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If you are joining me here today from Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today, welcome!

Could you relate when I said, “As a mom, it’s easy for me to slip into similar thoughts too. To look around, observe the not-so-positive changes in our culture and wish for the seemingly tranquil world of generations past”?

Maybe you too feel like we’re in a loosing battle.

As I have prayed for my daughters and the girls in my small group, Jesus has encouraged me to think: one girl at a time. His love I share may not be causing the culture to make a 180 degree turn, but it changing the life of one girl at a time. My daughters. My daughter’s friends. The girls who gather on Wednesday nights to study God’s word together in my kitchen.

I am so encouraged by today’s story of Esther, a girl who was boldly beautiful. Esther probably wasn’t loud and obnoxious, at least I wouldn’t expect a queen to be. Nor would I guess her to have been timid and shy. Instead, based on her actions, I’m guessing Esther was a girl who, because of the confidence she had built into her, had the boldness to stand up for God’s people when they needed her most.

This type of confidence doesn’t come when a girl is told over and over how beautiful she is or praised for her performance on the ball field. A confidence that overcomes fear and stands up in the face of total rejection is a boldness that is rooted not in what she does, but in whose she is. It is not an assurance built on beauty, brains or boys.

No, it has a foundation laid with the unconditional, perfect love of Jesus.

She builds her life on what she can never loose or have taken from her.

Do you know a girl who needs this foundation? Would you give her a gift this Christmas that will build God confidence in her heart?

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“His Revolutionary Love” and “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year” are two “bricks” Jesus can use to build that foundation. This bundle would be the perfect gift to get her new year off to the right start! (If you think she would like to have them personalized, just let Teri at Proverbs 31 Ministries know and I’ll be happy to do sign them when I am in the office on Monday!)

As my daughter, Madi, says, “His Revolutionary Love” pours in the truth, while “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year” daily drips it in! Make an investment in her today!

Today, I am going to give away a set of these confidence building bricks! To enter the drawing, simply share in the comments below a girl you know who would benefit from these books this Christmas. You don’t have to say her name, maybe just a description or two. I will pray for each and every girl mentioned today and announce the winner on my post on Monday!








  1. I’m starting this study in Jan with three young teens. Lilly, Natalie and Mia. Thank you for covering them in prayer.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much, Kristen!

      Jesus, do what only You can do! Only you have the words of life! Build a foundation of love, confidence and security that you can continue to build upon for their entire lives! Amen

  2. Lynn Wollenberg says:

    My daughter would benefit from those books so much. I have learned a lot from reading your words of wisdom. Thank you.

  3. My 11 year old daughter. She struggles with so much in middle school, and I feel totally inept in helping her separate what us good and true in her and in what is around her.

    1. michelle mally says:

      I have a 13 yr old 8th grader and a 17 yr old senior who I would like them for. Thanks!

  4. My daughter of the King would benefit from receiving these books sharing life giving words and I pray keep her close to her heavenly Father and come to know His great love for her and His desire to bless her always. Her earthly father was abusive to us both, kept her from me and abandoned her. She is now living with me, set free with a future open to whatever God has for her. Blessings

  5. My 12 yr old daughter …middle school can be ugly some days; this would be great way to start or finish those rough days.

  6. Children ARE a blessing from God: yes they are! My prayer is to be a blessing to them, too. My child is at a crossroads this very month in her life. A couple of weeks ago, I had asked God to ever so gently humble our family’s strong and self-absorbed personalities. He prepared my heart for the potential result of that prayer and for that I am thankful! It has been a tough couple of weeks as deceit and manipulation has been revealed; however, darkness cannot reside where the light is. The light on these deceitful situations HAS freed my girl (even though we are enduring pain during the humbling) and I pray for The Light to grow in her heart and mind as she goes into adolescence years. Thank you for joining me in praising God for His presence through all times and for these tough life lessons to be for His glory as He becomes the evident reason for our strength as we decide to choose His way over freshly desires. God, Three in One, you are so wise to know that we need Your plan, your Sacrifice, your Guidance, your Counsel, your Love, Your arms as we and our children make daily decisions that could warrant your forgiveness yet always warrants your wisdom and prompting as we make those decisions. Continue to BE LOUD to us as old habits are broke and new ones are formed. We praise You for giving us your Word to guide us through this earthly life. We praise You for ministries such as p31 that speak that Word into our lives. Bless them, we pray, for their feet are beautiful as they are bringing Good News to the world. In Jesus’ name we are so thankful to pray, amen.

  7. Ana Edwards says:

    Emi, a 19 yr. confident & sweet young lady. She does have a heart for God, and she sure could use these books to keep her headed in the right direction, to instill truth and knowledge, and help her with sorting out relationship issues. I know she struggles with rejection from certain family members, who with their cutting words & dismissive attitude, have caused Emi heartache. I appreciate you lifting her up in your prayers.

  8. Hi-I don’t wish to name anyone but I do have a small group of girls in mind that need Godsctruth about themselves so badly. One young lady in particular has a really low image of herself and her mom tried to build her up with Scripture on how God sees her as beautiful and she is fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139) but she said she was trash and felt like it-truly she feels ugly in and out and it made me so sad. Others don’t cone to youth group hardly at all choosing other pursuits over teaching from a godly woman and mom . My heart is sad and I want your book to open their eyes to truth.
    I also wonder if your book is right it for info usual study or if a small group of girls could use your material as a group study? They desperately need affordable and yet Godly material geared specifically to teenage girls-it needs to rooted in God’s word and have Scripture to back up what is written -if you’d like to personally email me with what you think is right for a small group like this please do message me and I will suggest what you have to the gal who’s teaching and the youth pastor. Thank you!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hello friend! I actually wrote “His Revolutionary Love” to be used in small groups! You can find a sample chapter on my website under “books” as well as a free leadership guide for those who are investing in young women!

      Thank you so much for suggesting this resource to your church! I appreciate you!

  9. Peggy Clement says:

    The girl that comes to mind for me , thinks only about wanting to be excepted by trying to put herself before others.

  10. Dena Sharpe says:

    My daughter is also 11 and struggles with ADD and lots of insecurities. She feels alone, that no one loves her even though I tell her I love her every day and she has accepted Jesus as Saviour. We need help to ingrain that love deep in her soul so she will stop being afraid of the world.

  11. Diane Sides says:

    My granddaughter, Kailee is an 18 year old young woman and has such a kind, loving heart and spirit. She is in her words “A Jesus Girl”. She is beautiful and very smart, an excellent first year college student, but because she is overweight, and has parents who frequently comment about it and how she looks, she has begun to lose confidence in her self. This has caused her so much heartache and she comes to me often crying over the relationship between her and her mom. She struggles with a constant stream of rejection and criticism. She seems to be almost at the point of just giving up. She just ended a bad relationship with a young man that was not good for her and actually it was a good thing, but she has begun seeing him again off and on. I think she feels more confident when she has a boyfriend and I know these books would help her see and understand that when she puts Jesus first in her life, He will bring the right man into her life, at the right time. Right now she seems to be really struggling with this and I believe these books will help put and keep her on the right track, to understand that a relationship with Jesus is unconditional love and help her regain some confidence in herself. Please do pray for her and I sincerely thank you for that. God Bless you for all you do!

  12. Today is my daughter’s birthday and I can see she’s at a time where she is beginning to have to make more decisions about things that can make or break her. I am constantly praying that God imparts His love and wisdom within in her.

  13. I have a young lady in my life who I am mentoring who would be blessed by reading this book. She is 19 years old with 2 children. I see really great potential in her. She works hard and she wants to give her children the life she never had growing up. I know if she if finds her value and worth in God’s love and realizes He has great plans for her life, she will go really far in life. She has the right ideas about life. She just needs the right foundation to carry it out.

  14. I love my daily devotions and have been looking for something for my daughter. Am excited to possibly win this for her or purchase! I enjoy your blog.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Marcia!

  15. My daughter who, augh, she just eminates God’s light. This is a perfect devo set for her…. ‘for such a time as this’. 🙂

  16. Angie Boucher says:

    I have been mentoring these two girls who are sophomores in high school that I would love to go through this with them. The T lost her mom in 8th grade and G lost both parents in 5th grade. Both are struggling in there own way with their losses.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      How Angie how difficult! Thank you for being Jesus to these precious girls! I believe His Revolutionary Love would help them to find security and confidence in Christ’s amazing love for them!

      1. Angie Boucher says:

        I so agree! After having coffee with T on Sat. my heart hurt for her as she goes through this Christmas season.. like her dad hasn’t put up Christmas decorations since her mom died or continued any traditions such as making cookies so she is coming to our house to my make some cookies! I am going to get these books for them for Christmas and also get one for my 14 year old daughter to go through it together with her..Thank you so much for your encouragement and help as my husband and I go through raising my 3 daughters 14,12,10(also your blogs help our 16 year old son) and trying to mentor these girls..

  17. I think my daughter would love and benefit from this. She has had a really hard honors class and we have been trying to help her as much as we can. She is really struggling in her confidence now. I am sure this book would be an encouragement to her.

  18. Melanie Mauldin says:

    Thank you for your prayers and insightfulness! My girl’s life has turned almost completely around from where she was earlier this year…..too much to even try to detail but i did get her His Revolutionary Love to read thru with her and so many truths from the Word began to overtake the lies Satan had blinded her with….Jesus has already claimed a victory in her life! God bless you and thank you

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Melanie – How beautiful! May the Lord continue to give her a sure foundation in Him! He has begun a good work and He will finish it!

  19. Lynette Gebler says:

    I loved your post! My daughter is in high school and the world we live in today relies so heavily on our outward appearance, especially here in Los Angeles! I pray that my daughter sees her inner worth as a child of God and she will continue to pursue his plan for her life and to walk in obedience. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  20. nancys1128 says:

    I actually just ordered His Revolutionary Love today, for myself, to use in the girls’ group another mom and I are starting in January. The copy here would be given to my daughter, along with the book of devotions. As a middle schooler, she has so much coming at her, from so many sources, I know these books will not only serve to strengthen her spiritually, but effect others I her life as well.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Nancy – thank you so very much for investing in these precious girls! If you haven’t already, please join our Facebook page for women who invest in women – be it daughters or others. You can find us at Also, since His Revolutionary Love works like a journal with questions inside, if you need many books, I would be happy to get them to you at a discount and personalize them as well if yoiu would like!

      Any one who wants to – please join us!!!

      1. nancys1128 says:

        Thanks for the invite, Lynn. I’m actually a part of that group already.

        1. nancys1128 says:

          The other part of my reply disappeared.

          1. nancys1128 says:

            My phone doesn’t like posting complete messages it appears. As for the offer I may take you up on that. Will know better after our group starts in January.

  21. My name twin Samantha would benefit greatly from these books. 🙂

  22. I would give them to my 12 year old niece. Middle School is tough and she has already seen and heard so much! It breaks my heart for her and for the kids involved. Her parents aren’t Christians, so any opportunity to share God’s love with her is always welcome!

  23. First off thank you for your words of inspiration and writings to help young girls, looking for love and acceptance from other things than from Gods acceptance.I know a young girl who does not really have either parent in her life. One is there but she knows he is not her father, mother not around not a blood family member and she is well aware of it constantly reminded.11 years old smart beautiful and Im afraid on the wrong track.I believe these books would help her so much.She attends Sunday School and is in the Christmas Play thanks to grandma taking her to church.Thank God for Grandmas! I think these readings will help her see how much she is truly loved by her True ABBA! And that He is all she needs, not boys money just Gods Love. Went through similar situation 50 years ago I know it would of changed the course of my life.Again thank you for your gift of loving and guiding the future generation on the right path God bless you

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      BeBe – I am with you! Thank you Jesus for God fearing Grandmas!

  24. I would give them to my son’s girlfriend, Allison – she us a sweet, shy girl who does attend church but I don’t know if she is saved. Please pray that they both will continue to make wise choices in their lives

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, Thank you for placing Allison in the lives of Dori’s family. Help them to show her the unconditional love that her young heart needs! May she know You and know the security your deep love gives! Amen

  25. I would share this with a recent college grad who is often comparing herself to friends —- More successful, dating great guys or married, thinner or more attractive than she perceives herself. I want her to face her future with God’s love as her foundation.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Deb F – Comparison is a huge battle for women of all ages and kills joy and contentment like nothing else!

  26. My 17 year-old daughter. She is bombarded daily by the world’s view of things. I would love to have her filled with God’s view.

  27. Marielly Leon says:

    There is a girl who came across one of our sisters in our church who is going through a tough time. I don’t know what she is going through as I haven’t met her, but I know this devotion will be a blessing to her and it will minister to her in such a great way. It will be a reminder that even though she doesn’t know who I am, there’s somebody out there that cares about her and that God is on her side all the time.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Marielly – I love that this girl has reached out to a woman in your church! Young women need us so much and when we can be the ones to reach out it is even better!

  28. My oldest daughter who is 12 years old is a blessing to me! She has always been a wonderful girl who always worked hard to please everyone around her! Just last week she blossomed into womanhood and has really been struggling with what is going on in her body, the past 6 months actually have been a huge emotional roller coaster! She is struggling to find who she is and still be the good girl. She has become reclusive to her room and has lost the smile on her face! I want her to live a life pleasing to The Lord not pleasing to people! Hopefully a book like this would be a good start, and it wouldn’t go to waste cause she loves to read! It could also be passed down to her 11 year old sister and maybe even to all the other young ladies that I teach at church! Thank you for this opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:


      This season of life is so hard for young girls! Having a woman close by to help them navigate these confusing waters sure helps!

  29. I would like to tell you about my cousin Katie. She is in Jr. High and she has some confidence but she is going to get to that age soon where all that will go away. I am a role model for her, she is constantly looking up to me and wanting to be like me. I am only 16 myself. She is just 13 and she has this seed in her that I want to help grow and follow the Lord. I have this feeling like she is going to change the world.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Wow Sarah! Keep pouring into her!!! God will empower you!

  30. I would love to continue to pour into my daughter, Corinthia! There are so many pressures facing our teens today and my heart grieves for those who struggle without hope in Jesus!

  31. My double blessing girls are early into the teen years who do love hte Lord and have been searching for a devotion to help them (and me) to build strong foundations for these teen years and life.

  32. I have a friend whose husband she had been praying for so many years now. Her husband is a drinkard and beats her sometimes, but she loves him. She wants us to pray for his salvation and deliverance.

  33. I lead an AMAZING small group of eighth grade girls on Wednesday night. I pray GOD will continue to work in each of our lives as we continue to grow!

    Thank you for an amazing ministry you share!

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