For You & Your Girl: Find the Fearless You this Summer!

Recent statistics reveal that 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t measure up and sometimes those feelings are set into motion at school.

Maybe this stat comes as a surprise to you. Then again, maybe it doesn’t because you’re a woman. You see firsthand how all those little girls, who grow up feeling like they don’t cut it, become the women you interact with every day. When a girl feels like she can’t meet the standards set by her peers, can you imagine how this affects her confidence? And if she’s not confident, how will she ever find the boldness to do what God calls her to do in life?

Well, school is out for the summer so now is a great time to work on changing that statistic in the life of your girl with LIVE Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You Summer Study!

Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You is created especially for girls between the ages 8 – 12. This July, we’re not going to just go through a book; we’ll become companions on a girl’s journey to learning to become courageous, confident and fearless.

Statistics also reveal that a girl’s confidence peaks at age 9, so this is the time to help her build a confidence in Christ that sticks for the road ahead.

Brave Beauty helps tween girls to:

– Gain confidence by accepting her unique qualities and understand how they can work for her, not against her.

– Discover who God says she is, in His eyes, and how He can help her.

– Discuss the tough stuff she’s going through as she changes physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

– Learn how God’s words can help her become brave and beautiful.

Whether you choose to lead one girl or one hundred, through Brave Beauty, you not only see the girls around you growing braver, but your own courage grows as well!

Sign up HERE today! The study starts July 9th!

To do the study, you’ll need a copy of Brave Beauty for each girl participating, as they will be writing in it as we go along. Click here to get your copy.

Once you sign up, each Monday in July I will send you our study plan in email including:

* a study guide to go along with each week of the study
* each week’s reading plan
* free downloads including I Am Brave fun-filled memory cards, framable declaration, and coloring pages

Your email will also contain all of the details for the upcoming Facebook LIVES where I will be interviewing other brave beauties, such as Chloe Howard of Stand Beautiful, to inspire your girl to becoming strong, courageous and brave!

Let’s get going … our fearless selves are waiting to be uncovered!









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