Dead or Alive

Spring in Charlotte….there is nothing on the planet like it. Today as I took my dog for a walk, it is nothing short of breathtaking. My Bradford pear lined street looks like a winter wonderland with large billowing cotton balls floating in the Carolina blue sky while the sun warms the new green grass. Absolutely amazing!

As I see these tender, vulnerable trees bursting with life, the street lined with broken branches is a sharp contrast. We had an incredible wind storm this past weekend, so powerful it actually took a life, Sawed up trees are evidence that not every thing came through the same.

As I walk, I pray for my many friends and dear family- many of their lives seem like the trees on the road – broken because of a storm. Others are in the best years of their lives – beautiful and bursting with life. Some are like the trees that are still bare from winter – it’s hard to tell – is there life still there? Will they begin to bud out again?

Father, today I lift up all those I love to you. Those whose marriages are falling apart or are already sawn in two. Those who need to see Your hand to provide for them. Those who have just found out that they are pregnant after trying for several years. Those who are shopping today for their first car (you go, Zach Man!) Father, you are there. In EVERY season, you are there. Just as I read today in your Word – You will never leave us nor forsake. What an incredibly faithful God. Oh how I love You!


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