You Can’t Help It, Right?

“That’s why those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God.” Romans 8:8 (NLT)


“I just can’t help it. No matter what I try, I still do it.”

Ever said those words? I sure have…yesterday!

I’ve determined for me it is really just a cop out. When I say I can’t change, what I’m really saying is: “It’s really hard and it is much easier for me to say I can’t change than to do what is right. Saying I can’t change makes me feel better.”

When are you tempted to say: “I just can’t help it”?

When you are scrounging in the pantry looking for chocolate again?

(That’s my personal problem; eating to relieve stress).

When it’s that time of the month and you choose to be more cranky than usual?

When you are in the lunch room at work and the talk starts flying?

Maybe what you need in order to help you help yourself is change.

A change in thinking. Begin to see a certain time of the month is no excuse to treat others poorly.

A change in location; a move where you eat lunch for awhile.

A change in availability. Quit buying the sugar.

Honoring God is very intentional. We have to set ourselves up to obey. If we don’t, we won’t.

Today, what change do you have to make in order to obey?

Jesus, I’ve been making excuses. “I can’t help it” sounds so much better than “I’m disobeying God”. I won’t make that excuse again, Lord. Sin is sin; help me obey. Amen


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  1. Ouch – but true. 🙂

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