You are Worth More {GIVE AWAY DAY} – Guest Post

I am so excited to have as my guest today my Proverbs 31 Ministries teammate, Sharon Jaynes.

Sharon shares with us today her post … You are Worth More!


As a little girl, I never felt I was worth very much. I always felt that I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough. I sensed my parents tolerated me, but certainly didn’t delight in me. And if your own parents couldn’t love you, then who could?


Then there was the definitive day in the eleventh grade that took my self-worth to an all-time low. I can still remember what I was wearing: lavender bell bottom low rise jeans, a bubble knit short-sleeve top, Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals, and a blue bandanna tied around my head of long oily hair I hadn’t had time to wash that morning. This was acceptable attire for teens when I was in high school, except for the days when a special awards or recognition assembly was held.


In homeroom that morning, the principal announced over the intercom that an unscheduled assembly would take place at eleven o’clock to recognize students being inducted into the National Honor Society. That’s when I understood why so many of my friends were dressed a notch above the norm. Their parents had received the secretive congratulatory call the night before and made sure their kids had washed their hair and left the frayed jeans in the drawer.


Four hundred teens found seats in the darkened auditorium. The principal made a speech of commendation from the podium and then said,  “Will the following students come forward when your name is called to receive a certificate and a candle to be lit by last year’s inductees?”


The principal called each name, and I watched several of my friends walk across the immense stage. Then, to my horror and surprise, my name was called. Why didn’t my parents warn me, I thought. I look horrible—and I did.


When the houselights went up, I panned the back of the room where proud parents snapped pictures and pointed out their progeny to others standing on tiptoe to catch a glimpse. My parents were not among them—they never were.


I later discovered that my dad had received the call from the school the night before, but forgot to tell my mom. Even though they both worked across the street from the school, they didn’t come to the ceremony. In my mind, their absence confirmed what I’d suspected for the past 17 years. I’m just not worth the trouble.


I didn’t care about the certificate or the principal’s accolades. What I really wanted was to know I had value to the two people who mattered most.


Perhaps you had painful experiences in your past that left you feeling worthless, but Jesus wants you to know you have great value. He gave His life so that you would!


Jesus said, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?” he asked His disciples. “Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Matthew 10:29-31, emphasis added).


You are worth more than the money in your bank account.

You are worth more than the number of friends you have on Facebook.

You are worth more than the number of followers for your Twitter account.

You are worth more than the number of meetings and appointments on your calendar.

You are worth more than your successes or failures.

You are worth more than your level of education.

You are worth more than the price tags in your closet.

You are worth more than your accomplishments or lack of them.

You are worth more than many sparrows.


It took many years, but finally I took hold of Jesus’s words: You are worth more. That’s what he wants you to know today.


If you believe it, leave a comment and say, “I am worth more.” We’ll randomly We’ll randomly pick one comment and send a FREE ENOUGH BRACELET made by the women of Fashion and Compassion. Every time you wear it, you’ll be reminded that because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross and His spirit in you…you are enough!


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Do the voices in your head tell you that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or just not enough, period?  If so, it’s time to stop listening to the lies that sabotage your confidence and start embracing the truth of your true identity in Christ.

Sharon Jaynes exposes the lies that keep you bogged down in guilt, shame, and insecurity. By recognizing the lies, rejecting the lies, and replacing the lies with truth, you’ll be able to

  • silence the voice inside that whispers you’re not good enough.
  • accept God’s grace and no longer allow past failures to define you or confine you
  • be preloaded with the truth to fight insecurities
  • walk in the surefootedness confidence of God’s unconditional love

Bio: Sharon Jaynes is an international speaker and best-selling author of 21 books. For those who know her best, she is a simple southern girl who loves sweet tea, warm beaches, and helping women live fully and free as a child of God and co-heir with Christ.











  1. I am worth more. Sometimes that’s difficult to remember…… Thank you for this post. It was very touching.

  2. I am worth more! Amen and Amen.??

  3. I need this today. I am blessed indeed but I’ve found myself beating myself up mentally as not enough. It’s an ugly rabbit hole that is only filled with lies. I know that but sometimes I just need to be reminded of the truth. Thank you! Your an answer to prayer!

  4. I want to believe that I am worth more, but I’m not quite there yet.

  5. Michell Brackin says:

    I am worth more


  7. In Jesus, I am worth more. Thank you for sharing Lynn and Sharon.

  8. I am worth more
    Thank you for that post, I grew up with the same mind set-with similar situation. My heart aches when I read this, and at the same time it was nice to know I wasn’t alone in those feelings. Thanks for sharing that story.

  9. Ellen Gallegos says:


  10. Jenni Pike says:

    I am worth more. ? “–yet not I, but the grace of God that is in me.” 1 Corinthians 15:10

  11. Nancy Ruess says:

    I am enough.
    I am predestined
    I am chosen
    I am wanted
    I am adopted into the line of Jesus
    I am lived by a King
    I am loved by a perfect Father and He knows me by my name
    I am called His daughter, His child, a princess of the King
    I am truly loved
    I have been set free
    I have been made clean
    I AM LOVED!! Praise you, Lord, God, my Father, my King!!!
    I am enough

  12. Nancy Ruess says:

    I am worthy
    I am enough
    I am loved by a King

    1. You are a princess!! The child of the King!! ?

  13. I am worth more! This post really struck a chord with me, it’s good to know I am not alone in this. Thank you!

  14. I am worth more. Thank you so much for this inspirational message.

  15. I am worth more. Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy reading your posts.

  16. Thanks to Jesus, I am worth more!

  17. For my sweet daughter who has been married only 6 months and has been beaten down verbally and emotionally and now separated, she has believed the lie she is worth nothing but I claim in Jesus name She is worthy!

    Thank you for your post!?

  18. Still learning that, “I am worth more”! Thank you for the timely reminder. *hugs*

  19. Ann Goodner says:

    Thank you Jesus. I am worth more.

  20. I am worth more Christ Jesus went to CrossFit my sin

  21. Lynn Turner says:

    I am worth more!! Thanks for sharing your story!! It helps others out there that have been through similar situations and know that they are not alone!!

  22. I am worth more.

    I really needed to hear this today! Thank you!!!

  23. Michael Ann Adams says:

    As I am going through a divorce after 19 years together, I’m learning that I am worth more in Christ.

  24. Kassie Pierson says:

    I’m worth more!!

  25. I am worth more thanks to Jesus and thank you for giving me a chance to win

  26. I came from a broken home as a child and my brother and I were raised by our oldest brother. I always remember thinking I wasn’t enough because my parents couldn’t love me. We went to a foster home for about 6 months then God sent my older brother to rescue us. I still had a hard time thinking I was ever enough. Thanks to the love of God , I am worth more.

  27. Rita Carter says:

    I am worth more. You are worth more. All because He lets me know I am worth more!

  28. Pam Moody says:

    I am worth more Dear Jesus

  29. “I am worth more.”

  30. In Jesus, I am worth more! Thank you for this reminder 🙂 God Bless You all.

  31. Heather Held says:

    I am worth more. I pray in the name of Jesus to know this and believe this every day. I am a beautiful child of God. Thank you Sharon and Lynn for this message of truth!

  32. Amen! I am worth more!

  33. I am worth more.

    When reading your post I still have some feelings about my own life when growing up and even now. As a mom and wife sometimes I still have those feelings that I am not good enough.
    By God’s grace He reminds me every day, through different ways, like your today, that He loves me and cares for me. (Now I accept His love, but it was a time when I even questioned God’s love)
    Finally by His grace I can say. I AM WORTH MORE.
    Thank you.

  34. TERESA M BECKHAM says:

    I AM worth more. I thank God everyday for His definition of my worth, not the world’s! I may not measure up to all the world expects of me, but to GOD I am a beloved child! If only more women, especially our young ladies would grasp this concept!

  35. Well in to retirement years here and your story of worthiness resonates so much of my life. I need to reread the words of Jesus every hour and get them to repeat by the minute in my ears. I am Worthy, I am Enough. So hard to let go of the hurtful memories.

  36. I am worth more!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Battling with a seven year marriage separation from an emotion, mental and verbally abusive spouse…a drug addicted adult son in my home …chronic health conditions as a result…

  37. I am worth more! Beautiful reminder!

  38. Marva Lubben says:

    I AM worth more! Thank you for this post. God has a way of sending me just what I need to hear and this is definitely what I needed to hear today! Thank you!

  39. Jeannie Schnur says:

    I am worth more!!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I am worth more. I want everything to really believe it..tired of lies and doubts from the enemy.

  41. I am worth more… that sounds odd to me sometimes. The voices of parents get in the way of this growing up in a pastor’s home. But, it does happen when children get put to the side…it is taking a lot of years to realize that I am a daughter of the Living God and still I wrestle with those voices.

  42. I am worth more! I am so grateful I am worthy in God’s eyes. Thank you.

  43. I am Worth MORE!! Oh how I needed this today. I have been having a terrible time with fighting the lies. My marriage is very difficult, will be ending because of sutble abuse, that I’m just realizing. I have a 15 yr old son who is having issues because of the turmoil in our marriage & difficulties at school. I lost my job and am having trouble finding a new one. I’ve also been debating if spending more time with my aging parents would be good, but they are 2 hrs away. I know I’m not the only one who is in a difficult situation. It nice to be reminded that I AM worth More, because of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lynn & Sharon

  44. Alyson Cornelius says:

    I have been feeling unworthy and not enough lately. This post is a message from the Lord today. Thank you.

    I am worth more.

  45. I am worth more…recovering from a recent injury has forced me to focus on caring for myself and has given me so much time to study and deepen my relationship with God. What a blessing.

  46. Diane Laursen says:

    I have a very similar story. I chased after Love my whole life but Jesus called me out of broken family lies and religion to His true unending love; Hallelujah! Because I am worth more! I am loved, chosen, accepted, Redeemed. Believing it in this fallen world is hard , but all things are possible in His strength.
    ~Diane Laursen
    Corvallis, Oregon

  47. Shawnte' Cottman says:

    I am worth more. I praise God for His awesome Grace and Mercy. I now know I am worth far more than rubies.

  48. Thank you. I’m working through these issues now & I needed this!

  49. I am worth more! This is a beautiful post, and I’m so glad I read it today. Sharon, I remember attending your session at She Speaks 2017, and I still remember the story of your daddy’s redemption, and the precious story of what God told you about having “only” one son. Can’t wait to read Enough…it’s in my Kindle queue, and I’m posting a review of it next week. Blessings on your launch!

  50. I am worth more !!!
    Struggling with self worth in a marriage with a husband who suffers from depression. I am the reason for his unhappiness, so he says. God loves me and I am worth more. Thank you God.

  51. I am a leader for Celebrate Recovery. The common thread I hear among most women is that they feel they are not worthy. Some just live in those feelings. Some have allowed those feelings to lead them to make life negative, life-altering decisions. It is my prayer that each of those women recognizes her tremendous value in the sight of God. I…we are worth more!

  52. Pamela Engstrom says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful message! I am worth more!!

  53. I am worth more in Jesus.
    Thank you for this post. It is my second time reading it and it still impacted me.

  54. I am worth more. Wish others see that in me.

  55. ” I am worth more”

  56. Sheri Hildinger says:

    I am worth more.. I really am❤️

  57. Linda Neely says:

    I AM WORTH MORE! I’m going to say it until I can believe it!

  58. Chelsea D. says:

    I am so so worth more. Not because of me. But because of Jesus.

  59. Sarah Leonard says:

    I am worth more, and I am enough.

  60. “I am worth more.” And I am so thankful that I am!

  61. Alicia Webster says:

    I am worth more !
    The tough one for me is getting old(er). I had always looked forward to aging, and I thought I would be fully on board with the changes that it would bring. But when I actually entered my middle-aged years, I was shocked to find that I felt no longer relevant or useful. I watch the world go on, my kids flourish and grow, and yet I feel so much less than I thought I would feel at this point in time. I am not depressed, not at all, but I do feel like I am on the downward slope to ignominy as they say.

    But, I am worth more, so I will soldier on. Perhaps I have something else to offer this world before I go 🙂
    P.S. I will be 49 next month. Maybe it’s peri-menopause?

  62. I am worth more. I claim this in Jesus’ name.

  63. I am worth more. Thank you for this very moving devotion. It hit home with me. I dealt with many issues with my dad. I was afraid to call home on the telephone when I was in college etc,etc. I did reconcile with my father many years latter and have totally forgiven him and try to concentrate on the good things that happened between us. Thank You Lord for helping me to know my real worth in You.

  64. Kathryn Bartek says:

    I will praise THEE…for I AM fearfully and wonderfully made..marevelous are THY works..and that my soul knoweth right well. Praise the LORD..WHO only doest wondrous things!

  65. We are more than the acceptance of men’s thoughts & opinions of our
    outer appearance.

  66. Brittney Maxwell says:

    I am worth more.

  67. Charlotte Orth says:

    I am worth more. This is hard for me to believe when I am aging and no longer have the energy I used to have.

  68. Enough! I am worth more! Thank you for this reminder.

  69. I am worth more. I will try to repeat this when I feel not good enough.

  70. I think I’m still work in progress on believing I’m worth more. There are good days when I feel confident in this truth, but then on days when other people tell me “you will be worth when you are or you achieve XYZ”, especially people whom I fully trust and have my guard down with, that’s when I roll back and have to start building this confidence of worthiness back up. I hope that one day joins and nothing can shake it in my mind or heart :).

  71. Julie Woodman says:

    I am worth more! (Although I struggle yo believe those words)

  72. I am worth more! I just need to believe it

  73. Suzanne Calaway says:

    I am worth more (because of whose I am)!!! A daughter of the King.

  74. Esther Huyck says:

    I am worth more.

  75. I am worth more to the one that created me. Thank you for the reminder.

  76. Susan Bricker says:

    I Am Worth More!

  77. Cheryl Downey says:

    I am worth more!

  78. Diane Nichols says:

    I am worth more. I’m not just saying it, I’m exercising believing it!

  79. Rachelle Craig says:

    I am worth more! After reading Enough, I have no doubt! Thank you Sharon!! P.S. Please omit my name from the drawing. I have a bracelet coming and I want one of these other beautiful ladies to have the honor of being reminded that they are ENOUGH!

  80. I am worth more! Thank you.

  81. Hey sisters, WE ARE ALL WORTH MORE because Jesus came and lived and died for us!!! He not only SAID that we are worth more, but His ACTIONS SCREAMED IT OUT LOUD! Be blessed, all. He said it, it’s truth. We’re WORTH it!!! Much luv to all.

  82. I am worth more! Praying for our daughter to know this truth in her heart as she goes to prom by herself this year because she wasn’t asked to prom. God’s unconditional love makes us enough… praise God!

  83. Struggling with this…not there yet..wondering if I’ll ever be!!

  84. Doreen L Burkey says:


  85. I am worth more.
    Thank you Jesus!
    Thank You for the reminder.

  86. I am worth more.

    Thank you for this post as I am working through letting my tween know just how much God loves her and she’s worth it.

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