Wednesday Wisdom Tip: Do Different Together




I don’t know, maybe you are super mom in the kitchen! Me…not so much! But one thing I am is adventurous, especially if someone will join me.

So, when Mariah texted me from college and said, “I want to make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving” I thought

Why not just go for it and make the crust from scratch too!

Ok…I can hear you laughing at me! A pie crust is not an adventure to you. For a girl like me, who has 14 people coming to dinner on Thursday, it is!

Here’s how it looked a few minutes ago before we put it in the oven:

Pecan PieIt was Mariah’s idea to make it pretty!

This holiday season, try an adventure with your girl! Let her know you need her to help you stay young at heart. She’ll love knowing you need her for once!


Here is a list that just might spark an idea or two. I’ll put a star next to the ones we’re going to try!

1. Cut down your Christmas tree * (pictures will follow!)

2. Volunteer together * (we’re going to the Operation Christmas Child warehouse)

3. Try a new way to focus on the season (we’re using The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp)

4. Try going to a new church Рexperience the season from a different perspective! (The church down the road?      Midnight mass?)

5. Get outside & do a new activity! Snowshoeing, hiking in winter, ice skating…I want to pick one of these!

6. Cook a new meal or bake something different – Thai anyone?

7. Invite a person/s to celebrate with you who could use a family during the holidays! *

8. Ask your children to decorate the house the way THEY want to this year! *

9. Have a staycation and do something in your town you’ve been wanting to try. (NASCAR Hall of Fame?)

10. Ask your child to plan a “Christmas” night for you all to enjoy…anything they want to do! *

(See lights? Watch a movie? Make treats? What will they come up with?!)


The important thing…whatever you do, do different together!

Can you come back and share with us what you gave a try? We can get some great ideas from each other!

Happy Thanksgiving friend! We have so very, very much to be thankful for!




  1. I ordered that book too. I want my family to be more focused on Christ this Christmas than present and themselves. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  2. Lynn, my 13 y.o. daughter wants to make an Apple Pie using my Grandmother’s recipe…the one with pie crust made from scratch…the one my Grandmother gave me the ingredients for off the top of her head…the one my Grandmother baked that looked nothing short of something Betty Crocker featured in any number of her cookbooks. You should know that years before my daughter was born, my husband sent me to pie-making 101 in my Grandmother’s kitchen and my Grandmother proceeded to coach me in the art of duplicating one of her pies. I still have the recipe written on a piece of real estate stationary. I successfully made that Apple Pie…that was approx. 17 years ago. There were other attempts on my own through the years but let’s just say, my Grandmother had a way with pie that I have not been able to duplicate. When my daughter suggested offering an apple pie for our Thanksgiving guests, I immediately had visions of all my pie disasters but my second thought was ‘make a memory.. with and for Haley’…so I have the ingredients, the original recipe, and even found a beautiful cake/pie stand for $3 at a local thrift store. Let the memory-making begin….

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