Friendship Dramas & Difficulties with Cindy & Amanda Bultema

I remember the first time I heard a friend call it “Power Room Politics”.

While the saying might be old, the trouble isn’t. Girl drama has been around as long as … well, there are a few stories of it in the ancient Bible times!

I hope that with social distancing with COVID, having to deal with the lunchroom table and other uncomfortable situations for our girls has gotten easier, but with the use of social media off the charts, I have my doubts that drama and bullying has gotten any better.

Listen in to this episode of Raising Brave Beauties with your girl.

I know that the two of you will receive not just encouragement, but some help too!

My co-author and counselor, Michelle Nietert and I talk candidly with Cindy Bultema and her teen daughter Amanda about friendship drama and difficulties and what a mom can do and what she can’t.

Cindy is the executive director of GEMS Girls’ Clubs, as well as a speaker, author, and Bible teacher.

We’re talking about:

?‍♀ Friendship difficulties in the middle and high school years.

? The option for your daughter to decide which school environment works best for them. (A huge decision in the next few weeks.)

?‍?‍? Parenting within your personality and your child’s.

? The “Three L’s”: Lean in, Listen, and Love.

Click here to listen in on this wise and helpful conversation!


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