Wisdom from Ruth Graham

A Few Suggestions for Me As a Mother

Keep communications open at all times
Let them know they are loved and welcome at home
Permit the children to disagree with me, provided they do it respectfully. (I do find
occassionally that they are right and I am wrong)
Make a clear distinction between moral and nonmoral issues.

In this frenzied puttering
about the house,
see more!
The dusting,
are but the poor
efforts of a heavy heart
to help time pass.
Praying on my knees
I get uptight;
for hearts and lives
are not the only things
that need to be
put right.
And, while I clean,
if tears should fall,
they’re settling the dust,
– that’s all.
I will straighten all I can
and You
take over what we mothers
cannot do.

“Prodigals and Those Who Love Them” by Ruth Bell Graham


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  1. That poem is touching. Oh how often tears have settled dust.

    Had to laugh about occassionally being right. My son tells me I'm ALWAYS wrong – and it's actually become a bit of a joke. Even if I am right…somehow I'm still wrong!

    Great wisdom.
    Thanks Lynn,

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