WWT: Why You Shouldn't Wait

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Directions on Dating #3


Trying to decide to wait to share my body with a guy before we were married or not, I heard a lot reasons not to:

* If I wait, no guy will ask me out.

* Everyone else is having sex.

* If I wait until I get married, I might not know what to do when I get married!

* Marriage is just a piece of paper. What matters is that you love each other.

* If I don’t have sex with him, he’ll dump me.

* Sex isn’t a big deal, so why make a big deal out of waiting.


Yet, when I compared these reasons to God’s Word, Jesus made it plain to me that they were off the mark. Sex is more than a physical act; we connect with the person emotionally and spiritually as well. The kind of sex without commitment leaves us lonely because there is no “becoming one”; no intimate relationship, just intimate bodies. Sex before marriage is a sin that violates the Holy Spirit inside of us.

We are to let others see Jesus in us; even when it comes to our sexual choices. You shouldn’t wait because our parents tell us to. It’s not really a matter of “to wait or not to wait”: it is a matter of obedience. You have to decide to honor Jesus in all of your relationships, and especially when it comes to relationships with guys. No other choice will affect your future like this choice.

Switch your focus. Instead of focusing on waiting; focus on becoming the girl worth waiting for.

Jesus, no other choice makes me stand out like this one. You say that with you all things are possible. Make this possible for me. Amen.


Tune out the voices of people telling you about sex, and tune into the One who created sex.




  1. Becky kent says:

    I’m in! I woukd love to read this book & have my children read it.

  2. Kim Porter says:

    I’m definitely in! Your message spoke to me this morning…I was not on my best behavior last night after responding in a way I shouldn’t have. Woke up to read Proverbs 31…much needed. Thank you.

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