Under the Influence – Wednesday Wisdom Tip

Daily we hear about the influence of the culture on our kids’ lives.

And it’s true.

Our society is a powerful thing.

But let me remind you, Mom, YOU are still the most influential person in your child’s life.

In order to influence, though, we have to spend time with our child.

It’s time for mid-terms here in Charlotte which means hours can pass with my girl holed up in her room studying. Even then, I can look for ways to break the demands of our lives to spend some time to influence my girl. Yesterday, we got out for a little spring shopping, giving her mind a rest and me some time to connect.

Now, if you know me, you know I’m not a shopping kind of girl. But my girls enjoy it. So it is there, doing what they like to do, that I can have an opportunity to speak into their lives.

What is the conversation you are wanting to have with your girl? Does it seem like there is never enough time or the “mood is just right”? Take some time to make some time. Create the mood. Often, that will mean doing something we don’t want to do and leaving behind something we do. The rewards of time invested will pay off in time!

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  1. I agree, it doesn’t matter what we do with our children. The important thing is we are together. We have started family nights several times a week. My 6 year old daughter loves to have “Book Night” where she reads her favorite books and my sons love to play games. We have become closer as a family.

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