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My wisdom tip today is one big “copy cat” from my friend, Lysa TerKeurst. I read about these memorization cards this morning and just knew I had to not only get some, but I had to share them!

These beautiful scripture cards are created by Lil Light O’ Mine.

Listen to Courtney’s heart in creating these beautiful teaching tools:

We believe ALL moms share a desire to build character in the hearts of little lives.

We believe the best teaching moments occur as life happens. As we walk along the road, as we cook dinner, as we put them to bed. Deuteronomy 6:7

Can all the mamas say “Amen!”

My best investing times happen in the car, on a walk and in the kitchen. What a perfect place for them to fit in!

Daily I see the  in the lives of the girls who live in and hang around my house the benefits or repercussions based on whether or not they know God’s word. When we soak our kids in powerful truth, it speaks to them; the voice of God when we are not there.

Whether or not you copy me and order these wonderful cards, get creative about how you are going to pour God’s word into your heart and your kids!

Please share with us today how you are already doing just that!



  1. Hey Lynn! So nice to meet you virtually. What an honor to be on your site. I am so grateful. More scripture cards in home is a great thing because God’s word is so powerful as you know. I cannot believe how it is rooting in my girls’ hearts at 2 and 5. AND Bonus — their cranky momma is learning them too! 🙂 Excited to dig around on your site and learn more about your amazing work. Let’s keep in touch.

  2. I love these! They are beautiful!

    I am ordering a set for home and a set to give to my sister.

    Just perfect! 🙂

  3. I have scripture cards I’ve bought and made from my favorite verses. Before my girls go to school each day we read a verse and talk about what it means. We are also reading through a chronological Bible as a family. We aren’t able to read every night but about 3 nights a week. As we read we discuss what we learn about God in the passage and how it applies to our lives today. I also talk about Verses that apply to current struggles in their lives. However I can I try to bring up the Bible so they learn how it applies to them and do they learn to depend on God and His Word.

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