Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Finding My iChild

The words the news anchor shared shook me up. A young adult had left her family’s mountain home and never arrived at her destination. Days later, her car was found. She had driven off the side of the mountain.

Three girls are rescued after spending years trapped in a home against their will; their families having no idea that they were still in their home town.

Tragedies like these get my mind spinning. With a son living in those mountains, a daughter heading to college in the fall and another daughter just getting her driver’s license, I could quickly get caught in a worry windstorm.

How is a mom to protect their child as they become more and more independent?

One tool I am adding to my worry less box is the app “Find My iPhone”. This application for Apple phones (and iPads as well) helps to to locate a phone that is missing or a child who has it. Not only can the app locate your child when they have their phone, it can also be used to find a phone missing in your house somewhere! (which happens a lot here!)

It just takes a couple of minutes to download, but could save you hours of worrying.

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  1. We have yet to enter the world of smartphones in our house. We will probably catch up when the iphone is on it’s way out the door 🙂

  2. It’s really fortunate your family of five can afford iPhones, along with the stratospheric monthly bills.

    Many others in this economy are worried about finding jobs and medical care first.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Gina, I’m sorry if my post seemed to make light of those in tough financial positions. I apologize.

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