He Wants Me – Video

Dear HRL friends,

I hope you and your girl have enjoyed chapter one together. My prayer is that your conversations will go way beyond the book and on to personal conversations just the two of you.

I have had several of you contact me and ask if you can purchase this video and share it with your small group or Sunday School. I think that is a great idea! Click here if you would like to order the DVD or CD.

I would love to hear how your first week has gone. You are in my prayers daily….



  1. Lynn, my daughter and I are really enjoying the study. After doing chapter one, my 11 yr old daughter asked me if we could find other scriptures about how special and beautiful we are to God. She wants us to type them out so that she can give copies of them to her friends at school!!!

  2. Thanks Lynn! I have printed them out, we will add them to our list. I am excited that she is now showing an interest in digging out things in the Bible for herself.

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