Women of Influence

Several times a week, I try to read the Word of God to my kids while they eat their breakfast. (Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Old Testament say something like “Teach it to them while they walk, etc. How about while they eat?) So, today being the 5th of May, I opened up to Proverbs 5 to read to Zach while he quickly consumed his banana and toast.

It seems to me (and Zach) that every time we read Proverbs it is a warning to young men about the same thing – the wayward woman. Several whole chapters in Proverbs are committed to this topic. It makes me think – what type of power do women have anyway? So much so that large chunks of the Word would be written about us in this light?

It seems when I was growing up, girls were taught how to say no to guys, but in this culture we are living in, I have had to teach my son how to say no to aggressive girls. Some of today’s young girls have been raised by yesterday’s “liberated” women. They are taught by example to “go for” what they want and to not wait for anything.

Unfortunately, it is not much different in our Christian community. The “Dare to Dream” conference this weekend was about teaching our young ladies to dream God-size dreams backed with God-size power using His divine gifts, but it was also about waiting. Waiting on the Lord – to HEAR His best, to SEE His hand move and to FEEL His presence and direction. That is where real influence comes from – the presence of the Holy Spirit residing in our hearts and controlling our every word, look and movement. May we not only teach our sons to avoid the women of Proverbs 5, but even more, may we teach our daughters to BE the women of Proverbs 31. Take a couple of minutes today and read that chapter. Lord, what must you do in me to make me like THAT woman and may we teach those ladies that surround us, by example, that what they want is YOU and waiting on you is everything!


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