Letter to My 18 Year Old Self

My dear friend asked me to write a letter to her daughter who is turning 18 soon and will be heading off for college. It sure got my head thinking. Thought I would share it with you; maybe you know of a young girl turning 18 soon too.

Dear Sweetheart,

The other day I was thinking….if I was going to write a letter to my 18 year old self, what would I say? Because whatever I would say to her, is what I would want to share with you.

What I would say is it is worth it.
It is WORTH investing in your love relationship with Jesus. He is the only thing you can count on.

It is WORTH it to save your heart, mind and body to give away to just one man one day. I am so, so glad I did.

It is WORTH it to take risks to pursue not only what you love, but what you believe God created you to do.

It is WORTH it to say “no” to some things today, because it will mean you will get to say “yes” to the best.

It is WORTH it to stay close to your family; they are one of the only things that doesn’t change.

It is WORTH to find your place in the body of Christ; we need each other.

It is WORTH it fill your mind with the truth of who you are in Him. If you don’t, others will fill your mind for you.

It is WORTH it to count the cost now because the dividends are beyond this world.

You will grow, change and mature in the next few years unlike any other. You will make decisions that will impact the rest of your life. One choice at a time, you will create a path that has a likely outcome. Choose it carefully, honey. Forgiveness if free, but healing isn’t. You are free to make wise and godly decisions. He’ll speak; just be sure to always listen and obey.

All my Love,


Maybe you know a teen who could use some encouragement right now to keep close to Jesus and continue heading down the right path or maybe you know a teen who needs to be warned about the path they are on. You might be the one to bring a teen conference to your church or community group that would be just the thing that would turn that youth around. I would love to come and help you invest in the teens that surround you.

Would you ask the Holy Spirit to use you in that teen’s life? Who knows? You might just be the answer to one mom’s prayers.



  1. Here's a letter I wrote to my younger self. I wrote this before at my blog, and it was a wonderful coincidence.

    Letter to my younger self:

    Don’t study too hard. And don’t be so anxious keeping that scholarship. You’re going to pass with flying colors. You’re even going to top your class in college and graduate with the highest honors.

    Even if you don’t study so hard now, you’d still be able to make it. You’ll find yourself a stable job and be able to support your family.

    There are other things in life you need to learn more than the lessons taught at school – things about yourself, your own powers, your own beauty. You are special and loved. Let none convince you otherwise.

    At this time in your life, you’d have met a loyal friend whose friendship you will enjoy for the next 20 years. After about five years, you’ll meet another one who will be like a soul sister to you when the time comes. You will have true friends from whom you can learn much. Never ever think that you are alone.

    Spend more time with your grandpa. Memorize his laughter, his strong yet gentle touch, the way he looks at you like a dear child. His fatherly love will be a great fountain of warmth you’d always go back to when times become hard and wearisome.

    Try to understand your daddy more. He loves you, you know? Even if he can’t show it yet as clearly. There will be a time when you’re going to feel his protection and care for you. Try to catch a smile from his face. Remember it well when you do.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes. We’re only human after all. And God loves you just the same. God requires nothing from you. He doesn’t need you obeying rules just for the sake of obeying them. He just wants you to be happy and to have a meaningful life.

    You are going to travel to far and wonderful places. You are going to be in touch with many people and you are going to give them hope. So keep your hopes up. Smile. Everything’s going to be just fine.

    Enjoy your youth. Welcome your doubts but be not afraid. You’re in a most precious phase of your life. Make more friends. Laugh more often. Play as much as you could possibly enjoy. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Let your today be the vessel of joy you hold within your heart.

  2. I would love for you to come to our church and speak to our teens. I know there is a process to consider so could you let me know what that process looks like. I am very passionate about proactive protection and provision for teens. I wish someone would have invested in me so much that the message would have been clear and grounded when I was a young vulnerable teen. I believe that so often our misery becomes our ministry.. at least I want that to be my mission in serving Christ. Anyway, I would love more information about your speaking ministry. My email address is [email protected]. Please be in contact. I very much appreciate it! Sincerely, Crystal Mapp

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