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“His Revolutionary Love” bundle

“When I learned these verses, I began to see a side of Jesus I had never seen before. He pursues me. He loves me more than anything. And He wants to be my everything. This truth satisfied a deep longing I didn’t even know I had. It was what I wanted then, and what I need to know still. This is the love that fills the gaps in my wanting heart and settles the question, “Am I valuable enough to be pursued?”

Those were the words I used in my devotion today with Proverbs 31 Ministries. If you are joining me from the devotion, welcome!

Wanting to be wanted. It is a desire deep inside the heart of every female…whether you are 13 and dying for a boyfriend or 73 and missing your recently deceased husband. We want to know that we are valued and loved.

I discovered that Jesus was wild about me as a 19 year old girl. Coming off a newly broken relationship, I was fearful that I would “never find love again”. Sounds silly now…I was only 19. But the fears of teen girls are every bit as real as our fears in our older years.

Discovering Jesus as the filler of my love gap was exactly what I needed. Seeing that the feelings of self-doubt or low worth were feelings, not fact, changed the way I looked at everything; myself, my life and my savior.

As I write, I’m looking out the window, I am watching the rain pouring down, washing away the mulch I so carefully laid out this summer. That’s how our confidence can be. We carefully lay it out, building it on our accomplishments, our appearance or our attributes. Then the storms of life come, washing all those things away. When our worth is built on the truth that Jesus says I am flawless (Song of Solomon 4:7), loved (Psalm 33:18) and perfected in Him (1 John 4:18), no amount of storm can take that truth away.

I am loved just as I am! And so are you, my friend!

Do you know a teen girl who needs to know this truth too?

Help her hear truth like today’s every day of the year! Here’s two ways you can do that:

My new book Devotions for a Revolutionary Year – 365 Days of Jesus’ Radical Love for You is a great resource! And if you purchase it before October 1st, you’ll receive over $75 in free materials! Just purchase the book and send me the receipt at [email protected]. These free resources include 3 sessions from my “His Revolutionary Love” conference never before available!

You can also sign up for my FREE “7-day Faith Builder” – a week’s worth of free devotions straight from “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year” to share with your daughter, or another girl you know, to help build her faith and confidence. Join over 6,000 moms and women who already have!

Today, I’m giving away a “Faith Builder” gift pack too! This includes:

* a signed copy of “His Revolutionary Love”

* a signed copy of “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year”

* a “His Revolutionary Love” t-shirt

To enter, click on “comments” below or go to if you have gotten this by email and share what you feel chips away most at our feelings of self-worth and confidence. In a hurry, just comment, “I’m in!”



  1. I think trying to “do it all” and “be all” for those around me (I have 5 little ones) automatically sets me up for failure. In my head I know I can’t do it all, but in my heart I SO want to. Thanks for this message!

  2. Priscilla says:

    I lose confidence in myself when people are over-critical of me. I am currently in a bible study learning more about how God has chosen me and called me to bear fruit that will last forever. If I can keep that in mind I can overcome those feelings of low self-worth and my lack of confidence.
    Thank you for a chance to win your “faith builder” gift pack!

  3. I have two daughters entering the pre-teen stages. My 10 year old has made negative comments about her self-image already- so young. I need to remind her that she is “wonderfully” made by God. Thank you for the give-away.


  4. Shawnda Trent says:

    I’m in! I’d love to win this prize! 🙂

  5. Coaching teenage girls on a cheer squad and was thinking through devotional ideas for them….I think this could be a great resource!

  6. Lori Kearney says:

    I’m in:). What a wonderful message! I know so many high school girls I want so much to latch on to the Truth.

  7. We as women are our biggest critics. We often set the bar so high for ourselves and then when we slip up just a bit, our minds start to wander to that place. . . I am such a loser for a mom, I can never be the wife my husband needs and desires. . . oh the list goes on and on in our minds. Before we know it, it permeates who we are and how we react to things around us. Until we take the time to know Jesus and what He has done for us to make us perfect, flawless creatures, we will continue to struggle. I am so thankful that I have found a better way of thinking through God’s word. Oh, I am still hard on myself sometimes, but God gently reminds me that I am cherished and loved “warts and all”.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Powerful message!!! I’m in!!!!!

  9. Diane Bare says:

    I’m in!! I have 4 girls, the oldest being my pre-teen stepdaughter(who lives with us). I’d love to find a way to connect with her more!

  10. Laura W Smith says:

    I too have struggled all my life with deep feelings of unworthiness, rejection and being unloveable. They’ve been passes on from previous generations and now my children are suffering because of it. However, my daughter has been redeemed and has become a Titus 2 woman! She is such a shining example of Titus 2 and I am so proud of her! Yet that pales in comparison to how proud her heavenly Father is of her!!! Praising God for his redemptive love today!!!

  11. Denise Castano says:

    I’m in! There’s no more powerful message that God wants to get across to us that He loves us unconditionally, no strings attached! I’d love to get that through to my daughter and the girls her age so they can live longer and stronger in His love and presence! Thank you!

  12. My daughter is 12, just at the threshold of her teen years. We are determined to do all we can to help her navigate the rough waters ahead with a strong faith and a deep understanding of the love of Jesus. Thank you for such a timely book!

  13. “I’m in”! I have two young daughters and teach children’s ministry. I am also involved in women’s ministry. I have a passion for encourager girls and women to be who Jesus says they are. I’d love to win this set!

  14. With 4 daughters, two grown and on their own and two still here in the nest I can relate! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Busyness steals our confidence. It is a lie that we can have it all and do it all as women. Something has to give. We need to be “God’s”first! Only in him can we be truly fulfilled.

  16. I sm really enjoying your devotionals. My own children are grown and I find that there are still times when I have to apologize to them for not respecting boundaries that I believe to be healthy. It was hard to give up the mothering role…. To go through the empty nest and realize that my relationship with my children would be different. In time, I have learned to enjoy this adult relationship with our children and pray hard to be the mother they need me to be at this stage in all our lives. I love them and I like them… I still make mistakes, but have learned to seek reconciliation and restoration from things that would tear us apart. God is faithful to me in this way. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  17. WOW! I struggle with this issue so much, that I had several girlfriends email a link to your page (which I usually look at, but hadn’t yet this morning), What strikes me is that, if the women in my life see this desire in me to be wanted, what does my daughter see? I have got to get it together and make her understand that God can fill that longing if we let Him!! Your book would be a GREAT place to start!!

  18. Thanks for the word! I’m in!

  19. I AM IN!!! As a mom of three daughters (21,16,12) I am constantly looking for help to speak life into my girls and let them know they are loved and accepted for who they are from an eternal view, not worldview. This is a tough world we live in, so many pressures and distractions to compete instead of seeking the One who completes. Thank you Lynn for stepping out and using your gifts to help others…much appreciated 🙂

  20. I’m in my for my 13 yr. old daughter who is struggling with finding herself.

  21. Kay Parker says:

    I’m in!!! My niece is in her first year of a large high school (coming from a very small school)…would like to send her encouragements as I know this is a big change for her.

  22. Hi Lynn,

    I’ve been really enjoying your devotionals. The Scriptures in Isaiah 43 are some of my very favorites. I’m learning to get up every day knowing that I belong to Jesus and that I am precious to Him. It gives me a peace and fulfillment that nothing on this earth can match. I hope I win your Revolutionary Love package.

    Completely His,
    Karen C.

    1. Thanks Karen! I am so glad you are being blessed by them. (I’m guessing you are talking about the 7 Day Faith Builder?)

      1. Lynn,

        Yes. I was talking about the 7- Day faith Builder and the Proverbs 31 Devotional for today. I would love to read your testimony of how you allowed Jesus to become your ALL in ALL.

        Thank you for making Jesus so beautiful to us all.

        Completely His,
        Karen C.

        1. Karen – great! I share my story in my book “His Revolutionary Love” 🙂

  23. I think what chips away most at our feelings of self-worth and confidence are all of the “should-be”s programmed into our heads. Everywhere we look we see images of how we “should” look, for teenagers they are also constantly being told how they “should” be, as moms we’re told how we “should” raise our children and if we’re Christians then we can add sin to the mix and Satan’s whispers in our ear reminding us of every time we fail. And the message all around us is that we just aren’t good enough. Even though I became a Christian at age 12, it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I learned to just focus on what God thought of me and on His grace. I praise God that He brought it to my attention just before my oldest daughter became a teenager. Not that I have conquered it! It is still a battle for me. But, my daughter is now 15 and in high school and we get up early every morning to do a bible study/devotional and pray before she leaves for school because I think it is so important to battle those condemning messages with truth. I know that she encounters the same messages that I do, and maybe even worse- high school is brutal. I pray that she will find her self-worth and confidence from the only true source. God.

    1. Candance, way to be an investor! You are my hero!

  24. As I was reading my devotion this morning I was thinking how wonderful it would be tohave
    a devotion for my 11 year old daughter and then I rec’d this email. What a quick answer to a thought.
    “I am in for sure”

    1. Wow…is God cool or what!

  25. Constantly judging myself by how well I think others like or appreciate me wears away at my feelings of self worth.

  26. This message is so timely, yet timeless! Thank you! I can’t wait to share it with the girls and ladies at my church and in my life outside of church!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing it with others, Diane! I so want to see this generation of young women find their confidence not in accomplishments, their outward beauty or in a man…but in THE MAN, Jesus! I need your help and I am SO grateful for it!!!

  27. I have struggled all my life with self-esteem issues, usually leading me to make poor choices. As a single mom of two girls, 9 and 13, I can not tell you how VERY important it is to me that they do not fall into that same pit that I did. Honestly, this material would be AWESOME for all three of us!! 🙂

  28. Janet Axelson says:

    Girls growing up without a good relationship with an earthly father erodes our self-confidence. I have battled this all my life, finally finding a good relationship with the Heavenly father. He will be a father to the fatherless. Dads…you are so important to your families…

  29. When I take my eyes off of Jesus and start looking around me and comparing myself to everyone else. I so want to spare my daughters what I went through growing up as I tried to fill in that space in my heart. Praise Jesus that he has redeemed me!

  30. Deb Hileman says:

    I have a teenage who loves Jesus, but still is pounded by our society of what she should look like, how much she should weigh, etc.I would love for her to have this book and for her to capture the one who lose unconditionally.
    Thank you for the chance to win

    1. Deb Hileman says:

      Wow my spell check went way off course, sorry for all the misspelling

  31. Oh I would love to win these great resources! I have two girls. One at the vulnerable age of 11.5 and the other almost 9. Their father and I pray daily for their precious lives.

  32. I too struggle with my self image and self worth. I want so much more for my daughters! I would love to share this with them!

  33. Jo Lynn Haussmann says:

    I just LOVE this idea for teens! I have been single “again” for 32 years now and I know what that feeling is as I have personally experienced that longing myself over and over. I chose years ago to “save” myself for the One God chooses for me.

  34. During my teen years, I wanted so much to be liked by other girls and loved by a special boy. It caused me to run to the wrong people. I would truly appreciate your help, and God’s, to prevent my daughter from doing the same thing.

  35. Jeannie L. says:

    As the mom to a rising teenager I want her to have resources for God’s love I didn’t have. I want her to see that Jesus needs to be at the center of her heart and that she doesn’t have to have a “boyfriend” to define her. I want more and better for her than I had. Not that my life was awful but I didn’t know of the magnitude of God’s love for me until much later in life. Thanks for your ministry and for delivering God’s message to young (and old) girls everywhere!

  36. I have a 12 yr old daughter who loves the Lord! We recently started a new Bible study & she had to have a new “Teen Bible”….she really did not need a new Bible, but when a 12 yr old asks for one, how can I say no! I feel soo blessed that she has a desire to serve the Lord. I pray that she continues to serve him, love him & shares her joy for the Lord with others. I would love to win your “Freebies” so I can share your wisdom with her. Many Blessings!

  37. I am a people pleaser. When I fail (which is a lot), I really start to doubt myself. My self-esteem plunges and then I begin to question everything. Please sign me in. Thank you.

  38. Giving into the way the world thinks we should be. I’M IN!!

  39. I have four children, two daughters; one is 15 the other just turned 11. While I grew up in a safe, secure and mostly average home, I have struggled for years with feeling loved. My parents always provided physically for me but not emotionally or spiritually. Having become a Christian later in life, I now know and see the importance of raising my daughters to know and feel God’s love as well as my parental love. It is a daily challenge, yet I want so much for them to stand secure in their faith and hopefully avoid the path I took as a young woman.

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement today and for bringing God’s word closer to my heart!

  40. What chips away most at our feelings of self worth and confidence is attempting to live up to satan’s worldly agenda. When we strive to be please those around us and look to be “complete” in the world’s eyes, we can’t fullfill our calling in Christ which is to stand out from the world and be different.

  41. WOW!!! After reading the devotion this morning and going to your webpage (for the first time), it was like looking into a mirror!! I have struggled with these types of feelings my whole life (and still do to a certain extent). My husband constantly tells me how much he loves me and thinks I am beautiful, but I never really believe him. I know I am loved by my heavenly Father, and I want to make sure that my daughter grows up with the self confidence and self worth that she is loved and pursued by our heavenly Father just as much as the young man (that we pray for daily) that will one day capture her heart. Please help me teach my daughter that she is worthy of it all; especially of our Father’s love!

    Thank you!

    1. Sabrina, welcome! I great place to start is for you and your girl to go through my Bible study “His Revolutionary Love” together. It really sets the foundation. You can find the free leadership guide as well as many other free resources on my website. Just click on “freebies”. I just dropped off several boxes of this study at Proverbs 31 Ministries so I know they have plenty!

  42. I wish I had been aware of a valuable resource such as this one when I was growing up! I read my Bible, but having someone point me in the right direction & help me better understand His Love for me would have made me feel more secure…more adequate for the purpose He has for me. I try to encourage my girls & the many other girls in our lives…this resource will help me be more purposeful. Thank you!

  43. Thank you, Lynn! You are an answered prayer in my life! Glory to God!

  44. Work for a Christian all women’s college and see where this could be an awesome resource for them. Sign me in. Thanks

  45. Chris Szymkowicz says:

    I am a mom of 2 college kids and one high school teenager. So often I think I should have done things different as my kids were growing up. Sometimes I wish I could start all over again with this parenting thing. But I am reminded daily that one of the best things we can do as parents is to pray for our children daily – no matter how old they are or where they are in life. I am so thankful I found this website and all the links/resources that are so helpful as a parent and high school small group leader for freshman girls. Praying for you and your ministry! Looking forward to the devotional!

    1. Chris…me and you alike! Some days I have to just literally say, “Lynn, STOP IT!” You truly did what you had the wisdom at that time to do. GOD is their Father and a perfect one at that! I really have to be so consistent about leaving the past and their future to Him!

      Thank you SO much for investing in teen girls! We can help start a revolution of love in this generation! TRUE LOVE!

  46. I think the expectations of the world and its expectations of failure and success are what cause us to feel inferior and that we have failed…we must find peace with God to rise above what the world thinks of us.

  47. I am going to purchase this book for my twin sister (58 years old) in hopes that it may be helpful to her, as she has recently become widowed. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to “win” a copy for myself – and my sister and I could share the writings each day — no doubt it could lead to some very fruitful discussions! Thank you for this opportunity, Lynn.

  48. When I was a young girl I did not have a lot of self-esteem and wish I would have felt comfortable turning to my Mom when I was in doubt and had questions. So many questions. My Mom now suffers from Alzheimer’s and does not remember my childhood at all. I have 12 year old identical twin girls and have made it my mission to instill the self-confidence in them that I never had. They know that they can ask me anything and I will not judge, but will guide them as best as I can. I would love to have daily devotions to share with them to build their self-esteem and their faith. Thank you for sharing this incredible information to all of us that are looking for a little guidance.

  49. I feel like I’m trying to do it all and I feel so overwhelmed all the time. I always have a constant fear of failure nagging at me. I’m trying to realize I don’t have to be perfect for anyone, that Jesus loves me just as I am.

    1. He does Tammy! And…He doesn’t expect you to do it all! I used to be that way too, until I came just too close to loosing it. That’s when I started giving it away. I gave my laundry to my kids (even though they were only 11, 8 and 5. I gave away micro-managing their education. It’s their life; if they want to get into college, they need to do what it takes. I quit having to have the house perfect and meals in the freezer when I went to speak. You know what? Life is a lot more peaceful now that we are all sharing the responsibility!

  50. I’m in. Rough day with my 13 y.o. Daughter…she sure could use some encouragement, and so could I.

    1. Hang in there, Erin! Raising teen girls can be a bit like going to an amusement park…one day thrills and giggles and let’s just say the next is one big plummet. The Holy Spirit can fill us with peace so that when we are with them, they can pick up on that peace and it can make them peaceful too!

  51. I’m in! I want to help my daughter know how valuable and special she is in our Father’s eyes so she can grow into a confident young lady!

  52. I do not have any self confidence, always doubting myself. I have 2 teenage girls & I think this book would be really good for us to read. Please sign me up. Thanks

    1. Kim, isn’t it great that we can learn and grow WITH our girls!

  53. Sherri Dobbs says:

    What a great reminder of the awesome God who loves us no matter what…we’ve done, or said, or thought…He will make of us a new creation and fill us with His revolutionary love….that’s what I want in my life and in the lives of all the young girls, women and young men I know. To know this fabulous love changes lives – every day! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! Love P31 Ministries! It is a life saver to women!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Sherri! Believe me, the enemy can really beat us up sometimes and words from others help us to beat him back 🙂

  54. Your message on Proverbs 31 today totally resonated with my longings that I have felt since I was a little girl. Thank you! I want to share it with my 16 year old daughter too. I’m in!

    1. Wanting to be wanted is an ageless need…praise be to our LOVE who meets it!

  55. I’m in! Would love to share these truths with my niece who just turned 13. I lose my confidence any time someone’s critical of me in any way, and I can see the same sensitivity in her.

    1. It’s such a roller coaster, isn’t it Kimberly? Let’s get off it ourselves and help our girls to never get on it!

  56. Love the message! I can’t hear it enough. Just bought the book for my 15-year old daughter. If I could give her anything at this point in her life, it would be the confidence from who she is in Christ.

    1. Thanks Shelly! I agree with you!

  57. So many great comments, many of which I can relate to. For me, comparing myself to others chips away at my self-confidence. Someone once told me, “when you compare yourself to others, you are comparing your weaknesses with their strength.” Totally unfair! I have tried for years, when falling into the comparison trap, to go to God’s Word and meditate on what He thinks of me and says about me. That’s all I should care about.

    Thanks for your great blog and giveaways!

    1. You’re going to the right source, Katie! Keep going!

  58. Catherine says:

    Your devotion today resonated within me, and I’m thrilled to hear of your Revolutionary Love resources. Growing up my relationship with Jesus was more one of legalism… Because Jesus did this for you, you should show your love to him by not doing…. (insert long list of rules here). I wish I had felt that radical love of Jesus and realized how passionate he was about me. I find that as a mom of 3 daughters, I am still trying to fill that void with things other than Jesus. My husband’s love, serving my family, volunteering my time, the approval of others. The times I feel best about myself are the times I take the time to bask in Jesus’ love, reading my Bible, worshiping through song, praying. I can’t wait to get your devotional in the mail to share with my girls. Thanks for such an encouraging resource!!

    1. Catherine, if it helps any, you are not in that club alone! I, and probably a whole lot of women commenting today are recovering people pleasers. Jesus is healing us…bit by bit every day! THIS we can pass on to our girls…ONLY JESUS can fill our love gap!

  59. I’m in! I’d love to win this wonderful prize!

  60. God’s love for me takes my breath away. I am hungry for Him, eager to know Him better and profoundly grateful for His relentless pursuit of me. Thank your for your devotion today, and for the chance to win this giveaway.

  61. I feel so bad my daughter gets very angry. Little things throw her for a loop. I didn’t have a temper problem until I constantly dealt with her.

    1. Jane, we’ve been having that a bit at our house this week too. I’ve come to find out through a little coaxing there is a whole lot of pressure and unmet expectations. Our girls really need a safe place to vent and unload; we can teach them to do just that, but in a healthy way. Unglued right?

  62. I agree with comment by Katie, it’s the comparing thing. We can never match up to the person we’re comparing ourselves to. Without even realizing it, we can pass that habit onto our daughters – not good. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.

    1. Fran, what you said is so true “Without even realizing it, we can pass that habit (of comparing) onto our daughters. Our sons too!

  63. I am SO in! Wanting to stop being a perfectionistic performer and rest in His love and grace.

  64. Lynda Schneider says:

    Beautiful devotional! Encouragement to all women, no matter what the age! We need encouragement, we need to know and be reminded that we are His treasure…His favorite!!!

  65. I’m in!! I’m always looking for great resources to share with my daughters and their friends. I would love to win!!

  66. Being too hard on myself when I make a mistake and thinking that I am the only one that makes them. Struggling with raising 2 sons that have lost their way and trying to help them find themselves and God again while encouraging my daughter to build on her faith. That wears me down and builds me up at the same time.

    1. Joyce, just remember, not matter where our children are at in their lives, it’s not the end of the story. They are still writing it. They may not be writing it the way we want, but God is fully aware of what is going on.

  67. Carol Crandall says:

    I’m in! I realize the truth of your words, and I pray that I will live them out in my heart and mind each day. I will pass the message on to my daughter, because I know she desires the same as myself-as all women do. Continue to let the Lord speak through you-to us. God bless!

  68. I’m in, and I will send it to my 13 year old Goddaughter, she needs the daily reminder that God loves her no matter what. Thanks Lynn

  69. Melody Y. says:

    Just want my daughter to be confident in who her friends are. 5th grade is a turning point. I’m in.

    1. It sure is, Melody! I have seen it three times. NOW is the time to get that foundation stable before middle school hits!

  70. I’m in! I have five daughters that would benefit greatly from this devotion. I find that they try to compete and compare themselves with one another which often causes them to feel inferior. I remind them that God made them each unique and beautiful. I think this devotion would encourage them when hearing it from someone other than mom. RE-INFORCEMENT!!!!

    1. Debbie, don’t you just love when God sends someone else to say what we have already been saying? I sure do! It so helps when they hear it from someone other than mom 🙂

  71. This is exactly what I have been looking for… a devotion that I can do with my daughter that will solidify these truths in me as well! She is 13 and concerned about her looks and social status at school and trying to find acceptance. I want her to get it that Jesus is the lover of her soul so she doesn’t need to look anywhere else like I did when I was her age. Thank you so much for this devotion.

  72. All of the negative things I’ve ever been told still reverberate in my head and has eroded my self confidence. Growing up, I was never encouraged or propped up with positive attention. I want more for my daughter to for her to know that she is loved by God and her parents and that she is worthy of great things. Thank you so much for these great resources to share with my daughter and her friends!

  73. I am in! Thank you for this…for this would be a perfect gift to give to a young lady I know who I know would benefit greatly from it!

  74. I’m in! I want to thank you for this devotional this morning! Last April after several years of separation, feeling lonely and my longing to be loved again, I cried out to God to tell me how much he loved me and he gave me the very verses you spoke of in your devotional this morning Isaiah 43 within just moments of me asking him. My daughter also, due to the separation, feels unloved by her father and I would love to be able to give this to her. I want to share with her how much her heavenly father loves and adores her and that the love she and I are searching for is found in him and him alone. That nothing and no one can feel that void in our lives. Thanks again for sharing with us!

  75. I notice that my daughter loses confidence when she encounters “mean” girls. She will shrink back and not act like her true self. It breaks my heart. I hope that she has not learned this from me. Thanks fo

  76. Chamaine Snell says:

    I’m in! 🙂

  77. I think something that chips away at our self confidence is comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves lacking. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that God wrote each of our stories and they are all different. So we, as women, lead different lives with different struggles and a variety blessings. We need to bear in mind that we ARE blessed, we have a loving father, and the snapshot we see of someone’s life doesn’t tell their whole story.

  78. I’ve always thought that I had to be “perfect” so that people around me would like me and not leave me. That very quickly sets you up for failure and a life of lies. I’m daily reminding myself that He gave himself for me that I wouldn’t have to be perfect, I just need to love Him and those around me. It’s a very freeing feeling! I’m working very hard to pass this on to my daughters so that they can live the life they were meant to live!

  79. I’m in. Have a teen daughter and am a pastor’s wife. Would love this book.

  80. The Lord just keeps putting on my heart to want every girl I know to not just “hear” this message, but to put it that “GOD sized hole” in her heart and be renewed. Romans 12:2

  81. what a mighty wonderfully awesome God we serve. so thankful he uses you and the rest of the P31 crew for us who look forward to reading your daily devotionals, books,etc. you gals ROCK!!!

    i think my 16 y/o neice would love the give-away!

  82. I’m fighting breast cancer and the surgeries and affects from chemo have left me feeling damaged and ugly. My husband has been wonderful, but I still struggle with my self image. I have two teenage daughters, and I’ve always taught them that true beauty comes from the inside…from Christ shining through us. So I’m trying hard to live what I believe in front of them, to not worry so much about my outward appearance but keep my focus on letting Christ shine through me.

    1. Debbie, I can’t imagine the struggle you are experiencing. I know that your girls will be stronger watching you find your confidence in the one thing that can never be taken from you…unconditional, perfect love!

  83. Kim Jones says:

    I believe what chips away at self-worth and confidence is the world. We, in our flesh, tend to listen to the world instead of God’s Word. When we allow the false messages of the world to creep in, we are tempted to believe what those messages are telling us. If we would listen and believe what the Jesus tells us, we would have the faith to live life as the adopted Daughters of the King that we truly are! I have a 13 year old daughter for whom I bought the book, but my husband and I also run a college ministry, and I know our female students need to hear this same message! Once the book arrives, I will look through it and assess whether I might purchase a couple more to give away as Christmas gifts. Thank you for allowing God to use you in the lives of so many women, young and old. What a blessing!

    1. Kim, THANK YOU so much for investing in young women! You are making a difference!

  84. I loose confidence when I set unrealistic expectations & when I compare myself to others instead of seeing myself as Christ sees me -beautiful & loved.

  85. I love this! I love knowing how much my God loves me! I do not have a daughter to share this with but I have 3 sons. That means girlfriends! I will share this truth with them amd the many women I see each day in my Beautyshop! We need to know that we are loved and wanted and that we have a royal inheritance! We are daughters of the king! Praise God!!!

  86. Thank You for your passion for reaching out to our young girls. Blessings!

  87. I came acorss your webpage after receiving daily devotions from Proverbs 31. I am not in my early 40’s and growing up, lacked self esteem and confidence to believe in myself. As I have aged, my self esteem and confidence are beginning to blossom. I think wow-if I had strong women in my life that were positive role models, how different my life would be now. I now have a 13 year old daughter that I am raising with strong morals and beliefs and have instilled in her at a young age how beautiful she is on the inside and out and that she can achieve anything she works at. I am also instilling how important her Faith in God is and that she is worthy of the blessings that she receives. Thank you for your work in reaching out to women and our young ladies!

  88. Eva Lozano says:

    My 10 yr. old is learning that she does have someone to lean on and its not always her mom. She has stood up and claimed Jesus in her heart. I can see her love and feel peace in her life. I am so excited and happy that I have at least been able to instill that in her. Prayerfully it is something that will be a part of her all her life including the teen years since those are the most difficult years in her life. She definitely believes she is a child of the King and a true princess in His eyes.

  89. This sounds like something wonderful. I have a 15 year old daughter who is battleling depression, cutting, and is now trying to starve herself because she thinks we would be more proud of her if she was a size 2 due to the children she goes to school with. We’ve already been to the Principals office over teens texting my daughter and telling her that besides being fat and ugly she just needs to quit wasting air and jump off of a bridge and kill herself and make everybodys day better. She has pushed God away and thinks He doesn’t love her because He lets this happen. This sounds like a wonderful tool to help us both get closer to God and help her understand how beautiful He made and how much He does love her. Thanks for doing this!

    1. Dear Erin, I am so glad your daughter has a mom who can pour truth into her. I am so very sorry for her pain and your’s as well!

      Jesus, we need a miracle for Erin’s precious daughter. You have made her perfect! Please, defeat the enemy in her mind so that her heart and hear this truth and experience her healing. Give Erin wisdom and send your help from all directions Father! Amen

      1. Thank you for the prayer Lynn it means a lot to this Mom. Have a blessed day.

  90. Kay Brouillette says:

    Looking forward to getting this book for my daughter. I think what chips away at us girls’ confidence is peer pressure, comparison with others and their accomplishments or the media telling us who we ‘should’ strive to be… better, thinner, prettier. We can never measure up to these worldly expectations. Falling into the Father’s arms is the only secure safe and fully accepted place there is.

  91. I’m in! Would love to share this with my daughter (14) and her friends.

  92. So inspired by your teachings… I’m in!!!

  93. Our 14 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She is more unsure of herself and what others will think of her now. We are constantly trying to instill this truth in her. Thank you for sharing. And I know she would love this book!

  94. I’m in! With 4 daughters 12 and under we’re just entering the thick of things at our house! I see a clear need for this type of resource.

  95. I try to instill this in my 3 daughters daily. My middle daughter turns 9 years old today. When she got up to get dress this morning I asked her what she thought about turning 9. She replies, mommy I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God so I am one of a kind….She melts my heart often. She is such a prayer warrior for our family and her friends.

    She would love this give away but even if she doesn’t win, I will purchase for her b/c she would truly grow spiritual with this bundle!

    Continue to be a blessing!

  96. I’m in! Help me help my daughter—-and I’m not too old to have a self-confidence lesson myself!

  97. What chips away at my confidence is being corrected about insignificant things and I have to be careful to not do this to my granddaughters!

  98. As a sponsor for the Girls Ministry I teach the STARS CLASS 3rd-5th grade. I am a blon again Christian who didn’t have this knowledge of GOD. As my personal favor available. I also have been recently divorced so I need JESUS MORE THAN EVER. I don’t have any children of my own but I have 18 every week. Plus I minister to my 12 year iuld cousin who was a close friend to my former step daughter.

  99. My daughter turns 17 soon and the pressures to attain that impossible photoshopped outer-beauty seen in the magazines and on tv is bearing down on her. Even though she’s a lovely young woman, she’s becoming more unsure of herself from a physical standpoint. When she is relaxed and just herself, her true beauty shines forth. It’s shocking how the doubts and insecurities prey on her and mask the person that God has created her to be. I pray for her that she sees herself as Jesus sees her.

  100. Mary Rasmussen says:

    I’m in. When I get too rushed to spend time in Gods word it is then That I feel my confidence drift. Back to the word & back to confidence in my savior

  101. I’m in! I’m a mom with two tween daughters and I struggle with this myself. I want to teach them well before they start falling prey to pressures around them.

  102. I would Love to win this give away for my daughters!! Sadly, in todays world, I think it’s hard to always try to see yourself and others as God sees us!! I try to instill and teach, in all 4 of my kids, each and every day that they are Fearfully and Wonderfully made by God. To try to reassure them of “who they are in Christ.” But when they walk out that door in the morning to head out to their schools, their friends, their peers, and the world……..I don’t know if that is always in the fore front of their minds and thoughts. I know even with me, being an adult, we (I) get caught up in just life. I have to constantly remind myself who I am in Christ………and I’ve been a believer for years!! It is a constant, but at least we have “God’s Word” and Great resources like these to help us along the way. To help remind us and to give us a little something to meditate on and chew on for a time. 🙂

    Thank You for sharing……..I know we’re in!!

  103. I’m in!! I would love to win the gift pack!!!!

  104. The overwhelming “unrealistic” expectations of society for us to be perfect chips away at us daily. I have several girls, I would love to minister to using your materials. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win them.

  105. I’m in! I’m a single and struggle with moving this from my head to my heart. I pray I am helping the young women I have contact with in being vulnerable about my own struggles with this. Especially the knowing but not “feeling it” times.

  106. I’m in! I am passionate in raising my three girls to be confident and secured in God. My own confidence and security need a constant check with the noises of the world screaming for my attention all the time. Even as a pastor, I need God’s constant reminders to stay on track. Your resources are invaluable!

  107. The thing that is chipping [or shoveling!] away at my self-esteem right now is betrayal by who I thought were my dearest Christian girl friends….I’m praying & studying Scripture about how God wants me to handle this betrayal…and your blog post from today was perfect timing!

    1. Linda, I am so sorry! Humans never fail to fail us do they! HE alone is perfectly loving! May He hold you close today!

  108. Shari Trotter says:

    Regarding gift pack: I’m in! Thanks so much.

  109. I have 2 granddaughters who are moving to Oregon this week–I’m in New Mexico. I have ordered the book so they will continue their time with God away from me. Thank you!

  110. As always Lynn, your devotion today is very encouraging and a helpful reminder. It is not often that we think of Jesus in that way.. that he is crazy about us. It is important for me as a mother to remember that myself but also so that I can remind my daughter’s along the way. You are a blessing!

  111. Trisha Christian says:

    I have a teenage daughter and her and I still do devotions together every night. Her self-esteem is really getting low in these teenage years and she could really use this book. I’m In. Thanks

  112. Perfectionism! I never measure up to my own standards.

  113. Jessica Ramirez says:

    I’m in! I struggle a lot with understanding how much God loves me… it’s hard to grasp that especially because I don’t have a father figure in my life. Thank you for this devotional book… I’m praying it will help me see clearer.

  114. Rejection from my mother and resulting self doubt. Fear of failure is the worst one though.

  115. I think the lack of the type of relationship I wanted with my father as a young girl has had an affect on my confidence and self-esteem. For some reason, I can’t see myself as others see me and I’m often overly critical of myself. I’m a work in progress though!!!

  116. Guilt from past mistakes and feeling like we never “measure up”! Believing “the lie” when the enemy whispers it in our ear.

  117. I’m all in! and so pleased to find such a good resource to share with my daughters. You share a powerful message for us all-at age 50, 22 and 15!!

    Thanks, Liz

  118. Comparing myself to others (and their spiritual gifts or positions) and constantly trying to please others (instead of God!) always wear me down!

  119. Like many others have commented, I am my harshest critic and I can beat myself up until I am emotionally black and blue. I care deeply about what others perceive of me and it wears on my mind when I think someone has viewed me negatively. My heart’s desire is to be the super mom, able to do it all and meet my children’s needs perfectly each and every moment of the day…of course that is why Jesus is such a wonderful Savior. He is that perfect one who meets each need perfectly. I need to remember His provision and love for me. So often I mistakenly view myself as unworthy to receive the Lord’s blessings even though I know better. I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog…I can always use help as a mom and woman seeking to do the Lord’s will. 🙂

  120. Growing up in a do it yourseld and figure it our yourself home makes having confidence in myself very difficult. Having to teach my girls that God loves us no matter what without truley receiving it myself has been very difficult. I have learned that i can’t give my girls what i dont have. Everyday im learning how deep God’s love and acceptance is for me.

  121. I can relate to many things listed already. So I will add this one – And, it may sound stupid but “Aging” is chipping away at my self-esteem. The more wrinkles, the more brown spots I wake up & see every morning and the more covering up I have to do to hide them, make me feel like a fraud.

  122. I’m in!!

    Thank you for the inspiring messages.

    I am going through one of the hardest times of my life the last couple of months. My daughter turned 17 in July and she is completely living her life through one particular boy and I am trying so hard to get her to not forget that God is the one she should live her life through and for. But I pray every day that God gives her the wisdom to make the right choices and bring her back to him, as she has strayed off of his path recently.

  123. I’m in. I’ve just recently found you and have already been blessed and I’m working to pass it on to my girls. Thanks!

  124. As a single mom of two daughters, I personally feel like I let them down on a daily basis. They hear defeat from me & I know that rolls over to them. I’m supposed to be lifting them up, but sometimes they have to lift me up. I wish I could have more confidence in myself as a Mommy!!!

  125. Oh how your writings have been such a blessing to me trying to raise a teenage daughter. I so desperately want her to learn this now rather than later. Working on putting together a Revolutionary Love conference for mothers/daughters in our community in the near future to kick off a bible study for the teens. I just can’t say thank you enough for your teachings!

  126. I’m in! My daughters are 16 and 17 and alot of the time I have a hard time connecting with them. I made so many mistakes when I was a teen that I don’t want them to repeat………

  127. Jennifer Hornback says:

    I’m In!!

  128. I think what chips away most at our daughters’ self-worth and confidence is when they view their worth as performance-based as the world teaches–instead of viewing their worth through Christ as His Word teaches. That same distorted worldview of self also chips away the self-worth and confidence of these daughters’ moms (myself included in the struggle)! Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Abandonment, my mother left when I was 7, my dad dropped me and my two brothers off at my grandmothers door steps when I was 11. I’ve always feared abandonment after that… even when I met my wonderful husband… for years, I just waited for the day he would come home and tell me he was leaving… or not come home at all. I honestly don’t know how he put up with me for so long.

    I always felt that I was unworthy of love… that I wasn’t worth staying with. God showed me that I was never truly abandoned, that He was always there with me, he never left my side… and here He is still!

  130. Two high school daughters, busy work life, busy home life. Many times I find myself stretched to the ends of the earth and the end result stress & fussing at all! I am so sad and ashamed when I lose it like that. I need to remember what is important: church, family, friends. School and it’s stressors will one day be gone. Cherishing my family is the most important!

  131. I’m so in….LOVE WITH JESUS!!!! Thank you for this wonderfully worded reminder today. My family is going through a lot right now and even though we rest in Him, the “stuff” can cloud our minds and take our focus off of Him and His love for us. Love you Lynn! Be blessed as you have blessed others <3

  132. At 48 years old I’m still letting my confidence slip whenever someone makes a comment that makes me feel unworthy. I hoping I can instill the confidence in Jesus’ abounding love in my teenage girl. Thanks for helping along the way!

  133. Kristen S. says:

    I find that I chip away at my own confidence! I see a woman who is more or has more than I am or do and I try to compare myself to her often times failing miserably. It is in those times that I need to remind myself that I am only seeing a “snap shot” of her life and comparing my “entire life” to her “snap shot.” This is something that I am trying to instill in my tween girls because I see them doing that all the time.

    I would love to win this bundle! I’ve already subscribed to the 7 days and we have loved it!

    1. Kyle-Lynn says:

      I completely relate to this post! Thanks for sharing, we are not alone as women trying to stand strong in God’s truth about who he’s made us and not compare ourselves to others!

  134. I’m in! I would love to win this prize to assist me on my journey.

  135. Just moved my family to a small town in MT. My 11 year old started 6th grade at a new middle school. She’s struggling a bit to find her place. I know that this is good for her, but as a mom, it’s hard to see your kids sad. Thanks for offering this give away!

  136. I think one of the things that chips away most at my feelings of self-worth and confidence are that I’m not “good enough” and also fear. I’ve struggled with this for most of my adult life. My mom is the same way and I’ve seen this in her life, I want to stop it with me and not pass it down to my daughter. I have been praying about it and going to scripture and memorizing those scriptures that I’ve read. It is important to me for my daughter (and son) to have an understanding of the love of Jesus and a strong faith. That our God is so much bigger than any fear that we face.

  137. I just became aware of your ministry as I followed the link from Proverbs 31. My youngest daughter is half-way through college and dealing with daily “assaults” on her self-worth and her awareness of her position as a “daughter of the king.” Even though at 20 she is no longer a teen, her heart still needs the daily reassurance of her worth in Christ that I hope this devotional offers. I’m in!

  138. Kyle-Lynn says:

    I’M IN! I am in my second week of using “His Revolutionary Love” as the curriculum for my Jr. High Small Group of girls! It’s incredible to watch God reveal truths that they’ve never heard and see their confidence in being a prized possession of our King rise each time we meet. It’s so exciting! But let me tell you, being first time small group leader and being so involved with our youth ministry and rising up to the expectations of a soon to be Pastor’s Wife, can eat away at my self-confidence. There are days I really have to focus on letting God speak truth into my own life and not allow the enemy to convince me I’m not worthy or capable of teaching God’s word to these girls. This book is not only helping my girls grow closer in their relationship with Jesus, but it’s growing my own. SO EXCITING!!!!

    1. That is so wonderful, Kyle-Lynn! Thank you for investing in girls!!!

  139. What chips away the most at our self-worth and confidence? Oh, I could name a bunch (both people and issues) … but it all boils down to “principalities and powers”. Thank God we have devo’s like these, women like you to point us to scripture of how much we are loved and how much He desires to rule over those principalities and powers with His Truth!

  140. Kelli Braley says:

    I’m in! I find that it is my own negative thoughts that chip away at my feelings of self-worth & confidence. I’d love to win this bundle and use it to develop discussions to have with the teenage girls in my youth group.

  141. I’m in! I hope to pass this along to my three daughters and there friends! God Bless you!

  142. Patsy Schroeder says:

    I’m in! As a mother and grandmother, I know that my daughter and granddaughter needs God’s love and guidance. The world always has a way of cutting us down. I am so glad that you posted your message today! I need to be remind that God loves me and pursues me! So many times we look for this kind of love in our spouses and never find it. Praises God! He loves me enough to be my everything!

  143. I’m in! I love your devotions and encouragement! I have 2 pre-teen girls, and could definitely benefit from the bundle!

  144. Allison A says:

    My daughter (14), like all teen girls, struggles with measuring up to what she perceives as ”perfect” friends. They always seem smarter, prettier, more accomplished, and everyone has a boyfriend but her. I remember feeling the same way when I was her age….like nobody could possibly love you. Unlike me, she is the victim of a sexual predator (not physical, but the effects are still bad). She desperately longs for someone to love her. She is a Christian, and knows that God loves her, but this world tells her a different story…filled with lies. I would love to share your book with her…full of truth, written in a way that she can relate to and understand. May God bless you for your continued work with broken and hurting young ladies.

  145. Ladona Smith says:

    I lead girls ministry at my church, and I think the way the girls talk to and treat each other is a big reason for self-doubt and insecurity. Thanks for all you are doing for girls!

    1. Thank you for investing in this generation, Ladona! You are my hero!

  146. Laurene Johnson says:

    My 18 year old daughter stopped believing in God about 2 years ago, just boom “I don’t believe in God”. She suffers from depression, self image, feels the need for a boyfriend (because everyone has one), she has many different negative feelings about life in general. She does have professional help and is on medication. I pray for her, I give her scripture assuring her of God’s love, I tell her people are praying for her, she is missed at church, etc. She tells me that when I do this it makes her very uncomfortable, because she just doesn’t believe anymore. I won’t give up praying. Please pray for her too, her name is Amanda

    1. Lord, Amanda is your girl; your creation. You can see her heart and her mind and where the confusion is rooted. Severe this confusion, Lord. Break through the darkness, Holy Spirit. Open her to see You; that You are true love, the way, the truth and her life. Jesus, we know you won’t let up until Amanda is running after You like You are running after her. Thank you for hope. Amen

  147. I’m in!
    Really looking forward to getting this devotional for my teen daughter!

  148. I’m a 38 year old women and poesy that this book helps me!

  149. My own feelings of never being good enough & always having to do more to make myself worthy to be loved. Having 4 daughters, I don’t want to pass that legacy on to them. They are worthy just because they are, not because of what they do.

  150. I think that the media is what really chips away at a teen girl’s self-worth and confidence. Before it was just magazines and television, but now with the interent and social media, the pressure to fit in, be thin, look cool, and dress the latest styles is even moreso in teen girls every day lives. I work with young girls and style and diet is what they talk about it and they are barely entering middle school. They shouldn’t have to feel the pressure on how they look on the outside, but think more about what they look like on the inside. They should enjoy being girls and not worry about thier looks, but it’s hard when so much of the world is telling them otherwise.

    1. AMEN! When I picked up my daughter from high school today she said, “Why do they pressure us to grow up so fast?” I wish I knew why we do this to our kids 🙁

  151. Those inner thoughts that are not truths. I would love to win this to share with my niece.

  152. I’m in! I have 2 daughters and desire to raise them to be confident in God’s love for them and not struggle with what I did growing up.

  153. Kelly M. Adams says:

    I’M IN!!!!!!!! I am getting ready to meet with a young girl here at our school and would love to have these resources to mentor with. Something they can identify with and wrap their hands around and understand on their level! Thank you Lynn!

  154. I would love to win this! I’m in!

  155. Sandy Phillips says:

    I would love to win this to share with my niece who is over a teen girls class at her church.

  156. I am working on improving my communication with my daughters. I long to hear them, know what is in their hearts and not just be the authority that overlooks the world through their eyes. I struggle a lot with this and feel I could be such a better mom wth God’s help. The devotions may be just the thing to help align memore with His will.

    1. I hope that are that tool, too, Serena!

  157. This would be of great help to deal with my teen daughters mood swings and defiance. She is a good kid, just having self steam and lack of drive to do anything. She loves the Lord but he is not a big part of her life. I hope this can help her navigate the difficult teen years.

  158. I love and treasure my three girls ages 6 years, 10 years and 12 years old. I would love to have this resource to share with them. They need to know that a wonderful man loves them with all His heart, our heavenly Father is all we need!

  159. Peggy Winters says:

    The feeling of never being enough for someone, steming from not having a great relationship with my dad and then not the best relationships with men… Always feeling like i’m not good enough even when things are going so well, i have that little voice that whispers, it won’t last, you aren’t enough. I’m looking foward to getting this book so i can build that confidence with Jesus!

  160. I’m In. I think the biggest thing today that chips away at our confidence and self-worth is the media. Everywhere you look there are posters of what the perfect woman looks like. And we believe that that is what all the boys out there want. Almost every movie portrays love as some type of physical touch. So we try so hard to be what we think men want or atleast give them what we think they want. But the truth is there is no perfect woman and love is not solely defined by physical attraction. And there are men out there who want us for who we are, not just for our bodies. God has the perfect man out there for each of us, we just need to trust that there is a man out there who won’t call us ‘sexy’ but BEAUTIFUL.

  161. Gwen Barron says:

    When I listen to who others (media, friends, family, husband, other mothers, etc) say I should be instead of who God says I already am through Jesus. When I look to others for my acceptance instead of resting in God’s loving arms. I need no other approval or pat on the back than the one I don’t have to earn, from my precious Abba. Yet I always find myself seeking it from everyone else and don’t realize it until I’m miserable again. *sigh* We say we want the easy way and yet still fall into trying to earn our worth from others. We are already royalty!

  162. Veda Goushaw says:

    WOW! I would love this for my 18 yr. old granddaughter who is struggling to believe that her parents or anyone else even care about her. She is a senior in highschool and her 2 older sisters were kicked out of the house as seniors so I know she is struggling with whether her parents will do the same with her. So her attitude stinks but so do her parents! I am trying to reach out to her and show love to her but I also live 2.5 hrs. from her and not real welcome in her parents home. And I am praying that God will reveal to me what I have done to ailienate myself from them. So far the Lord hasn’t revealed anything that I haven’t already asked for forgiveness. I am at a loss as to how to help as they aren’t going to church anymore and her mom has told me she hates my church…..go figure. She’s never attended there! And her dad says he’s a christian but doesn’t even understand what it means to be born again or have a relationship with the Lord. This book would really help me to try to encourage her….so I’m in!!!

    1. Veda…don’t give up! Keep asking the Holy Spirit for that open door! He will reveal!

  163. I am speaking at a women’s event in a few weeks & would love to give this to one of the ladies in attendance for the weekend. The theme is on the worth of a woman & this would be a great pairing!

    1. That’s great, Brooke! Just be sure to keep it all in tact i.e. my website information, etc. as it is copyrighted 🙂 Thanks!

  164. Media constantly chips away at the female self-esteem, and unfortunately starting at an early age these days! Not to mention the fact that we compare our lives to everyone else’s highlight reel (saw that recently in a post), making us feel inadequate or not up to par. Thank you for sharing!

  165. My daughter has really been struggling with self worth lately. The middle school years in public school are being especially difficult for her and she is having trouble reconciling her faith in Jesus and the perceptions of others. This would be such a blessing for her!

  166. Dana Woodfin says:

    I’m in!! Thank you!

  167. Alvesa Benavides says:

    other people’s comments chip away at me! I know, that I know that i know that it’s the enemy but still It does! Thanks for doing this!

  168. Growing up not being good enough & making some serious mistakes once on my own. To often get caught up in the past & struggling to recover from domestic violence. Don’t want to pass my insecurities on, but help my girls learn to trust God & believe what He says about them.

  169. I’m in! Thanks for sharing such a tremendous message!

  170. Carrie Barker says:

    I’m in!! I would love to share this with my 3 girls!!

  171. Brooke read my mind… “I think trying to “do it all” and “be all” for those around me (I have 5 little ones) automatically sets me up for failure. In my head I know I can’t do it all, but in my heart I SO want to. Thanks for this message!” I’m in!

  172. Tanya Moss says:

    I’m in! I have 3 girls 11,13 and 15 who I would really love to share this with.

  173. I’m in! My teenage daughter is having a difficult time with self love and we need some help.. This sounds perfect. I’m going to order on today and if I win I’ll pass it on to a friend with a teenage daughter. Thanks. Michele

  174. Kellie Slagel-Johnson says:

    The outside world chips away and our self-confidence and if we aren’t looking to God daily, there isn’t anything building our confidence back up. My mom always says build, build, build to combat any negative.

  175. I’m in!! Would love to win this!

  176. I’m in! I am a missionary teacher in West Africa-mentoring several teen girls. Winning these resources would help me emphasize the importance of basing our confidence in he who had begun the good work in each of us, and his promise and ability to complete that work through Jesus!

    1. Yeah Patty! Your work is SO important. THANK YOU!

  177. Mary Cristy says:

    I have a beautiful 13 yr old grandaughter Maya that i love and only want the best for! She has just begun her high school yrs which are going to be an adventure!! Maya needs all the encouragement she can get so I’m praying for her and hope I can be a positive example in her life! Thanks you for your awesome blessed web site and may God continue 2 bless you as you do his work in encouraging women – SMILES N BLESSINGS!!

  178. Barb Hood says:

    I’m in! We are in the process of building our youth group at church and what a wonderful message to teach these young ladies! They are perfect and loved just the way they are! Building a faith to stand on will sustain them a lifetime! Thank you for your wonderful message!

  179. I am a single mother of a 9 year old and am working with Middle School girls at my church. I am excited to learn more about this devotional and resources.

    1. Yeah Angela! Make sure you go on my website to my “freebies” tab and find all the free resources for working with teen girls 🙂

  180. Morgan Lewis says:

    I think I sabotage myself when I take my focus off the Lord. I start relying on what others think and feel and try to function on my own. That never works. I’m in!

  181. Zanniell Zevenbergen says:

    I’m in! This would be great to have with three daughters!

  182. Everyday life can make you feel like you’re just not good enough.. the debt the you carry. Trying to do the best for your family it isn’t easy to remember that you’re important

  183. Joan Ganther says:

    I’m in! Looking forward to read it.

  184. I think the media chips away at faith, confidence and self esteem in a big way. I am very glad I am 40 in 2012, and not 14! I hope to win this pack for my beautiful 15 year old niece, Elysia, who is walking in faith, and is being a revolutionary girl in today’s world.

  185. I’m in — I have 2 beautiful daughters and I am currently separated from my husband of 18 years — 23 together — over half my life. It is excruciating. I am trying so hard to rely on God and His timing but I am struggling.

    1. Dear Karen…I cannot even imagine your pain. Jesus, you alone know the weight of the pain my friend carries. Will you carry it for her, Jesus? I know you want to. Help Karen to give to You what she was not meant to carry herself. Amen

  186. I’m in! Everyday life wears me down. I need the encouragement of God’s Word everyday! I certainly want to share it with my 14 year old daughter!

  187. The media is such an overbearing presence in our lives. Pressure to be young, thin, in a sexual relationship It chips away at my self image.

  188. Melanie McKinley says:

    I’m in…I would love to share this with my daughter and her friends.

  189. I have been looking for a devotional to be able to share with my daughter. This sounds perfect! I’m in!
    Thanks so much!

  190. Christina Anguiano says:

    Im in!! there are so many things that can make a girl loose her self confidence. If a person is just always critizing; you feel like gosh what am I doing. Your devotion on Proverbs 31 today just hit me today. I’ve read Isaiah 43:1-4 before but never The Message version and My goodness it just left me speechless. TO KNOW that OUR GOD loves us so much that He would sell off the world and trade all of creation just for you!!! I looked further into to this and in the footnotes it says that despite our spiritual failures , he will show us mercy, bring us back from captiivity, he would give us an outpouring of love. Just as he summoned Israel by name he also summons us by name and gives us his name. WOW, she amazes me all over again….that HE love us just the way we are!!! He would do anything to get us back. The footnotes for Isaiah 43:2 says that going through rivers of difficulty will either cause us to drown or force us to grow stronger. if you go in your own strength that we are more likely to drown but if we invite the Lord to go with us, he will protect us. I don’t know if this has anything to do with this but it just helps me look at those issues in a different way. I am starting a small group with 9th grade girls and I think this would be perfect to teach them. I would LOOOOOOOOVE to win it!!!
    Thanks Lynn you truly bless me with these devotions cause I can read them to the girls in my group.

  191. Trying to be perfect to everyone. Your child so they see a good example, to your husband so they don’t lose interest, to the world so they know what you believe….it’s all a bit…well….A LOT tiring. Even knowing you are going to fail at being perfect doesn’t make you feel different when you do fail. Starting a new business where I am stepping out of my comfort zone, is risky for me, scary for me, and hopefully rewarding for me. Again the fear I have is failure….do I really try…or just know that failure is right around the corner…..I’m trying to do the opposite…surprise everyone and be SUCCESSFUL!!!

  192. Comparing ourselves to other people. This would be a fabulous resource for anyone and we’d love to use it in our homeschooling!

  193. I think one of the biggest things to chip away at our self worth is negative thoughts and self talk. Our society tends to be very negative. It seems like most people will always go to the negative things first before embracing the positive. The enemy is assaulting of thoughts and damaging our hearts which is the very life of each of us. We must see the lies that the enemy tries to plant and replace it with God’s truth. I always encourage others to find verses that speak to who they are in Christ. Things that make them feel good about themselves. We were bought with a high price and we are made in the very image of God and it is VERY GOOD.

  194. I’m in! This devotional sounds like a great resource for some of the girls in my church!

  195. I’m in, my self worth is cut down when I expect too much out of myself. I need to learn I am not Wonderwoman and I make mistakes in parenting and life.

  196. Your message really moved me because I am currently on a journey to keep believing in my heart and really ingesting God’s love for me. “Just As I Am” is a favorite hymn of mine because it started the journey. I come from a background (like so many) of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and then later that self inflicted abuse of myself because I felt I was unlovable. It ruined a 16 year old marriage that I feel could have been a great marriage had I just realized I was truly and deeply loved for just being me. I couldn’t then. I can now, but now God has not blessed me that way yet.
    So count me in! I would love to be able to continue my journey with you and your messages and books. Thank you so very much. <3

    1. Keep growing Carol! We’re all on a journey 🙂

  197. With two daughters, ages 12 and14, this is a topic at the forefront. I struggle with wanting to feel valued and desired. I don’t want my daughters to struggle like I do. But the world they are growing up in has so many more challenges than when I was growing up. Television, movies and magazines portray images that send the message that a woman needs to be beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside — powerful and aggressive. It’s hard to fight that image with the image that God has for us — strong but gentle, finding our beauty from the inside out. My daughters and I just finished your free 7 day devotional. It touched me. I hope to go through the book and devotional with them soon. Thank you for your words!

  198. I’m in.. I’d love to win this..

  199. My confidence is shaken when I can’t “do it all.” I’d love to use this devotional with my three daughters (13, 11 & 5) – especially my oldest.

  200. 1princess1prince says:

    I’m in!!!

  201. The thing that chips away most at me are the lies of the enemy, sadly, replayed in my head over and over. I have to constantly go to the Word and read God’s truths, I’m working on believing them and remembering them. I so want to teach this to our girls, to be the role model God put me in their life to be, to be the woman God made me to be. Imperfect progress! 😉

    1. Yep, Shasta! I just love that “imperfect progress”!

  202. sue schneider says:

    I have 9 Granddaughters, 3 of whom are 15 years old. I am in.

  203. Jeanne Lamb says:

    I’m in. I would love to have this for my daughter

  204. My own, blown out of proportion reactions to and thoughts about things that happen or comments people make are what chips away at my confidence and self-worth. I’m working on it, though!

  205. Nicole L. says:

    I’m in. Great message I am working to teach my teenager.

  206. Stephanie says:

    Media, TV, movies, and magazines all contribute to the negative self-images that most females struggle to overcome. HOWEVER, in John 16:33 Jesus says, “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. in the world you have tribulation, but take heart; I have overcome the world. ” We don’t have to listen to the garbage Satan has spread all over the media. The Word tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Praise the Lord!

  207. Christina Phillips says:

    I’m in,my daughter really needs this study. Sadly she is putting her self worth into what other people think about her. So glad I seen this today, I will be getting this for her.

  208. I love this! I am 19 years old, and just this year, I too, have discovered how crazy my Savior is about me! Growing up, I only knew of “religion.” But now, I realize that He doesn’t want me to have religion. I am set apart for something so much more beautiful… He pursues me daily. What love!

    1. LOVE IT Heather! Share it! Preach it! Live it! You will make a difference!

  209. I have been suffering with depression for the past 15 yrs. Almost 3 yrs ago, I was at the top of my game. Great job, great boyfriend, great friends, a good relationship with my family. But 6 words changed my whole world. I lost my job, my boyfriends, my friends and my family and I am alone. I am in the longest depression episode, 3 yrs, that I am having a hard time getting out of. I struggle with my faith because I’m scared that He’s not going to be there…that He will let me down too. I live in a constant state of fear. I feel lost and alone in this great big world. I have lost so much, hanging onto hope that I really know will never happen, just cannot get my mind to except it. I’m so alone and so tired and I have no one that cares about me. I don’t know how to be happy anymore.

    1. Stephanie, You have lost a great deal! When our esteem is built on people, positions and possessions, all of those things can be taken from us. The only thing we can EVER count on is Jesus. He says He will never leave us or forsake us…and He proves it! He loves you dearly and wants you to love Him with what you have; to trust Him that He cares enough to give you HIS best. It may not be what you think is best, but, in time, He will reveal what BEST really means.

      You may need some outside help to get out of your depression. That is why God gives some people gifts; to help us when we are too low to help ourselves.

      You may feel lost, friend, but you are NOT alone! He loves you; He cares! Those of us at Proverbs 31 do too; that is why we do what we do. To bring hope…

  210. Mary Kay Isaacs says:

    Count me in–thanks!

  211. Oh, this is just what I need for my granddaughters. Please include my name in your drawing. I have been praying for a way to reach out to my granddaughters. I need some help and I know the Lord brought I am ordering your devotional now! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for caring enough to invest in your granddaughters, Judy! Lord, use this book and may they soak in your truth!

  212. I tend to feel insecure and my self worth has been diminished due to two bad marriages. Unfortunately my daughter is starting to show the same signs from the marriages and mental abuse that went on in the second marriage and in her very own relationship of eight years with the ex-boyfriend. I would love to share this with her and help her regain her self worth and confidence.

  213. Erin Perry says:

    I am in!! this would be a good resource for the teens I work with as a residential counselor. The girls I work with come with all sorts of problems to theraputic home, but almost all of the struggle with their self worth. The things I see chip away at their self worth are often pretty close to home. One thing that I see is that how the mothers view of her own selfworth is often related to her daughters veiw of self worth. Another chip is what the things these girls have experienced. Many of the girls come to us having experience and trauma, at time in the home itself. The most important that I see is a lack of view of Who they are in Christ. Girls come to our home often without a relationship with the Lord or struggling to understand their walk. Our goal is to share the gospel with these girls and love on them in Christ. Our hope is that they will grow to understand who they are in Christ and learn how to live their daily lives in Him.

    1. Erin, thank you so much for the very important work you do! It is eternal!

  214. I’d like to win this for my daughter struggling with her identity, confidence, loneliness, and fear.

  215. sound like a wonderful book. As a 25 year old mom of 3 boys, there are days I struggle with feeling desired and loved. Even though I have 3 boys “loving” on me all day. I want to remember always that God desires and values me for me!

  216. Jessica Engel says:

    Peer pressure, the media portraying of what a “normal” young lady should be. Love this study! Thank you!!

  217. Michelle D. says:

    I’m in and in need!! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  218. Sandra Lockhart says:

    Just discovered your website and just heard of your ministry to mothers and daughters.

    I do not have any daughters but have recently been blessed with a beautiful daughter in law and a precious grand daughter.

    I am excited to read further and would love to begin sharing your resources with the wonderful women God has added to my life!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and God’s love!

  219. So need this NOW for both my daughter and me….having a new highschool girl is a hard road and anything I can do with God’s help would be great. Thankyou for your passion for getting to the fore of all us girls out ther.

    1. Lori, it is a very hard road! Your girl really needs you in the next few years. Keep a listening ear and a soft heart toward her; be that safe place while still be the authority she needs to be safe. The Lord will supply the strength and wisdom!

  220. lately my confidence crusher has been my husband. We just don’t communicate well and I feel so insecure about my entire station in life. Wife, mother, home educator, Sunday school teacher, children’s ministry leader – all in the air! I know my value is in Jesus not my husband but feels like a snowball right now. I’m in.

    1. Steph…I went through that season too. In fact, God removed most everything from my life, until I found my value only in Him. Seek His face when you can see the way. He’ll show you the next step.

  221. I’m in! God has been telling me that I am too negative – that I grumble too much! I tend to take my self-worth from others opinions of me rather than God’s truths. I would love to have this devotional to share with my almost 14 year old daughter. I pray for her to draw from God who He wants her to be.

  222. I know God’s Word but I feel inadequate trying to get my child to feel and understand. It is really is hard for me. He knows about God but doesn’t know God.

    1. Gwen, you don’t have to be a scholar to teach your son about God. Try sharing short devotions, 2 – 3 minutes a day. In the car, on a walk, on a trip talk to him about what God is doing in your life and take him to a church every Sunday where the preacher teaches from God’s word. You do your part; Jesus will do His!

  223. Angela Robbins says:

    I’m in! I think the biggest struggle I face is measuring up to my own expectations of myself. I tend to let myself think that doing x y z should be possible for me to accomplish. When in reality, my “totally possible” accomplishments are just setting me up for failure. I never meet those expectations and never complete those accomplishments. And then I become frustrated with myself and take it out on those nearest (loved ones) which I immediately regret…. So here I am, finally admitting (even though I’ve known it deep down all along) that the only approval I should seek is in Christ. Period. My self worth is not found in my accomplishments, but in my faith in the Lord.

  224. I’m in. Self-worth is a big struggle for me and it effects all types of relationships and prevents me from really opening up with friends. Thank you for the opportunity to win this “Faith Builder” gift pack.

  225. Maya Alexander says:

    “I am in” I would love to share this “Faith Builder” pack with my daughter!! As a single parent times get rough, tough and tight! I am always talking to her about how God has not forgotten about us as she looks at the things her other friends have. ( mainly the two parent homes….where dad is present) I feel this would be another amazing way to increase our faith together as well as do some bonding! Thank you for offering this to whoever wins!!!!

  226. Maya Alexander says:

    “I am in” I would love to share this “Faith Builder” pack with my daughter!! As a single parent times get rough, tough and tight! I am always talking to her about how God has not forgotten about us as she looks at the things her other friends have. ( mainly the two parent homes….where dad is present) I feel this would be another amazing way to increase our faith together as well as do some bonding! Thank you for offering this to whoever wins!!!!


  227. Im in! Self worth is a huge struggle for most everyday. I think this book will be both beneficial for my daughter and I. We are both getting thru a divorce and I think regaining my confidence in myself thru Jesus will inspire her. We could both use the inspiration from the book.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  228. Feeling like you have so much to give and not finding a way to do them. Being around people who are negative. Not having the courage to move on. I don’t want to pass this on to my two girls..I want them to know all they need is God in their lives not materials, relationships etc if they don’t have Him then they have no love n therefore have NOTHING….
    God is good
    Hope I win I need a lot of encouragement and motivation
    Thank u

  229. I am in. May God keep using you to speak to others.

  230. I need God in my life more now than ever before. I stumbled across your site because I am in need of God’s help as it pertains to being the best mom I can be to my 3 year old. I’m 7 months pregnant and nervous about having two. I know in my heart that God has a plan for our family, but just worried I may get overwhelmed and exhausted and lose faith in my ability to be the best mom I can be to our children. With that said, I went back to church after being absent for months and ran into a friend who encouraged me to come back to a Moms Helping Moms Group – an answered prayer. The book the group is reading is: Am I Messing Up My Kids? Thank God for coming to my aid during a time where I feel like an inadequate mom. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is the sole income earner in our household. I am looking into finding ways to bring in an income, however, and hope to purchase your book soon. In the meantime, “I’m in”.

    1. Keep coming back Bea! We want to support you in the most important role in the world…motherhood!

      1. Moe' Butcher, arbonne says:

        I was going to suggest a MOM’S GROUP for you, Maybe you can even start one at your local library if there is not one … Go for story time w/ your little one and ask the other moms if they would be interested in joining. then ask the librarian how to start one… when my 2nddaughter was young, I became a stay at home mom, for the first time. (I’d always been a working mom before that) a friend invited me to a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and it made SUCH a HUGE difference in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed and disconnected as a stay at home mom. Being involved REALLY REALLY helped.

  231. When I worry about what others think.

  232. I’m in please! I’m a mom to a 14 yo girl and a mom-type to many of her searching friends. This would be a great bridge to deeper conversations perhaos but definitely an encouragement to my ‘girls’ 🙂

  233. This would truly help my sister. She took in an ex-boyfriend’s niece a few years ago that needed guidance and has been struggling with how to raise a teenager who feels unwanted. I can’t wait to tell her about this site and your book!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing with her, Star!

  234. When someone makes a critical comment about something I have done, then I see myself as small and insignificant so my joy and confidence is robbed. Encouragement is what I want to give to my 12 year old and 14 year old granddaughters most so they will see themselves as God sees them. Last night I told my 14 year old granddaughter that there is a country song that says, “In all the world you’ll never find a love as true as mine.” I told her those words are really words from God to her ’cause no one in the world will give her a love as true as God’s. Thank you for your encouragement to me and countless other young and older women. Thank you for your gift to one of those women.

  235. Katherine Sloan says:

    I’d love this for my daughter. The teen years are rough and I want her to understand her true worth and that she is so valuable. This is such a challenging day to live in for these kids

  236. I’m in!!!!!!! Thank you for the chance!

  237. I’m in!!!!! Awesome messages, I am certainly in need of guidance for myself and my soon to be 13 year old next month!!

  238. Cynthia V says:

    I’m in. I teach a small group of young 7th and 8th grade girls and work at a mental health facility for young people. Both groups could use some words of wisdom.

    1. Cynthia…check out my leadership guide free under my “freebies” tab! There are additional free resources there that might be useful to you. Thanks for pouring into young girls!

  239. I’m SO in! I have a pre-teen & a newly teen…the world is calling our girls names!! We have to instill this truth in them..thanks for caring!!
    God Bless you!!

  240. I’m in, Lynn. Thanks for the Seven Day giveaway!

  241. Kari Massengill says:

    wanting so much to be the perfect wife, perfect mother, prefect Christian! I set myself up for failure.

  242. I’m in – need the wisdom and guidance for my pre-teen. She’s already feeling a lack of confidence due to a group of girls at church. Breaks my heart!

    1. Oh Dawn! As moms, there is so much we need to teach our girls; kindness being one of them! I pray that the Lord gives you the wisdom you need to teach your girl forgiveness and confrontation the way Jesus taught us in Matthew 18. The earlier we learn to handle conflict like He did, the better!

  243. Im in! I have a 12 year old daughter and many of her friends who are always around, that I have been struggling to reassure that they were made for God just the way they are! Thank you!!

  244. Linda Handy says:

    I would love to win this to share with my young girls in my family. They recently lost their precious grandmother at such an early age. What a blessing this would be.


  245. Tammy Engen says:

    I am definitely in. This sounds exactly what we need.

  246. Stephanie Hanks says:

    I am an avid worrier! I spend so much time worrying about things that I have no control over any way. My oldest daughter is in middle school and struggles daily with being good enough….I have 3 daughters (12, 10 and 7). Thanks

    Stephanie Hanks
    [email protected]

    1. Moe' Butcher, arbonne says:

      You are INDEED GOOD ENOUGH. God never makes JUNK!

  247. I was not a Christian when my daughter was growing up or in her teens. But now that I am a Christian I can be there for my precious grandaughter. Even though she is not quite a teen yet, this would be something I can share with her to help shepard her in her teens and someday be re-born.

  248. Moe' Butcher, arbonne says:

    The think I think chips away at women’s confidence is the NEGATIVE JUNK inside our heads that we grew up hearing. If you grew up in an abusive home, you have lots of STUFF that you need to NOT listen to in side your head. don’t just let it rattle around in there, when you start thinking negatively, COUNTER IT with GREAT THOUGHTS!

  249. I’ve just found your blog and website and this sounds just like what my daughter and I need. Thanks!

    1. I hope you’ll come back Lori! As moms, we want to be wise and raise wiser daughters! We need each other 🙂

  250. Sheri Hanson says:

    I would love to win that prize! Thanks for your inspirational writing!!


  251. Jonica Suver says:

    when I take my eyes off of Jesus & see myself how the world views me that chips away at me. I am a “fixer” and want to try to do everything for everyone & it wears me down! I work at my church with the teens & I see so many young girls setting themselves up for heartbreak! Excited to use materials from here to share wisdom with them & my own daughters! Thank you!

  252. My verbally and emotionally abusive ex-husband chipped away at my sense of self-worth. My counselor told me, just last night, that I am beautiful and it made me cry. I have not felt beautiful for nearly 20 years. But God says I am lovely and beloved!

    I feel like I want to read your devotional like a young girl, just learning how Jesus loves and pursues me! If I don’t win your contest, I will buy the book! This is a message for ALL women!

    God bless you for writing it, in obedience to His will!

    1. Jenn, I have had many women read my books and say it was exactly what they needed. To know that we are beautiful and wanted is an ageless need…from 14 – 74. May HE fill your heart completely, Jenn!

  253. Awesome! I’m in!!

  254. This is just what I needed. Not just for my kids but for me too! I have twin daugthers and its painful to watch them strive for others approval. Its also a struggle to know how to help them realize they are so much more than the on-again/off-again quarrels of their peers. Thank you!!

    1. So glad we connected Wendy 🙂 It is painful to watch our kids strive for approval when Jesus gives unconditional love freely!

  255. Carolyn R says:

    Thank you, Lynn for this great message. Women and men need to hear this but especially us women who seem to be especially hated by satan. The things that happened to me in my early years left me feeling like I had no value. I just need to hear and read these truths over and over again until my mind is transformed and renewed to think of myself as Jesus does.

  256. What chips away at my confidence and self worth is when I feel I am giving it my all and for the life of me I still can’t get everything done I need to do, I can’t get my kids to see the truth, I can’t get my husband to care about anything the way I do and I feel I am failing in everything I’m trying to teach my children. Its not the truth, but it starts to creep in on me that I’m losing more than winning rather than seeing that God is on my side, I am winning, I am succeeding and that things are going to work out for my best. I guess you could say that maybe I am the the confidence breaker when I don’t see success! I’m In!

    1. Johnna, when I read your comment I thought of the verse that says “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in DUE SEASON we shall reap if we faint not” (Sorry, when I was young they made me memorize out of the King James!)

      Keep doing what He has called you to do; He’ll take care of the changing! (I’m preaching to myself now!)

  257. I am definitely in! Satan chips away at our feelings of self-worth and confidence. If he can keep us believing we are not as good as…………..or we are not as pretty as………………or we are not…………-well, you understand- then he can prevent us from being everything God has called us to be. Satan can influence generation after generation this way. I am trying right now to break that cycle for myself and my own daughter so that she and I both can experience the joy God has for us. What a bright future that secures for my grand daughter some day!!

  258. Jada Smith says:

    Sounds awesome! 🙂

  259. Paula Noblespa says:

    Ready read more!

  260. Thanks for sharing with us! I’m in

  261. I’m in. I would love to give this to my daughter. Who doesn’t need to know that they are loved and treasured?

  262. I’m in! I am a mother of two, an almost 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, I also babysit my 8 &5 yeast old niece. I would love to find some way to get God in them every morning before the world invades at school. Even the youngest two have to deal with the world and it’s influences through their peers at preschool. It is a dangerous time for our kids and they desperately need to be armed for battle.

  263. I’m in! What a wonderful birthday present this would be for me to share with my daughter. My birthday is Sept. 19th.

  264. You have great ideas! I have 2 granddaughters that I am trying to influence in a good way. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for your ministry.

  265. Finding time to sit down and have a quiet intimate talk about God is so difficult these days. My hat is off to you for looking for a solution!

  266. I’m in. I wish I had materials like this when I was growing up and to share with my daughters who are now grown. It is never to late though to learn about the grace and love of God who never forsakes us.

  267. I love books for girls!

  268. We’ll always fall up short when we compare OUR weakness with anothers strength…and that’s what most women do – It takes more than remembering Psalm 139 to fight the battles! Thanks for sharing your expertise! I wanna be a winner – I’m in!

  269. Comparing myself to others.

  270. I am DEFINITELY in!! I struggle to know the difference between what I want and what God wants for me and my 18 year old daughter. This could help my direction!

  271. Kim Alcorn says:

    I’m in! Looking forward to this for me and my daughter! Thank you!

  272. What chips away at me the most — on a daily basis — is my weight. I know that I am not what people would consider overweight; however, all of the fat in my body decides to end up in my stomach. It will not go away. Being a type 1 (insulin dependant) diabetic doesn’t seem to help anything at all either. I get so frustrated!! I’m stuck wearing the same, boring clothes because I’m still too fat to feel like shopping for anything new. I know I will love clothes that will look horrible in because of disgusting fat. If it would JUST go away!!! I don’t know, I’m sure I would be a lot happier, but the devil would just bring something else to my attention to worry about. Life seems to be a vicious cycle sometimes.

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