5 Ways to Get a God-Perspective


Change position


Some of us like it; actually thrive on change! The rest of us…not so much!

Maybe like me, you’re in a season where life change is happening on a daily basis. Every day, there is a new reality to adjust to.

In the midst of all this different, I’m leaning on 5 Ways to Get a God-Perspective.  These perspectives I’ve gained from Psalm 100.

Let’s quickly read this five verse Psalm:

“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.

Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100

David teaches us to:

1. Practice Praise

“Shout for joy to the Lord.”

When life is harder than I thought it was going to be, (or just different) my heart is immediately helped when I start to praise. I am definitely known to do a little shouting in my house to help my heart get to the place I need for it to be.  I’ve also been known to jump up and down in praise in a parking lot when I lock my keys in my trunk and then it mysteriously opens on it’s own! Had that happen last weekend at my event!)

2. Embrace every day. 

“Worship the Lord with gladness.”

Worshiping the Lord with gladness causes me to actively look for good in this day; embracing the day and whatever God brings to me in it.

3. Talk with thanksgiving

Davis tells us to enter His gates with thanksgiving. We may not be all that happy about the change that is going on in this area of our lives, but we can find one thing to be thankful for! Thankfulness redirects our heart and mind.

4. Partner with purpose

“We are His; the sheep of His pasture.”

Even if our purpose in the lives of others or in our work is changing, our purpose in life is the same. We are His. He has called us to represent Him while we are on the earth. During this season of change, find a friend who is going through change too. Together, find a way the two of you can partner to bring good into the life of another. Volunteer together. Bless another friend who is sick, having a baby or just needs a break in the middle of her week.

When I get my focus off of me and on to being a blessing to another person, I get God’s perspective!

5. Release regret

“His faithfulness continues to all generations.”

Because God is faithful to forgive us, time and time and time again, we can release regrets than try to whisper to us in the midst of change. God is faithful; always has been, always will be. We can rest in His faithfulness today and be assured we will see Him be faithful again tomorrow.





  1. 1. Practicing Praise is something I tend to forget in everyday life! If only I took time to praise God more, even in the small daily occurrences. I am excited to have a “praise-filled” day with God today!

    1. Release regrets. Letting go of the decisions and choices I made. Releasing label I put on myself that dont line up with what God calls me. He has forgiven me. I need to walk in that forgiveness.

      1. Releasing regrets, not holding on to things of the past, letting go and letting God fight my battles. Learning how to trust God more in those situations were my strength is weak. Also learning how to forgive others as well as myself.

        1. This is a big one for me. I tend to hold to things even when it’s past and even tend to blame myself when stuff just happens. I’ll be looking to this and reminding myself all the time to “let go and to let God” work. I want to thank all the woman who write for this ministry it has always been such a huge help to me.

      2. I need to look past the circumstances and and start looking for HIM. Walking out my own salvation!! I want to be able to praise Him through it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Praise seems to be so helpful for me. I’m new to praise but it helps release the emptiness that I feel inside. Thank God for praise !!!

    2. I find myself there sometimes too! not forgetting that God can do anything! let me just keep it real! sometimes I just like to have a pity party or somebody done me wrong song, for a moment, but when I come to myself I have to brush myself off and give God his just due! He is worthy of all praise in the good and bad times! I am bound and I am gonna loose this praise that is within me because it’s in there!

    3. I have been through some major changes in the past 4 months. One thing that I have been struggling with is praise. I often look at what is happening to me, than concentrating on the good things I have that God has blessed me with. He has blessed me so much and I tend to look at the bad instead of the good. Thank you for this devotion, I have been struggling with why all this is happening to me and this has helped me realize that God is bringing me to a place to draw me closer to him and to change my perspective of things.

    4. Teresa Woodruff says:

      When your body has a disease to deal with daily that is the hardest time to give God praise. But I find a way to thank him even in the bad!

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        You are brave, Teresa! Your comment reminds me of the Casting Crowns song, “I will praise Him in the storm!”

    5. Release Regret spoke to me!

      God will meet us in the midst of our storms and regrets of unlived tomorrows. I am so grateful that God will never leave nor forsake us. He is the God of second chances, new purpose and everlasting love. I cannot live yesterday again, tomorrow hasn’t come yet, so I give thanks for today!

    6. Suzanna F says:

      Great post! The one that really stood out for me was being thankful. Yes, in the midst of struggles and chaos, there’s always at least one thing to be thankful for! I am currently waiting on The Lord to deliver my husband from addictions, to change his heart towards me and to help him become more involved with me and our kids. As I struggle day after day after day, it is so easy to start seeing only the negative. This is a great reminder to look for positive, for something to be thankful to The Lord for. It also changed my perspective about how I look at what my husband does: I decided to make a daily mental list of things that he did that day that I can be thankful for. Even if it’s just one little thing, it will still change my perspective towards my husband.

  2. Regret seems to be the demon that haunts me. Thank You today for this devotion. It is so on time for this season I am in. It has lifted a heavy burden.

  3. Sandy Lopez says:

    Release Regret. I often feel like it’s because of my choices or actions that I am in this place of change.

  4. leslie delay says:

    I’m definitely going through change and uncertainty. I’m not sure where I’m going, what I’m doing, going to work….but I guess the only thing consistent in life is change, even changes we don’t like. This one is especially hard. I’ve been praising and doing the thankfulness, but what really spoke to me was the last point, repentance. I need to repent for the way I’ve reacted to these changes and the unknown. And other things…which partly I’m glad for part of my change.

  5. They all speak to me, but the one that resonates the most is #5…release regret. As a mom of a senior (and a sophomore and a 4th grader), I get sucked often into the missed moments which draw my attention and heart away from the rest. I am more able to practice praise, embrace each day, talk with thanksgiving and partner with purpose when I let go of regret! Thank you so much for your message today.

  6. Speaking with thanksgiving really touched my heart this morning, it’s so easy to give into the grumbles, but when we take the time to thank Him for all of our abundant blessings our whole perspective changes. Thanks for the encouragement today!

  7. Talking with Thanksgiving has been what has pulled me through many changes. most recently my young adult son got in trouble and it was heartbreaking. And has required change in all of our lives. I have found peace by thanking God for His blessings in the midst of of this discipline for my son. Each time I feel the weight of what the world thinks of this situation, I thank God that He disciplines those He loves and look for all the blessings in the midst of turmoil. Peace friends

  8. Catina Roberts says:

    I practice praise daily, I am a single parent of an only child who attended her Senior Prom in April, graduated high school in May and will be leaving home for college soon. The fact that I will soon be an “empty nester” has hit me like a ton of bricks. I practice praise daily knowing that the GODLY values that I have practiced before my child she will continue to live and be a witness to others.

  9. Lori Rupp says:

    Talk with thanksgiving: Waking up and being thankful sets the tone for the whole day. When I speak blessings first thing in the morning, I am reminded throughout my day of how thankful I am to trust God as I listen to what others around me are speaking.

  10. PRACTICE PRAISE: I thank GOD for waking me up early this morning or should I say every morning and gives me the desire to praIse and thank him for waking me up with the right thoughts in my head: that is to praise and thank him for keeping me safe and having my mind stayed on him.

  11. Dana Cooper says:

    I loved today’s message! I was downsized after 22 years and was led to my dream job (literally, there was a sign at church advertising the job!). Then I chose CHANGE as my one word for the year and Deuteronomy 31:6 as my verse for the year. So I was happy to see that verse in your devotional. For me, it wasn’t really possible until I prayed the pride out of my life. It was REALLY hard to start over and not have the history of my work experience known to my new coworkers. But God answered that prayer too and I am really happy in my new spot! All of the 5 ways speak to my new life everyday. I have already been praying all of those everyday on my drive in to work. Thank you for so eloquently putting it all in one place! Blessings.

  12. Talk with thanksgiving speaks to me the most. I need to center myself on who God is and being thankful and grateful for each and every gift He gives!

  13. Linda Lyons says:

    Talking with Thanksgiving is the area I am focusing on during a difficult divorce (is there really such a thing as an “easy divorce”?) When I focus on all the blessings God has given me, I end up in a much more cheerful place than when I focus on all the negatives that a divorce brings.

    God is Faithful and I know he has a plan for my daughter and me, I just can’t see where it is leading us at the moment…but we WILL end up in a happier place once we are through to the other side.

  14. Paula Clark says:

    Talking with thanksgiving truly redirects our heart and mind! Thank you for this word today!

  15. I like “Talk with Thanksgiving” because if we seek, search and think hard enough, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. God is so good! I also need to learn to “Embrace every day” more than what I have been. Bless you for all you are doing to give Him the honor and glory that He deserves!

  16. Lynn Herndon says:

    #5 His faithfulness continues to all generations. This gives me a hopeful perspective! And always makes me smile when I see God working in the lives of my grown daughters♡

  17. This message is just for me. My family and I will be going through one of the biggest changes any of us has ever experienced. My heart hurts, but realizing my purpose doesn’t change even though circumstances do, I can be thankful and praise Jesus.

  18. suann higginbotham says:

    Partner with a purpose.
    My husband has taken a job that takes him over the road. I get to see him 3 days a month. The loneliness is hard. But i realize that i need to get out of myself and go love on others. Hug another lonely heart. 🙂 I prayed the prayer asking God to change my perspective. HE is with me always. Im not alone like I’ve been feeling. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement!

  19. the part that speaks most to me is the regrets section. I am transitioning to a new job transfer next week and this is m last week at m current job. I believe God has called me to this new position but the devil is trying to sneek in and put doubt in m mind about this change. I pray for strength and wisdom as I finish this week up and thanksgiving.

  20. Thanks for the reminder to “release regret!”

  21. Alice Reeves says:

    Thank you so much for this today. All 5 of these spoke to me, especially # 3 Talk with thanksgiving. I recently moved my elderly mother in with me after a year on her own without my father. As difficult as it was making all the changes necessary and transforming the dining room into a private bedroom for her and becoming a personal assistant, hairdresser, and chauffeur. I’ve come to see in my heart the love I have for this precious woman who has worked so hard to provide for me and the unconditional love she has given me over the years. That’s it’s time for me to give back as much as I can and give her love joy and security. God has blessed me with this responsibility and I am so grateful to have this precious time with her. Thank you! God is so good!

  22. My life has drastically changed over the past 6 months…..my husband passed away this past December ..and the last of our three children married in April ….so here I am in a very quiet home seeking God’s direction …. I am ever grateful for the reminder and promise in point #4…partner with a purpose…. First of all..it was a great reminder that I still have a partner and a purpose in life…..Although I don’t necessarily like the changes in my life… I know God is working .. Recently He opened an opportunity for me to go on a mission trip to Honduras and continues to bless me with opportunities to serve others …… So blessed with the life I had…and thankful I can trust God with my future.

  23. #5 really hit me this morning- I often find myself living with so much regret- thinking about how I should have or could have changed the past 20 years of not living for Christ. Your post this morning helped me to realize that I am walking with Christ now and He has forgotten my past and I need to do the same. I need to stop regretting and start praising for where I am know and where God is going to take me

  24. I like “Embrace Every Day” because it helps me to look for those “God” moments in my day, even when there are challenges.

  25. Praise is hard when things are tough but I do see how it makes things do different. Definitely makes your perspective different. I need to remember this consistently.

  26. Embrace the day! Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the everyday things that I forget to embrace it and actively look for the good things that God is blessing me with!

  27. Praise really does makes the difference in tough times. It’s hard to remember at the moment….it does change your perspective…..I need to hold on to this… well remember in the moment.

  28. Release the regret! We can burn so much energy looking back to Egypt, wondering “what if.” I remind myself to look forward, into the promises of a future-filled God!

  29. Release regret speaks to me as I have let regrets take up a big part of my life. I am slowly learning to give my regrets to God and let them be. He loves and forgives me…praise God!

  30. I like “release regret” because that is the hardest thing to do. I can be worshipping The Lord and past regrets or even recent regrets sneak into my mind and try and beat me down. These make me feel unworthy to be singing and talking to The Lord, but he has called me to him with all my cracks and chips and is slowly reshaping my vessel. I always need to continue remember to give thanks to God for all he has brought me through because he never fails to draw me closer to Him!

  31. Mpume Mkhize says:

    Firstly I thank God for this site which brings inspiration to different people facing varouse challanges in life. I was mostly blesssed by the section about “Partner with Purpose” since I have recently met a new friend who then gave his life to Christ, his growth has been astounding -in his faith and knowledge of Christ. This portion about working together with others who are facing change has allowed me to see life in a new way and realise how much I can work hand in hand with my new beliver friend in bringing the gospel to others, in speach and just in the way we conduct ourselves in public and even in helping others here at University. Being a first year student has brought numerouse change and new people in my life and I want to make the most of this change and help bring the joy of Christ in the lives of those preciouse soules God brings in my life. Thanx a lot for this topic, may God always lead you to bring such relevent messages to those who thirst for them…thanx again and may God bless!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Many need to see and hear Christ through you at University, my friend! Be bold and love greatly!

  32. Definitely release regrets. Living with regrets just makes life worse physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Tough for me to do sometimes but oh so important.

  33. Embrace every day…. its easy to forget to embrace in the lord when u have so much going on with kids and all of the everyday things we do.. so cherish everyday u can get with god and never forget to embrace with him. He is the one who loves us no matter what.. my god is awsome

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I agree, Crystal! How many times have I collapsed at the end of the day in bed and have just then thought about Jesus for the first time!

  34. Debbie House says:

    Release the regret, I always seem to hang onto everything for fear of losing everything/everyone. Thinking I deserved that or nothing will ever change .

  35. Teresa Poppert says:

    “Shout for joy to the Lord” and “His faithfulness to all generations is how I have managed to raise my two children (ages 6 and 8) after my husband was called to be with the Lord. My youngest just graduated highschool and is now preparing to embrace college. All I could think at her graduation is how proud her Dad would be, but mostly, how faithful God has been all these years. Looking back at his faithfulness through the years (especially during those hard teenage times) I can’t help but Shout for joy! Never once did he leave us alone–what a faithful loving God!

  36. “Embrace Every Day” is the one I need most today. I am struggling with finding my “happy” in each day with all the stresses of life. I know God has a plan for us, but some days it is easier to understand than others. I want to live out the “embracing every day” so as we look back as a family, we remember the good in every day and not a life of stress. Thanks for reminding us today that our positions may be changing so we can get a better God-perspective. What a great way to look at it! God bless you and thank you for your encouragement today.

  37. Carey McCreary says:

    Release regret daily! It sounds so easy but that feeling of regret is like the crippling opportunistic monster that lurks, waiting for the spoken words or thoughts of self-doubt. As a single mom, this feels more like daily warfare than an easy acknowledgement. Many days, I feel like I lose that battle. I pray it will get easier to let regret go and live in God’s glorious presence in my life.

  38. “Partner with Purpose”: I am expecting my first child in September, which means that I will no longer be teaching my little first graders. Since I was in 2nd grade, I dreamed of being a teacher, and I have loved it! Now, though, I need God’s help in remembering that no matter my job or position, I am simply to reflect Him to those around me. For now it is still to my students and families, but soon it will be to my little one. I also want to find some other ways to bless people and keep my perspective on Christ rather than myself.
    Thank you for the reminder!

  39. Talk with Thanksgiving is exactly what I need to be doing… I am too often angry, hurt and / or frustrated with my current situation to be seeking what God really has in store for me. SO appreciated this message today – just stumbled upon it, but have bookmarked so I can return over and over for wise council. Thank you so much!

  40. Wow, they’re all good but I guess I would say Practice Praise. It’s hard to feel down when you are doing that!

  41. Ashleigh Teasley says:

    This devotional was just what I needed this morning because my position is changing in just about every area of my life . Practice Praise spoke to me the most today. It encouraged me to praise more no matter where I am. Your testimony of praise and the miracle you received increased my faith.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Ashleigh – I just learned of a new change in my life and am having to walk out my own message today! Let’s practice praise together!

  42. I love the reminders to practice praise and talk Thanksgiving ! With these two in our hearts and minds and speech, it’s going to be a blessed day no matter what! God loves us so!

  43. Audrey Slafics says:

    What perfect timing this message was. After going through a terrible divorce from a 30 yr marriage and being left homeless I realized that instead of rebuking I needed to focus on praising God and everything He has done for me. In a short time he provided an apt & things above & beyond what I expected. He never forsake me & as I look back I could see His hand of protection over me. Although things r difficult I do my gratitudes daily. I will use your reminders to see me through my struggles. thank you and God bless

  44. Thank you for these words. I feel like you have a window in my heart. I have defantenly went thru a change in my marriage. I found out 5 yrs ago my husband cheated on me. We are still married. I have had to learn to forgive. We still struggle in our marriage. I have been up the mountain with God in the last five years. God had to change my perspective of what is true love. My daughter and I have changed churches to be more involved. We are working with the kids. My husband has not started going to Church with us. But I keep praying He will. Thank you for all the stories that hit home with me.

  45. The spa set reminds me that these steps of putting God first actually strengthen my own heart. As I remind myself of His supremacy and of His amazing love, my mind rests from the anxiety of trying to protect my heart from the pain of life. Women are made to nurture; this is an unselfish was to take care of my own soul so that I may focus on God and be used for the people He wants me to love that day.

  46. Two of these speak to me Release Regret and Embrace Everyday with Thanksgiving. First is to release the past. I can’t change it but I can accept it, learn from it, and grow to be a better person because of it. It has been hard to do and I work on it everyday. I can’t live in the past and regret what I did or didn’t do. Now I’m a better person because of my past and need to embrace everyday with thanksgiving! Thanking God everyday for the wonderful people and opportunities he puts in front of me. I’m so grateful for the experiences to learn and grow closer to my friend, God.

  47. Perfect devotion for me today. We are in the process of cross country move…without out our children. Reminded of how I am to love the Lord more than anything and rest in his peace in all circumstances!

  48. Angela Gunter says:

    Battling with regret at this stage of my life gets the best of me a lot of days, which also takes away my ability to “embrace every day”. Wishing away bad choices and wasted time only leads to more of a waste if you aren’t embracing each new day and its possibilities. This devotion spoke worlds to me as I am battling with a new direction in my life and I am sitting at that crossroads too scared to follow the next path. Focusing today on Psalms 100 and this message for my heart – thanks Lynn Cowell for sharing!

  49. All of them spoke to me because this entire article fits with what I’m going through right now. But releasing regrets really stood out for me because I feel that things would be a lot better if I just do that.

  50. Just what I needed. Today I’m going to focus on releasing regret!

  51. Practice praise. We are a military family and we face constant change. There is field time, late nights, unexpected work requirements, friends come and go, moves and of course deployments. We are currently waiting to hear if we will be moving in the next few months or if my husband will deploy. My husband and I have been trying to practice praise in this time of unknowns and change. Each day we talk about 3 things that happened during the day that we are thankful for and praise God for those things. Sometimes they are small a sweet smile or moment shared with our little girl. Sometimes they are big- finding out plans have changed and my husband will be home instead of away on a long training requirement. Praise helps us to remember God loves us and he is working for what is best! There is always something praise worthy even in the most difficult times!

  52. I’ve gone through some life changing drastic changes the last several months. I try to practice each of these, but embracing each day as a new one helps me give fresh praise and thankfulness for that day. In the midst of the overwhelming pain at times, I’ve learned I always do have something to be thankful for, and He is worthy of all my praise.

  53. So many regrets. Foreclosure and facing possibility that we must move from the home we built with such purpose is so sad. Hard not to have regrets. Harder still to accept change.

  54. Timisha Corpening says:

    I will carry these 5 ways to get a God perspective with me all day. This was such a blessing.

  55. I need to learn to release regret. I need these words today.

  56. RELEASE REGRET – My husband of 47 years walked out the door to be with his mistress. I didn’t expect that the man I love would be unfaithful. I have many days filled with tears but with God’s help, I am trying to accept this change in my life and move forward step by step. God is able to take away my pain and He is worthy of my praise.

  57. Beth Anderson says:

    Good Morning, Lynn! I need to practice each of these ways every day! Today and for the next few days, I am going to “Embrace every Day” as we prepare for my “baby girl’s” wedding this weekend. Lots of changes! I know that I can trust God to be with me every moment! And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, He is blessing Becca and Andrew, as they marry and move across the country! Love and Prayers!

  58. #5. Release regrets-This one really spoke to me. Sometimes I find myself, usually when Im in a weakened state, over tired, looking back on my past and regretting sometimes I did or didn’t do. It is so wonderful that we can take these things to God and give them to Him to take care of. God is my Safe Haven, my Protector, my Savior and so much more…Without my God, I am nobody and nothing. With God, I am His princess, His daughter.

  59. Release regret spoke to me. I have been through a season of change. The last major change I was blessed to actually make myself…to leap into a new adventure where I truly believe God is leading me. Although I’m certain I am on the right path, I still am saddened by some of the changes of the past that had to take place to get me here. I look on them with regret rather than as God’s faithfulness showing through in my life. A friend and your Proverbs 31 devotional reminded me to think about the fact that God is out ahead of me in all things, working His plan in my life, even in the changes that have been faithful. By daily doing the words of Ps 100, I am in alignment with Him so I will be able to walk confidently through the events of my life, knowing they are God-driven by a faithful God. Thank you for sharing this powerful Psalm with us.

  60. Karen Foster says:

    Both release regret and to remember to be thankful speak to me. Often I find myself so caught up the regrets that I forget to focus on all the positives that are happening in my life.

  61. Heather Weers says:

    Needed this today to remind me that change can be positive if you make it that way. Thank you!

  62. So many regrets in my life. I have not made the best decisions in my life. I’m working on me and my family. That one day we will be a happy Family again.

  63. #3 Talk with Thanksgiving: I think it is always important to count your blessings. When all looks hopeless, we can go back to Romans 8:28 “all things work together for good for those that love the Lord & are called according to His purpose.”

  64. Change. Moving. Children becoming teens. Husband in new position. I have a new job. I feel all alone. I want to do more to feel God’s love and share His love with others. I need this new perspective. Thank you for sharing in the most timely manner. Thank you for your obedience to The Lord’s call on your life so that I might have a shift in my perspective today. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Carrie – Family changes. They can be the absolute hardest. This blog came out of one of those changes in my life; when I quit homeschooling. The change really was good!

  65. Kim Hawley says:

    I see blessings and praise worthy reasons every day as i begin my journey with an illness to be named tomorrow. As a family who has been in a season of stability for awhile, without extreme highs or lows, I’m still amazed at the experience, processing and blessings we’ve enjoyed in the 12 days from hearing “abnormal cells” from my doctor. I see blessings everywhere. Love ya Lynn!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Sweet friend – you have been in my prayers so very often! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! God is with you!!!!

  66. Cheryl barnett says:

    I’ve been dealing with this for a while. A season of needed change and 4 spoke to me the most. Partner with purpose. Just do and know all that you do is for Him, and this too shall pass. Thanks for the encouraging words today.

  67. Speak with Thanksgiving and release regret. Difficult days seem to pop up more often since caring for aging parents. Mom is a courageous cancer fighter! So while difficult and disappointing days I’m incredibly Thankful for every moment I have with her. So speaking Thankfulness replaces the negativity that creeps it’s ugly head in at work, at home and into interactions with people in my community. This also helps with your last point of releasing regrets….letting go of past dissapoinents is easier when your heart is Thankful!

  68. Releasing regret is what I struggle with….I’m harder on myself than anyone should ever be

  69. Talk With Thanksgiving
    My life is “overflowing” with God shifting, changing, and shaking things up! I have to remember EACH day to search out the good focus in it and communicate through that lens. I must speak on the apparent blessings and express gratitude for all that’s happening.

  70. Julie Wood says:

    Honestly, all five spoke to me and to choose one is difficult to say the least. But I think right at this moment the one that speaks the loudest is Embrace Everyday. I tend to look past the moment at hand, especially if things aren’t going the way I think they should or want them to, and start looking towards the what’s going to happen the next day. I do that in all aspects of my life, my job, with my children and their activities, my husband and just me. I really need to slow down and enjoy each and every monent, good and ‘challenging’ and know that God has a reason for all things that happen. Thank you for every inspirational word that you write, they always speak right to me!!!

  71. This post could not have come at a better time for me. I struggle this most with enjoying today. As a busy mom and business owner I am constantly thinking of what is coming next. I need to practice looking at today

  72. Embrace every day. My three year old daughter passed away 4 months ago. She had lots of special needs, so the past three years have been constant change and unknown factors for us. Now I am trying to embrace the day, and grieve as well as accept the new change of not having our darling with us. Thankyou for your encouraging words!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Dear Anita, my momma heart breaks as I read your comment. What would we all do without the hope of heaven. In this new season, may you sense Jesus closer to you than you ever have before. He is near, my friend!

      1. Thankyou for your kind words and reminding me that Jesus truly IS near! You are a blessing from God to my heart today!

  73. God is faithful! Always has been, always will be. AMEN!!! I am in the midst of total life changes. My children are all gone now so trying to adjust to the “empty nest”. My job is ever changing and I am currently seeking God’s direction and leading in staying or moving on. The list goes on and on so when I saw this today, I was blessed. Thank you for sharing and giving me these tips to tuck in my heart today.

  74. Rose Evers says:

    The last two and half years has been very difficult change for my family with my husband’s suffering from a stroke and brain surgery. I learned from that to praise Him no matter what and even when I don’t understand why my kids and I have to go through this and why is my husband like he is now. Releasing regret is one I struggle with at this point. I spend way too much energy and thoughts on the What If’s of life or being upset with myself over mistakes or I should have seen this coming. Releasing regret needs to be the next step in my healing process! Thank you for this message.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, when regrets come to Rose’s mind, help her to switch to praising You. We can’t often answer why, but we can ask You for what now. Empower her to take what she has been through and help others. Amen

  75. Speaking w Thanksgiving helps change negative thoughts! Thanks for the tips! All are good

  76. Talking with thankfulness is what is helping me with the positional change I have experienced since my son’s marriage. Thanking The Lord for a daughter in law who loves Him, a son who waited for the right one to come along, and that Christ is at the center of their marriage has helped me in this transition. I haven’t lost a son, I have gained a daughter.

  77. Talk with thanksgiving is what resonates with me. I talk so much about my problem instead of focusing on thanking God for all I do have. As we think so we become. I need to think about the good. I Ned’s to remember that God is IN this storm holding me & I need to talk about that

  78. Talk with Thanksgiving….Instead of rolling around in self pity, finding the silver lining is much more positive and lifts me up out of the black hole I can sometimes bury myself in! Thank you for this wonderful post!

  79. This site is such a Christian Sisterhood. So many ladies share their hearts..thoughts..regrets…prayers…etc. etc. etc. and it reminds us that there are others facing the same dilema’s.. dealing with the same fleshly struggles…and the amazing thing is HE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL….. Praise His Holy Name.!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jane, isn’t it refreshing to be authentic and vulnerable about our humanity? We need each other!

  80. Lori Thompson says:

    Practice Praise because I know that my life is lacking in that area and I realized that when I am showing in anger, I should be shouting praises.

  81. #4 spoke to me today. When we take our eyes off Jesus, just as our focus turns downward, our lives spiral down. As we look to Him for ways to serve others, our lives are happy and fulfilled.

  82. Ami Wells says:

    Embrace Every Day spoke to me this morning. Every day I wake up thankful for a new day and that God’s mercies are new every day.

    1. @Ami Wells: Thank you for your comment. I haven’t been thankful for each new day lately and have been emotionally very down. Your comment and another that said they write out things to be thankful for, have shown me that I’ve sinned and been wrong to not be more thankful. I do have a lot of problems but God is still in control so I can still find things to be thankful for and not wake up wishing I didn’t have to get up. Thank you for your sunny outlook!

      1. Ami Wells says:

        @Irf, it hasn’t always been easy but the defining moment for me was 6 years ago when my husband had a stroke at 31 years old. I am so thankful every morning to wake up and have him here beside me and healthy that everything else pales in comparison. I am so thankful for God’s mercies especially being the mother of 2 young boys:) There are days I struggle to have patience with them and I remind myself that God keeps forgiving me, keeps having patience with me and that I have a fresh start every day and I need to be more like that with my kids.

  83. Sally Amendola says:

    Partnering with purpose speaks to me today. I have recently been doing just that, but without a name for it. I am retired and I volunteer at two animal shelters, caring for God’s creatures. Both by teaming up with other volunteers and/or kennel staff, I can not only show His love to the precious animals, I show it to friends and future friends. And, the folks around me show His love to me as well!

  84. I have loved Psalm 100 since I memorized it as a child. It helps us to have a proper perspective on our lives. Worshiping the Lord in praise and thanksgiving, resting in his forgiveness and letting go of regrets, taking things one day at a time and rejoicing in each one are are all things that have helped me through the past 2 1/2, plus years since my husbands death by suicide. Knowing that He inhabits the praises of His people, knowing that gratitude is the antidote to bad attitudes, knowing that I so desperately needed His presence to comfort and guide me as I finished raising three teens on my own and now knowing that same desperation of His help as my siblings and I are now involved in full-time care-giving of our elderly parents–these things are vital to my relationship with God. #4-Partner with Purpose, I believe is the one that needs now to be addressed more in my life as I continue to practice the other 4. Partnering with my sister in brother as we care for our parents and perhaps partnering with another widow who is also in a place of change are ways this can be applied in my life. Praise God for His faithfulness and for His daily guidance in my life. I am so thankful for how He orders my steps. Thank you, too, Lynn, for your blog and the devotional writing for Proverbs 31 Ministries. May God richly bless your life as you walk in obedience to the call on your life.

  85. Partner with purpose. I tend to hide away in the midst of my struggle with change. Most of which has been thrust upon me by my adult children. Embarrassment at their poor choices and evidently my poor parenting skills leads to frustration. I can get past it for myself but I tend to think there will be judgement from others if they knew the details of what I am going through.

  86. Worship the Lord with gladness. I truly need to embrace the good God has been so gracious to provide me EVERY day. I’m starting today!

    1. Please pray for me as I am job hunting today after leaving a job that was what I thought ” the perfect job” for me.

      1. Lynn Cowell says:

        Jesus, You are all that is perfect in this world. Reassure Sally today that You are her provider. Point her toward wisdom and may she praise You and look for her all along her job search journey. Amen!

  87. I think all five speak to me. It’s been a tough year!

  88. 1-5. I have been going thru a divorce since Oct 2012. I hit rock bottom in May 2013 and God has brought me up and he is now my rock. I praise him everyday and I have been learning and changing all the time. I am such a different person then the hateful, negative 911 dispatcher that I used to be and God is leading me to new places and people. I am going to school in the fall at 51 years of age and also releasing the regret of not having it together to go when all my friends did. God is good all the time, in everyday!!!

  89. Vida Ursic says:

    Empty nester/Holy Spirit timing for me to read this sweet simple laid out thoughts/perspectives aligned w/the scriptures. Thank you. 70 X 7 is what I sense this morning; ouch. I needed this.

  90. Talk with Thanksgiving. We are 11 days away from vacation, a vacation we as a family have not taken in 5 years. I can’t tell you how excited our children are, how the plan came together and how thankful we are to be able to go. Then…I the Momma fall down the steps. I can’t say I’ve ever been to the beach with anything hurt, but I’m imaging taking the lovely family vacation with foot issues, as it could have been so much worse. I must say there has to be beautiful humor in it all or some sort of plan that just hasn’t been revealed yet. So to my pulled muscles and issues with the 3rd vessel in my foot, I enter with Thanksgiving as there must be a positive from this negative. Cheers to all and thanks for posting this, I know I needed it!

  91. God bless you! He has surely used you to speak to my very specific need this morning. I have been experiencing change for the better part of two years and this coming Friday will be this single mooma’s last day at her job without a new job lined up. Its a long, long story. All the points speak to me, but in the end, when I read “release regret,” the tears quietly started flowing. Why? Because it was God responding to my 5am prayer asking Him to speak to my heart.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      He is faithful!!!

  92. Nancy Dye says:

    Partner with Purpose and not worry anymore about where my life is going is why I love God’s hope and ever present love. A new job IS coming because my career was changed from full- to part-time. I have learned to listen for God’s whispers in any hard decision that comes my way. I recently reconnected with an estranged adult child and know that opportunity is because of God’s grace. I used to sing “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow” as a routine in church. Now I know it means so much more!!

  93. Lynn,
    Praise the Lord for how He is working in your life. Thank you so much how you give to Proverbs 31 so that it can be a blessing to others.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Gwen! It is much needed 🙂

  94. PRAISE!! Speaks to me loudly, especially today. I am going through some very sudden and challenging changes at work, with new, unexpected responsibilities being placed upon me… all at a time when I’ve been out of work for 2 weeks and now am working only half-time as I try to recover from a concussion. It just seems like one thing after another! I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and got on my knees, telling God that I can’t possibly do this alone, and asking for whatever He desires to do to prepare and strengthen me for the many challenges I’m facing. This morning in the shower I suddenly felt a little inkling of well-being, and even excitement about new possibilities with the changes, and I immediately thanked God, feeling very enthusiastic, praising Him, and embracing the joy He imparted to me. He is so gracious!!! THANK YOU, Lynn, for this wonderful message. I am printing it out, and saving it on my desktop as a daily reminder. (And I sure could use a spa day!!!)

  95. Embrace Every Day . . . This is a phrase I try to follow! I find It brings joy & relation to me and helps find the good in things I might have otherwise missed!

  96. Partner with purpose #4 really spoke to me. Getting my mind off self to help others is always God’s plan and I should remember this always! Today the world’s view is always me, me, me and I should strive to show Jesus love to others. As His child I know He always will do what is best in any situation for me, so I shouldn’t worry about myself !! Thanks for the reminder!!

  97. “Shout to the Lord for joy” speaks most to me because so many times I just sit back quietly. I need to shout and be joyful and thankful.

  98. When I opened the devotion you wrote at Proverbs 31, I smiled because I had literally just told my husband that I think I need to learn to handle change better. Than I come over here and you give specifics on how to gain a God perspective. Your words were straight from God for my life today. I need to practice praising Him. It’s the only thing that pulls me out of the rut of my emotions. Thanks for both of your posts!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I just love when God does His thing like that! It shouts “I love You and am always thinking of you!”

  99. Forgot to add, may God lead you to the right person who really needs this gift. I don’t Praise The Lord , I’m blessed!! Just wanted you to know you blessed me with your blog!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thanks Debbie 🙂

  100. #3 Talk with Thanksgiving – I’m learning how important it is to cultivate thanksgiving. Every morning in my journal I write down 10 things that I am thankful for. Today, the first item was – a beautiful day. I then make a sentence with the word. “Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day.” I repeat this process with each word and I say it out loud until my heart is happy in Jesus. I do it all through out the day. The Bible says in Nehemiah 8:10 that “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” I have found this promise to be true. As an extra nice bonus, praising and thanking the Lord cause our faces to radiant joy and put a joyful twinkle in the eye. People are drawn to the Jesus that they see in us. I am learning that it NEVER PAYS TO THINK OF OLD GRIEVANCES.

  101. Embrace each day. I have a tendency to feel stressed about my to do list each day. I need to seek God’s direction for my day and be aware that each day is a gift.

  102. Embrace Each Day! Sometimes I get so caught up in the issues of the moment (own my own business) that the day (or week) goes by without seeing the beauty, enjoying the people I love, really being thankful… Must remind myself that each day is a gift from God.

  103. The one that speaks the most to me is release regrets. I often think back over things I’ve done or said and wish I had said something differently. God’s faithfulness has been something The Lord has really been speaking to me & showing me lately.

  104. Always reminding myself to live in & enjoy the moment. He will always get me where He wants me. Thank you these reminders.

  105. Thank you for today’s post. They all speak to me in different ways. I cannot isolate any one. I have had a long walk this morning and am ready to embrace the day. Did a lot of praying as I walked.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Great way to start the day, Joyce!

  106. Miranda Simmons says:

    The devotional you wrote today for Proverbs 31 spoke directly to me and I thank God for giving you those words that I needed so desperately to hear. All 5 of the above listed ways spoke to me but the one that stood out the most was the one about talking with Thanksgiving. Too often, I find myself complaining about circumstances or situations but in reality I have so much to be thankful for and as the saying goes, “too blessed to be stressed”. Finding thankfulness in all situations does have the power to drastically change my perception and I thank you for reminding me of that! God bless you!

  107. This is exactly what I needed to read, today! I’m 7 months pregnant and have a toddler, already! My husband is in the process of getting a new job and they need us to move before I’m due! There’s so many things that are possibly changing and I need to remind myself that I need to find gratitude and THANKFULNESS in each one! Thanks, again!! 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:


      I have struggle each time I moved. Loving where I was, I just never thought the next place to call home could be better. But as I embraced the “new”, each time I found a new church home, friends and a place to call home. May Jesus help you to create a new nest in your new place to call a home for your family!

  108. Definitely #5! I can always hear the enemy reminding me of past regrets or failures when I am on the brink of spiritual wisdom, or when God is asking me to do something that I don’t feel is in my “wheelhouse!” I’m learning to recognize his nasty whispering and praise God for His grace and mercy!

  109. Practice Praise was really meaningful to me. I often find my prayers filled with “Please do ‘X’ for me Lord,” especially in my current position of being about to move across the country and switch jobs. I really need to just Praise HIM for what He has already done and just for who He is. Thanks for the post.

  110. Christine says:

    I would have to say Release regret speaks the most to me but the entire Psalm is wonderful and one I will be meditating on today and in the days to come so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I tend to over think and think on things and how they can be different, how to change them, why this or that happened, trying to understand, the reasons, the purpose etc. I have to remind myself that God is in control. And He knows best for me.

  111. 3. Talk with thanksgiving
    Some days are easier than others to do this…but I’m learning to make an effort to do it all the time!

    Thank YOU for this list of all great reminders!

  112. #1. I was reminded of one of my favorite go-to verses: Nehemiah 8:10. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Joy comes from the Lord. If we are lacking, we should ask. I am struggling with the balance of ministry and home. I very much don’t want to lose my joy but overwhelmed with all the changes! A good reminder today! Thank you!

  113. Release Regret. I’m right in the middle of where God took me from, in my eyes, a very solid and positive situation, and turned my world up side down. Testing me of my Faith in Him and how I react to His direction. I’m slowly allowing myself to accept and be thankful for His care for me and His leading. Regret tries to sneak in but I know that is a sin and I must change my perspective and know everything He leads me through is for my betterment.

  114. I have found that praising my LORD in words prayers & songs have really helped me when going through trials. it just gives me peace . Peace that the world can not give. & it takes me into the presence of my LORD. GOD is so good & so faithful when we do put our trust in HIM. He does make all things beautiful in HIS time.
    Even when our grandson burned in a car crash (3 years ago this July ) where his car exploded. GOD was there & our grand son was born again. so we have that assurance & peace that we will see him again. He had a license plate on the front of his car that said JESUS. that is the only part of the car that did NOT burn. GOD used that as a testimony to others.
    No matter what we go through . GOD is there. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thelma, your testimony is amazing!

      I, too, have found praise to literally lift me from a pit of despair. Thank you Jesus for giving us the ability to enter Your presence anytime & anywhere!

      1. We have been through so many things in our life ( my hubby & I ) House fire in 1962 .. a son who committed suicide in 1984 just before his 24th BD ,
        lost 2 grandsons to SIDS at ages 2 months & 4 months in the encourage ohers& then the one in car crash at age 28 . & so many other things. ( almost divorced 40 years ago until my hubby gave his life to JESUS too. we now have a grandson in jail 4 hours from his home arrested for something he did not do. I send him a huge mail of GODS words &devotions each week to encourage him in JESUS NAME. With out GOD there is NO HOPE. BUT 🙂 with GOD HE GIVES US HOPE & PEACE & JOY. 🙂
        I have learned. GOD is our hope & our strength & I WILL PRAISE HIM. that is the only way to have peace in the midst of lives storms.
        I use my FB to encourage others. MAY GOD BE PRAISED. ♥

  115. Partner with purpose speaks to me because regardless of where I am or what changes are occurring in life (good or bad) it is encouraging to know that I am his and he is with me through it all!God Bless You!

  116. All 5 speak to me, but mostly I need to practice praise and release regret. Thanks for this, I’m sharing with my girlfriend.

  117. Partner with a purpose really spoke to me today. I have sat in my depression for a very long time feeling alone and drained. Every life event has been a challenge. I have decided that I need to break my habits that sink me deeper into this stinkin thinkin and have finally sought help through a wonderful Christian group called Celebrate Recovery. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that having others to support us is key. This was an eye opener for me as I realize that when someone is there to support me, I am also there to support them. I have also begun to accept that I am Christ’s child and am called to represent him. This is hard / impossible to do when you are constantly thinking of your own challenges in life.

    Thinking of others and focusing on the will of God is critical to our well being and mental state. We are not alone in our struggles and need one another to be open and honest and sometime re-focus our perspective and pointing us back to the word of God. God’s word never changes and this is a truth that has brought great comfort and peace.

    I am grateful for your work and encourage all women to faithfully reach out to one another for support and encouragement. as this is what God wants us to do.

  118. Thank you:))) This could not have been written any better. You are wonderful!!<3

    1. You Never Let Go”

      Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
      Your perfect love is casting out fear
      And even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life
      I won’t turn back
      I know You are near

      And I will fear no evil
      For my God is with me
      And if my God is with me
      Whom then shall I fear?
      Whom then shall I fear?

      Oh no, You never let go
      Through the calm and through the storm
      Oh no, You never let go
      In every high and every low
      Oh no, You never let go
      Lord, You never let go of me

      And I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
      A glorious light beyond all compare
      And there will be an end to these troubles
      But until that day comes
      We’ll live to know You here on the earth


      Yes, I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on
      And there will be an end to these troubles
      But until that day comes
      Still I will praise You, still I will praise You

  119. sue cross says:

    I see that a lot of women share the pain of regret with me .. I can’t believe sometimes how quickly I forget that God has it ‘covered’ and that He can redeem any mess I get myself into .. Regret for me also goes back to the struggle for perfection .. As if I can get there on my own! Letting that go and experiencing Grace again gets me back to the True perspective

  120. We are in the midst of waiting on an adoption. The time seems so long because I know our daughter is waiting for us in China. Yet, praise, thanksgiving, and embracing each day means that I will see His purpose for us in this waiting time. When we fix our eyes to far in the future we miss the lessons and blessings of today. Thank you for the reminder!

  121. Lynn, I needed this today. My perspective is getting very clouded by a trial..and a long one at that. Thank you for reminding me to praise and thank God. These alone can change a bitter heart to one of joy.

  122. Diane Gray says:

    I praise God everyday as I go through all the changes he has and is putting me through right now. I have been dealing with me being not well and my daughter is having health problems as well. But if I hadn’t been well I would not have been able to take off work to deal with my daughter’s issues. I trust in God to take care of the both of us. He has also financially provided for us as well during this. I have also had time to reflect on what things are more important.

  123. Oh how this hit home! I’ve been struggling to let go of “the one”!!! Knowing that it’s God’s plan and that better is coming, is just hard to let go!
    I will be moving for the summer with work, thank you! I will have plenty of alone time to make my relationship with God- enough.
    His plans are perfect and I have a purpose. The struggle I feel is my own will; learning obedience.

  124. Releasing Regret is calling to me today. I recently retired from work to spend time with my husband, who is older than me. As you can imagine, I am going through many thoughts and concerns about the changes I am going through and what the future holds. I have to refocus my prayers on moving on from that chapter of life to my new one. Life has so much promise! I just need God’s help to redirect my position so that I can see what he has in store!

  125. Practice Praise resonates with me the most. ..I have a 6 month old, he is my first child. Most days I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing. But I have found you can’t praise God without putting faith and trust in Him.

  126. Debra Walker says:

    Partner with a purpose. A work friend and I have joined together at work to try to be an inspiration to others as we are going through some tough changes right now and it is really taking a toll on our work relationships. We have devotions every morning to strengthen ourselves and pray that God will let His light shine through us so that others may see His awesome love! If God is for us, who can be against us?!

  127. I really needed to see and read this today. So much change in my life right now with my children. With that being said, I really liked Talk with Thanksgiving. No matter what is going on in life, I do need to try and find at least one thing to be thankful for. Thank you Lynn, God has spoken to me today through you. God Bless.

  128. I would have to say #1 is my downfall. I know I should praise God in all things. James tells us too. But when you keep getting what feels like a hard way to go or a raw deal in life it is so hard to praise God. So I will pray on this one and ask God to show me a new perspective on how to Praise when all I really want to do is grumble. thanks for this post today. It really helped me

  129. Heather Barker says:

    Releasing regret is so timely. I quit my tenured position to stay home with my son. To supplement, I have been doing childcare and I am so exhausted. Now, I cant get my old job back and its hard not to question my choices.

  130. Elaine Segstro says:

    Practice praise! Through storms and changes, practice praise! He is faithful. He sees the outcome and growth but we don’t.

  131. “Shout for joy to The Lord!”
    The last 5 years of my life have been one difficult change after another. The last thing anyone wants to do is shout for joy when the world seems to be falling down around you. But, God doesn’t command us to only shout for joy when things are going our way. Our joy doesn’t come from focusing on our trouble. Our joy comes from focusing on Him. I need to see His perspective today. I’m going to shout for joy right in the middle of my pain. Thank you, Lord!!!

  132. Release regret really spoke to me. Most days I carry my failures of yesterday, last week, last month around with me. I thank you for the remind to let it go and to live for today.

  133. Talk with Thanksgiving: My mother is a devoted follower of Jesus and ever since I can remember, whenever I’ve sought her counsel or encouragement about a tough circumstance, she’s reminded me to thank God for it. I used to balk at the idea of thanking God for something that seemed so big, overwhelming, hurtful and/or devastating but, over the years I’ve learned to do just that….to thank Him. In doing so, I’m recognizing His sovereignty and am instantly reminded that He works all things for my good AND that He’s completely in control…..this all leads to His peace that surpasses all understanding…..and I need His peace. SO, every time God moves my position (and He’s done it a lot lately) I thank Him for I know His plan for me is far better than my plan for me.

    Thank you for your devotional – it spoke volumes to me and my husband. We love Proverbs 31! Blessings.

  134. I was touched by the ‘encourament for today’ you siad “out of His great love for me, Jesus didn’t leave me in the position where I was completely dependent on another person for love. Instead, He moved me to what was a lonely place so He could change the way I saw love.
    I’m in that lonely place right now where my husband is on the verge of divorcing me.
    Releasing regrets is what God is asking me to work on.

  135. Elisabeth Hardy says:

    The past four years have been full of joy and pain, and “releasing regret” speaks to my heart this morning. I find it easy to find the joy in each day, but often that joy is not all it could be due to the regret I feel about the choices and events that have unfolded. Thank you for providing such wonderful guidance from God’s word that help me move into the joy and peace He has for me and my family.

  136. Great post today – loved it! Partner with Purpose is encouraging to me and confirming a path I’m currently on.

  137. Thank you so much for your message today. All of these speak to me; however, I am really drawn to the one on “releasing regret”. I have been really trying to focus on “practice praise”, “embrace each day”, “talk with thanksgiving” and “partner with purpose” but I tend to forget to release regret. I think holding onto regret just holds me back. Thank you for this message and bringing this to my attention today.

  138. While journaling I was reviewing my marriage (my husband left a year ago) was the marriage I remembered not the same as reality. If so was the last 20 years a fraud. But God had me write- You have two wonderful children. The rest of my entry was about how blessed and thankful I was for my children!
    Then I read your post and you spoke of being Thankful. Two times in 20 minutes God showed me Thankfulness! Everyday be thankful for what you have-stay focused on good!

  139. Jennifer holmes says:

    This is tough because they all describe. Overall, its embrace ing the day because it’s a challenge with my husband standing cup t o verbal abuse.I know that God loves me anyway.

  140. Julie Osmonson says:

    Release regret. So powerful!

  141. Love this. Embrace today was a great reminder to worship and actively look for the postives of the day and then the negatives don’t seem so overwhelming.

  142. Talk with Thanksgiving! I can do this – there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for – sunshine, flowers, rain, a car that works, a bike and the health to ride it and love it, family that loves me and that I love. God is repositioning me. I’m not sure where He’s moving me, but I’m sure it will be more than anything I can imagine. No matter what the challenges are, I will give thanks!

  143. jamie vaughters says:

    God is showing me things in the middle of this divorce. I continue to focus on Him and also praying for my husband who is not saved. It is hard but I’d much rather be going thru it with God than without, I cannot imagine how much worse it would be. I do not want the divorce but my husband hasn’t seen the light yet, I’m hoping his suddenly will be today! I can see things God has done and is doing, but my husband is oblivious so far to the mess he is in….I just pray for our kids to be protected!!

  144. Kim Pinion says:

    This was God sent. I just prayed this morning for help in understanding and coping with a life change that occurred about 6 months ago. I have been extremely stressed out about it and focused on my pity party. I started to recognize that bitterness and resentment were starting to set in. I asked God to show me HOW to stop these 2 things from happening as I knew how dangerous this was to my peace and joy in Christ. Thank you for this post and I thank God for answering my prayer.

  145. This encouraging word today was just way I needed. God is working in my life but I don’t understand what or why. This made sense that he wants me to love and depend on him. But I still struggle with this daily when I want to be in control.

  146. Darlene Kraushaar says:

    Talk with thanksgiving. I am going through a major change in my household right now. My husband and I brought into our home a teenage mother and her seven-month old baby. I am going nuts! I am disheartened and resentful because she is not holding herself accountable for the situation she has gotten herself into. Instead of being angry as soon as I come in my door, I can be thankful that there is a beautiful baby who needs me just inside. A girl who maybe will see the light of Jesus if I just make it known to her. And the means to financially support a young family. Thankful for this devotion God brought me today!!

  147. Susie Wilson says:

    Pracitice Praise – I do my best to sing the “Doxology” every morning in the car on my way to work. Some days it’s not so easy, but once I start singing those beautiful lyrics, my whole perspective changes. God always reveals Himself to me through song.

    I enjoy your blog, thank you for your posts and insight.

  148. Partner with purpose! This applies to my daughters and I are starting to volunteer at church and help those God puts on our hearts. Even if it is lifting other in prayer! As a single mom I know it’s important to do things with my girls and helping others is a perfect thing to do together for God!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Tammy, I love that you are volunteering with your girls! What a terrific way to model and to invest in their lives!

  149. Releasing Regret is something that I struggle with but most long to achieve. After ending a serious relationship I find myself still struggling to let go of perceived regrets and open my heart to hear through the “should have’s” and “should be’s” what God is trying to tell me and where He is leading me. Releasing regret, for me, takes a lot of practice, but I have to remember, He’s not done with me yet.

  150. Dawn Shpudejko says:

    I am in the process of moving cross country from NJ to Arizona. Big move and change for a NJ girl all her life. I find that praise and worship always gets me out of those stress-filled overwhelming moments!

  151. Mendy Bradley says:

    Practice Praise. I have been through one of the hardest years I’ve ever experienced. Even in times of depression and pain I found that God lifted my spirit because I chose to praise Him. He is faithful even when our circumstances make it hard to see or hear Him.

  152. Release Regret-I tend to bear myself up (mentally) rather than letting God take it. Any sin that is truly confessed and repented of is gone I know, (Ps 103:12) but sometimes it’s hard to believe that God loves me so much that my regrets and sins are buried but Satan likes to resurrect them.
    Also embrace each day-I admit that some days I’d like to cover my head and not leave my room-maybe b/c I know what the day holds and mostly b/c I am the type you mentioned who doesn’t do well with change. I need Gods strength and wisdom to help me do right each day and cling to Him no matter what and no matter how hard-I must believe that ,just as you wrote, God is with me and working on my perspective through all the changes. I pray i will stay very close to God duringvthecups and downs.

  153. Embrace today!Let go of the regrets from yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow.Truly embrace today and all God has planned for me.My life would be a lot less stressful and I would be a lot more thankful.

  154. Oh, how challenging it is to give up the position that I think is right . . . I do KNOW that God is absolutely right but for a change I want to be right. Although, I know I am wrong. This helps me to see more when that “position” gets uncomfortable, it is God’s gracious love drawing me out of MY position to reposition myself in Him. Thank you so much for clarity.

  155. Sharon Fry says:

    “Embrace every day” spoke volumes. All of it did really but this one in particular hit home because I can be so negative. My boys are a delight and I am blessed to be a mom regardless of how difficult the circumstances may seem. My perspective is so limited and I need to embrace these fleeting moments for they will be gone in an instant. Thank you for this timely reminder.

  156. Practicing Praise is something I often forget to do. In the midst of all this “adjustment” I forgo praising for questioning. As if I knew better than God. Thank you so much for the great article, it definitely has placed a new perspective in my mind.

  157. Talk with thanksgiving. Gosh that can be so difficult with so much uncertainty in my life right now! Unfaithfulness, bickering children, a possible job change, financial stress, and fear, are on my heels everyday! Yet, I give thanks! That can be so hard some days…Lord teach me how to carry on with thanksgiving, continuing to be the salt and light of the world, while I’m being repositioned for your blessings!

  158. MARIA AMAYA says:

    I would love a SPA Day! I always deny myself happiness so that others may have….as I was growing up that was a usual attitude at home. My mother would bypass and sacrifice for the family and I am learning to grow up out of that. I have come to meet God and realized He wants us to live in full joy and happiness even in times of sacrifice. Thank you God for sending your Son so that we could experience joy!

  159. This was great to read today at just the right time. I’m going through a change of my job. I’ve been employed at the same place since I was 17 years old. I am now 46 years old and I am now getting laid off. I have never worked anywhere else. This huge change in my life was so upsetting at first, but I know God has something big for me planned. I just need to accept this change and follow his leading. I’m am scared and excited all at the same time. This article speaks to me because I need to know that God is in charge of my life and follow with faith!!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Janell – I am so excited for you! As I read your comment, I had a sense God is up to good things!

  160. Diane Myers says:

    Embrace today. No matter what “I” plan for the day, I need to be ready to let God take control knowing that His plans for my life are so much better than anything I could ever imagine. Let Go and Let God!

  161. Cathi Nichols says:

    They all speak to me but I am a praise kind of girl. I am so thankful for all I have and I know that I need to praise God each and every day for all he has given me, the good and the bad. Without God I would be totally lost so I praise and thank him for saving a wretch like me and giving me eternal life.

  162. Releasing Regret has been so important in my life. When my husband was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer 4 years ago and lost his job 2 days later, our future changed forever. However God has been so faithful in our journey, and we have learned to praise Him in our new normal. Every day is a gift, and we don’t live with regret.

  163. Mandy Brown says:

    My top of the 5 is “Embrace Every Day”. I have been in such a season of change that I have lost sight of Embracing EVERY day!!!!!!! I needed the devotional that was posted on Proverbs 31 SO much today – God is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!!!!!

  164. Partner with purpose spoke to me today. I’m in a big season of change. It is comforting to know He is my partner with purpose!

  165. “Releasing Regret”- the words spoken and unspoken, actions taken or not, attitudes etc… all ripe places to feel regretful. I have to remember that repenting, praying and releasing are what God has called me to do. Not to live in regret, but rather in freedom because of what was accomplished on the cross for me.

  166. This was absolutely perfect for me today. Thank you !’ My life has changed dramatically this past month lost a job, Husband not workin, I believe It Gods timing for change and perspective in out lives. Thank you so much for your encouraging blogs. Love and hugs

  167. Tanette Brown says:

    Thank you God for speaking to me through this blog. I have experienced life-altering changes over the past year – a new job, loss of a child, reordering life based on the aforementioned factors, trying to truly trust God through it all and for once… Much change. Thank you for allowing the Lord to speak through you to me. I really needed this because I need God’s perspective.

  168. Haydee Silva says:

    Tha Lords mercies are new very day!!!
    Thanking God as I read today’s blog was refreshed to know Gid is still in the midst of day choices as long as we Praise him. Thank You!

  169. Sondra Verva says:

    God is changing my perspective so I see Him differently that I have been lately. I have been incredibly lonely and looking for others to fill the void after the last 7 months of major breakup of my marriage and moving across the country away from him. I need to fall back in love with Jesus before I can ever be a wife to someone else. I love the bless someone else post of this message..give back and you shall receive.

  170. Robin Gough says:

    Partner With Praise! Finding a friend or even a stranger to share with has helped me most. I find that when I change my focus and remember who is in charge, life “feels” so much better. I am able to stay on track regarding the goals God has set for me! By doing this, I also (through the Lord) help another. What a blessing! 🙂

  171. Release Regrets really touched my heart today. I’m always afraid that the decisions I make, I will end up regretting even if they are the right ones to make. Today I will release regrets and move forward. Thank you!!!

  172. #4…….”Because God is faithful to forgive us, time and time and time again, we can release regrets than try to whisper to us in the midst of change”, speaks to me deeply. After a 20 yr marriage ended after my husband left me and our family for his high school girl friend, and soon after both of my girls leaving for college, I find embracing change difficult. Now, I’m 50 and both of my girls are through college and married and it’s been 8.5 yrs since the upheaval in our lives, and I still feel lost, often looking back on the way things “should have been”. My girls don’t need me as much now and God hasn’t brought anyone special into my life, so I often feel lost. I try to remember the He is a faithful God and will do all things in His time, this whole message was a good one for me to read…remembering to focus on Him and not on me. Thank you!

  173. candace a. says:

    Embrace the day! In the first weeks of summer break, I find myself just wanting the transition to be over. What a beautiful reminder to see the great things the Lord has planned for my family as we adjust to being together all day again!

  174. Melissa F says:

    All of them speak to me but “embrace today” is most important right now as it is summer. As a stay at home mom, my schedule really changes and I want to embrace it, enjoy each day with my son, and have fun!

  175. Jolene Peters says:

    Embrace the day. I tend to get very frustrated if my day doesn’t go the way I had planned, which happened quite often with two delightful boys in the house. I pray often for God to lead the day. I want to be open to whatever change of plans comes along and set others before my plans

  176. Practice Praise every time! We are travelling today and a flight delay caused me to put on my worship songs to pass the time, bonus was my perspective always is changed back to what it should be, my God- perspective!

  177. Partner with a Purpose is really standing out for me today, since I am going through major life changes but still seek to help those around me as much as I can. All of the 5 points are amazing though! Thanks so much for sharing what God has placed upon your heart.

  178. Kathy Schroeder says:

    I love the reminder that God is faithful through all generations…..when I look back on my life and that of my parents and grandparents I see what God has done and that His ways are always good even when it seemed no good could come of certain situations. Now I must trust God’s great faithfulness in the lives of my children and in mine through this season of change (the empty nest chapter is beginning!) and remember God will comntinue to be good and faithful in His leading of our lives, starting with His forgiveness – new to me every morning!

  179. “Release Regret” – this speaks so loudly to me during the season of unworthiness I seem to be stuck in at present. As a working mom, I get so caught up in the everyday that I feel I fall short so many times on so many levels. I need to remember that God loves me for who I am even when I dont’ feel I deserve his love. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

  180. Practice Praise. I have been so discouraged, stressed, upset, etc. My life has changed drastically. My Downs Syndrome sister who also has Alzheimer disease has come to live with my husband & I. She has the mental capacity of 5-6 year old. She is declining rapidly because of the Alzheimer’s. I am 69 & my husband is 78. Also we had to euthanize ous beloved boxer May 23 due to cancer & my heart is broken. Right now it is so hard to practice PRAISE.

  181. I loved the video!
    I spent far too many years looking for love in all the wrong places.
    Until my Psychologist suggested I give God one year….(since Valentine’s 2006)my life is completely different for the good(it wasn’t right away).
    I’ve been enjoying “the Joy of the Lord” for the last 2 years!
    My views have changed so much.
    I’m so at peace; sure I’ll have issues crop up from time to time…I just remember to “throw them at the foot of the Cross”.
    I have 4 adult children (22 – 28) who aren’t living the Biblical Christian life.
    I have ‘changes’ thrown at me daily from them and it’s all just fine….everything is in God’s timing.
    Thank you Lynn for the video.

  182. Katrina Davis says:

    Talk with thanksgiving speaks to me the most today. I am 38 years old and single and childless. I would love to be married with children. I have realized that my child bearing years are coming to a close but through it all The Lord has shown me to be content as He uses each person in this world differently. His plan may not be for me to be married and to have kids. His plan IS for me to glorify Him in all I do in the ups AND the downs of life. Through trials and difficulties God has taught me to be thankful and trust that He is sovereign. He has a unique plan for me as He does for each person. For this I am so thankful.

  183. Praise: I’m usually do busy asking God to help me through hard times or change, that I forget to praise Him for who He is and for all the things he’s provided me with.

  184. Practice praise struck me. I try to think of a praise in a situation every time
    I have a worry. I try to look at the situation and find something that
    is praise worthy. This reminded me to be diligent about this. Thanks
    and God bless!

  185. I have to say it is hard to pick just one. I came to Christ in 2011 shortly after my son was born. I am a single mom and my sons father is incarcerated and we have recently decided to go separate ways. I had a hard time dealing with this situation until today when I read the post on proverbs 31 ministries did I understand completely what was mostly his decisiodecisio. God closes doors to provide us with something we need more than what was behind that door I just need to work on figuring that out with prayer and spending time in his word. So the one I choose is bebeing thankful because no matter what my situation is there is always something that I can be thankful for each day. He has provided me with so much, so what if I have to be a single mom and raise my children by myself he has blessed me with children and they are amazingamazing, he is providing with the opportunity to go to school and further my education and to do it successfully I got on the vice presidents list at the school I attend and have the opportunity to be in the honors program. For that I am thankful. So I choose to speak with thanksgiving to him and to not live with regret.


  186. 1. Practicing Praise! I actually praise God around the house a lot, I love to sing the praises of God, but based on a song. I am the worship leader at our church plant. But, as I look from a different perspective, because of this devotion, I have gotten lost in the chore of things… What I mean is this, it has become a duty. I find myself in this position because I have been trying to get out of this position of worship leader. Again, we are a church plant, I am the pastor’s wife and I have gotten a little burned out. I have a friend who texts me every morning who practices the praise of God, by praising Him in her text. I can actually imagine her voice through the words cause I know her and her lifestyle. She is doing it right and it encourages me. Changing my perspective is important, cause learning to practice praise in the little things will spur me on. Thanks…

  187. Marsha Middleton says:

    Partner with a purpose is a great reminder that while my role may be changing in an area of my life, that my ultimate role is to proclaim Him and minister wherever He puts me. As I minister my focus on others is what is truly fulfilling rather than focused on self. Thanks for all 5 steps each one is a blessing.

  188. Work changes every day – not actually ecstatic about possible changes I read in an email first thing this morn BUT our Mother turns 88 today!!! So thankful for that – and that would be number 3 -THANKSGIVING!

  189. Embrace the Day!! I need to wake up everyone morning ready to see what God has in store for me and not plan my day and how to work out my problems on my own…My God has greater plans for my and he will also provide.

  190. Wow,
    Apparently, I’ve been living a Godly perspective without even knowingly doing it. A close sister of mine and my first born daughter “scared” me for life with a personal situation that occurred a year ago this month. I have not totally forgiven them both but I am slowly moving toward building our relationships again. My teenage daughter really hurt me and to this day still doesn’t show the appreciation of all the sacrifices and opportunities i’ve provided for her…but yet I still rise to the ocassion of loving her through pain. I just had a wonderful memorial day with my sister just talking in her backyard swing, grilling, laughing, and praying while feeling the breeze of God’s spirit cool us off providing peace. I know it had to be God moving around amongst us. We didn’t argue or fuss. We just fellowship as we used to do as sisters before that awful day last year. Thank you Lord for allowing us to keep a Godly perspective on what our sisterly and family lives are really about ….Loving through pain through your eyes and not mine.

    1. Oops…”Partner with a Purpose” is what incouraged me the most…but all of them are great areas in my life for improvement and practicce! Thank you for sharing.

  191. Partner with purpose – I remember when I was going through my divorce I came to the place where I wanted to do more than just make it through the day. While my circumstances were not what I wanted, I needed to find some way to take advantage of them. God allowed me to do that by bringing opportunities I would not have been able to take advantage of had I been married – I went on my first adult mission trip, I hosted international students and was able to serve others in new ways. As you say, I got my eyes off myself. 20 years later I find myself consumed by my job. I need to be more intentional about serving the Lord and ask myself if I’m doing what he’s called me to do at this place in my life.

  192. Practicing praise speaks to me the most as I am called to lead worship. It never fails, no matter what I am facing, that praising Him through song or scripture brings me back into alignment with His purpose. Thank you for that reminder to praise Him through the changes of life!

  193. Lisa Torrez says:

    Embrace the day … I have been going through a lot of life changes and sometimes I for get to be calm and embrace what I have been learning and accept the lords glorious will for me! Thank you

  194. Number two blessed my soul, I am so grateful to GOD… I am humbled and thankful, I bless Him daily, no matter what I / we are facing… Ler’s enter each day with delight and thanksgiving.
    God bless!

    2. Embrace every day.

    “Worship the Lord with gladness.”
    Worshiping the Lord with gladness causes me to actively look for good in this day; embracing the day and whatever God brings to me in it.

  195. Penny Holmes says:

    I am an active duty Army wife and change is part of my life.Moving often is never easy but it is our way of life and it never gets easier.Partner with a purpose speaks to me because without that God connection with others of faith each new duty station can be a lonely place.I sometimes tell myself that I am not going to get close to anyone else because it hurts to much when one of us has to move but then I realize that life is meant to be shared with others.We sharpen,encourage and learn more about life and our God through relationship.I needed that reminder…I just heard a moving truck….time to go welcome a potential new friend!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Penny – thank you so very, very much for the sacrifice all of your family makes to insure we all can live free! THANK YOU!!!

  196. Debbie Parker says:

    Talk with thanksgiving really convicted me. God lead us to change churches eight months ago and it has been hard. We served in our old church and had attended there for 20+ years. God has given us many signs to confirm we did the right thing but we are still feeling lonely and trying to fit in. I have complained all too often and had pity parties for myself. I have so much to be thankful,for so I feel ashamed for complaining. God lead one of my best friends along the exact same path, and she is also struggling with loneliness and trying to fit in. God gave us each other to lean on while we wait. God loves us so much!

  197. Embrace the day, I love to get up in the morning and start thanking the Lord for a new day and begin reading the Word and Praying I get so Blessed. God is so great. Thanks for your website. God Bless

  198. In walking through this new journey in my life, Father is showing me how much I am deeply LOVED. My heart is for my daughter to truly know she too is deeply LOVED. We are His beloved Daughters. Every Wisdom tip ministers to me! The one I would choose most is “Release Regret”. This verse, “His faithfulness continues to all generations”, is one I stand on for my children. I have a son with autism who had to be placed in a group home. My daughter has battled anorexia for over a year. We are walking through a healing journey. JESUS, how I love His Name!!

    Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your life, wisdom and truths in God’s Word!!

  199. i so needed my spirit lifted today/this week. thank you so much for this post and the devo on P31. thank you for blessing my day and i hope yours is blessed too.

  200. Gail Christian says:

    Just want to say thanks for this devotional. I seem to be crying frequently these days and your thoughts from God’s Word brought tears once again. My husband and I will be retiring in a year from many years of active ministry in the pastorate and on the mission field. Change is never easy but I want to use your five suggestions from Psalm 100 in my quiet times for awhile in order to get my perspective back in line with God’s. I am thankful that I went to your page this morning. May the Lord continue to bless you.

    1. Teri Brown says:

      Release the regret speaks to me. Just when I think I am done feeling the pain associated with my divorce and marriage, I get sucker punch. I start with the what ifs and whys. I want to be done morning the past and what was not and live now. In the name of Jesus I do release my regrets!

  201. Anne Griffith says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Talk with Thanksgiving would be my favorite of the five points! The change I am facing was not brought on by me but by one of my children. I have to remember to be thankful for all that we have enjoyed prior to this change in our family instead of focus on the pain that we feel because of it. I needed this today! Thank you!

  202. Wendy Marshall says:

    All 5 points in the devotion are very, very good. The regret one mostly stands out for me. I practice all 5 and have been through the last 3 years. I am going through a divorce. It was a hard decision to go to my pastor and expose what I was living with on a daily basis in my life and marriage. I was suppose to be married to a man who called himself a Christian and yet didn’t behave like one. I battle daily with the decision I made to get “out” of this marriage. I need this marriage to come to the end with the signing of divorce papers and with that, that being the “freedom ticket” I need to move on with my life in peace and in safety and in JOY! Thank you for today’s devotion. I do practice putting others first because of the difficulties I face trying to get out of this marriage. I will not settle for just a legal separation….I need the full divorce. I do struggle lately with finding “Joy” in all situations….especially mine. I am in the desert and am praying for God to move the mountain I need moved so I can get out of the desert. I mostly struggle with how it says in our vows let no man sever this marriage…..well…I am the man (woman) who is trying to sever this marriage and it is not till death do us part it is now till…..man breaks apart the union. I really am struggling but I know it’s Satan who is flooding my mind with this guilt. I daily have to give it to God. I am praying for a huge break through.
    Thanks for sharing with us what God has put on your heart to talk to us about today.

  203. Connie Mikesell says:

    Embracing the day, the moment. Either of them is tough for me right now. Newly widowed and empty nested, I have decided to sell my home in Ohio. Leave my job and my entire family, and start over in Texas. I bought a small ranch, interviewed for and got a new job andam now preparing for a crosscountry move to a place where iI know no one but God!!! As I finalize things here and prepare for my new journey. I find myself overwhelmed and forgetting to embrace/seize the moments that God has given me! Your message was a wonderful reminder for me to stop and take a deep breath! Praise the Lord and ask Him to please hold on tight to me as He reveals His plan for me and my future with Him. I’m excited but I’d be lying to not say that I am a little scared!!!

  204. Sonia Jethva says:

    Partner with a Purpose: I am always reminding myself to be more of a blessing to others around me and look for opportunities to be obedient and pray for others as well. I definitely need to change my perspective, as thoughts tend to lead right back to me and my family, and start focusing on people I can be a blessing to outside. I’ve never been one to give advice or know exactly what to say when a friend is struggling through a rough chapter in their life, but I’m starting to understand that there’s more I can do than offer a few comforting words to help them through it. Perhaps they would in turn pray over me and encourage me to have a more open heart and give back.

  205. Mary Beth Tucker says:

    Shouting to the Lord.. I am a newly-wed and have moved across country, given up all the comforts of my life and entered into a blended family. After being single for so long, this change is extremely difficult for me. I’m lonely as all my dear friends are on the other side of the country, I’m in a new job, and in a new family where my husbands child was not raised anything like mine. I find myself shouting to the Lord many times, but it seems to be a plea for help as I’m so lost in this sea of change. I want my shouts to be shouts of joy, but too often they are shouts of desperation. Somedays I’m able to shout for joy, in hope that the joy be be real, a sweet peace comes over me and those shouts of help turn to shouts of praise. I want those shouts of praise to be on my lips all the time, but I’m often overwhelmed by the daily changes in my new life. I know I’m not alone and that I wouldn’t be here if this isn’t where God wanted me to be, so I try to find peace in that and turn that fear and pain into praise.

  206. Lisa Jenkins says:

    Thanks for this timely message I have had a number of doors closed to me by
    God for many years now bad choices i made relationships with men that went sour
    to raising a daughter by myself. So I truly can identify with this at every level. Thanks be to God Who loves us so much through it all. God Bless you. Lisa

  207. Release regret. It is a cloud that appears all too often!

  208. Beth Turner says:

    Partner with purpose. MY only child judt graduated from high school Thursday. I am not so sure how to deal with an “adult” daughter and less than two months moving her to college.Thank you for the blog today. I truly needed to be reminded of my TRUE purpose!

  209. All 5 steps spoke to me today, but the one that most resonated with me is #4: Partner with Purpose. God has placed me in a position of change, and honestly, I’m one of the ones who doesn’t adapt well to too many changes. Many times I struggle to change the focus from me to God, from my limited, imperfect and faulty perspective to His limitless, perfect and flawless view. Reaching out to others brings me strength, joy and helps to fulfill my purpose on this earth, and reminds me that “it’s not about me, it’s about Him!” Thank God for His patience with me…sometimes I’m harder on myself than He is! It’s getting bettet, but I’ve got to stop beating myself up! That’s #5, isn’t it?

    Thank you, Lynn, for your encouragement and speaking to and through the hearts of women. Our Father knows exactly where each of His daughters is, and welcomes us to speak our heart’s longings, pain and dreams to Him so He can fill our hearts with healing and dreams that bring glory to Him and fulfillment to us. Now *that’s* purpose!

  210. Michelle A says:

    Practicing praise really spoke to me because the Bible says “Life& death are in the power of the tongue.” I’ve had so many changed happening lately that I find myself complaining. Thankfully God is gracious in reminding me that this is not playing to Him so I immediately thank Him for everything I can think of in the moment. I will also put on praise & worship music & almost instantly my hope is restored, a smile is on my face & a bounce is in my step.
    Also releasing regret because God is no longer in my yesterday’s, He’s in my today. Since He forgives me of my past, who am I to hold it against myself? Living in regret will only cause me to miss out on the new things God is doing in my life and the lives of others around me.

  211. Practice praise…definitely. Choosing joy in ALL situations. I’m good at being joyful and praising when things are going well, but when hit with challenges, I am working on praising, being thankful and choosing joy.

  212. All of these were needed today yet #5 is the most significant. Many changes are happening not only in my life but many of the others who have written their comments above. God does have a plan for each of us. I struggle with knowing if I am following His will. I also struggle with letting go of the “I should have” or ” I wished I had not” . I have often felt like a terrible mother and when the relationship with my children is at a struggling point, this regret returns telling me that I have failed . It whispers “you didn’t do your best with the job of motherhood.” This regret is so painful. I think this is a constant road block that keeps me from seeing what God has for me. I want to shed this road block, release the regrets, and KNOW that God loves me and forgives me and has plans for me. Thank you for this word of encouragement.

  213. Practice Praise! In this day and time it’s easy to change our focus from thinking and living our lives in a Christlike manner, (which, if we are a Christian, we should strive to be like Christ). Instead our minds stray to the problems and or activities in life and we worry needlessly over things we can’t control or change. God is Good, God is Great. When I ponder all the little things we take for granite every day, and I began to praise God, I realize those little things are not so little, and my mind is flooded with endless thoughts of God’s loving kindness toward us.

  214. Talk with thanksgiving. This is one that I struggle with at times but have been working on it. I can sometimes hear myself complaining about the situation that I’m in at the time. I want to thank Him in all circumstances knowing that He is in control and will give me the strength to get through it.

  215. actively look for good in this day; embracing the day! As a single mother of three young boys, living out of a suitcase in various friends houses after losing my house to foreclosure, trying to find a job in a city where my parents live, working full time – some days it seems there is nothing good. BUT I am reminded of these good things. My boys. We have been enjoying a beautiful house with a pool. We know many people who have offered us a room for a while. I currently have a job that pays and has benefits. We are not hungry. Our home (which is just wherever the four of us land right now) is filled daily with laughter. There is good in this day. Thank you for reminding me to find it. And to speak it out loud.

  216. Release Regret – Wow, now that’s a difficult one for me. I keep taking back the regrets that I have already given to God. And, now while going through a difficult situation, I regret my life and where it has taken our family. I am pryaing that I will trust in God with all my heart, soul and strength.

  217. Each perspective that you give is great reminder of what needs to be done into life but the one that stands out to me the most is to let go of regrets I often get stuck there and I know God wants me to trust him and him alone so I just need to keep praising and thanking and don’t look back.

  218. 5. Release regret-It’s been 2 years since I lost my son. I still have regrets that maybe I should have done things differently.

  219. EMBRACE THE DAY! Most days I wake up thinking…oh no, another day…HAVE to go to work, HAVE to make the bed, HAVE to…..so I need to embrace the day and wake up praising the Lord for another day of living, for the opportunity to go to work at a job that I really like, for my loving family, and for life itself!
    Thanks for this devotion today!

  220. Practice praise! Easy when things are good….difficult in the hard places!

  221. #5 I tend to hold on to the hurt and pain. In trying to understand why? or How? But that only hurts me worse. I am trying to learn how to lean on God’s UNDERSTANDING instead of mines.

  222. Practicing Praise has helped me through the valleys… remembering He is with me in the lows and the highs.

  223. Loan Nguyen says:

    Partner with Purpose – I forget to it’s about God’s purpose and not mine!

  224. #4–Partner with Purpose. My husband and I moved from Spokane, WA to Chicago, IL. We left family, friends and all things familiar to a huge city where we didn’t know anyone or where anything was. Culture here is so different, faster pace of life and …did I say different? During our last week we didn’t have anything to prepare meals and some friends of ours brought us food that we could pop in the oven. I purposed in my heart that if I met someone who was moving, whether in our church or neighborhood, I would take them a meal or invite them over. I have had the privilege to do this already and it really does change the focus from you and on to others.

  225. Practice praise speaks to me. I definitely want to work on this.


  226. Elizabeth says:

    Partner with a purpose – we are in the middle of moving for the 2nd time in 9 months. I have been so caught up I have forgotten to lift my head and look around. I am in not seeing God’s love because I am not taking the time to share it. Thanks for the message today Lynn!

  227. Vicky Mikell says:

    Releasing regret for the things I have said or done is the one that speaks me, reminding me that God is faithful to forgive us for yesterday, today or tomorrow, why dwell in the past? God’s love does endure forever! I needed that reassurance today, thank you!

  228. Embracing the day and whatever God brings to me in it is a wonderful concept. I am a very structured person and have “my plans” and many times those plans change. My husband is spontaneous and will say, “Let’s go golfing.” My plans did not include golf that particular day’; however, I am learning to go with him and do my stuff later. The other day he went to town and called back and asked me to put a block behind the bobcat to make sure it did not roll back (no emergency brake). Interrupting my devotional time I walked to the barn and placed the block. This change in my routine caused me to enjoy morning sounds and caused me to burst in song to my Father. See post on my blog.

  229. Embrace Every Day. When things aren’t going well I tend to focus on the negative, but by purposely looking for the good in each day, it helps get me through those rough times and I am working on making it more of a habit. 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize and for such a great post today.

  230. Irma Graham says:

    Practicing praise may not be the most comfortable or popular things to do. But what I do know that God is true to word that ALL things work together for the good to those that love him. I do love Him…

  231. Katie Rettig says:

    #5 – Release Regret: I tend to get “apprehensive regret” before I even make a decision or once the decision is made but hasn’t been fully carried out. Example, right now is a huge transition season for my family. I am getting ready to transition from full-time career woman to full-time stay-at-home mommy to our children. (No. 3 is on the way at the end of summer) We fully know it is God and have been rejoicing in this heart’s desire and call of God to be coming to fulfillment in our family, but the attacks of doubt and “what ifs” try to start creeping in and the “what if I regret this” question tries to scare me. I am standing FIRM in my God to continue to walk out this blessing and calling on my life.

  232. Thank you! For quite some time, my life has been full of change, uncertainty and disappointment. I can see now that God is using this time to draw me closer to Him and these five points are all very applicable to my situation. By spending time with Him and in HIs word, the disappointment is slowly being replaced with optimism and I am able to praise Him for being my shelter in this storm. My hope for the future rests solely with The Lord and I know my life will only be complete by following His direction and continuing to seek His will. Of the 5 points you listed, #s 1-4 have helped me release my anger and frustration. #5, Release Regret, is the one I continue to struggle with as I find it easier to forgive others than to forgive myself.

  233. Embrace Every Day! I have recently been blessed with raising a one year old and a two year old….unexpectedly! At 54 this opportunity is challenging but I am keeping in mind “The Lord brings happiness in so many packages”. 😉

  234. Purpose….my life is changing and I forget that my first purpose is I AM HIS!!! I love that! I know it and yet I forget and think about my circumstances…I am going to work on getting God’s Perspective….thank you I really needed to read your post today.

  235. Sabrina Deese says:

    Practice praise, especially my praise and worship music. I have different “theme” songs for different situations in life. Nothing fixes me like an hour or two o’s singing his praises at the top of my lungs and it amazes me the change in me when he shows up!

  236. Crystal Stevenson says:

    I can’t tell you how much I needed this today!!! I read todays devotion from Proverbs 31 and then came to you page. I am in the very beginning stages of a HUGE life change as I transition from working full time to going part time in order to spend more time with my 4 children! This is a very challenging change as we are hoping to be financially stable as I loss a big chunk of my income. A family of 6 requires a lot of money!! I had a very rough night with my kids and behaviors and the end of the school year and work and my husband being out of town for about 8 days and just the stress of life. Anyway, I love your post about finding a God Perspective as I was just crying out to God last night and this morning for assistance!! I found it in your post this morning and thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.

  237. All 5 are great tips! But perhaps for me the most important ones to practice are Embrace every day and Talk with Thanksgiving.
    While I was reading your devotional, it also came to me that it is important to exercise all 5 of these during the period of ‘stagnation’ (meaning lack of desired change…when we are keen to move on to the next chapter/stage/etc but God keeps us where we are for a reason, and at times thru keeping us somewhere for a while, without changing our positions, He ‘forces’ us to see Him thru a new perspective or side that we have not seen Him prior’…) I’ve done some growing and learning experiences during such periods too, but I totally agree that when changes happen out of our control- these are learning curves as well!

  238. Dominique says:

    Release Regret- Letting go of regret and finding peace in God is so critical. You must let go of the past and what could have been in order to move forward in faith

  239. Carolyn Rivera says:

    Whenever I’m down and done I remember to practice with praise and worship! I surround myself with worship in my house in my car, I feel closest to The Lord when I’m praising him and worshipping Him!

  240. Embrace Every Day! When we remember to start our day by worshiping the Lord God our Creator, we can begin to look at our day as His gift to us, no matter what our circumstances. My husband and I are in the middle of relocating to another state. He is there, I am here, and our daughters are in their own homes. This will be our first move without our girls. Uncertainty hovers, details don’t work out, friendships change, but through it all I will praise my God, smile through some tears, and remember that He is with me through it all! Yay!

  241. I struggle with all of these at different times throughout my days. Right now releasing my regret is heavy on my heart. I am upset because I am hurt yet again by my Father who has never been very present in my life. I have been bitter and resentful of him for not apologizing or even responding to how I felt regarding something that just happened. I know I am only responsible for my feelings and actions. I must forgive him for who he is and how he behaves no matter how I feel he should be like. I don’t want to be judgemental of those I love and have a hard time forgiving my thoughts and bitterness about that. Thanks so much for this post, it’s very encouraging!

  242. What a blessing this post was to read today…..at this very moment….. I was laid off on 4/9 after 9 years. It was a blessing – even though at times it’s been hard over the past few months. I’m thankful to not be there anymore. I LOVED all 5 ways above….but probably the one that is hitting home the most is #1 – Practice Praise……..each day….each hour….each moment…..He is Faithful……always…..

  243. I get so busy and focused on the everyday routine I forget to “embrace the day”, thank you for the reminder! Great words today:-)

  244. Joyce Ansell says:

    I loved your words of wisdom used with scripture to help one with hurts and the perspective of love. Thank you so much for sharing with so many that are in need.

  245. “Talk with thanksgiving” is key to me today and always. It always reminds me of His abundant blessings and conditions and prepares my heart to “release regrets”, accept my Lord’s healing, and “practice praise” daily. Praising God and serving Him is where we all need to be every moment. I’m going through huge, sudden changes that have stopped my income. At 66 this is not good. To go from productive employ serving others to nothing is emotionally & physically draining. Not a lot of hopeful options at this age. Poverty was not where I expected to be now so I know my Lord will provide when I trust Him completely with His plans and not mine! That is where my hope grows and is sustained. Thank you for this devotion.

  246. Practice Praise stands out to me. We all know that change can be a scary thing. So often change brings about fear. However, I have learned that Praise is my weapon. I Praise…God fight! It’s something about Praise that gets the attention of God. Not only does it gets His attention, but it shifts my attention from my fears to my God. So when we walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Change), we can fear no evil because God is with us & His Rod & Staff shall comfort us! Thank you Jesus, I am encouraged on this day!

  247. Partner with purpose
    “We are His; the sheep of His pasture.”

    My role of wife has changed dramatically since my husband’s Alzheimer’s Disease has progressed to the latter stages. He now resides in a small assisted living home. He rarely appears to know who I am but yet he seems happy to see me when I visit him after work (almost daily). I feed him his dinner and help to get him down for the night. Without God’s grace, I would have stopped visiting a long time ago.

  248. Delana Johnson says:

    Practice praise! This last year has shown great changes and chaos to a girl who LOVES stability and structure. I have learned to praise the Lord for what he’s done, what he’s doing and what he’s going to do next. To Him alone be the glory!

  249. Release regret.
    The severe trauma of childhood has caused to make some not so good choices during my 50+ years of life.
    I believe God wants to remind me AGAIN, that I am forgiven! I need to look forward to Him, not back in the past of regrets.
    Thank you for this timely reminder!

  250. All of them speaks to me and where I am right now but #3 and #5 speaks to me now in this season many times we forget to be thankful because we are holding on to something or it didn’t work out the way we had plan. I have to remember it’s not plan it’s His plan for me and I have to let go of regrets and Thank Him for his faithfulness to me, because he’s faithful when I’m not or I’m slack in my faithfulness or Thanksgiving. I am learning again how to be Thankful inspite of and to give him thanks because he is a good God on a bad day, and my bad day has to be a good day because he’s a good God and my day and my hopes dreams and desires belongs to him. I Needed to remind myself about changing my poisition so that I would have a better perspective.

  251. I give praise and thanksgiving to the LORD each and every day as I’m driving into work and dealing with the traffic and drivers! Praise to the LORD that brings me peace & calm among the craziness of every day life! He is great and glorious! Can’t do life without him.

  252. Just what I needed to read this morning! Each of the 5 points brought peace, joy & assurance in my current situation. Made me smile and my heart sing! I choose Joy! The smile began by rereading Psalm 100 🙂 “Embracing every day” & “Partnering with purpose” are likely the ones that resonate the most in my life but I found large nuggets of peace & truth in all five steps! Thank you for the powerful reminders!!

  253. Thank you for this post. It showed me that even though something like gratitude, making myself look for the blessings each day & in every situation did not mean I spoke with thanksgiving or praise to others. Speaking & sharing praise, even in difficult situations, has been laid on my heart by the Lord. Speaking in love when we are frustrated and/or angry, hurt etc. is very new & challenging, but oh! what a difference it makes.

  254. All of your points were very valid and hit home with me. My husband recently passed away and I have been forced to accept that my life is changing whether I wish it or not. So often we get caught up in the belief that we control our destiny when, in truth, God is always in control. I am relearning that God wants only the best for me and my circumstances are manageable only as long as I trust Him to work through them with me. Praising Him daily and embracing each day as it comes, not borrowing trouble from the future, knowing that whatever God brings me to, He will also bring me through, gives me new perspective. The assurance that God’s faithfulness is renewed daily gives me the hope I require to take each day as it comes. Thank you for this timely devotional.

  255. Megan Damron says:

    Practicing Praise. . . something I definitley need to be more cogniscent of . . . focus on the good.

  256. Practice praise! My life has been upside down for two years now. It’s so easy to get bogged down and feel like it’s never ending pain and sorrow! I have to sometimes consciously choose to praise, and when I do….my perspective changes! Even if only for a little while……then I choose again!

  257. The most prominent God-perspective that I gain the most from is Practice Praise ! Even when I feel discouraged, defeated, depressed, and down-and-out, I look to the hills from whence cometh my help. I know that everything that I experience is in its own season and GOD has brought me to this for HIS reason. I may not understand why, but in the end, it will be for my good. We think that we deserve it, but that is because we are believing it with our own understanding. However, my favorite verse Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust In the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of thy ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths”. God know where our paths lie if only we trust and remain faithful to HIM and believe that He knows best. He will always guide us in the right direction. I give him complete praise and practice daily to talk with Him about what I have and even what I do not have because GOD is good all of the time and all of the time, GOD is good ! Thank you Ms. Lynn for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and enlightening wisdom.

  258. I would have to say that Practicing Praise speaks to me the most. I do praise Him but I could definitely praise Him MORE because he is SO worthy and deserving of it and more. I never really think to just shout out a praise at a particularly bad moment (I’m thinking now of one of the times a previous employer went ranting and yelling throughout our offices over some seemingly minor incident, how inside I was counting my days until retirement). I guess it is because I believe folks would think I’m out of my mind, but that is the way we need to be! Yes ma’am/sir, I am crazy for the Lord! I’m so glad that I read this today what a blessing it is! Thank you! Thank you Jesus!

  259. All of these are great points! I definitely need to practice all of them, but ESPECIALLY need to Practice Praise. It’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself and just pout or retract within when things are not going your way. I know that by praising God in my tough times, I will not only change my outlook, but also the outlook of people that are around me.

    Thanks again for your words!

  260. Ashley Peltier says:

    I am recently a single mother. I have had to choose between my husband and my faith. The decision is easy but doing it is embarrasingly hard. My heart longs for him to surrender his heart to God. As I want to apply all five of the perspectives daily I want to mark my heart with the 5th most of all. I struggle with making myself responsible for his decisions. I am haunted by the devils lies that say if you had done this better, said that differently or just not done that he would not be doing what he is doing. I am learning most of all through this trial that God wants me to forgive myself and accept my imperfection because he has and will continue to do so until I am perfect in Heaven. I am learning to embrace and be confident in his unconditional love for me. NO conditions, NO regrets!

    Papa, I pray your blessing and favor over all of your children seeking your perspective among the change in their lives. May we remember that even if it doesn’t feel good it does not mean that it is not good. You God are good and you are in all things <3 In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    Thank you for these.

  261. Letting go of regrets is the one that speaks to me the most. I feel because of my bad decision and choices I made is why I’m going thru these difficult. Thank you for reminding me that God is in control As he change the perspective in my life. I will pray for a strength to let go and let God have his way.

  262. All of these points are great!! The one that hits home with me is to Practice Praise! I believe that when I do this all the other points fall into place. I will PRAISE God in this storm and embrace the change in my life.

  263. Talk with Thanksgiving. I think no matter what is going on in our lives we can always and should always find something to be thankful for and positive about.

    Thank you for sharing such good information 🙂

  264. Kristy Essinger says:

    Talk with thanksgiving. As I struggle everyday in taking my thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ, talking with thanksgiving touches my heart the most. I know as Britt Nicole says, a break through is coming, as I speak truth. And as Love and the Outcome say, God is bigger than any battle I’m facing.

  265. Kelli Rayzor says:

    partner with praise! My life has changed over the past 4yrs.I don’t work outside my home anyone. My husband started a business. I babysit my grandkids a couple days a week. I’m bored with this life. I’m going thru peri menopause and have 40lbs to lose. I’m just really down right now. Business is slow. Finances strength the best! Grandkids health issues. Just exhausted emotionally! I do find God’s healing when I partner with my sister to volunteer at the youth center.

  266. Letting go of past regrets and remembering God is faithful!

  267. Partnering with Purpose

  268. The best way to get a GOD -Perspective to me is beginning each new day with Praise & Worship of my LORD!! Rejoice in the LORD for He is good!! Shout to the LORD all the earth!!! Thank you , Lynn for doing the mighty work that Our ALMIGHTY GOD has begun in you!!!

  269. Jadeana Colby says:

    I’ve been changing a lot here lately. I went from an athiest drug addict to a recovering godly person. I’ve been clean for almost a year a half and I’m still growning in my faith with God. It’s people like you and your everyday life that helps me keep on going. It’s hard to always stay positive, but it get’s easier day by day. Thank you and God bless you for the 5 Ways to get a God-Perspective,

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Your story gives those of us who have loved ones in the same place hope and faith, Jadeana! Thank you for sharing!

  270. Talk with thanksgiving.

    I struggle with putting more focus on what’s wrong in my life and what I need instead of counting my blessings and being thankful for what I do have.

  271. The step that speaks to me most today is “partner with purpose.” As a mom of 2 young children I can often find so much changing that I wish would just stand still…the kids growing up too quickly; my body changing due to stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, etc. And so often, I find reasons why I just don’t have time to meet up with a close girl friend. But the truth is, by partnering with purpose – setting aside time just to be with my friend(s) – may be the ONE thing that will refresh my mind, body and spirit! And to be able to be that ear, shoulder, hand to hold for someone else going through change, brings JOY and peace to my own life in a new way!

  272. Releasing Regret speaks out most to me. I was previously engaged about 4 months ago and he left me and broke the engagement off. Now he’s come back around and wants to get make together. After much prayer and talks with God, I’ve come to find that He has someone better for me and that it’s going to happen in His time not mine. I’m having such a hard time with letting go of this relationship because at one time it meant so much to me. And with him making so many promises that I’m not sure he’s going to keep, it makes it even harder! I hate hurting people and breaking peoples hearts! I am a very kind person and it’s just not in my nature to hurt people! I’m asking for prayers to help me walk in Gods path and help to see His perspective. Thank you in advance!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh Carmen! What a very difficult place to be in! You can trust the Holy Spirit to give you the wisdom and well as the strength you need to make the decision you need to make. Trust…minute by minute, will empower you to make it to the other side. Though it hurts so much now, He has your best and this man’s best always at heart…for His glory! Amen

      1. Thank you Lynn! I have found that the more I trust in Him and the more I focus on God, how much easier things are!

  273. Embrace every day. It seems as if some days are so hard and I wake up so tired and out of sorts. I will try harder to embrace whatever comes my way with more grace. Thank you for this lesson today.

  274. Teresa L. says:

    I was so blessed to read your post today. I am going through a hard struggle and my life has changed over the past year. I know that God has a plan and I need to look this struggle as a time to really learn to praise our maker and trust that he will never leave or forsake me. I need to fall deeply in love with Jesus through this phase of my life.

  275. Mariellen W. says:

    Hi Lynn
    Thanks so much for writing on this and sharing how you feel about change. I have been struggling with health problems for 5 months and on top of that I have an on going illness with visual vestibular mismatch. I got it from falling off my bike. I use to have a very active life. Changes are my everyday life now. The one that stood out for me was Embrace Each Day. Meeting each new day with gladness is such a tool I can use. Frankly all of them spoke to me but this one stood out the most. Thank you for sharing and using your gifts that God has given to you to help others. You are a blessing to me.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Mariellen – I cannot imagine how difficult it has been to go from being active to not. May the Lord give you the strength you need to embrace each day, knowing He is ahead of You and in each day when you get there. I appreciate you!

      1. Mariellen W. says:

        Thanks for your kind words Lynn.

  276. Michelle Easley says:

    Embrace the day really spoke to me. My family is planning on moving to another state do to my husband’s work and now he has been laid off after we purchased a house in that state. So embracing the blessing of the day is what I am focusing on. Praying that it all works out. God is good all the time.

  277. When your heart is broken and all you feel is the pain of a love that’s lost and even though you know in your heart of hearts he was not God’s best for you, that pain of loss is still very real. Because it is so real, it’s hard to rejoice and praise in the middle of that pain. I’m walking in obedience, but my attitude has not been a willing attitude (Isaiah 1:19). By His grace, I am choosing to change my attitude and rejoice that He once again, has kept me for His best that He has for me. His mercy does endure forever! He is full of love and continues to pour His grace over me. For that alone, He is worthy of all praise!

  278. I like what you said, “When I get my focus off of me and on to being a blessing to another person, I get God’s perspective!” This is exactly what I am trying to do as I go through a major change in my life as I gave up a well paying but extremely stressful job in order to care for my own family. The situation with my job has kept me from caring for the most important people in my life which I believe God has called me to do foremost. Through prayer and listening to God speak to me through my husband I heard God saying that this was the direction I needed to take. To stop, listen and refocus His intent for me right now. It was a very difficult decision as I had to step out in faith that God would sustain us financially during this time as we are now on one income. I know I will move back into another job in the near future, when the time is right, but until then I plan to keep listening to His voice on a daily basis and with God’s help get my focus off of me and be a blessing others.

  279. “Embrace every day”

    I will make it a point to embrace every day no matter what. I haven’t been doing a good job at this lately, especially with so many changes and situations happening constantly. I will choose to mindfully have a good attitude when I wake up every morning and lean on God to take me through each day with grace.

  280. Change has always been happening in my walk from 2 years ago when I was just fearless and on fire for God, and now in a season of trusting and new perspectives. I always have a hard time when I fail God and thinking He’s shaking his head or something. Release regrets was my favorite, seeing I can trust in his faithfulness more than mine..Amen! Thanks for this post. 🙂

  281. Practice praise speaks to me most because I need to do it. I get caught up in what is wrong and loose focus on what is right.

  282. Practicing praise eliminates fear and doubt. When faced with difficult situations, shifting your mindset to praise and thanksgiving gives hope, it creates an expectation of what God is going to do in that particular situation.

  283. Practice praise is important for me to remember because I tend to complain if I don’t purposely try to practice praise. I also am very absentminded so forgetting things and losing things happens often. When God saves me from forgetting things or helps sustain me and gives me success despite my failings, I need to remember to praise God.

  284. Embrace everyday. As my last child enters senior year, and we attend more and more graduation parties, I see what’s ahead of me. I have always been so close to both of my children and as I think about what that will look like as they move on their own paths, I anticipate being sad. I need to remember to embrace everyday – the time with them now is special and I don’t want to ruin today, being sad about tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, I want to embrace it so they see that “mom is going to be just fine.” He will be there with my husband and I and also with my children wherever they go. No need to be sad. Embrace the day! Thank you Lynn!

  285. Practicing praise is what has gotten me through the last 3 years. I am someone who does not like or welcome change. Three years ago I became a widow and single mom. My husband passed away after a 3 month battle with cancer. I never imagined I’d be a widow and single mom at the age of 46. Praising God each day helps me to see his perspective and walk this difficult journey of widowhood.

  286. Embrace every day! Look for what God has for me every single day as I am entering this change in life. Thank you, Lynn!

  287. karen miller says:

    I release regrets all the time. It makes for a happier me.

  288. Rebecca D. says:

    As the mom of a toddler, my life IS change these days. After years of experiencing infertility and miscarriage, we adopted our son nearly 2 years ago. The Lord is revealing quite slowly to me (I need slow – haha!) just how much of a change this means, not only in our family’s status, but in our day to day lives as well. Each point of today’s post brings me to a place of prayer. I also work part time outside the home, making the day to day, especially of our little boy’s first “active” summer especially hectic. I’d like that to change, but The Lord wants my perspective to change instead.

    Ok, Lord, hold me, and we’ll walk through this…

  289. Talk with Thanksgiving.
    I have a habit of seeing things half empty and letting everyone know. I want to just be thankful that I have…

  290. Candy Gutierrez says:

    As I get ready to retire it is with mixed feelings as I see my purpose changing. I am so comfortable going to work everyday but am ready to break free. Partner With Purpose spoke to me as I am seeking God for how to fill my days and feel that I still have a purpose. Partnering with a friend to contribute and share God’s love with others is the direction I would like to go as well as getting involved in a Bible Study – something I have been unable to do.

    Thank you for your 5 Ways to get a God-Perspective!

  291. I’ve been hearing about thankfulness changing our perspective a lot lately — so number three is ringing bells for me. Although, I consider praising God to be along the same lines.

  292. Marlana Porrovechio says:

    I am going through a breakup with someone i have been with for several years. We have a child together and it sucks. I have never felt myself lean so much on God. I fear change, but I know God has a plan for me. Maybe this is God’s way of bringing me in and like the song says “I will praise you in this storm.” I find #1 Praise God as my way to deal with change. I sing every time I am in my car and try to praise God. When I get sad I listen to more christian songs and praise God. God is perfect and I would rather his perfection control my life than myself because I am not perfect. I know God is by my side and like a parent he is watching over hoping I will learn and do the right things and then he will bless me with understanding. Thank you for this article.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Marlana, you are a brave woman! Jesus, strengthen and empower her through Your word as she moves forward in her life. May You fill every place in her heart with Your love. Amen

  293. I really love all of these because I really hate change. I will make it a point to praise God for what he has given me instead of whine about what I don’t like. That should also help me have a thankful heart. Thank you so much for this post!

  294. Thank you for this message. I have had a painful 2 and a half years. I try to be thankful for something everyday. It does help me to survive. I know the Lord has a plan for me although it is not what I had in mind. I pray for his love to surround me and give me strength .

  295. Chris Matijas says:

    I find myself shouting for joy over the little things as I grow older. Sometimes out loud in public and I tend to get strange looks from anyone who doesn’t know me. I am so richly blessed with family and friends. P. T. L.

  296. Mollie Walker says:

    Embrace each day! It is so easy to get overwhelmed in this everyday life. Tasks can be overbearing and times get hard but if we just embrace each day with a new heart and eyes and realize we are here strictly for his purpose and we must embrace each day as that!

  297. Release Regret. Definitely the hardest one for me. I have trouble letting go and trusting God and his grace and mercy.

    1. Nikki Briggs says:

      I have the same trouble… let go, let God; trusting Him; receiving His Grace and Mercy; and His forgiveness – because often times, I can be my own worst enemy or my own toughest critic. WE aren’t alone, for He will never leave us nor forsake us. <3

  298. Pam Lawson says:

    Talk with Thanksgiving
    I’m going through a break up. A long term relationship where there has been multiple occurrences of lying and cheating with other women. I have forgiven and given several chances for change and opportunities to prove that there is something worth fighting for only to be disappointed yet one more time. I decided today that I am done. This all happened because I prayed for clarity and to know for sure if this was the right man for me. God has made it perfectly clear that no, he is not the one for me. So I am thankful for what I have learned about myself. I am thankful that God has a bigger, better plan for me and that he is saving the best for last. Being thankful helps me to be closer to God. I realize that he loves me and only wants the best for me. I am thankful for his love. His patience and his ability to guide and direct us even though we want things our way. Thank you God for forgiving me when I don’t listen. And thank you God for your loving arms that wrap around me and comfort me. Thank you for always being there. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I love you.

  299. Nikki Briggs says:

    Release Regret – spoke to me the most. After having a painful, emotional breakdown yesterday, I felt shameful today – for my thoughts, my words, and my actions towards myself and in my current situation. I don’t like to worry, fret, doubt, stress, etc. I don’t know why I have such a hard time trusting. I also can’t imagine, fathom, or grasp just how great, deep, and wide His love and faithfulness are for me. I have a hard time forgiving myself for my shamefulness and regrets. Just hearing/reading this helps me to hold onto His promises, and lean into Him and His loving arms, and to release regret and forgive myself … “His faithfulness continues to all generations.” Because God is faithful to forgive us, time and time and time again, we can release regrets that try to whisper to us in the midst of change. God is faithful; always has been, always will be. We can rest in His faithfulness today and be assured we will see Him be faithful again tomorrow. Thank You Lord Jesus!

  300. Talking with Thanksgiving. When I talk about an event, even one that is not pleasing, I can find God in the midst of it. I constantly ask the Lord to show me what he wants me to learn from all circumstances. It has helped change my perspective on life when things aren’t going exactly the way I would like them to go.

  301. Jodi Michaelides says:

    Thank you Lynn for this post. It is so incredibly helpful for me. Honestly, I need practice all 5 of them more…however the 2 which I need to focus more on are: 1) express more praises daily and 2) let go of regret.

    I am going to take a picture of your 5 items on my phone and try to remember to review them every day in the AM.

    What an extremely kind gesture to offer a 3-piece spa set give-away. I’m sure all women could benefit from more spa days.

  302. I know No. 2 “Worship the Lord with gladness” works! I made a decision to only listen to Christian music on my 30-minute drive to work, unless I’m praying. The music puts me in a positive mood to start the day and I am often left in tears after hearing testimonies of the Lord’s goodness. It reminds me that my “real” job is representing Him at all times.

  303. Michelle Holmquist says:

    “Embrace everyday”
    This one really speaks a lot to me. For instead of emtbracing the things that come my way, I can get a little crazy worrisome. My stress o meter goes through thd roof instead of coming before the cross. I am getting better but I am still tested everyday. I know God can get me through anything as long as I come boldly!

  304. Great reminder to practice praise as I am trying to make a wise decision about something. I need to praise Him for this opportunity

  305. Terri Weidner says:

    Loved this post! I am currently separated from my husband which has been very hard! We are both working towards reconciliation! I have been using this time apart to really seek God and really really listen to His voice!! Releasing regret has been the hardest for me! I have always replayed things over and over in my head wishing I would have done things differently. I am working on NOT doing that this time. Instead I have confessed my sins, asked forgiveness, and am moving forward knowing God is doing a NEW thing within me! I am excited and I have hope! Thank you again for this post! God Bless you! 🙂

  306. I love that they all speak to me …especially in the upcoming days when my co-workers and I are all going through Big Changes in our careers….I have been praying for peace for everyone in this change….I have no fear because I know that God has His Hands all over my life and I am seeking Him to guide me through this..I love that it gives me the opportunity to share His Love and Peace with my friends here who are fearful of the changes…Regardless of the outcome; I know that He is with me and the God Perspectives will be great reminders and ones I can share….

    Have a perfectly blessed day in Him….

  307. “Sometimes Jesus needs to change our position to change our perspective” I am finding that out daily. It is amazing how God can make us see things in a different light we we open our hearts to Him and let him move in and change us.

  308. #1 and #2 resonate with me. I’ve lost my “praise” over the last little while and I can certainly feel the effects of that!!

  309. Right now, today “Practice Praise” resonates with me most! I’m currently experiencing change like never before on my job. My department is phasing out of my current location in TN and my family and I have the option of relocating to Dallas, relocating to Atlanta or staying put in hopes of obtaining a position in another department within the company I work for. We have already replicated 4 times over the past 15 years and have a child about to enter high school. We prayed about it and God told us to stay put. Well staying put has brought on so much discomfort and stress for me that it’s unreal! I typically am a very positive and upbeat person but I’ve found myself complaining more than ever and I know that’s not good. As the work continues to be piled on me (because many have chosen to relocate so they’re gone) and I seek opportunities in other departments, I have been reminded today that I still have SO MUCH to be thankful for…to praise God for! I’m blessed to even have a job and I know that so I will be readjusting my stinking thinking and focusing on God’s promises to me more! I will be thankful into Him and praise His name for He is good!

  310. Jennifer D. says:

    I need more practice embracing everyday especially if the day isn’t going as I planned or expected. I need to embrace the positives in every single day!!

  311. Release Regret as women we find it hard to release mistaken, poor choices and decisions we have made. We replay them over ..I should have done or said this. We forgive others but we don’t forgive ourselves. We expect and set higher standards for ourselves then others. We forget that Jesus only wants our love and obedience to his word. He knows us better than ourselves, he knows every hair on our head and the innermost parts of our body and soul. He has released us from ourselves and our expectaions . He has set me free…for I am wonderfully made in him. Therefore, I have no need for regrets as I rest in him and in his word. Love understands, forgives and releases everything!!!!

  312. Partner With Purpose—–This summer my daughter and son in law and my only 3 grandchildren will be moving hundreds of miles away. Also, my parents and one remaining grandparent will be moving 4 hours away. I feel like the world I’ve known for the last 30 years is all changing—no more babies to rock every week or swim with or pick up from school–no more parents to take a meal to or big family gatherings at holidays, birthdays or just for no reason. I’m struggling and can’t see the plan God has—–my whole world is being turned upside down. My husband says we just move near the grandkids and find a job–but that leaves our single daughter here by herself with no family. I’m so heart sick because of all the change. I know God will get me through it—it is just so hard being in the middle of it.

  313. Melissa Torres says:

    Talk with Thanksgiving,, sometimes we take for granted what we have and who we have in our lives, so I think we need to remember to appreciate it more and thank the Lord for it all!!! We need to Dance like David danced and be happy and grateful for what we have!!!

  314. Practice Praise…
    What to do, when you don’t know what to do? Pray, Sing, Praise, Wait! Praising
    God with singing and a quiet hallelujah is music for my soul. My spirit loves it! The devil can’t stand it, and that makes me happy! It seems all the changes that need to made in life is a God given gift, and Holy Spirit of God will lead and direct me. And I thank Him, in the Holy name of Jesus!

  315. Amy Meador says:

    Release regret, definitely. I have so much past that I am not proud of. I must let it go and I know He already has. Easier said than done.

  316. I am only posting because i wanted to say how much this entire devotion spoke to me. There are many others who are much more deserving than am I to receive the spa day gift. Thank you for teaching God’s Word.

  317. #5. Release Regret~ His faithfulness continues to all generations…in the middle of the hard things He reminds me He is faithful and blesses me so amazingly…my children see me holding on to this promise and I know they see His faithfulness too! I am blessed beyond measure to know I am a witness in their lives by just holding on to His promises!

  318. Gennie Shelor says:

    Partner with Purpose! I tend to get caught up in my own problems of everyday life. God’s perspective is much wider than mine. Giving someone else a blessing will go much further than fretting over my issues.

  319. I am learning to praise God while going through a rough time!!!! Some say that it’s hard to pray when they are lost for words. I am totally opposite. Sometimes all I can say is “Thank you God.” Things could be better but they could be worse also. So I am grateful!!! It took me a while to get there and I am here working on being what my Father want me to be!!!

  320. This is a beautiful devotion. Five years after the death of my son, I most recently was able to be thankful for cherished memories, and to tell God thank you because he always knows best. He has loved me and literally held my hurt filled heart in the palm of his hands. My praise has been smothered by the pain of his passing and I’d not been able to truly give God the magnificent praise He deserves. This devotion speaks volumes to my life and I am sharing with my young women’s class at my church. They range in age from 30-40 an are in prime territory of life’s changes. I pray they are as blessed as I’ve been. Thanks so much, extremely grateful I stopped to read this today. God bless you and your every endeavor.

  321. WOW! Did I ever need to hear this today! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going through a season of change and I love this perspective on it. I am appreciative of the tips for navigating through the changes … and I particularly love the idea of partnering with someone.

  322. Partner with Purpose,

    My cousin has recently taken me into her home, states away from where I was living, and the change has frightened me because I’ve been going through so much at the same time. Embracing change is so hard for me right now even when I know this change can be or is good. This post reminds me to have faith that I’m here for a purpose and God cares with a purpose for me and never to relinquish that faith. Changing positions takes strength and rewards strength, I hope with new perspectives and a willingness to trust in that change.
    Thank you for your post and reminders to have faith change is good.

  323. Sabrina Stolle says:

    Partnering with a purpose is speaking to me the most these days as I adjust to a new life
    In another state. Thanksgiving and praise to Jesus really helped get my footing at the beginning
    and now Im looking to reach out. Your post was a confirmation in this direction!

  324. I am going to ‘Shout for JOY to the Lord’ on a daily basis! My life has changed drastically, and I need to accept it all! Thank you for your post today…in my prayers I have been asking, wanting to find a way to turn this all around for His glory! Perhaps shouting praise daily will get me there!

  325. Practice Praise! I know this, yet in the midst of multiple life changes recently, I lost my focus and got grumbly instead. Once that happens, it is so easy to focus on my circumstances and “spiral downward” instead of keeping my focus on Him, where it belongs. Thank you for reminding me what to do!

  326. 5 – ways
    1. Know that even though I’m 34 and single and gained weight I can finally read this blog and know that God’s love can’t be compared to any man’s love.
    2. That when I’m at work and my boss hired some younger girl to do my job as I watch it gives me more time to praise Him.
    3. My family thinks I’m crazy cause I’ve stop drinking and partying so I don’t have to be transformed to the world but the renewing of my mind.
    4. My dad is unfaithful to my mom and everybody thinks it impossible for him to change. He now comes to services with me for the past month.
    5. Even though I live at home with my parents at 34 I never want to every feel like I’m worthless and believe the enemy’s lies. I can try to shine my light to them.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Caroline, this is amazing! So wonderful to see you apply these truths right now!

  327. Thanks for this encouraging devotional. Both thankfulness & releasing regrets spoke to me. I try to practice gratitude & be thankful to God regularly but releasing regrets for poor choices is difficult for me, especially when my struggles are due to not following God’s Biblical instructions. I will pray for help in the area of releasing regrets to God & lean into waiting on God more.

  328. Releasing Regrets is one that really speaks to me as it is something God is working on within my heart. Right now I am in the throws of many, many life changes: divorce, moving across country, new job, death of a parent, caring for widowed parent, being separated by distance from adult children. All of this change has the tendency to throw my mind into a tailspin and begin to play the regret game and the could have, should have mind games, but I know this is not from God. It is an attack from the enemy who is trying to rob me of my joy and keep me from learning and growing through this season of life. So just yesterday when I was beginning to think in my mind of the things I could regret, which is the enemy planting those thoughts in my mind, God said, NO!! You will not think like this and He put these lyrics in my mind to replace the attack by the enemy, ” I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way He loves me, oh how He loves me, oh how He loves me, oh how He loves…” I will stand firm and cling to His word and know that I am right where He wants me! Thank you for sharing and encouraging others, Your words truly spoke to me.

  329. Robin Reyes says:

    Speak with thanksgiving was the one that spoke to me the most. Going through changes and not sure the outcome is scary to me, but I am so thankful Jesus has been where I am heading.

  330. I love practice praise! Turning on some praise music and just dancing and glorifying God has helped to change perspective, put on a smile and also confuse the enemy. The enemy wants us to be down and out, sad and depressed but practicing praise gives strength. Thanks so much for this blog post, I’m printing it and putting it on my desk as a reminder to keep going and don’t give up during this season of change.

  331. Faye Rutledge says:

    Great article. Embrace each day it’s something I’m working on. I want to leave room for God to direct my path and to lead me where he wants me. My daily routine is often set but I’m working to make that more flexible as God softens my heart.

  332. Releasing Regret! I’m in the middle of a divorce after 25 years of marriage to a career cheater. I’m learning how to release the regret of “if I would’ve done this, or that or said this or that or if I would’ve been this way or that way…..he wouldn’t have cheated. If I would’ve just stayed one more day, it would have gotten better………..NOT!! I’m learning how to love HIM more than I loved him…no regrets, instead I’m embracing the Change and trusting God!! HALLELUJAH. Thank you for such inspiration every day!

  333. I am in the midst of a huge change in my family’s life as it relates to my calling. We are stepping out in faith to help plant a new church and will be leaving our church home of 18 1/2 years! To say it isn’t easy is putting it very mildly. I also work at my church and have felt the need to resign that position. It has been heart-wrenching and I need a God perspective to get me through this transition! I know I am doing what He has called me to do, but it obedience isn’t usually easy. This is the part that jumped off the page at me:

    Partner with Purpose
    “Even if our purpose in the lives of others or in our work is changing, our purpose in life is the same. We are His.”

    I currently coordinate and lead around 60 people and have seen lives change and people grow in that position. To give it up for something new is HARD!! I need to remember that my purpose is still the same, just in a different place. Thank you for this word today!

  334. I recently lost my job and have been struggling with my feelings towards the person I feel is responsible. I am working through forgiving her and trying to see the new path God has in store for me. Losing that security really shook my world but leaning on Him daily, hour by hour, I am seeing doors that have been opened that I never would have seen before. Seeing things from a different perspective has made a huge difference. I am praising God in this storm that isn’t quite so stormy any more,

  335. Oh, I needed this devotion. Thank you so much! We’ve had a lot of change going on in our lives, and this came at the right time. I loved God’s timing in this case, but struggle with it at other times, so I think “embracing every day” is what I need right now. To rejoice and be glad about each day the Lord gives me, no matter what it entails.

  336. Releasing Regret…being able to accept and rest in the place I am currently (some of which is consequences from choices made in the past) and knowing the faithfulness of God will meet me there. Trusting He has a bigger plan that I cannot see, despite choices I made.

  337. Number 3. Talk with thanksgiving, this is one that I forget to do on a daily base, I notice once I do so, I experience God peace and joy in way I never image. I love to feel my father Jesus presence and love to put a simile on his face. Having a thankful spirit does change my heart and mind about God and the situation I am facing.

  338. Practice Praise, lately I’ve been negative when I should be praising god for all the good things in my life.

  339. Giving Him thanks in all circumstances. It may not be the place I would have chose to be in and it may be a very painful, difficult, and lonely place but to remember His faithfulness in my life-holding onto His promises that everything He has allowed in my life is for my good and has purpose. He will never leave me nor forsake me.

  340. Practicing Praise, is something I am learning to do on a regular bases. I love the idea of waking up in the morning an just giving praise for the day, it sets my day in motion. It helps me have an attitude of gratefulness for what ever the day may hold. It takes the focus off of me and unto the Lord.

  341. Partner with Purpose. I am reminded that the events that I’ve experienced have mostly provided me with changes and the lessons that allow me to share with others; my experience, strength and hope.

  342. Release regret. For years I have held onto to somethings that I wish I would have done, not done, or done differently. And for years these thoughts trapped me, had me paralyzed to do the Will of God. Not only did I miss out on what God had for me, I missed out on an opportunity to bless others. I am in a better place now. But yet the little voice of regret tries to creep up occasionally. So thank you.

  343. Practicing Praise is something that impacts me directly and noticibly. When we tune in to the Christian radio station in the car, I find myself much more gracious and patient with other drivers.

  344. It is a goal of mine to “partner with purpose”. God has given me the heart to encourage others, and most of the time I can do this and be content. I wonder, though, in my selfishness, why God doesn’t place and encourager in my life? I am not in crisis, I am not in a desperate situation, just an every day wife, mom, and teacher…I pray God will keep my eyes and heart open for those I am suppose to touch and remove the self focus that gets in the way!

  345. Loreen Moore says:

    I think what has really helped me to change my perspective through my season of change, empty nesting, is to journal. I write down my struggles and I share my visual journals with others. This is helpful in two ways, first I realize I am Not alone and secondly it helps me to stop rehashing it in my mind. Putting words to paper really helps me to surrender to Him more and more.

  346. Embrace the day is difficult for me.. sometimes it is hard to look at the good of the day when I am focused on what is wrong that day. I need to try to focus and be thankful for the good parts of the days and not the bad or negative parts. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult to face or overcome.

  347. Such perfect timing of your article!! Thanks for helping me take a new perspective on all the change around me. God is good and I need to worry less and praise him more . . . as my oldest son prepares to finish college, serves in the military and makes plans to get married. What is my mom role?? Second son leaves for college in August. Is he ready to handle all the new responsibilities?? Daughter starts high school in the fall. Yikes, how did that happen so fast?? And topping if off, my youngest starts middle school. Change is swirling around me right now, but when my eyes pop open at 3 am I am going to choose praise and not worry, and release the regret for all the things I can list that I have not done for my children as a Christian mom. Was I good enough? Why did God put me in charge of these 4 awesome people? Have I really done a good job. I am committing to praise God when fear sets in. Nothing calms my anxious heart faster:) Thanks, Lynn!

  348. Regret/Fear. I have been second guessing decisions that I made in the past and I get so discouraged. Then I am paralyzed to the point that I don’t want to do or say anything in fear that I might not hear God correctly. OH how I long to get Deuteronomy 31:6 settled into my spirit. I know that God can supply all my needs. I don’t want to miss any opportunities that he has for me. Please keep me in your prayers. .

  349. Embrace everyday!
    no matter what’s going on in our lives, Gods beauty is present! From my grand daughters smiles to the “diamonds” sparking on the lake, God is present in the small things as well as in the big. I am thankful to be a child of God and recognize his blessings,, It is a pleasure to have found your blog..
    God Bless you and all your readers.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I hope you’ll keep coming back, Bonnie!

  350. Laura Davis says:

    Embrace each day and be thankful. This has gotten me through a year of cancer treatments!

  351. Release Regrets

    Such a difficult one for me! I am so thankful to know his
    mercies are new each morning! I so long to feel like I am making
    some progress in my walk with Jesus. I just feel stuck because of past
    decisions, I feel as if I am drowning in a sea of regret, but through Christ all
    things are made brand new!

  352. #3. – it’s a challenge getting up daily to face the trials that seem to linger. My thought mind would like to have it’s way, but when I put my thought in God, suddenly I am singing a song He puts in my heart. He knows me intimately. Thank you Lord for every day that you give us to walk and talk with you.

  353. Zakiya Simmons-Earl says:

    Praying for others ALWAYS centers me. As bad as I think my change is, something happens to make me realize that it could be worse and that God is STILL faithful no matter what! So then I have to be like David and encourage myself!!! The past 6 months have been heart-wrenching! The issues of child custody & visitation with my ex-husband who has decided to move out of state & marry someone who has 3 children the same age as ours, being discriminated against & terminated from my alma mater, fighting for unemployment, health insurance & mortgage assistance, car crash that totaled my car and injured my daughters and myself due to someone else’s negligence, fighting for my daughter to graduate high school in good standing in spite of severe concussion and memory loss, and losing my unemployment. I have to TRUST God in the midst of all calamity and worship Him for the victory in advance!

  354. Mary-Margaret says:

    Practice Praise and Embrace Every Day are two that I need to focus on! Thank you for your words!

  355. Thank you for the devotion today.

    May 28 is my Birthday and I thank God for you sharing your message. I am excited!

    Although I practice some of the perspectives; the steps you shared are an excellent focus
    on Getting Gods’ Perspective through the Word. It’s not about me it’s about HIM!
    As, I look forward to another year, I want to focus on Partnering with a Purpose and
    Releasing the Regrets!

    God Knows What You Need and When You Need It!!

    Blessings to You!

  356. Thank you for the devotion today.

    May 28 was my Birthday and I thank God for you sharing your message. I am excited
    I went back and read it!

    Although I practice some of the perspectives; the steps you shared are an excellent focus
    on Getting Gods’ Perspective through the Word. It’s not about me it’s about HIM!
    As, I look forward to another year, I want to focus on Partnering with a Purpose and
    Releasing the Regrets!

    God Knows What You Need and When You Need It!!

    Blessings to You!

  357. I am in a changing mode. I have been struggling with my marriage, myself, and my desires (not all concering my marriage). But the thing that I want out of my marriage, the way I saw my life when I was younger, and my desire for my life to be balanced and without regret. I know that praise is a deep and profound moment in a christians life but I have lost my way and found that I lost my praise along the way. I need a word to help me ge back!!!

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