Why I Quit Social Media {Wednesday Wisdom Tip}

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“When you allow yourself to be defined by numbers, you allow yourself to be defined by something that is not pure.”

That is what social media sensation Essena O’Neill shared on her YouTube video. The model from Australia, boasting 500,000 followers on Instagram, shared on what she called her video to her 12 Year Old Self, “I had it all and I was miserable…it is not real and it is not love. I was doing all I could to prove to the world I am important, I am beautiful and I am cool … Is spending your entire day proving to the whole world you are amazing worth it? It’s not life … I am a lot more than my appearance. My self-esteem has improved greatly since I quit wearing make-up. I am enough without it.”

On her new website, Let’s Be Game Changers, O’Neill shares pictures from her past Instagram account and discusses what really took place in order to get that picture. She honestly admits to hours spent trying to get just the right photo, even going without food in order to get the flat stomach for the pose.

O’Neill also puts out a powerful challenge, not to cut off all social media as she has chosen to do, but to go without it for one week. One week. She believes in stepping away for this period of time, we can all really see just how addicted we have become to this unrealistic game of comparison and competition.

Sounds like a very wise challenge for us and our daughters. Christmas break, anyone?


(Disclaimer: should you choose to watch O’Neill’s videos, which I believe are powerful, you will hear inappropriate language.)

Thanks to French Revolution for leading me to this source.

The winner of Worthy of a Miracle by Linda Kuhar is Shelley Summerville 11/13/15 at 7:49 a.m. Congratulations, Shelley!


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