Week 5 – #1 Thing That Cuts the Joy Jugular

In school, I loved biology! The details of the human body fascinated me! Highways of blood veins and bones all perfectly woven together; the jugular veins being one of the most important parts. These veins, in our necks, drain blood from our head, brain, face and neck straight to our heart. Maybe you’ve watched a Mob movie or two: “He went right for the jugular.” The jugular veins are vital to our living, making them most vulnerable.

Not only did God design our physical body this way, our spiritual make-up has a similar design. The things we think in our mind have a direct highway to our heart. Proverbs 23:7 tells us as a man thinks in his heart so is he.

One thing that cuts at our joy, attacks our jugular, like no other. There is one way as believers we “go for the jugular” toward each other, squeezing the life blood from each other and ourselves.


I’ve seen it in my life. I’ve seen it in the life of my family.

Picture this scene. You’ve just heard an amazing sermon; God really spoke through your pastor to an issue He wants to change in your life. Walking to your car, you see something that startles you.

Get this one. A few weeks ago as I headed to my car, I saw two young women exchange a kiss in our church parking lot…and I am not talking about the one mentioned in Romans 16:16 “greet one another in a holy kiss”.

Ok…so I was more than startled. My mouth wanted to spout all kinds of judgement. “Here! In our church parking lot?” Have they no respect?” You get where my mind was going. All the good and all the great I had just experienced in church was being squeezed; judgement going for the jugular vein from my brain to my heart.

That’s when the Holy Spirit whispered, “Yes, this is where I can speak my love and truth to their hearts.”

Of course! We are to be a hospital, not a museum. He’s called us to love in all ways, at all times.

Romans 14:1 really nailed me this morning, “Accept the one whose faith is weak…”.

Today, let’s focus on all we have to be joyful about. Let those thankful thoughts begin in our mind and go right on down to our hearts. Let’s leave the judging to God.



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  1. This is such a great devotional! I think we need to leave the judging to God. Christians walk around sneering their noses at those they look down upon, and wonder why people are turned off by Christianity! Our actions will bring someone to Christ quicker than hollow words. Thank you for this reminder!

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