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Today I have to turn in the introduction to my new book coming out hopefully in September “A Revolutionary Year: 365 Days of Devotions for the Radical Girl”. It takes “His Revolutionary Love” a bit deeper for our girls.

Would you read the introduction and let me know if you would buy this book based on what I have written? I’ve come to trust you all and so I need you to tell me the truth!


Introduction to “A Revolutionary Year: 365 Days of Devotions for the Radical Girl”

“Infatuation is a drug” David Clark says. Having the power to make your mind, body and heart soar; infatuation can make you feel happy, giddy…as if it will never end.

Infatuation also has the power to dump you. Like the sudden drop off on your favorite roller coaster, faster than you can say his name, you can find yourself shocked and sick to your stomach. Infatuation is a powerful thing.

There is something more powerful…revolutionary love.  Love that is perfect, unconditional, stable. Love that is not based on what you did for it yesterday or what you can do in the future. Love that loves for the sole purpose of the one that is loved.

This Love is unlike any you have ever encountered before. This love has the ability to forgive and forget the past while at the same time promising a blessed future. This love is Jesus.

He is revolutionary; he is radically new. He is outside and beyond the standards of love that this broken and wounded world offers. This is the love life he wants and offers to you; the object of his affections.

If you are happy with the what-can-you-do-for-me-today love that this world offers, tangled with conditions and insecurity, great. You might want to set this book aside or re-gift it. But if you are a girl who wants more; more confidence, more security, more hope, this is the perfect book for you.

When I went to Bible school, some amazing women poured God’s truth into my heart; that he was crazy for me. They did everything they could to soak my heart with his love, but other people can only do so much. It wasn’t until I spent the next year digging in to the Bible for myself that I became radically changed.

This book isn’t going to radically change you. There is only one book that is going to do that; God’s Book the Bible. This book is simply a diving board to help spring you into the pool of his word and help you to get swimming for yourself!

I hope that you have already read “His Revolutionary Love; Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You” so you have a great foundation because that is what we are going to build on. For the next 365 days we’re going to dig deeper into the truth of this radical love by reading Jesus’ love letters to us, the Bible. We’re going to be desperate for God revolutionizing our lives; making us radical girls who change our worlds for his honor. I hope that this book will give you a taste of how great is his love for you and make you want to know him more.

Can I get us started by praying for us?


Thank you for choosing us; for stooping down to where we were in order to make us your own. Your love is the thing our hearts have always craved; the only thing that can fill it. Change us. A year from now, may we be nowhere close to the girls we are today. Make us radical for your kingdom.

In your powerful name,


So glad to be on this journey with you!




What do you think?



  1. It sounds fantastic! I look forward to getting it for my girls!

  2. I really like the comparison to infatuation. Your opening paragraphs sound so much like what girls go through when they think they are “in love.” It grabs my attention. Yes – I would read it. 🙂

  3. Awesome!!!! I would buy it for sure!

  4. Sounds wonderful and something I would love to see in the hands of my teen daughter. Keep moving forward!

  5. Beth Anderson says:

    I think girls will love the idea of learning about the Bible’s “love letters” to them! That’s a powerful way to make it personal! I also love that the book is like a “diving board” to get the reader “swimming” in The Word. Great imagery!
    Love and prayers 🙂

  6. Hi Lynn–

    Very good, attention-getting introduction, especially to teen-age girls who think they know what love is about–but don’t know what “real” love, God’s love is about. ! Yes, I’d definitely read it! Great job! I’m so excited for you.

  7. I second Crystal’s comment – the intro caught my attention and made me want to read more.

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