who make it a mission of theirs to not believe in Jesus. I tend to tell people like it is, and in an even worse way when they try to think of things their way instead of how Jesus would think of it. I need to be more tolerant of others, and at least take their opinions into account more, even if they don’t match up with mine.

  484. I could use a refreshing growth of each of these fruits but I think the one of the things I would like to change the most right now, as it is so prominent to me, is my self-centeredness. We live in a society of SELF, it’s all about you, how you feel, what you want, what will make you happy and it is so very easy to be pulled into that. I have found that I have become self serving of late and it invokes a self disgust within me that leaves me feeling sick and pitiful, which is an open door to the enemy pulling me further away from my Father. I know that He is addressing this in me as well, as most of the devotionals and scriptures I have read have involved putting aside myself and loving others. I so desperately want to this mountain to move out of my way and to make every day all about Him!!

  485. Gloria DeCosta says:

    In this season of my life, God is teaching me to have more patience in my time of suffering. This is want He has shown me that is more so needed in me (even thought I thought I was a very patient person). The things I feel I need at this time have not come into manifestation. It is almost as though God is not hearing me because nothing is happening. But I know that His Word is true because He said ” He would never leave me or forsake me” and that “His grace is sufficient”. I know that it is He that orchestras everything in my life. So, as I wait on Him, I absorb myself in prayer and study. Even though the winds and the waves are all around me, the peace of God resides within me as I learn not to fret or worry, but to trust Him, even the more. By His Holy Spirit, I am kept as the Lord is working in me even now to become more like Jesus. His Word is Life and I am so grateful to Him. To God be the Glory!

  486. Michelle Strommen says:

    Patience and gentleness

  487. Self control especially with my feelings and emotions.

  488. We are in the process of moving right now and need something to root us down. I have two girls, 8 and 10 and this has been a tough summer of transition. I almost cried when I read your devo posted on Bible Gateway because that is the story of our life right now: change. I want to embrace it and be excited about it but honestly I am just tired. I want to focus on peace, because I think many of the other traits will come with that one. Thank you!

  489. I’m in! I need to work on all the fruits! I feel the ones i need to work on the most are joy & peace.

  490. I need to work on patience and self control!

  491. Denise Carroll says:

    I need to increase in all of them at different times I’m afraid, depending on the day, and/or the person I am with. :-/

  492. Stephanie says:

    I need God’s help with my patience. I have none when it comes to most things. I do not like always being in a rush for something to be done….it usually involves my children. The daily devotionals from Proverbs 31 are amazing and have helped me in my journey back to Faith.
    Thank you…..

  493. Ambiguity. Jesus was so good at this. Plans would change so quickly and he didn’t complain one bit. He knew that God (himself) was in control and guiding him. I so often have my plan for the day, week, month, year all ready to go but i use a permanent marker rather than a pencil to fill in all of my to do’s and must happens. As a wife and a mother i want to be okay with plans changing on the fly. Not just little plans like we’re have spaghetti tonight instead of burgers. Big plans like were going to live with my in laws for a year or two instead of getting our own house. Or were going to have a baby right away instead of waiting 3-5 years.

    I would love to use this study for myself as well as the girls i work with in our youth group. They are going to be seniors this year and i want to be able to point them right where God wants them to be.

  494. I’ve been wanting to do a study of the fruits of the Spirit! One I need to excercize my faith on more is self control. I know I was given this when I accepted Christ but my human desires often & sadly win over.

  495. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I NEED to work on ALL of these! I feel like I’m so lost and brokenI’m drowning and in over my head. I don’t feel like God ever hears me any more and I can’t say I’d blame Him.

  496. Love, joy, PEACE, patience, faithfulness, self-control.

  497. Patience Patience Patience…”I’m In”

  498. Thank God He is not finished with me yet as He molds me into the woman He made me to become. I am praying for peace right now in a stressful job situation and a soon to be 16 year old daughter that is my first born. I have a constant dialogue with myself of if I’m being too strict, not strict enough, holding on to tight, pushing her away, questioning why she’s being secretive- oh the list goes on and on… this is hard stuff and I just want to get it right! I have the strongest desire for us to be close, but an even stronger desire for her to surrender to Jesus Christ and allow HIm to mold and shape her into the beautiful young woman He would have her to be. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  499. I have 4 daughters the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 5 months old. So right now I feel like I am not a good example to them in the patience department. I would love this book and kit to be able to share in this journey with my girls.

  500. Michelle Penn says:

    Longsuffering… I am a 43 year old mother of two wonderful children aged 14 and 11 and I was diagnosed back in April of this year with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer and stage 1 ovarian cancer and am taking chemo treatments right now. I have completed 2 of 12 treatments that I have every 14 days. I have to say that thus far into this journey the Lord has provided me with so much grace to be able to be strong for myself and everyone around me. But after this 2nd treatment I am already feeling the chemo breaking my body down and on really bad days I feel my spirit breaking down a little at a time. I have faith in my God and I know that He is and will be by my side every step of the way I just need to continue to grow and not lose sight of Him. I want my kids to learn from this experience to lean on the Lord no matter how bad things seem, He is always there. And to gain strength from me being a good example of a faithful servant even while in this valley. I would love to win this contest and use this as a daily devotional but even if I don’t win I ask that you will keep my family in your prayers as we grow in Christ from this experience.
    Michelle P.

  501. Self-control. Looking forward to working through your book. Hopefully, with my daughter.

  502. Wow! The P31 was like an arrow to the heart! Change!!! Yikes!!!! I need to learn faithfulness and patience and self-control! All things that I will need to complete the next (probable chapter) in my life.

  503. Melissa Valentine says:

    The courage to be bold, whether in a crowd or one on one, just more courage is my prayer for today!

  504. Stacey Carter says:

    Peace!! Looking for a new teaching job so this hit spot on this morning!!

  505. Patience, peace and trust!

  506. Peace. I spend so much time running from one commitment to the next that I rarely sit still in peace. As much as I want to model dedication, commitment and responsibility to my children I also need to show them it is important to enjoy peace.

  507. I need more kindness and self-control. Great post!

  508. I believe EVERYDAY I am challenged in different ways to work on one or ALL of them! Today, my prayer is to embrace the LOVE God has for me, so that I am able to share it with others in my speach and actions!

  509. Jennelle Phillips says:

    Self Control/Peace
    for me- these go hand in hand. I am learning over and over again that spending money on items does not make me beautiful. Learning to live contently rather than buying items selfishly just because they may make the one mural wall in my house look better. Buying anything will not bring peace in my life or marriage.

  510. I need to learn to be patient and wait for God’s will. I often want to rush things, and want things to happen now. This is something that I have been struggling with for some time. It is getting a little better, but like in the article when something changes in my life, I get a little overwhelmed waiting to see what God’s final result will be.

  511. I could work on all of them!

  512. I need to work on self control and patience. My daughter is entering high school and I have been searching for a book to read with her that will help her focus on who she is in Christ, not how she measures up to other girls or what boys think of her. This would be fabulous!