Wednesday Wisdom Tip: Think Before You Push




There could only be one answer.

My charger was gone. Hocked from the kitchen. With only one teen left in the house, there was only one answer. Madi had taken my charger.

Now, in order to get this story, you have to know. I have purchased just too many chargers. In fact, the last time, I bought a HOT PINK CHARGER. There are few color I dislike more than hot pink, but since my kids also despise hot pick I knew there was no way they would take it.

But now, here I was, staring at the wall and the charger was gone.

So, I did what any very upset mom would do. I whipped out the phone and sent it.

The mean text.

Not “Do you know where my charger is?”


“Have you seen my charger, honey?”

Nope. I typed, “What have you done with my charger?”

I knew it. Before I hit send, I knew I needed to re-word that text. But…I was mad and she needed to hear it. And so I did what no mom should do. I pushed send before asking the Lord if it was ok.

Can I just tell you it wasn’t?

Not because it was mean, which it was. Mean is never ok, even if I feel it is warranted.

No, I should have slowed down and prayed before I passed “GO” because after I pushed send I remembered…my charger was in another outlet.The sad thing, I wonder if I would have realized how mean it was if she had taken my charger.

That’s when I felt what many of us moms feel…shame. I had acted exactly the way I tell my kids not to act.

And so, another text had to be sent.

I was wrong.

Fortunately, those are words the Lord has been teaching me to say plenty around this house.

But next time…I’d rather not type them. I’d rather just backspace and erase mean before I ever send it out.


Have you ever pushed send and wished you had not? How were you able to rectify the situation?


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