Wednesday Wisdom Tip: Getting the Best



On a Saturday afternoon outing, my boyfriend Greg pulled up to a jeweler in our small downtown. “Let’s just look around.” With Greg still in college, I assumed money was an issue, so I gravitated toward the tiny engagement diamonds. The jeweler encouraged us “Go ahead; pick out a small one now and then later, when you have more money, you can trade it for a better one.”

That made sense to me! But that’s not how Greg saw it, “She needs to get the best now, because she is going to wear it for the rest of her life.” I loved that!

Get the best the first time.

Any of you want the best?

When you go shopping, do you look for the best? Does your daughter look for the best she can get? The best purse, make-up, shoes?  When I go shopping with my daughter, she doesn’t just buy any old thing. She takes her time, checks out all of her options and then gets the best she can.

One of the best things life has to offer is sex.

Yep; sex.

The majority of our youth are not getting the best. They are settling for what they can get now. Confused by the messages their friends and cultures hurl at them every day, they don’t know what the best is.

It is up to us, those who care about their heart today and their heart tomorrow, to empower them with the truth that God’s best is with one life partner the day they say, “I do!”

While I know this can be a very hard topic to bring up, start with a question.

Ask your child their thoughts on what they think the best sex looks like. Use this question as a door opener to share with her one of the very best gifts God has given us and how and when we are to accept this gift.

Looking for some additional help?

I’ll be speaking this weekend at the TRU You conference with my daughter in the Chicago area and will be giving a workshop “Why Should I?” Join us! If you are unable to make it, you can also order my CD on this topic at Proverbs 31 Ministries.


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